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  • posted a message on Volrath, the shapestealer trageting rules
    Nothing about using Volrath's ability makes him an illegal target in either case. He is still the same object and still a legal target for Chaos Warp since he is still a permanent.

    The only ways for this to do anything is to target something of yours with Hexproof with Volrath or turn Volrath into an illegal target by making him a different color or permanent type (if you copy an animated land for example to turn him into a noncreature land). But just changing what he looks like doesn't do enough to "fizzle" anything. So, in your first scenario, Chaos Warp shuffles him in even if he looks like a Triskelion meaning the Path to Exile isn't necessary. And the second scenario will still have Warp shuffle him in.

    I am also not sure what your comment about Scion was meant to convey but either there is a misunderstanding with that ability as well or something different is happening.
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  • posted a message on The Fate of the LGS, Paper Magic, and the Future of Retail
    What. The. ****....

    Your entire post is just a rant with basically no cohesion. Your point is Amazon is ruining LGS's (which isn't totally untrue) but you spent 5 paragraphs just repeating that over and over. You offered nothing beyond that though and even contradicted yourself. First, Rudy's (from somewhere) business model is no longer viable in the first paragraph and then all of a sudden in the second he will be just fine. If you are going to type this ***** out, at least be consistent with your fearmongering.

    This isn't new (and I am positive, because of your penchant and overall desire to be chicken little, that you have brought this up before) so what is the purpose of this post? The cynic in me says that you don't give two *****s about any of this. You are just trying to stir up drama because instead of continuing your existing thread, you made a new one. And this one has far less content than your previous one. Though, to be fair, your previous one had literally 0 content from you as it was just a video (and the one before that was too) and that was still better than the drivel you have come up with here.

    I don't really get your end game? Is this simply going to be a monthly post by Card Slinger J where nothing of value is offered and instead it just acts as a (very) thinly veiled advertisement for Rudy's Channel and Patreon? At least the previous threads were a bit more subtle with it where you simply linked to a video but here you not only said "Rudy from Alpha Investments" 4 times (seriously, you could have just said Rudy after that) indicating you wanted to hammer home that he has a business, but you also linked to his Patreon just in case. And, of course, your signature includes a meaningless quote from him (along with some other BS). You seem to be dead set on doing whatever you can to grow Rudy's viewer base for some reason and I am guessing your previous attempts weren't all that successful so you had to be a bit more brazen about it now. I noticed that you never mention any other Youtubers trying to make a living off this game. Only Rudy gets your attention.....

    I will admit that there are a lot of things wrong with what is going on with Magic from LGS's being overlooked in certain cases (they do get special Secret Lairs so while not enough for long term, Wizards is trying to engage with them), to the way Arena functions in terms of Wildcards and Arena Only cards, especially with sets like Historic Jumpstart making keeping up nearly impossible, to their apparent disinterest in a Pro Tour, to their overwhelming desire to control the secondary market without admitting there is one with Secret Lairs and "strategic" reprints. Hasbro/Wizards is not infallible but to see someone who focuses entirely on the bad about what is going on in the Magic community is tiresome. Sure, things deserve to be discussed, but basically every thread you have ever created is about how the world is falling apart with Magic. Not simply that something is wrong; that the very existence of Magic is at stake. Which is asinine.
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  • posted a message on Hideaway Elemental
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    I'd suggest "X,T: You may play a card exiled with this permanent without paying its mana cost if its mana value is X or less." This still gives every hidden card psuedo flash for +1 mana without breaking the cost of spells wide open. I also changed it to "a card" since things that double triggers potentially mean you can have multiple cards hidden away under the same land.
    The main concern I think with going with "a" card is that these then work differently than the other 6 Hideaway cards that exist. Maybe that isn't enough to say that is what should always occur but it is a difference, for the reason you stated, from the established norm so it might be worth dwelling on a little. It certainly works better with the ability and the cost definition of course, just felt it worth pointing out that it could be confusing where the others allow you to cast all the exiled cards and this one wouldn't.

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  • posted a message on Golden Opportunity
    Why not just say "if you would lose life that turn, instead lose the game"? Functionally, it is the same thing in about 95% of cases and also doesn't let people cheese the clause by just gaining a ton of life. It also gets around the "incoherent" wording that you don't want to type out and solves the problem of what you want to happen if they do gain life.
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  • posted a message on Cherished Homestead
    Let's consider getting rid of the crooked mulligan rule, to justify that people are only able to see these dynamics because they are able to bypass the aspect of challenge that should be there without it. And then design more intelligibly accordingly.
    Seriously dude, you need to learn at least something about this game. Amulet was powerful enough in 2016 to get Summer Bloom banned. The London Mulligan didn't come out until 2019. The idea that the London Mulligan is the only reason a 4-of is enough to power an entire deck is inane and makes you look exceptionally out of touch with what Magic actually is. Plenty of decks functioned off the back of a specific card and they functioned perfectly well when only having access to 4 copies of it. Birthing Pod was another and that one was so powerful that it warranted blasting away the entire deck. Imagine how out of touch you have to be to not think that a card can be powerful enough on its own with only 4 copies and then wanting to add the ability to add more? And, again, Pod functioned perfectly well before the new Mulligan.

    What mulligan would you propose that prevents these decks from working while also not ******* up the rest of the game? Going back to the "all land or no land" mulligan?
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  • posted a message on I need a detailed explanation for the card Reprobation
    No. I am guessing you were the person on the Judge IRC channel (you could have just asked for clarification there). Supertypes are the words: Legendary, Snow, Basic, World, and Ongoing. These always occur before the Hyphen and always before Card Types.

    Planeswalker, Creature, Artifact, Enchantment, Land, and Tribal are the card types a permanent can have (Instant and Sorcery are the other two card types). Creature types, Planeswalker types, Enchantment types, Artifact types, Land Types, Instant Types, and Sorcery Types are the words *after* the hyphen that correspond to the appropriate card type. So, Gingerbrute is an Artifact and a Creature (these are both card types). Food is the Artifact subtype and corresponds to the "Artifact" card type. Golem is the Creature subtype and corresponds to the "Creature" card type. So, if you put Reporobation on a Gingerbrute, it will no longer be an Artifact because Reprobation removes it. Which means it will no longer be a Food. It also won't be a Golem because Reprobation removes that too. It is *only* a Creature - Coward with a P/T of 0/1.

    Let's take Thassa, God of the Sea. This is a Legendary Enchantment Creature - God. Legendary is the supertype, Creature and Enchantment are the Card types, and God is the creature subtype (it does not have an Enchantment subtype). If you put Reprobation on it while she is a creature she will still be Legendary, but will not be an Enchantment or a God. So, her type line will be Legendary Creature - Coward and her P/T will be 0/1.
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  • posted a message on Sedgemoor Witch + Mystic Reflection
    No, you cannot do that. The trigger goes on the stack above the spell that triggered it so the spell will resolve after the trigger resolves.
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  • posted a message on Mana Vault and Power Artifact
    No. The only activated ability Mana Vault has is its last one that lets you tap it for mana. The first ability is a static ability and the other two are triggers which don't work with Power Artifact.
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  • posted a message on Tapped creature being forced to attack?
    Yes, that is legal. Nothing about that scenario is illegal because Stomp doesn't say it has to target an untapped creature and Fighting is not Combat (and thus not Attacking) so being tapped is irrelevant for being able to Fight.
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  • posted a message on Unstable Identity & Isochron Crystal Ball
    Obviously there are other issues with your Crystal Ball just being a bad card, but your updated wording makes it so the card doesn't function at all. You have now changed it so that when the Scepter leaves you shuffle the card in. Well, the Crystal Ball leaves when you activate the ability and it leaves during activation. Which means the ability to shuffle in the card applies at that time (it should be a trigger but that is irrelevant now). Since the card is shuffled away as soon as you activate it, it is no longer in exile for you to cast it. You need to come up with a different wording to handle both situations.
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  • posted a message on ALL Wheel Effects to Be Banned in Commander?!?
    C'mon man.....

    Obviously they aren't getting banned and the article is clear that this is just Sheldon musing on wheels being bad. Which, to some extent is true, but don't come in here with a clickbaity title because you want to stir up drama. They aren't getting banned and nothing suggests that the rest of the RC feels they are bad. Sheldon even goes out of his way to say that the rest of the RC may not share his viewpoint. Take this article for what it is: an insight into some of his personal thoughts and nothing more. His is allowed to have a personal opinion on something and the format doesn't have to change to suit those opinions (unless they are shared by enough of the RC/CAG).
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  • posted a message on Split second and sisay weatherlight captain
    Rules questions belong in the Rulings Forum and card tags are mandatory.

    Angel's Grace
    Sisay, Weatherlight Captain

    After Angel's Grace resolves, the active player gets priority. So, they can take an action and then pass priority. You can then activate Sisay at that time. So, was the person who "retained priority" the active player? If not, then they do not get priority until the active player passes it first.
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  • posted a message on Dueling Grounds and Extra Turns Question
    That isn't what it says. Always use the Oracle wording found on Gatherer. Especially for older cards. The current wording is:

    No more than one creature can attack each combat.

    No more than one creature can block each combat.

    So, it affects each combat individually.
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  • posted a message on Completing a cycle
    In case it matters for future custom designs: they are not replacing Hexproof. Ward had existed before (just not keyworded) alongside Hexproof and the information provided thus far is that they will continue to co-exist. And, to be honest, this type of interaction is likely why they don't want to completely replace hexproof.
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  • posted a message on Completing a cycle
    Just a note on Ward (since you asked about it): granting something Ward in response to something else does nothing. It is too late for Ward to trigger. You are better off just using Hexproof.
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