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  • posted a message on I need a detailed explanation for the card Reprobation
    No. I am guessing you were the person on the Judge IRC channel (you could have just asked for clarification there). Supertypes are the words: Legendary, Snow, Basic, World, and Ongoing. These always occur before the Hyphen and always before Card Types.

    Planeswalker, Creature, Artifact, Enchantment, Land, and Tribal are the card types a permanent can have (Instant and Sorcery are the other two card types). Creature types, Planeswalker types, Enchantment types, Artifact types, Land Types, Instant Types, and Sorcery Types are the words *after* the hyphen that correspond to the appropriate card type. So, Gingerbrute is an Artifact and a Creature (these are both card types). Food is the Artifact subtype and corresponds to the "Artifact" card type. Golem is the Creature subtype and corresponds to the "Creature" card type. So, if you put Reporobation on a Gingerbrute, it will no longer be an Artifact because Reprobation removes it. Which means it will no longer be a Food. It also won't be a Golem because Reprobation removes that too. It is *only* a Creature - Coward with a P/T of 0/1.

    Let's take Thassa, God of the Sea. This is a Legendary Enchantment Creature - God. Legendary is the supertype, Creature and Enchantment are the Card types, and God is the creature subtype (it does not have an Enchantment subtype). If you put Reprobation on it while she is a creature she will still be Legendary, but will not be an Enchantment or a God. So, her type line will be Legendary Creature - Coward and her P/T will be 0/1.
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  • posted a message on Sedgemoor Witch + Mystic Reflection
    No, you cannot do that. The trigger goes on the stack above the spell that triggered it so the spell will resolve after the trigger resolves.
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  • posted a message on Mana Vault and Power Artifact
    No. The only activated ability Mana Vault has is its last one that lets you tap it for mana. The first ability is a static ability and the other two are triggers which don't work with Power Artifact.
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  • posted a message on Tapped creature being forced to attack?
    Yes, that is legal. Nothing about that scenario is illegal because Stomp doesn't say it has to target an untapped creature and Fighting is not Combat (and thus not Attacking) so being tapped is irrelevant for being able to Fight.
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  • posted a message on Unstable Identity & Isochron Crystal Ball
    Obviously there are other issues with your Crystal Ball just being a bad card, but your updated wording makes it so the card doesn't function at all. You have now changed it so that when the Scepter leaves you shuffle the card in. Well, the Crystal Ball leaves when you activate the ability and it leaves during activation. Which means the ability to shuffle in the card applies at that time (it should be a trigger but that is irrelevant now). Since the card is shuffled away as soon as you activate it, it is no longer in exile for you to cast it. You need to come up with a different wording to handle both situations.
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  • posted a message on ALL Wheel Effects to Be Banned in Commander?!?
    C'mon man.....

    Obviously they aren't getting banned and the article is clear that this is just Sheldon musing on wheels being bad. Which, to some extent is true, but don't come in here with a clickbaity title because you want to stir up drama. They aren't getting banned and nothing suggests that the rest of the RC feels they are bad. Sheldon even goes out of his way to say that the rest of the RC may not share his viewpoint. Take this article for what it is: an insight into some of his personal thoughts and nothing more. His is allowed to have a personal opinion on something and the format doesn't have to change to suit those opinions (unless they are shared by enough of the RC/CAG).
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  • posted a message on Split second and sisay weatherlight captain
    Rules questions belong in the Rulings Forum and card tags are mandatory.

    Angel's Grace
    Sisay, Weatherlight Captain

    After Angel's Grace resolves, the active player gets priority. So, they can take an action and then pass priority. You can then activate Sisay at that time. So, was the person who "retained priority" the active player? If not, then they do not get priority until the active player passes it first.
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  • posted a message on Dueling Grounds and Extra Turns Question
    That isn't what it says. Always use the Oracle wording found on Gatherer. Especially for older cards. The current wording is:

    No more than one creature can attack each combat.

    No more than one creature can block each combat.

    So, it affects each combat individually.
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  • posted a message on Completing a cycle
    In case it matters for future custom designs: they are not replacing Hexproof. Ward had existed before (just not keyworded) alongside Hexproof and the information provided thus far is that they will continue to co-exist. And, to be honest, this type of interaction is likely why they don't want to completely replace hexproof.
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  • posted a message on Completing a cycle
    Just a note on Ward (since you asked about it): granting something Ward in response to something else does nothing. It is too late for Ward to trigger. You are better off just using Hexproof.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] Break the Ice— Masters of Modern preview
    Quote from Tormented »

    Exotic orchard and reflecting pool are safe - colorless is not a color (also you can't tap either if all your opponents are playing colorless.)
    Reflecting pool taps for any "type" so it could tap for colorless. But you are correct about Orchard. And yeah, Pool only cares about its controller anyway so you can't force it to tap for colorless without a few hoops.
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  • posted a message on Grueling Return
    I think it is still likely too powerful. Griselbrand wins right away with Goryo's Vengeance because it has too thanks to the Sacrifice clause. The opponent already needs spot removal to stop it. I think giving the player an extra turn to get to that removal but also letting you keep Griselbrand for more than a turn is a fair trade off and opens up some deckbuilding options. At the very least, this eliminates the potential of "fizzling" since you have more than a turn to go off.
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  • posted a message on [MH2] MagicOnline Twitter - Bottle Golems and Void Mirror
    Quote from rowanalpha »

    I wonder how good this will actually be against Urzatron. I'm not super up-to-date on lists, but don't most have ability to generate colored mana?
    I think you are right which means this basically reads as "pay 1 more for Karn". So, sure, it slows Karn down by a turn but doesn't really slow down Ugin. Maybe it slows the deck down because they have to find colored mana? It still seems like it has the real potential to be a bust just like all the other Tron hate they have tried to print in the past.
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  • posted a message on Ancestral Testament & Realm of the Ancients
    I do find your threads fascinating. I mean, basically every single one of them reads as though you are simply a troll. Hardly anything you ever say makes sense, and the way you present your designs and thoughts are so ridiculously convoluted that there is basically no way anyone could ever engage with the community with this much ignorance coupled with the amount of confidence you exude in perpetuating and displaying your ignorance to be anything other than a troll with a carefully thought out "plan of attack".

    And yet, you are so convincing in your online persona of just being this absolutely terrible Magic designer with absolutely no weakness to, or desire for, suggestions that it really is tough to just cast you aside as a simple troll. You have done extraordinarily well as presenting yourself as this dunce, this unintelligent, overconfident poster, that it is almost impossible to just walk away.

    In fact, while I rarely look forward to your responses in your threads since they are drivel, I do find "contributing" to your designs, and arguing with you, to be a form of catharsis. Your designs can only be met with ridicule but you have such thick skin that the ridicule is like water on a duck's back: you are completely unfazed by it. And being able to go over why your cards won't work is honestly quite enjoyable. It is like a persistent puzzle. "What has Reap done today and what about this design doesn't work?" It is why your design for Realm of the Ancients has basically been ignored. It is so banal, so unremarkable, as to be inconsequential to the discussion because it does work. It is like a Zelda puzzle where the solution is "walk through the door". It is boring and uninteresting. Your designs spark these long threads because you insist on designing things that absolutely do not work and thus it becomes a challenge for the rest of us to determine exactly what doesn't work and, I admit, try to convince of that fact.

    It is also why your Deus Ex Machina is particularly frustrating. We already know why it doesn't work. You already know why it doesn't work. It isn't a challenge to explain or discuss anymore so your threads with it feel derivative. In fact, contrary to what you believe, the designs with Deus Ex Machina have also become banal and uninteresting because there isn't anything new. Granted, this latest discussion offered a few more points against your interpretation so it was still entertaining to discuss; but the ability itself is now overdone.
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  • posted a message on Ancestral Testament & Realm of the Ancients
    And how do you reconcile that with how Gargaroth functions? That has no zone change associated with its "or" functionality?

    Also, your wording introduces *two* zone changes.... I don't know why you think not changing zones matters but even if it did, your spell changes zones twice. First from hand (presumably) to the stack and the second is a change from the stack to (presumably) the graveyard (or battlefield). Even if your argument was that the reason the Titans work the way they do is because one condition is accompanied with a zone change, you have only further bolstered the arguments that your card triggers twice as well because you have 2 zone changes thus there are two reasons this matches the Titan's "or" functionality and even takes it further.
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