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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Rule 10 said Commanders were subject to the Legend Rule. It would be the same as if they had rules 87-91 that explained that basic lands tap for colored mana. We don't need a separate rule saying that Commanders are subject to the Legend Rule because they are Legendary which means that the normal rules of Magic already cover it.
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  • posted a message on Day/Night same as original werewolf mechanic?
    Daybound and Nightbound changes the state of the game to Day or Night respectively. This is a quality of the game itself and the change happens in the untap step, not upkeep. And as soon as the game changes, the werewolves transform immediately. There is no trigger and nothing to respond to: they just happen.
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  • posted a message on Using Scion the Ur-Dragon 's Ability Repeatedly with the Same Creature
    If Skithiryx is already in the yard you can activate Scion twice like you said. The first activation resolves and you get Ulamog. Scion becomes an Ulamog and Ulamog's trigger goes onto the stack to shuffle your graveyard into your library. This resolves before the other activation of Scion resolves. Then, when the waiting activation resolves, you can find Skithiryx since it is now in your library. You will put it into your graveyard and Scion becomes Skithiryx. By fragmenting things this way you can get the dragons in your yard back on the next turn to re-use them. You just can's do it all in one turn so there will be some time where the dragons will sit in your graveyard before you use Scion on another turn to get Ulamog.

    Basically, you can just activate Scion on your turn to turn it into Skithiryx. On the next turn (your opponent's turn if you want), you can get Ulamog to shuffle it back in. Then repeat the process on your next turn.
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  • posted a message on Using Scion the Ur-Dragon 's Ability Repeatedly with the Same Creature
    You don't really need to "hold" priority. Also, you don't put the card in the graveyard until the ability starts resolving. Which means there isn't a good way to sequence what you are trying to do since if you turn it into a Kozilek first, the trigger goes on the stack before the other ability resolves leaving Skithiryx in the graveyard. If you do Skithiryx first then Kozilek can shuffle it away but then you "only" have a Kozilek.

    You would end up needing something else. Something like Wheel of Sun and Moon would work since it does reveal the card and the effect doesn't actually care if it makes it to the yard; just that you searched it up and the game can see what it is.

    Also, please don't type what the card's text is, even if it is paraphrased: that is what the card tags are for :p Having to skim/skip over the card text makes it tough to follow along with the actual question.
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  • posted a message on Carth the Lion + Solemnity + Gideon Blackblade
    You can still activate the -6 ability however. The cost isn't :[+1} + {-6]". The way the rule is written is that, instead, the cost simply becomes [-5]. And Solemnity doesn't prevent you from removing counters which is all [-5] is trying to do.
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  • posted a message on MODULAR SACRIFICE RULE INQUIRY
    Unfortunately, you would lose that argument. The controller of the trigger is the controller of the permanent right before it died. Since they controlled it, they also control the trigger. It doesn't matter that you own it, or that it goes to your yard. What matters is who controlled it at the moment it died and that was them.
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  • posted a message on Clarification on color identity
    No. Color identity is determined by colored mana symbols in the mana cost or text, color indicator (as seen on Dryad Arbor), and Characteristic Defining Abilities (as seen on Transguild Courier). Color words do not contribute.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair Street Fighter
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Quote from Sliverologist »
    I didn't realize this before, because of the errata on almost with card with it, but a source of damage can deal damage to a creature or planeswalker without having the clause "any target" on it? Huh.

    Yeah, most burn cards printed today either don't hit face or don't hit creatures. I think the remainder hit any target. I don't remember anything that hits face and creatures and not planeswalkers printed after the change.
    While not technically a burn spell I suppose, the main card that comes to mind is Firesong and Sunspeaker and that is only because they printed it in the set where they also did all the errata.
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  • posted a message on "Sacrifice A creature" and "IT's sacrificed"
    You seem to understand the situations pretty well and your conclusions appear to be correct. Marauder says to sac "a" creature and sacrificing that creature happens on resolution of Marauder's ability. There is no point where they choose what to sacrifice but then get to take another action before actually sacrificing it. As far as the Marauder is concerned, Hexmage doesn't even exist when they go to sacrificing something for the trigger.

    And yes, Evoke works the way you want it to as well. Evoke is making you sacrifice that creature and you are free to sacrifice it before its own trigger resolves. Then, when it does, it sees the creature isn't around anymore so you clearly can't sac it and the game moves on.

    So, yes, there is a pretty clear, and significant, difference between those two situations and it looks like you came to the right conclusion on both.
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  • posted a message on Deck price should be a major discussion point when talking about Rule 0 for Commander.
    This seems like an odd way to go about things and doesn't even seem to solve the problem you are trying to solve for. For example, my Karador list is currently at $5000+ so well above what the rest of your example tiers are at. But, if we break it down with the rules you have provided we get to ignore Bazaar of Baghdad and Diamond Valley because they don't produce mana so now we are down to $2000 (roughly) so not too bad in terms of your example. And, of course, we get to ignore the next $1300 since those are duals so they are also counted as $0.

    Now, I went through and counted fetches as $5 and other lands as $0 based on your criteria. I did count Urborg as $0 because, technically, it falls into the same category as not having an activated ability that taps for mana; it eventually gives itself one but not during deckbuilding. A little bit of a cheat I am sure, but I went with it. I did leave Dryad Arbor at $3 because the spirit (if not the letter) of the rule says it shouldn't be $0.

    So, with all of that, my list comes down to $730. Obviously on the high side but since your idea is that this amount is far more indicative of power level than a number, I would be curious to know what you feel $700+ actually means? And whether the exclusion of Bazaar from the price but still being in the deck would change your opinion.

    As another example, Ephara is $1700+. Taking out Tundra and the lands (perhaps fudging a bit again with Mystic Gate since it does technically produce 2 mana but only nets 1 since it costs mana) I get that down to just under $1100. So, a fair bit higher than Karador. I don't really know what your "tiers" are meant to be but a $400 difference, in your mind anyway, seems to suggest a pretty substantial difference in power level.

    I would of course disagree with that solely because I build all my decks with a set power level in mind. They aren't going to be the same obviously but I don't mean for them to be drastically different. So, again, I would be curious as to what you feel is the main difference between these two decks in terms of power level based on the cost alone?

    As a final note, just because I was curious more than anything, doing the same above got me at $547 with Varina and this was mostly due to Mana Crypt and Mana Drain which together are $170. But still, nearly $600. Would you consider Zombie tribal to be close to being on par with Karador? I would since I built them that way but there is a clear limitation of this sort of deck and I think most people wouldn't consider them to be the same. But the assessment puts them pretty close. So, I have a $550 deck, a $730 deck, and a $1100 deck that you know nothing about except for these dollar amounts. Perhaps for you this is plenty to gauge their power level but I don't think that would be good enough for me. Someone throwing in a Mana Drain or even a Mana Crypt into their deck doesn't automatically mean it is high powered. But because it is expensive, it is assumed to be. It makes the deck *more* powerful (to some degree) but doesn't automatically, and objectively, make it "powerful" in its own right.
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  • posted a message on Fury on an empty board
    Please use card tags: [c]Fury[/c] = Fury

    Any number always includes 0. So if Fury enters and then there are no creatures or planeswalkers you want to damage, you can just choose 0 targets. If you choose at least 1 target though, all 4 damage must be applied. This also means you can't choose more than 4 targets as you need to apply at least 1 damage to each target. But for your situation, you can just choose 0 targets and not damage anything.
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  • posted a message on D&D: translation error in German dungeon? Tomb of annihilation
    It certainly does seem like a translation error or perhaps a copy/paste error of some sort since Sandfall Cell/Zelle does say or/oder so maybe some confusion on the translators part. In either case, the English text is always the "right" text. While that isn't all that helpful for someone reading the German card, the effect is meant to make you sac as much of those permanent types as you can.
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  • posted a message on Volrath, the shapestealer trageting rules
    Nothing about using Volrath's ability makes him an illegal target in either case. He is still the same object and still a legal target for Chaos Warp since he is still a permanent.

    The only ways for this to do anything is to target something of yours with Hexproof with Volrath or turn Volrath into an illegal target by making him a different color or permanent type (if you copy an animated land for example to turn him into a noncreature land). But just changing what he looks like doesn't do enough to "fizzle" anything. So, in your first scenario, Chaos Warp shuffles him in even if he looks like a Triskelion meaning the Path to Exile isn't necessary. And the second scenario will still have Warp shuffle him in.

    I am also not sure what your comment about Scion was meant to convey but either there is a misunderstanding with that ability as well or something different is happening.
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  • posted a message on The Fate of the LGS, Paper Magic, and the Future of Retail
    What. The. ****....

    Your entire post is just a rant with basically no cohesion. Your point is Amazon is ruining LGS's (which isn't totally untrue) but you spent 5 paragraphs just repeating that over and over. You offered nothing beyond that though and even contradicted yourself. First, Rudy's (from somewhere) business model is no longer viable in the first paragraph and then all of a sudden in the second he will be just fine. If you are going to type this ***** out, at least be consistent with your fearmongering.

    This isn't new (and I am positive, because of your penchant and overall desire to be chicken little, that you have brought this up before) so what is the purpose of this post? The cynic in me says that you don't give two *****s about any of this. You are just trying to stir up drama because instead of continuing your existing thread, you made a new one. And this one has far less content than your previous one. Though, to be fair, your previous one had literally 0 content from you as it was just a video (and the one before that was too) and that was still better than the drivel you have come up with here.

    I don't really get your end game? Is this simply going to be a monthly post by Card Slinger J where nothing of value is offered and instead it just acts as a (very) thinly veiled advertisement for Rudy's Channel and Patreon? At least the previous threads were a bit more subtle with it where you simply linked to a video but here you not only said "Rudy from Alpha Investments" 4 times (seriously, you could have just said Rudy after that) indicating you wanted to hammer home that he has a business, but you also linked to his Patreon just in case. And, of course, your signature includes a meaningless quote from him (along with some other BS). You seem to be dead set on doing whatever you can to grow Rudy's viewer base for some reason and I am guessing your previous attempts weren't all that successful so you had to be a bit more brazen about it now. I noticed that you never mention any other Youtubers trying to make a living off this game. Only Rudy gets your attention.....

    I will admit that there are a lot of things wrong with what is going on with Magic from LGS's being overlooked in certain cases (they do get special Secret Lairs so while not enough for long term, Wizards is trying to engage with them), to the way Arena functions in terms of Wildcards and Arena Only cards, especially with sets like Historic Jumpstart making keeping up nearly impossible, to their apparent disinterest in a Pro Tour, to their overwhelming desire to control the secondary market without admitting there is one with Secret Lairs and "strategic" reprints. Hasbro/Wizards is not infallible but to see someone who focuses entirely on the bad about what is going on in the Magic community is tiresome. Sure, things deserve to be discussed, but basically every thread you have ever created is about how the world is falling apart with Magic. Not simply that something is wrong; that the very existence of Magic is at stake. Which is asinine.
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  • posted a message on Hideaway Elemental
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    I'd suggest "X,T: You may play a card exiled with this permanent without paying its mana cost if its mana value is X or less." This still gives every hidden card psuedo flash for +1 mana without breaking the cost of spells wide open. I also changed it to "a card" since things that double triggers potentially mean you can have multiple cards hidden away under the same land.
    The main concern I think with going with "a" card is that these then work differently than the other 6 Hideaway cards that exist. Maybe that isn't enough to say that is what should always occur but it is a difference, for the reason you stated, from the established norm so it might be worth dwelling on a little. It certainly works better with the ability and the cost definition of course, just felt it worth pointing out that it could be confusing where the others allow you to cast all the exiled cards and this one wouldn't.

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