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  • posted a message on Your Worst Deck
    I went back through all my deck lists I have saved (currently 54) to jog my memory. I know my first thought when thinking of this is that Zedruu was my worst deck, but ultimately, I don't think that is true. It did what it was supposed to but it was not any fun. I am not sure how many games I won with it, but it was more than 1. Horobi, The Locust God, Yasova, and Lyzolda are the 4 I would pick as being the worst. Some had the issue that the idea wasn't that great or very fleshed out and some had the issue where the execution failed.

    I believe Lyzolda was the worst of the bunch. I tried to make it a Red/Black goblins build that would give me a lot of fodder to sac to Lyzolda. That part worked alright, but trying to just make tokens to sacrifice turned out to be a poor way to approach the deck. I obviously had lords and that kind of thing, but I think I played the deck once and then immediately took it apart. It may have even been able to win a few games if I kept it together, but it wasn't fun, it was hated out easily, it was weak, and overall just didn't make the cut.

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  • posted a message on Need help evaluating a card collection
    Quote from Bran Dawri »
    What do you mean, alternative 4th Edition?
    If you're talking Summer Edition, you're holding a fortune, whatever cards are in it...
    If it's metely the second printing, then never mind.
    Here some info on alternate 4th:

    Some cards can be worth a bit more from this printing.

    @origamiboyy: What makes you say they are alternate 4th?
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  • posted a message on Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign
    I feel like you could do more to take advantage of Yennet's triggered ability. You know, like casting Mystical Tutor during combat so Yennet can rip a Clone Legion off of the top of your library. Other great options include Blazing Archon, Expropriate, Grozoth, In Garruk's Wake, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Plague Wind, and Rise of the Dark Realms. All extremely powerful payoffs that can work as control win conditions as well.
    I can see where you are coming from with these options. The main issue I have is that these become really difficult to cast without Yennet. I am using Yennet as a way to get more value (even if it is somewhat incidental). Trying to use her to cast 9 drops just means I *need* her to cast those 9 drops. And, if she is destroyed, I end up with those cards stuck in hand.

    Beyond that, I dislike Iona, Expropriate, and Blazing Archon anyway.

    There may be something to this mind set though. I would prefer that I don't have anything higher than a 7 drop. There may be something there I am not using that I could add of course.
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  • posted a message on Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign
    The most recent game I played with this deck was last night. It was me against Saheeli, Tuvasa, and Sliver Queen. The game went on forever and we got Tuvasa out after about an hour. The rest of the game was casting Rift or Devastation Tide a bunch of times to continue dealing with Slivers. I think we counted 5 Rifts in that game (Saheeli cast at least one) and I cast a Devastation Tide at one point as well.

    Overall, the deck was extremely resilient and kept plugging away at trying to close out the game until I finally ended up beating down with 2 Djinn of Wishes (one was a Stunt Double). I used the Djinns' abilities to great effect with my tutors, my Scroll Rack, my Top, and my Crystal Ball (I wasn't sure about this card, but last night's game proved its power).

    I do think there is something to be said about trying to speed the deck up, but the synergies in the deck are pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign
    With the release of the Commander 2018 decks, the Esp[er deck caught my eye. More so for the theme than the cards within it. The main card I thought looked reasonable was Yennet, Cryptic Sovereign. I have attempted to build a "top of the library matters" deck twice in the past (both Jund) but neither worked out the way I wanted it to. I think I went too far into the theme and the theme in Jund really required creatures.

    I feel that Yennet can play in the same space but in a way that makes it so the overall idea is a bit more cohesive and works without the general or specific cards. Plus, it allows for a departure from just being creatures and I went with few creatures in the deck. So, here is the list I am currently running:

    The main thing is that I am trying to win via Miracle cards (Entreat mostly) as well as a couple larger fliers. It is built mostly as a control deck though there are not many actual counter spells. It is mostly built with board control in mind. I am not a huge fan of the amount of tutors the deck has but they only go to the top of the library which means there is actually a bit more thought involved than just "tutor for an answer". I have played a number of games so far and the deck is working out to be pretty good and fun to play.

    This is still fairly new, so there are bound to be some cards that ultimately don't make the cut. As of now, it seems to be working out pretty well though.
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    We ended up playing a coiuple games tonight. They were not "league" games since not everyone was there, but we still wanted to play with our new changes. I ended up making the following changes:

    Temur Sabertooth

    Winding Canyons
    Spike Weaver

    Temur Sabertooth was not doing as much as I wanted it to. Beyond ramp, the deck doesn't have a lot of ETB effects so I figured it was safe to cut. Spike Weaver took its place. Winding Canyons took the place of a Mountain.

    We played two games tonight, but one isn't worth going into too much detail about. The Tuvasa player wasn't there so another player playing Slivers was there instead. The first game started off with Saheeli getting a Darksteel Forge on turn 4, followed by a Mycosynth Lattice later (and maybe a copy of the Forge later). I wasn't doing much but I had a Pernicious Deed on board to threaten the destruction of everyone's lands (except Saheeli). After a couple turns, the Sliver player just cast Armageddon anyway. I played a land and passed. Saheeli blew up my land and I just scooped. In the end, Saheeli ended up winning.

    The second game was much more of an actual game. I started off slow but got down some ramp with some removal. Saheeli again got two Forges, but not much else. It took a long time to do anything with them. In the meantime, they got their Lattice and tried to Vandalblast. Luckily, Aminatou countered it. Aminatou had a tough game, but was able to Merciless Eviction the Slivers (at the time, they were a huge threat). I was able to cast World Breaker 3 or 4 times that game to exile the Saheeli's 2 Forges and I tried to get rid of the Lattice. They bounced it and I ended up casting Putrefy next turn.

    I ended up winning with a huge Multani and a 28/28 Realm Seekers took out the Slivers player. The final play of the game was flashing in a World Breaker to exile a Noxious Gearhulk and then flashing in Eternal Witness to grab my Gaze of Granite. This let me cast Gaze on my turn to wrath the Aminatou's 8 Angel tokens so I could swing for lethal.

    Winding Canyons was huge in this game and actually got blown up twice but I kept getting it back. It was instrumental in being able to do things at the right time to win the game.
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    I had made a couple extra changes in the middle of the week last week that I never recorded, so here is what I did there:

    Mountain - I am still trying to find the right number of lands. I am going to go back down to 40 to see if that is right and a Mountain is the best land to cut.
    Nesting Dragon - This is the one of the better "new" cards but I have been getting kind of down on it lately. If I don't get it out early enough, or I can't get a bunch of lands back, it just doesn't do a lot. With some more recent additions (Omnath is the biggest one) I think I can afford to cut this for now and see if the deck really cares about not having it. Mainly, the issue is that it doesn't do enough on its own so drawing it doesn't really put me ahead nor does it get me back in the game whereas other cards do (Realm Seekers and Ulvenwald get me Miren to gain a bunch of life; Omnath gives me a better army in the same situation; Borborygmos gives me Lightning Bolts. etc.)
    Thantis, the Warweaver - This was tough. I really, really like this card. And, it may be a mistake, but a 5/5 Vigilance with Reach isn't that good. It does force everyone to attack but I have slowly been moving away from a "swarm" type of deck (I prefer attrition strategies for this type of deck) so making everyone attack doesn't do as much for me and leaves me fewer options for blockers when I need them.

    My reasons were already mentioned a few posts up so I won't go into any detail on them here
    Chainer, Dementia Master $2.75
    Realm Seekers $0.25
    Ulvenwald Hydra $1.25
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    Quote from dachivale »

    About your possible upgrades:
    Chainer, Dementia Master - Good card, don't feel it fits that great in this deck, specialy cause of his black cost. Definitely can be really impactfull, I would say if I wanted something like reanimation this is probably not my go2, but he is fairly cheap (money wise) compared to possible other options. So give it a whirl if you wanna try him.. I had a deck with him as the Commander and that deck did pretty wel.. ^^
    Chainer is definitely one that might be questionable due to the needed black mana. In other decks I haven't had issues (he is freaking fantastic in Karador), but I also have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in those decks. The ultimate plan is to include that in this deck. I am just jumping the gun a bit Smile

    Maze of Ith might be good also.. Though the latter is quite expensive and not as impactful.. Glacial also saves you from normal damage.. the 2 life and land sacrifice for the Glacial Chasm are overall not a big issue.. Also it's a land so harder to get rid of generally speaking.. Weaver can get removed before they wanna attack.. Glacial can be also, but land destruction in the other decks doesn't seem that logical they add a lot of those... just my 2 cent here.. ^^ Also you can keep getting Glacial back if it's not removed from Windgrace.. Get it and another land back.. sac the second land for Glacial.. XD Glacial makes you unable to attack, but you can sacrifice it by not paying the cost.. Attack, then return with Windgrace.. for example.. ^^
    You could also run both if you really feel you need to..
    I like the idea of Glacial Chasm as a goiitcha card (especially with Crop Rotation). The biggest thing right now is that neither taps for mana and I never want to see either one early. I think eventually I will include one of them (not both; it will probably be the Chasm since I don't use it as much as I should).

    Life from the Loam - Kinda a must have in land matters deck, though I get not having fetch makes this less 'broken/good', but having things like cycle cards, sac. lands that add more mana, strip mine, etc.. It still is quite good.. Also works wel with the previously mentioned Glacial Chasm.. Or cards like Borborygmos Enraged..
    Strip Mine is another card in my list of cards to get but a) it is expensive (a lot more than I thought) and b) my group, even outside this league, doesn't do a lot with really good non basics (other than me) so there aren't as many good targets. But yeah, Life from the Loam needs to be in this deck at some point. I have almost added it twice but cost and lack of good targets has me delaying the add for now. Once I get my fetches added(probably next year some time), this will get added too.

    For reanimation I might suggest - Living Death, cause it has 2 sides to it, it also nukes the board, if you can Bojuka bog (for example) or Scavenging Ooze the other players so they don't have a grave this wil give you back what you have in your grave, kill the board and get ahead by quite a large margin.. ^^

    Just a suggestion if you really wanted to add a reanimation card.. There are quite a few other options, but I feel that overall a card like that having double usage is the better way to go.. Though I would just go with things like Eternal Witness to just get cards back to the hand... Cause a lot of times you might not need a creature but removal, lands or other spells to win or get back...

    Hope my feedback is helpful.. And good luck on your next games.. Grin
    Ooze needs to be in this deck at some point I think. Living Death is an interesting card and one that I don't do a lot with. I will have to keep it in the back of my mind. As for Eternal Witness, I got that added a couple weeks back because it is a fantastic card.

    Overall, the deck is shaping up nicely and the games I have lost are more because I start slow. And by that I mean I have little ramp to start with or no real threats or answers. I think this is more of a Mulligan problem as I don't often like throwing away "could be good" hands. It also shines a light on the importance of balance in the deck regarding ramp. I have cut a few lately and I may have gone too far in that direction. The main issue is getting them late when they don't matter.

    So, I enjoy the deck (and I appreciate all the suggestions/comments above) and, like any other deck, it has gotten to a point where "tuning" is the goal. Finding the right balance for everything and finding out what does and doesn't work.

    It looks like we might be playing a few games tomorrow so I am going to try to keep track of the games a bit better so I can provide a decent summary of each. We also get to make changes for this week, so I will include whatever changes I make tomorrow along with whatever summary I decide to post.
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  • posted a message on Multiple cleanup steps and end of turn effect. Need clarification.
    Your judge is wrong. Here are the rules for the Cleanup Step:

    514. Cleanup Step
    514.1. First, if the active player's hand contains more cards than their maximum hand size (normally seven), they discard enough cards to reduce their hand size to that number. This turn-based action doesn't use the stack.
    514.2. Second, the following actions happen simultaneously: all damage marked on permanents (including phased-out permanents) is removed and all "until end of turn" and "this turn" effects end. This turn-based action doesn't use the stack.
    514.3. Normally, no player receives priority during the cleanup step, so no spells can be cast and no abilities can be activated. However, this rule is subject to the following exception:
    514.3a. At this point, the game checks to see if any state-based actions would be performed and/or any triggered abilities are waiting to be put onto the stack (including those that trigger "at the beginning of the next cleanup step"). If so, those state-based actions are performed, then those triggered abilities are put on the stack, then the active player gets priority. Players may cast spells and activate abilities. Once the stack is empty and all players pass in succession, another cleanup step begins.

    So, you Discard a card in the Cleanup Step and this causes 2 triggers; one from Necropotence and one from Guildmage. Then, the Guildmage's effect wears off. Then the triggers go onto the stack. Players can respond at this point (or wait until the triggers resolve). Then, there is another Cleanup step but the Guildmage's effect already wore off before the triggers even made it to the stack. You will not keep losing life if you somehow keep discarding more cards.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Gashnaw »
    Quote from CTNC »
    Quote from Hermes_ »
    Quote from Gashnaw »

    With the way extra turns work, you'll still lose first from a hive minded last chance.

    Oh crap that's right. While the person to your right will be the first person to resolve, yours will resolve last which means you will be the first to get the extra turn. I guess I just have to go with the pacts idea (or find some cool shenanigans. Maybe cast Angel's grace. (or counter the final fortune before yours resolves. (let them all resolve and then gets to you where you counter it.)

    Still these are spells i can run in narset with no worry.

    Stifle or plat angel and Sundial of the Infinite among other choices

    Or you could just counter your own Final Fortune to stop your losing turn from happening in the first place.

    not quite. 4 players. (1-2-3-4)
    No, each other player gets a counterspell as well and can just counter your counterspell.
    Just use Disrupting Shoal or Spell Blast in response to the Hive Mind trigger so they don't have their spells yet and their counter spells cannot target anything but your Final Fortune. But yes, a counter spell is pretty unreliable here.

    In any case, the Sundial option seems to be the best (or some other method of not losing like Gideon's Emblem or Platinum Angel).
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  • posted a message on How do I link decks?
    Worth pointing out is that the Deck tag handles the card tags. You don't need to put [card] around all of them. So, this yields the same thing as above:

    [deck=Sample Deck][b]Creatures[/b]
    4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
    1 Eternal Witness


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  • posted a message on Help with Replacement Effects: Hostage taker vs Commander / EDH
    If they move their Commander to the command zone, the Hostage Taker cannot cast it since it is no longer exiled. However, the other part of the ability just has a duration without caring specifically about the zone it actually makes it to. It finds it in the first public zone it goes to and can retrieve it from there when HT leaves as long as it has not moved since then.

    The latter part is important. HT expects it to be in the command zone because that is where it went. The one - shot effect can find it there. The other part of the plability can't since it is explicit about finding it in exile. This is the main difference between Banishing Light and Oblivion Ring.

    The rules above are the relevant rules so I am not going to repeat them. The misunderstanding here is that HT works like O Ring in one case and Banishing Light in the other. You evaluate each part individually. Is it in exile? If no, you can't cast it. Then, is it still in the first public zone it went to when HT leaves? If so, it returns.
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  • posted a message on [SOLVED] Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle + Animate Dead et al.
    Neither Animate Dead nor Necromancy can enchant the land so they will bring Arixmethes back, not attach, go to the graveyard, and trigger (since they went to the graveyard). Since they triggered, they will force you to sac the object they brought back no matter what characteristics it may have.

    Necromancer is the same. It will make you sac the land it brings back. None of these allow you to get, and retain, an Arixmethes
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  • posted a message on Need help with Hallar deck
    Generally speaking, you will often get better suggestions/responses if you post your list here rather than making us go to another site to view your list. I have taken your list (I ignored your maybeboard for now) and organized it for you here:

    Hallar, the FirefletcherMagic OnlineOCTGN2ApprenticeBuy These Cards
    1 Hallar, the Firefletcher

    1 Arbor Elf
    1 Den Protector
    1 Elfhame Druid
    1 Emblazoned Golem
    1 Eternal Witness
    1 Farhaven Elf
    1 Forgotten Ancient
    1 Goblin Bushwhacker
    1 Goblin Ruinblaster
    1 Gyre Sage
    1 Immaculate Magistrate
    1 Ivy Lane Denizen
    1 Joraga Warcaller
    1 Kalonian Hydra
    1 Managorger Hydra
    1 Marwyn, the Nurturer
    1 Obsessive Skinner
    1 Pir, Imaginative Rascal
    1 Priest of Titania
    1 Reclamation Sage
    1 Rishkar, Peema Renegade
    1 Skitter of Lizards
    1 Skullwinder
    1 Taurean Mauler
    1 Tireless Tracker
    1 Verdurous Gearhulk
    1 Wood Elves

    1 Blessings of Nature
    1 Breath of Darigaaz
    1 Canopy Surge
    1 Cultivate
    1 Grow from the Ashes
    1 Harmonize
    1 Increasing Savagery
    1 Insult
    1 Kodama's Reach
    1 Molten Disaster
    1 Nature's Lore
    1 Primal Growth
    1 Rampant Growth
    1 Rishkar's Expertise
    1 Savage Offensive
    1 Skyshroud Claim
    1 Soul's Majesty
    1 Triumph of the Hordes

    1 Basilisk Collar
    1 Bow of Nylea
    1 Champion's Helm
    1 Darksteel Plate
    1 Everflowing Chalice
    1 Grafted Exoskeleton
    1 Gruul Signet
    1 Lifecrafter's Bestiary
    1 Lightning Greaves
    1 Loxodon Warhammer
    1 Sol Ring
    1 Strionic Resonator
    1 Swiftfoot Boots
    1 Talisman of Impulse

    1 Beast Within
    1 Chaos Warp
    1 Comet Storm
    1 Falling Timber
    1 Hunger of the Howlpack
    1 Inspiring Call
    1 Krosan Grip
    1 Overload
    1 Scorching Lava
    1 Solidarity of Heroes
    1 Strength of the Tajuru
    1 Vines of Vastwood

    1 Alpha Authority
    1 Evolutionary Escalation
    1 Gratuitous Violence
    1 Hardened Scales
    1 Keen Sense
    1 Ordeal of Nylea
    1 Quest for Pure Flame
    1 Quest for the Gemblades
    1 Snake Umbra
    1 Wild Growth
    1 Zendikar Resurgent

    Now, as to your deck, your curve is very low so that is a good thing. However, it is somewhat misleading since you are trying to run Kicker spells so the cost of those is greater than their mana cost shows. Also, your creatures seem to be leading down the path of a go-wide or aggro strategy but you don't have enough to do that. Either you need more creatures, or you need ones that are more relevant.

    To start with, since it is probably a big part of the theme: your kicker spells. Most are at least decent, but there are a couple I don't think are very good:

    Emblazoned Golem - This is, at max, a 3/4 for 4 mana. Not the worst, but not exactly steller either. It works OK with your general, but on its own it is pretty bad.
    Skitter of Lizards - This can get a bit bigger than the Golem, and it has Haste, but the cost/power ratio is way higher than you want. A 2/2 for 3 is OK. a 3/3 for 5 or a 4/4 for 7 or a 5/5 for 9 isn't. This card can, again, be a cheap way to trigger Hallar but, without him on the field, this isn't going to do a lot.
    Everflowing Chalice - This I am not sure on, but your deck seems to want to be pretty aggressive. So, paying 2 mana to ramp {1} or 4 to ramp 2 isn't all that good. You would want to be casting more relevant spells than this.
    Savage Offensive - This would be a good card ...if it was an Instant. The effects really want to be a combat trick of some sort, but it can't be. I know it is cheap and can be relevant so this may not be a great card to cut, but it seems like it is likely to do very little.
    Scorching Lava - 3 mana for 2 damage is pretty bad. I think there are better options for this, even if they don't have Kicker.

    Instead, you may want to try some of these in those spots:
    Citanul Woodreaders - Probably not my first choice, but a 1/4 that draws 2 cards for 6 isn't the worst. The main thing is the draw 2 cards. It is not an efficient use of mana, but it could help with card draw.
    Mold Shambler - This seems like a decent hate card as EDH has plenty of artifacts and enchantments running around. 6 mana for a 3/3 body and a Naturalize is reasonable.
    Thicket Elemental - A free creature might be worth playing a 7 mana 4/4. I am not sure on this either, but I could see it being a cool card to get something huge for free.
    Verdeloth the Ancient - This could be a good payoff card. A 4/7 lord for 6 is already reasonable. And then you get 2/2 Saprolings (as long as Verdeloth is around to buff them) for each extra mana you pay. If you have a ton of mana just sitting around, you can make a pretty good sized army with just this card.
    Verix Bladewing - This gives you a couple decent sized fliers and 8 power total for 7 mana. Not the most efficient, but they can be helpful in closing out games.
    Wolfbriar Elemental - This is another card like Verdeloth. An "Army in a Can" so to speak.

    You have 20 ramp spells (a combination of creature, land, and artifact ramp) and I don't think you need quite that much. I would like towards cutting Wild Growth and Arbor Elf to start with. I know they work off each other, but I don't think your deck needs or wants them.

    The other theme of your deck seems to be focused pretty heavily on the +1/+1 counter theme. A lot of good cards are in the mix here, but some are probably not necessary. Evolutionary Escalation, Hunger of the Howlpack, Increasing Savagery and Quest for the Gemblades. I don't think these are necessarily bad, but I think they are more than you need with everything else you have.

    Of the remaining cards, I think Keen Sense and Alpha Authority could be cut. The former probably doesn't do a lot except the early game if you actually get it and the latter is a worse version of about 5 other cards you are already running.
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  • posted a message on Torgaar, Famine Incarnate and Slimefoot, the Stowaway
    Quote from SavannahLion »
    Someone clued me in that I can sacrifice any number of creatures to cast Torgaar, Famine Incarnate even if it exceeds the 6 mana . I simply reduce his cost to black mana black mana .

    Therefor, In a hypothetical game, with ten Saprolings and Slimefoot, the Stowaway on the field, is it correct that the ability of Slimefoot goes on the stack first? In short:

    1. I sacrifice 10 Saprolings to pay for Torgaar, putting Slimefoot's trigger for each sacrificed Saproling on the stack.
    2. I cast Torgaar paying the rest of his cost of black mana black mana .
    3. Torgaar goes on the stack.
    4. Torgaar resolves first, setting my opponent's life to 10.
    5. Slimefoot's ability resolves, pinging my opponent once for each Saproling for a grand total of 10 damage, killing him/her.
    No. The very first thing you do when you cast a spell or activate an ability is put that object on the stack. Since the Slimefoot triggers go on top of the stack, they go on above the current spell. So, the order is:

    1. Torgaar goes on the stack.
    2. I sacrifice 10 Saprolings to Torgaar costy less and pay the cost of black mana black mana Slimefoot trigger 10 times in this process.
    3. Slimefoot's triggers go onto the stack and each resolves, pinging my opponent once for each Saproling for a grand total of 10 damage putting them to 10.
    4. Torgaar resolves, setting my opponent's life to 10.
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