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  • posted a message on Is AMINATOU banned in 1v1 Commander?
    There is no single 1v1 banlist. In paper, it is not an official format so it really depends on which format you are running (French, Leviathan, the MTGO 1v1 banlist). But, from everything I can find, nothing says Aminatou is banned in 1v1. I see Saheeli is also listed as not being legal so it is more likely an issue with Scryfall not being updated to include those commanders in those formats.
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  • posted a message on Sygg, River Cutthroat - League
    We played 4 games today and I won one. The fourth game, which I will go into a bit of detail below, was the worst loss. Overall, the deck is coming together though I was in a couple of precarious positions where I was casting a Twister effect to dig for an answer since I had nothing in hand. It kind of worked out, but I was on the back foot a bit in that game.

    In the game I won, Ruric Thar ended up attacking Skullbriar and Medomai because they knew I had a Rift in hand. Medomai tried to save themselves but I countered it. They ended up losing that turn while Skullbriar just survived. The game got around to me and I killed Skulbriar and then, a couple turns later, I killed Ruric Thar.

    2 other games were won by Ruric Thar (Medomai won another game in there). And Ruric Thar is becoming even more of a problem for my deck as well as Medomai. I have wraths and mass bounce to help, but taking 6 off Ruric Thar is a beating. In the final game, Medomai, who is also hurt by Ruric Thar, cast Desertion on him. This did basically nothing except kill both of us (though it was kind of our fault). Since Ruric Thar was out, we both had to hold off on spells. However, Medomai tried to exile my Kokusho so they could attack me and I tried to counter it. They countered back so I countered again. They had a final counter in hand so I just bounced everything. This meant that we each lost 18 life that turn. It put them to 3 and me to 11. I probably should have bounced everything before it got to their turn, but I was hoping they would attack someone else.

    Our fight then led to Ruric Thar being able to untap and cast a Molten Disaster for X=11 and kicked. This killed all of us. They didn't have much more mana so if we didn't fight, Ruric Thar likely would not have won. Our decks are crippled with the presence of Ruric Thar to such a degree that I think we both need to put a higher focus on them.

    As such, I have tweaked my deck considerably. I had not planned on making a lot of changes, but I think there are more things I need to do to combat Ruric Thar. One of the things I was going to do was add in Bone Shredder and Shriekmaw. I have decided against these for now for a couple reasons. One, I want to evolve into more of a draw-go deck. And two, these are basically only for Ruric Thar as I can deal with everything else pretty well. So, instead of going too high on the creature based destroy effects, I decided to go in a slightly different direction to help combat Ruric Thar: lifegain.

    Now, lifegain on its own can be overvalued. But, with the right cards to keep me going, I think having some life gain would be helpful in the fight against Ruric Thar (and the other players). So, here are my changes:

    Chemister's Insight $0.45
    Dream Eater $3.52
    Exsanguinate $3.58
    Mystical Teachings $0.11
    Noxious Gearhulk (In Pool)
    Stunt Double $2.48
    Twilight Prophet $7.71
    Venser Shaper Savant $4.73
    Venser's Journal $4.49
    Watery Grave $8.01

    Army of the Damned
    Black Sun's Zenith
    Dimir Guildgate
    Game Plan
    Grave Titan
    Havengul Lich
    Thief of Blood
    Whispering Madness

    Army of the Damned and Grave Titan have basically never done much for me. They are high in cost, and are very susceptible to removal, so I am not sure I will miss them being gone. I might have to add Grave Titan back in at some point, but I am not sure. Havengul Lich is being removed since my creature count is fairly low and I almost never want to see the card when I do see it. Thief of Blood and Black Sun's Zenith were here for Skullbriar mostly, but there are other ways to deal with Skullbriar.

    I decided to cut Dimir Guildgate (a budget choice) for the superior Watery Grave. This leaves me with 3 lands that always enter tapped (Bojuka Bog, Fetid Pools, Temple of Deceit) which I think is fine.

    I decided Mulldrifter didn't work as well in this shell as I wanted so I cut it for a Chemister's Insight. It draws me 4 cards total (I will almost always have a land to discard) so it should hopefully keep me going. I also added in Twilight Prophet for card draw and some life gain. It also causes life loss for my opponents which works well with Sygg if I hit something with CMC 3 or greater. I decided to cut 2 Twister/Wheel effects mostly to make room and because I think I just had too many. I am hoping Insight and Prophet (along with Kefnet) can keep my hand full so I don't need to twister as often.

    Venser, Dream Eater, Noxious Gearhulk, and Stunt Double are creature based ways to deal with Ruric Thar and they also have other uses as well. Being able to get a big Multani or being able to gain life off destroying something or being able to bounce an uncounterable spell to someone's hand can be the difference between winning and losing. Dream Eater also gets me through a potential land clump or makes sure my next draw is not a bust.

    Exsanguinate and Venser's Journal are here for the life gain. Exsanguinate can hopefully close games out when I need it to and Journal gives me no max hand size while also gaining me life during each of my upkeeps. If I can gain at least 4 life each turn (which should not be hard) it goes a long way to offsetting the 6 damage I take from Ruric Thar.

    And, finally, Mystical Teachings. This gets me a lot of cards in my deck when I need them. An Instant-Timing tutor for Venser, or Cyclonic Rift, or a Counterspell, or even just a Notion Thief (in anticipation of a twister) or Stunt Double (for a blocker) can make or break a game. This doesn't get me a few key cards, but a lot of my stuff is Instant or has Flash so this seems like a no-brainer.

    We are going to play again this week (though I am not sure how the holiday affects this) so I will provide another update by the end of the week. Hopefully this gives me a few tools to deal with Ruric Thar and still gives me enough to win games.
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  • posted a message on I don't remember the name of a card
    Are you talking about Isochron Scepter or Panoptic Mirror? Neither can be used "all the time" but it does allow for at least a once per turn casting of the exiled card. And Scepter is only Instants with a CMC of 2 or less so it seems that Mirror is closer to what you want.
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  • posted a message on Karador, Ghost Chieftain - War of Attrition
    I played this deck last night against Skullbriar, the Walking Grave and Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire.

    I started off the game not doing much. I think I only got Yavimaya Dryad early for ramp and didn't really do much. I did end up having to get a Damnation off Vampiric Tutor to slow the other two players down (mostly Vaevictis). They then rebuilt and got down a ridiculous board state with Vaevictus, It That Betrays, and a couple other things (these were the big two). They ended up getting a Sol Ring from Skullbriar and a Command Tower from me. I got a Farhaven Elf off of it so I at least got my land back. I had a Mikaeus, the Unhallowed that Skullbriar targeted with Beast Within before this.

    Next turn, I cast a Remorseful Cleric and Skullbriar had gotten rid of It That Betrays. Vaevictus made me sac my Cleric and I got a land I think. Eventually, I got down a Seedguide Ash and a Grothama, All-Devouring. With my Farhaven Elf and beast token, this allowed me to attack and fight Grothama with all 3. I wrathed my board but drew 8 cards. This got me back into the game as I got a Protean Hulk.

    I cast Hulk and and sacrificed it to get a False Prophet and Sakura-Tribe Elder. I sacrificed both (I had Miren, the Moaning Well and Diamond Valley) to exile everything. I lost one creature of mine but got rid of Vaevictus's creatures.

    They still had a bunch of Artifacts and Enchantments (the worst of which was Baneful Omen since I was at 8 and Skullbriar was at 3 after seeing a Breaker of Armies on top) so the next turn I got a Karmic Guide to reanimate Hulk to then sac it to get Bane of Progress. This finally reined them in.

    I ended up getting Mikaeus back which allowed me to continuously recur Karmic Guide and Hulk (I had Karador out to recast the Guide when it couldn't return from Undying). I then dropped in a Gray Merchant of Asphodel to drain players for 7. Skullbriar was dead at this point since I had attacked them and this, coupled with sacrificing the Hulk, gained me a lot of much needed life. I looped Gray Merchant over the course of a couple turns and drained 14 life each turn (since it kept coming back from Undying and I could then just cast it with Karador when it didn't come back). I ended up being at 94 life after having been down as low as 8.

    Again, Grothama came through in a pinch when I really needed it and it let me draw 8 cards. Objectively, the effectiveness of it is still in question though. If I hadn't had 8 power on the board, I am not sure if I ever would have gotten back into that game. It is just one of those cards that, so far, has been good at getting me out of a tough situation, but I don't want to get sucked into thinking it is a great (or even good) card when I am just getting lucky. But, this has now been twice where this has done work for me, so I am definitely warming up to the card sticking around. Hopefully a couple more games will show one way or the other if these last two times were flukes or if I can expect to have this kind of success with it more often than not.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Cards
    Quote from italofoca »
    Swine Song: Incredibly broken. Blue generally have a hard time countering creatures for just U. That's because proportionally many creatures of CMC 2+ are played while most non-creature spells are CMC 1-2. So countering creatures for just U is a massive tempo swing (while countering small spells for the same amount isn't) and a 2/2 token does makeup for that.
    I disagree. If black can get Cast Down, Fatal Push, and Walk the Plank and white can getTake Vengeance being able to counter a creature for U while still leaving a creature behind seems perfectly fine. I know those are somewhat restricted but they work after the fact. If a player casts a creature and you don't have this counter in hand, it does nothing later on whereas the ones above can be top-decked to take care of a threat.

    Blue can already counter creatures for 2 mana with Essence Scatter so the 1 mana reduction to still give the opponent a 2/2 seems fairly balanced. At the very least, "Incredibly Broken" is a bit hyperbolic even if the card is a bit on the powerful side.
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  • posted a message on Copying a Copy.. but worse?
    1) You can stack the triggers so the Mimic becomes a copy of something else from the Cryptoplasm ability first. Then, when the trigger resolves to create a copy, you create a copy of whatever you copied (say, a Grizzly Bears) that also has the upkeep trigger to become something else. Neither the Mimic nor the token copy will have a trigger to create a token copy of itself anymore since the Cryptoplasm copy effect overwrites that.

    2) If you use Cryptoplasm to copy the Mimic, it is too late to trigger the "create a token" ability that turn. But, next turn, you will have both trigger to create a token and both will trigger to copy something else. You can effectively double up on your tokens this way. Note, again, that once you copy something else with the Cryptoplasm ability, it loses the ability to make a token.

    3) Both the Progenitor Mimic and the Cryptoplasm's ability are copied when something copies either one. So, if either of these are a Giant Adephage, they will create a token of the Adephage that also has both abilities of the Cryptoplasm and Mimic. Only the ability of the Cryptoplasm works however since the copies are tokens.
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  • posted a message on Reality Scramble and Gods
    That doesn't seem to match the wording on the card (or you are reading the question differently than I am).

    It explicitly says "that permanent" (not "that permanent card"). Since permanents only exist on the battlefield, it must be looking at the characteristics of said permanent as it existed on the field because it is no longer a permanent in the Library. In which case, Reality Scramble can only get an Enchantment if the God was not a creature at the time Reality Scramble resolves.

    The question appears to be asking what happens if they target a God that is not a creature; not what happens if they *find* one while revealing.
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  • posted a message on Sygg, River Cutthroat - League
    With my most recent changes, the deck is starting to actually come together into something I enjoy playing. I had to change my thought process for what I want the deck to be (along with changing the general) but the current iteration seems to be functioning much better.

    I played a couple games with this deck last night. 2 were 1v1 with the Skullbriar player in our League and I won both. Since it is was 1v1, it isn't really worth going over what the deck did or didn't do. Both of our decks are built around multiplayer and we were just playing to kill time while waiting for Modern to start.

    Later in the night, we did get a league game going. Skullbriar vs Ruric Thar vs Medomai vs Sygg. I will say, Ruric Thar is a beast against both my Sygg deck as well as the Medomai deck.

    The game started off as most do: I got Sygg down early and Skullbriar got their general down early. I played a draw-go style so I didn't do much beyond play lands. At one point, Ruric Thar did cast Boundless Realms which I did not counter. I could have, but I only had the one and I wanted to save it. I am not sure if this was a mistake, but I let it go.

    This allowed them to cast Ruric Thar a bunch of times (they got a Zendikar Resurgent later on as well). Skullbriar was leaving up Pernicious Deed mana, but never actually cracked it. Ruric Thar cost me 6 life and cost Medomai 6 or 12. At one point, I had a removal spell in hand but let Medomai take care of Ruric Thar so I could save my life. Luckily it worked out.

    Sygg let me draw about 8-10 cards over the course of the game which kept me in it. I did draw 3 swamps in a row which was disappointing and then, a little later, I tutored for lands off Burnished Hart and saw 5 out of my top 6 cards were lands and the other was a Talisman. This was at a time when I had 20 lands on the field and 3 in hand so seeing that many right on top when I really needed to be drawing answers and threats was frustrating. I may cut a land at some point.

    At one point in the game, I was down to 11 life. Ruric Thar was down to 3. I had Bontu and Sygg on the battlefield. Before my turn, I sacrificed Sygg to Bontu to gain life and make everyone lose life. I scried a land to the bottom. I started my turn and cast Mindlade Render and Sygg. This game me lethal on board to kill Ruric Thar if I needed to. Instead, Medomai attacked them to kill them and I let it happen since I wanted my creatures. It ended up not mattering as the board was wrathed so I sacrificed those two anyway to gain life and then Skullbriar cast Merciless Executioner to make me sac Bontu.

    A couple turns later, I cast a Twister effect so Medomai cast White Sun's Zenith to get some cats in response. Skullbriar had rebuilt a little by this point too. I drew into a Devastation Tide so I cast that, cast Sygg, and cast Spellseeker to get Arcane Denial and passed the turn. Medomai passed and then Skullbriar tried to attack Medomai for 6 (they were at 8). They tried to Capsize and I countered it (mostly to get rid of Capsize). They couldn't do anything so they went to 2. On my turn, I swung for lethal into Medomai to kill them when I could.

    Skullbriar tried to get in but I bounced his stuff. In the end, I ended up just being able to out value them 1v1 and won with Army of the Damned or Grave Titan or something (I don't remember exactly what I won with).

    There were a number of times in the game where I could have been picked off or where I was in real danger of going too low. I wasn't the threat at the time luckily (Ruric Thar held that mantle for a long time) so there wasn't as much focus on me. Ruric Thar is a big problem though. My deck has very little life gain and a lot of spells. Just dealing with Ruric Thar is likely going to cost me games. I am not sure what the answer for that is since I cannot go under them or race them. I might just have to rely on Medomai and team up with them a little against a common enemy. I am not sure.

    In any case, things are mostly working out as I want them to so, beyond trying to deal with Ruric Thar a little better, there isn't much more I am intending to change. As mentioned, I will likely cut a land and I already have Damnation slated for inclusion next week.
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - C18 League
    I played this deck again last night and it worked reasonably well in one game. The games were against my own Ephara and Karametra decks. The first game I played, I kept a 2 land hand with 2 ramp spells expecting to draw a land at some point. In 5 draws, I did not draw a single land while Ephara got a turn 3 Venser followed up by a Kor Cartographer to keep ramping. A turn or 2 later, they cast Alms Collector followed up by a Timetwister and I just scooped since I would only have 1 card in hand. Karametra scooped as well.

    The next game, Karametra changed to Gisela and it was a better game. Granted, Ephara was slow getting to their blue mana, but I was able to ramp a little and get Lord Windgrace down while ticking him up to 9. While doing so, I also had a Glacial Chasm on board. The Glacial Chasm ultimately won me the game.

    I tried to get a Gitrog down, but Gisela had an Inferno Titan and Gisela. They kill the Gitrog Monster and killed Lord Windgrace a little later. They then dropped in an Elesh Norn which killed a lot of my things. One thing it didn't kill is World Shaper. This is important because they ended up trying destroy or get rid of my Glacial Chasm and I just cast Crop Rotation to get something else and make sure it went to my graveyard. They swung lethal at me and I sacrificed the World Shaper to get a bunch of lands, included Glacial Chasm back.

    Over the next couple turns, I was able to get Chainer off of Protean Hulk which then got me Hulk and Ulvenwald Hydra from the grave. Luckily Chainer does not die to Elesh Norn. The Hydra came first to get my Urborg (so I had all the black mana I needed). I then sacrificed Hulk to get Ravenous Chupacabra to kill Elesh Norn and sacrificed the Hydra to Diamond Valley for life. I just kept looping these for a while until I killed Gisela's board (Ephara died to Gisela a few turns before this since they couldn't get through my Chasm).

    In the end, I was able to swing with a big Hydra (I let the Chasm go to the graveyard obviously) and a couple other things like the Hulk to eventually win the game.

    This game was basically all about the power of Glacial Chasm, especially against a damage-centric deck like Gisela. I think I got a little lucky that Gisela could kill Ephara since I think it is much harder for me to beat that deck than it is to beat Gisela.
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  • posted a message on Clones and Golden Guardian question
    Rule 711.8a covers this:

    711.8a. If a player is instructed to put a card that isn't a double-faced card onto the battlefield transformed, that card stays in its current zone.

    Since it is not a double faced card, it cannot return transformed so it just stays in the current zone (the graveyard).
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  • posted a message on Legality of the ANA exclusive cards.
    The cards are legal 1) online or 2) where already legal. Any new cards, such as Inspiring Commander, would only be legal online. Since there is no physical print of this card and Commander does not exist in Arena, it is not legal in Commander. You will either need Arena to introduce Commander (or maybe Brawl, but they are not Standard legal either) or for them to print it in a paper product. Until then, there is no way to legally play these in Paper Commander.
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  • posted a message on Sygg, River Cutthroat - League
    After reviewing the games I played and the cards in my deck, here are my thoughts on cuts and additions:

    Cuts Summary
    Duplicant, Gearhulk, and Plaguecrafter are cards that seem alright, but just don't do a lot when I need them to. I am trying to be more of a spellslinger deck so Sorcery timing creatures, especially 6 drops, are not what I want.

    Krav is not doing as much as I want him to. I don't often get enough creatures to sacrifice to him so it is a dead card in hand when I am staring down an army from my opponents. Empty the Pits falls into this category due to the high cost. I like it since it is an Instant, but to make it useful, I need to exile a lot from my graveyard (I will almost never have enough lands to get any more than 6 Zombies off it). Rise from the Tides is similar in that it is too much to make it worthwhile since there are a lot of twister effects and I can get blown out by grave hate.

    Mutilate is not a very good wrath but it was a cheaper option. I need to find a different cheaper option that is not quite as conditional. Overwhelming Intellect is 6 mana and I like it, but I would rather be able to keep up multiple counters, or just wrath the board, rather than spending all my mana on countering one creature.

    Because I am potentially going down below 20 creatures, Reclamation is less useful. It gets back great stuff, but it seems like it is more and more likely to be a dead card. It depends on if any additions are creatures as well, but I think I need at least 22 creatures minimum to make this worthwhile since I have 21 now and I had it one game above where it did something, but not a lot.

    Nihil Spellbomb is just not needed. I added it as a last minute addition due to budget concerns and because the other card was just worse. But, with the amount of twister effects and other player's gravehate, it really isn't necessary. Plus, not many people use their graveyards as it is now.

    Grave Titan is on the fence due to his high cost and the fact that it is difficult to swing into anybody with all their creatures. The mass bounce spells help keep things clear for him, but that takes a lot mana to bounce everything and cast him. I still need ways to end the game though and this is one of those ways. If I can find anything that works better in the deck, I may go with that, but for now this will need to do.

    Adds Summary
    Rift, Deadly Tempest, and Decree of Pain are my additional sweepers. Rift is just awesome and needs to be in the deck. Decree draws me cards and lets me cycle to get rid of small tokens at Instant timing. Tempest is one that gets rid of my opponents' boards as well but can also be a win condition if they did get a large amount of tokens.

    Black Sun's Zenith is interesting in that it stops Skullbriar from ever being cast again but it is kind of slow so I am not sure how much it will actually do. I am willing to give it a try though since it is still a sweeper and my spot removal can get rid of the rest.

    Speaking of spot removal, I am adding 4 cards: Malicious Affliction and Snuff out only hit nonblack creatures but getting an extra copy or casting for free are worth the restriction. Rapid Hybridization and Pongify are just really cheap. The creatures they leave behind might be an issue but likely less of an issue than the creature I am destroying.

    Mulldrifter just draws me cards and gets me a flyer that can block or be a beater as needed. And finally, Insidious Will just gives me yet another counterspell to hopefully force through things I need or answer my opponents as needed while being cheaper and less conditional than Overwhelming Intellect.

    So, here are my changes for this time around:

    Black Sun's Zenith 3.86
    Cyclonic Rift 13.63
    Deadly Tempest 2.29
    Decree of Pain 2.52
    Insidious Will 0.35
    Malicious Affliction 0.72
    Mulldrifter 0.74
    Pongify 2.94
    Rapid Hybridization 0.87
    Snuff Out 1.79

    Empty the Pits
    Krav, the Unredeemed
    Nihil Spellbomb
    Noxious Gearhulk
    Overwhelming Intellect
    Phyrexian Reclamation
    Rise from the Tides
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  • posted a message on Sygg, River Cutthroat - League
    We finally got together again to play some more games with our decks. I updated mine to be Sygg, River Cutthroat, the UW player updated theirs to be Medomai, the Ageless, and the RG player updated theirs to be Xenagos, God of Revels. Skullbriar kept theirs as Skullbriar. This led to games playing out a little differently, but I think they all still played pretty well.

    Game 1
    This game started off well for Skullbriar in that they got Skullbriar and Drana, Liberator of Malakir early and just kept beating down. However, they got stuck on 3 lands for a long time. Xenagos had the same problem in that they got stuck on 3 lands too but Xenagos was doing very little.

    I ended up getting Sygg and Dimir Cutpurse which allowed me to keep cards in my hand and make Skullbriar discard cards. I also got an early Notion Thief. I ended up discarding my Whispering Madness (without another Wheel/Twister effect). I figured the rest of the cards in my hand were better at the time and that I would eventually draw into another twister effect.

    Medomai was cast and they equipped up with Fireshrieker. Before they went to their first extra turn, they cast Deep Analysis. Which meant that I drew 2 cards instead of them. They then tried to Wrath which I countered with Forbid and I bought it back. I ended up just blocking Skullbriar with Notion Thief to save me some life.

    A turn or two later, Medomai tried to come at me to get 2 more extra turns. I ended up casting Slaughter Pact to destroy it, they cast Desertion, I cast Undermine, they cast Arcane Denial, I cast Swan Song. In the end, my spell got through, I got rid of 2 of their counters, and they ended up with a Bird. I am glad I came out of top of that battle. Skullbriar was able to keep dealing damage though, luckily, I had blockers so they went after Medomai.

    A turn or two later, Medomai got back a Wrath of God with Call to Mind which they held onto. I ended up dropping in a Ravenous Chupacabra to deal with Drana and give me a blocker for Skullbriar which I blocked the turn after Medomai got Wrath of God back. I also used Silumgar's Command to bounce Skullbriar and kill some other creature (I forget which).

    I then dropped in a Grave Titan to try to get the Wrath to come out (I wanted Xenagos's board gone). Medomai cast Wrath. Skullbriar couldn't recast their general since they were still at 5 lands. They did get a Yavimaya Elder though which got them some lands.

    I dropped in a Mindblade Render to draw a couple cards. This is when I was at 19 life. Xenagos didn't do much. Medomai cast their general again. Skullbriar cast Merciless Executioner to get rid of Medomai and my Sygg that I had cast. I then cast Spellseeker on my turn and got a Mission Briefing. I then attacked with the Render to draw a card and passed the turn.

    It got around to Medomai a little later and they attacked Skullbriar to get 2 extra turns. Xenagos had a Domri Rade out at 6 counters so they attacked Domri with Burnished Hart during both extra turns. They then passed to Skullbriar who attacked Medomai since they looked open. Medomai cycled Decree of Justice to get blockers. They then passed to me. I attacked Domri with a Bird I had from one of my spells getting hit by Swan Song. I then dropped Thief of Blood to get rid of all the counters (11) on Skullbriar. I know the Thief got rid of the counters on Domri, but I liked the idea that we worked together with creatures to get rid of it.

    I passed the turn and Xenagos cast a couple things. Medomai tried to come after me to take a couple extra turns but they forgot that I had the Thief of Blood. They tried to bounce it when they realized and I countered it. I blocked Medomai and killed it. They then cast Call to Mind to get back Decree of Justice and they just hard cast it so they had some Angels for blocking and then passed the turn.

    Skullbriar cast Verdant Force and passed the turn. I attacked Xenagos for 14 while they were at 13. They tried to Crop Rotation into a land that gained them 2 life but they didn't have one (I think there are only "white" lands that let their controller gain 2 or more life). I then cast Crux of Fate to get rid of everything Medomai and Skullbriar had and then I cast a Notion Thief followed by Whispering Madness. I drew 8 cards. Ciphered Madness onto it, played a land, and passed the turn.

    Medomai drew nothing so they just recast their general. Skullbriar did the same thing and passed the turn. I cast Sygg for the 3rd time and attacked with Notion Thief. I also cast Kokusho, the Evening Star to give me a blocker for Medomai. I passed to Medomai who didn't do anything. Skullbriar then cast Skullbriar and Oona's Blackguard which was important since it has flying. They passed to me so I just attacked them with Kokusho and Sygg. They blocked with Skullbriar and the Blackguard.

    Medomai drew Cast Out and tried to get my Notion Thief but I countered it with Swan Song. They tried to attack me so I just cast Engulf the Shore. They dropped in Medomai again and passed the turn. Skullbriar killed my Notion Thief that I had flashed back in and passed the turn.

    I cast Sygg, Kokusho and Bontu, the Glorified and passed the turn. Medomai cast Commit // Memory from their graveyard which worked out since my hand was pretty bad. Skullbriar dropped in a Noxious Gearhulk and bulked it up with Increasing Savagery. They swung 15 at me so I blocked with Sygg and Kokusho and sacrificed Sygg to Bontu. On my turn, I cast Archaeomancer to get back Crux of Fate. I sacrificed Archaeomancer to Bontu and then destroyed all non-Dragon creatures. I then attacked Medomai with Bontu and got them down to 1.

    Medomai drew nothing and passed. Skullbriar didn't do much either. I drew for turn which was a Havengul Lich. I used this to reanimate Kokusho and then sac it to Bontu to kill both remaining players for the win.

    Game 2
    This game was a little worse but not by much. I won't go into as much detail as above since I don't want to type that much. I was still able to interact and I kept control of the board as best as possible. However, since Xenagos and Skullbriar actually got lands we had to deal with their board states a lot. Specifically, Xenagos kept dropping in big creatures and I kept bouncing everything. Unfortunately, I only had a Twister effect once so most of the time they just kept dropping their hand onto the board. Medomai was basically useless this entire game as they had pretty much no counters, no wraths, and no twister effects which meant I was on my own to deal with the other two players. It was an uphill battle the entire way and a Whispering Madness with 10 cards in hand and a few other things allowed me to dig for answers (as well as giving things to Medomai) but it wasn't enough.

    One key point in the game, Xenagos cast Insult copied and then cast Overwhelming Stampede and Overrun. This was when they had a bunch of tokens on the field. Before the Stampede resolved, I cast Engulf the Shore to bounce everything so we didn't all die. They still attacked me with an Anger that they recast so I just blocked it so I wouldn't take 8.

    I had Empty the Pits in hand for a while in this game, but I never got a good opportunity to cast it. I only had 4 black sources, but my graveyard was pretty full. The way the game was going just never allowed me to cast it for any real value.

    Towards the tail end of the game, I was still fighting, but I ended up drawing too many lands in a row and I just ran out of gas. I ended up "scooping" (we don't allow scooping so Skullbriar still had to attack me) and I got out of the game.

    Game 3
    In this game, Skullbriar ended up leaving so we agreed to alter our decks if people had the cards with them since this wouldn't count as a League game. Because it wasn't a League game, Medomai switched decks over to Kolaghan, the Storm’s Fury and Xenagos just changed their general to Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. I added in Cyclonic Rift. I was going to add in Drowned Catacomb but because of the other games, I need to find room for Damnation so I am going to try to save up for it.

    The game started off decent. I got Sygg down early as usual and then cast a Solemn Simulacrum a little later. I was stuck on 3 lands and a Talisman for a while but I got another couple lands. The important part is that I had no actual Islands until Solemn. After that, I dropped down Spellseeker to get Rift from my Library. I only had Engulf the Shore in hand up until this point. I ended up casting that to bounce my Spellseeker, a Tilonalli's Summoner and some tokens, and a Falkenrath Aristocrat. For only having the one Island, it still got a lot taken care of.

    Next turn, I didn't do much as I wanted to keep Rift open to deal with anything that might happen. I eventually dropped Rift and then, a couple turns later since I was trying to do some building of my own, I recast Spellseeker to get Mission Briefing. This was basically to allow me to Cyclonic Rift again if I needed to. What ended up happening was that Xenagos dropped in a Wolfbriar Elemental and kicked it 14 times. Then, they cast Burn at the Stake to try to kill me. I had no counter spells in the graveyard and none in hand. I have 4 mana open and only had a Mission Briefing in hand. I decided to spin the wheel and saw a Swamp and a Swan Song on top. I binned both and cast Swan Song to counter the Burn at the Stake. This was extremely timely as all the tokens went away next turn (don't remember if it was me or Kolaghan). From here, neither of the other players were able to do much and I beat down with a Kokusho for a couple turns and then cast a Mutilate to kill everything which killed Kokusho which killed the Ruric Thar player.

    Now, it was me and Kolaghan and Kolaghan had a Wheel of Fate coming off Suspend. I let it resolve and drew 7 new cards. One was Capsize. They got a couple Equipment and Godo, Bandit Warlord. They played Godo and got Grafted Exoskeleton. They passed the turn. I got to my turn and drew a Silumgar's Command. I passed back. They played a Crypt Ghast and then tried to equip up Kolaghan and Godo and swing. I bounced Grafted Exoskeleton to kill Godo; I bounced Kolaghan and killed Crypt Ghast with Silumgar's Command.

    Next turn, they cast Kolaghan and equipped it up with everything and I just bounced Grafted Exoskeleton again. Since they had very little in hand, and I had a couple creatures, they just scooped at this point.

    Overall, the games we played went very well, even though I lost the second game. The deck is performing much better and I think I have a clear direction I want to go with the deck. I have about 7 or 8 cuts I want to make that I will try to get done tonight. I know I need more sweepers. I think I want more spot removal. Two of the cards I am looking at cutting are creature based Spot removal (Duplicant and Noxious Gearhulk) and that is mostly because they are 6 mana.

    Sweepers I am looking at are Decree of Pain mostly for the Cycling (Xenagos and Skullbriar do a lot with tokens with Avenger of Zendikar and a few other things) and this is an Instant timing way of dealing with them. I think I have the best bounce spells, but I might add in a couple of the others like Coastal Breach or Crush of Tentacles. I would rather they be Instants but I think I already have the Instant mass bounce spells.

    All in all, the deck is certainly coming together. I am going to go through and determine what else I want to cut and will post that in the next post.
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  • posted a message on Unsure about rule 120.8 (Card drawn while casting)
    Quote from davidb32 »
    You can't avoid shuffling Blightsteel Colossus into your library if it would be put into a graveyard from anywhere. It doesn't matter if it's face down before the movement.

    Unless Wizards changed something and I don't know about it, your statement is wrong.
    Replacement effects need to exist prior to an event to apply. Prior to discarding the Progenitus or Colossus, it is face-down and thus has no characteristics including no rule text. Thus the replacement ability simply doesn't exist and thus cannot modify the discard event.

    Modern, improved shufflers (like the Eldrazi titans) use a triggered ability that triggers from the graveyard and thus avoid this issue (most likely to occur due to manifest).
    How do you think they work when being milled? They are face down then too. For that matter, how do you think it works when discarding normally (since your opponent can't see it in your hand)? You need to discard it face up which allows all players to see it has a replacement effect that will shuffle it in. Being face down as part of drawing doesn't change that it will be face up when discarding it (just like it would be face up when milled) and the replacement effect applies at that time.
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  • posted a message on Hexproof & Detection Tower
    Diplomatic Immunity is the answer to your question (I know that grants Shroud instead of Hexproof, but the example still works). An aura does not target once it is attached. If it did, the Immunity would never have worked (and it still works correctly). So, no, gaining Hexproof, through any means, will not make existing Auras fall off.

    EDIT: Some rules:

    303.4a. An Aura spell requires a target, which is defined by its enchant ability.

    The aura is no longer a spell, so this doesn't apply.

    303.4c. If an Aura is enchanting an illegal object or player as defined by its enchant ability and other applicable effects, the object it was attached to no longer exists, or the player it was attached to has left the game, the Aura is put into its owner's graveyard. (This is a state-based action. See rule 704.)

    The aura says "Enchant Creature" so it is still attached to a legal object and will not fall off.
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