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  • posted a message on student of warfare (and other level cards)
    The level a creature is on is based on the number of level counters it has. It starts with 0 counters thus starts at level 0.

    Double Strike and First Strike are already redundant (in most cases) so it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have both. And it doesn't have both. It only has the stats and abilities of the level it is on.

    But, yes, with enough mana you could level it up all the way in one turn.
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  • posted a message on How to properly word an awkward ablity?
    You would need it to be "when you do..." in order to target after paying as that makes it a reflexive trigger. And I think that flows better anyway.
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  • posted a message on Sword of feast and famine
    This should be in the Rulings Forum as you will get a much quicker response. Also, please use card tags: Sword of Feast and Famine.

    Sword has a colorless color identity. It can go into any deck. Having color words do not affect color identity at all so they could have had it in a mono-Blue deck if they wanted. Animar, Soul of Elements wouldn't make sense otherwise as a Temur general.

    If the concern is about putting it onto a green creature because you think Protection will make it fall off, that is incorrect as well. Protection applies to the creature so their green creature now has Protection from Green and Black but the Sword remains because the Sword is colorless. Creatures can have protection from their own colors just fine.

    If there is still something more in terms of why you think that wouldn't be legal, let us know so we can address that concern specifically.
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  • posted a message on Archfiend's Vessel and persist
    Vessel comes back with a counter and it will be a 0/0. Thus, it immediately dies again. It *does* trigger but the trigger goes onto the stack after it dies the second time. Since the trigger has a "if you do" clause regarding exiling it, and you can't exile it since it died, nothing happens.

    Unless there is a way to boost the toughness (or just use Undying for this) Persist won't result in a Demon.
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  • posted a message on Legion Angel in Commander
    There has to be a line somewhere. They had chosen to go with "Wishes don't work". Companions get a pass because they aren't actually getting anything else from outside the game; just themselves. That is the line they have drawn. I personally would have preferred even Companions not working but such is life.

    The efficacy and/or power level of this card shouldn't really be a determining factor. The nature of the effect is. And this effect offers no built in restriction to deck size. Companions do as they add 1 no matter what. You blinking this a bunch of times and getting 100 new Angels in hand isn't exactly bound to happen but the possibility exists and someone will do it (it is EDH after all).
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  • posted a message on Question on DFCs in tournaments
    Quote from lucasbpc »
    It might cause issues for having more than the listed cards in your deckbox. In a competitive setting this could get you in trouble.
    Using Checklist cards already does this. If you have 4 checklist cards in your deck, you need to have 4 real cards available. Not using checklists doesn't prevent you from using additional copies of the real cards; they just need to be kept separate from everything just like they are when using checklist cards.

    As long as the additional copies are in a different colored sleeve than the deck and sideboard so they cannot be mistaken as being part of the deck, it is fine to have 4 copies of a card in the deck and 4 copies not in the deck to be used for just their back face.
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  • posted a message on Bruna the Fading Light Keywords
    No. Outside of the battlefield the back face of a DFC doesn't exist for anything that cares about it. The reason Commander can "see" them is because there is a specific rule allowing it to break convention. Anything else will only see the front face if they are not on the battlefield.

    903.4c. The back face of a double-faced card (see rule 711) is included when determining a card's color identity. This is an exception to rule 711.4a.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR] Valakut Awakening // Valakut Stoneforge (Instant // Land!)
    Quote from Sneasel007 »
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    i saw the video you choose which side you play with before the game begins i have no idea how this is gonna work in commmander if you can use 2 of the same on but each opposite sides

    If you can't have the option of one side or the other during play, that seems to kinda defeat the purpose of double sided cards. Why would you ever choose that land side?

    I'm pretty sure it's always front facing. You choose what mode you want in your hand. That's what I got from the video at least
    With the caveat of just waiting for the official rules accompaniment: the video suggests you choose what side to play/cast at the moment you choose to play or cast it. If you have a hand with 1 other land, it gives you a second land. If you have a hand with 3 lands already, you can just use it for the spell. It is meant to offer flexibiility.

    I do like the Instant side of the card. It actually seems reasonable especially when stapled to a land.
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  • posted a message on Force Majeure
    I find this card to be overcosted. 7 mana is absolutely too much for a red deck, which generally prides itself on lower curve builds, to ever actually play this card. Even the Fierce Mashure ability doesn't do enough. What happens if it is milled or discarded for example? I mean, if you don't get any use out of the card by simply having it in your library or hand then it is basically worthless.

    Phyrexian mana would make it playable of course. 4 mana and 6 life seems more at home in a red build as most threats in a red build top out at 4 anyway. The only real issue is that paying life is generally more in Black's domain, but as we are not bound by prior restrictions or conventions, red is a good place to put something like this.

    The only real caveat I have is that the two triggers are not may abilities so the card, as it exists, seems to end the game in a draw. Now, because we are not really beholden to the literal rules and perhaps are more tied to the "spirit" of them, it does mean we get to stop either effect from happening whenever we want. Obviously 90% of players would just recognize that and the other 10%, well, this card just isn't for them.

    So, it does seem to be a fantastic effort dredging deep into the capabilities of the game and opening up significant possibilities into what could be. I can see no glaring flaws in the design of this card and as you have rightfully shown, there is little chance that Magic *won't* eventually reach the peak of success with designs such as this. It is the ultimate expression of freedom both for designers as well as for player. The current rigidity in which Magic cards are designed today are a crutch and, ultimately, a fatal flaw.
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  • posted a message on What am I missing?
    Please use card tags instead of linking to Gatherer:

    Youthful Knight
    Mysterious Pathlighter

    First Strike doesn't work outside of combat. And Fighting is not combat (which means Joust is not a combat trick). So, you dealt 4 damage to their Pathlighter and theirs dealt 2 damage to your Knight. Both died due to having taken damage equal to or greater than their toughness.
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  • posted a message on Provoke-ing a blocker?
    These following two rules cover the basics:

    509.1. First, the defending player declares blockers. This turn-based action doesn't use the stack. To declare blockers, the defending player follows the steps below, in order. If at any point during the declaration of blockers, the defending player is unable to comply with any of the steps listed below, the declaration is illegal; the game returns to the moment before the declaration (see rule 723, "Handling Illegal Actions").

    509.1a. The defending player chooses which creatures they control, if any, will block. The chosen creatures must be untapped. For each of the chosen creatures, the defending player chooses one creature for it to block that's attacking that player or a planeswalker they control.

    Provoke technically affects 509.1c but Provoke doesn't overwrite 509.1a

    And this covers the Team variants:

    805.10d. As the declare blockers step begins, the defending team declares blockers. Creatures controlled by the defending players can block creatures attacking any player on the defending team or attacking a planeswalker controlled by one of those players. The defending team has one combined block, and that set of blocking creatures must be legal as a whole. See rule 509.1.
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  • posted a message on Lose the game is a difficult mechanic to word.
    Entering more than once just gives you more emblems. You don't need to restrict it to only being once since entering again isn't resetting the previous emblem. You now just have 2 emblems doing the same thing. It is a tracking "issue" but since all would be sacrificed when an opponent would reach 0 there doesn't seem to be a good reason to care if they have more than one emblem.

    Also, you would actually need to word it as "whenever a card named ~ enters the battlefield for the first time". Since every time time a card changes zones it is a new object, it will *always* be the first time that object entered the battlefield that game making your "this game" text superfluous.

    And, to be fair, it is *more* of a drawback to create one each time it enters. If you kill one player after this enters, any time it enters again it is free. Why not force them to get another Emblem and race against the clock again?

    The last ability should just be "whenever a source you control" rather than calling out spell or permanent.

    This does still get "broken" by Sundial of the Infinite and Stifle effects. Not sure if that matters in terms of making it a permanent vs Emblem but it isn't like it can't be interacted with at all.
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  • posted a message on Some Guild-themed cards using all the mechanics they got.
    Quote from rowanalpha »

    Note that you can't Overload a spell cast with Jumpstart, but you can still Replicate it. Also Replicating an Overloaded cast does (I'm pretty sure) copy the Overload.
    Interestingly, you can Overload it with Jump-Start. Jump-Start is not an alternate cost; it is just an additional cost (and grants a new permission). And you can pay additional costs with alternate costs like Overload.

    Also you are correct that a copy of an Overload spell will also be overloaded.
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  • posted a message on Sunken Dreams
    You can also clean up the wording, remove the "or less" since you can't have less than 0 CMC, and put the apostrophe in the right place in "spell's"):

    "Whenever an opponent casts a spell, that player mills cards equal to that spell's CMC. If the CMC of that spell is 0, that player exiles their graveyard."
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  • posted a message on Oubliette Reprint & Change in Function
    Animate Dead is a reasonable comparison. It seems that the word/character count for the two are just different enough to allow for that to be reprinted. Animate Dead has 75 words, 440 characters, and 3 paragraphs. Oubliette has 76 words,, 435 characters, and 2 paragraphs. Likely it is the letters themselves that post a problem since they are pretty close. That is, an 'i' takes up much less space than a 'w' for example.

    They have also commented on the idea that reprinting in other languages is a problem. Sure, they might get things to fit onto the cards for English, but the translations may be even longer and cause problems. According to Scryfall, Animated Dead in Eternal Masters was printed in 3 languages. Oubliette is available in 5 languages so perhaps one of those becomes a problem when translated.

    I don't think there is anything problematic with the current wording. I also don't think there is anything problematic with the new wording. At best, the old wording is simply "wordy" which would then tie into your comment about the fact that counters and auras are tracked and then need to come back with it. It has the same problem a lot of older cards do: it just says too many things and is insanely complicated to get the effect they want.
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