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  • posted a message on Best type of Green mana ramp?
    It really comes down to your playgroup and your deck. Though, I will say that I have never used a mana dork in any deck. The closest I have is Lotus Cobra which works pretty well in Karametra. I agree with your assessment that dorks are just too vulnerable and I have never seen a need to run mana rocks with the one color that is best at getting lands on the field.

    In general, I am big on ramp creatures though I have been opening myself up to Cultivate and Kodama's Reach more for the reason you gave: it gives you a land now and for next turn. But overall I prefer to stick with creatures that get me lands because they give me a body to block with and they can be flickered, bounced, or recurred much more easily than non-creatures.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from Dunharrow »
    How would you rank the swords (for commander)?

    Fire and Ice
    Feast and Famine
    Light and Shadow
    Truth and Justice
    Body and Mind
    War and Peace

    Though truth and justice could easily be higher if built around.
    I would easily swap the top 2 and, in the only deck I run swords, War and Peace is easily above Body and Mind and Truth and Justice. The latter needs a bit of build around but can be pretty powerful but I really don't like Body and Mind. Body and Mind is the only of the current swords I don't run in anything as I don't think the triggers are all that great.
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  • posted a message on Narset, Parter of Veils vs Silent Submersible
    Yes. Narset is dead before the draw trigger even makes it onto the stack and she is definitely gone before that trigger resolves. Basically, the damage is dealt resulting in Narset losing that many loyalty counters. Submersible triggers. State Based Actions are checked and Narset dies. Then, the draw trigger goes onto the stack.
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  • posted a message on Lord Windgrace - Lands
    With some of the new cards in Modern Horizons, I am looking to potentially revisit this deck. I stopped playing it a few months back as I was focused on a new league deck and I haven't been playing Commander much lately anyway. But, Wrenn and Six looks like it was really made for this deck and I am willing to give Springbloom Druid a chance as it seems like it could work out decently with Windgrace.

    I never really did a lot with the idea of Windgrace once the league was done since I don't think I really gave this deck a fair chance. One big reason I took it apart was because I felt it played too closely to Karador and it is a concern I have had with pretty much every Jund deck I have built. As such, I want to try this deck again and I want to see if I can give it more of its own identity. I might have to be willing to go more into the Land Destruction aspect of the deck since Windgrace really wants that but I will still try to avoid MLD.

    Based on a previous conversation (something Pokken brought up), I want to try to do as much as possible keeping the board clear. Now, most wraths are not Instants so I will still have some spot removal here, but I think going a little heavier on the board clearing is where I want to be. I also can't go too low on the creature count as there are still a lot that I want here for different reasons.

    So, with that in mind I want to try to switch up the deck. I am not sure of everything I want to move around, but here are some of the cards I am thinking of cutting:

    • Comet Storm - I don't think this is really all the necessary as I either have other ways to deal with the board or other ways to kill opponents.
    • Diabolic Intent - I don't really like unconditional tutors and I no longer need this one as I really just had it for the ability to get to my MLD.
    • Gaze of Granite - I don't like this as much as some of my other wraths. Not sure if it is a mistake or not to cut, but the mana investment is significant.
    • Hero’s Downfall - Bedevil is better and there aren't a ton of Planeswalkers running around right now where I feel I need both.
    • Last One Standing - I am on the fence on this one. I like the 3 mana wrath but I am not sure how much it matters that something gets left behind. I will probably hang on to this one longer than the others but it basically comes down to how many wraths I think I need.
    • Mogis, God of Slaughter - He is basically a big dumb beater that can't be destroyed. His ability isn't the worst but 2 damage isn't likely enough for people to start sacrificing their good creatures anyway.
    • Skullwinder - Again, another I am on the fence about. I don't know how much this effect is needed but, if is is enough, Regrowth might be better here as it is cheaper and doesn't give my opponents stuff. Honestly, I could see where Noxious Revival might be better in some cases.
    • Xantcha, Sleeper Agent - She dies pretty often and I don't think I need the card draw. She often dies pretty quickly as well and I don't like that my opponents can draw off her.
    • Anger - As I am moving away from a more aggressive, creature based strategy, giving them all haste becomes less relevant.
    • Chainer, Dementia Master - This is due more to moving away from a reanimation strategy.
    • Noxious Gearhulk - Not sure on this as he is a destroy and lifegain spell all in one. He is high on the curve though which is why I am thinking about potentially cutting him.
    • Phyrexian Delver - Moving away from reanimation leads to the potential of cutting this. As it is a one-shot, it isn't too bad. I am not sure yet.

    Now, some of these are more "if I have to" kind of cuts. I really like Gearhulk and Delver for example. But, as I try to move away from a reanimation based strategy, Delver and Chainer are things I might want to shy away from as well as the creature based destruction. I am not sure which way I want to go with everything yet. Since my list of Adds is so far pretty short, I will likely keep most of the cards above for now anyway.

    Speaking of which:

    • Wrenn and Six - A big reason I wanted to revisit this deck as I think it has some pretty good applications here. Getting back lands for Borborygmos, getting back fetches, or just getting back lands to discard to Windgrace. The minus ability is likely not really useful but turn 2, shoot a bird, can be good. And their ultimate can be pretty good with some of the cards I have in the deck.
    • Blast Zone - As OCPunisher stated, this should be a staple in these kinds of decks. Repeatable wrath, though limited in scope each time, might not be the worst thing. I am willing to give it a try anyway.
    • Bedevil - Better Hero's Downfall
    • Wave of Vitriol - Another wrath that deals with important Artifacts and Enchantments. Hitting nonbasics actually kind of hurts but I have enough ways to get things back. This is one I will evaluate more during gameplay to see if the nonbasic part hurts me too much.
    • Borborygmos Enraged - Another wincon and an answer to creature or planeswalker based threats.
    • Springbloom Druid - Something I am willing to try. Though, since I am going a little lower on the reanimation, I am not entirely sure it is worth a slot as I already don't run Harrow.
    • Nissa, Vital Force - I still don't like animating my lands, but her minus ability is really good and her Ultimate super good. If she survives the first turn, which that animated land can help with, her Emblem can let me run away with the game.
    • Evolution Sage - This might be worth a try, even though it really only works with Windgrace, Wrenn, and Nissa right now. They might be enough especially since dropping Nissa and being able to Ultimate her right away can be a huge swing.
    • Wasteland, Dust Bowl and Tectonic Edge - Colorless sources are hard to fit in without messing up my ability to cast everything else, but I think these are good sources of targeted LD that also work with with Windgrace and a few other cards.

    I am still keeping The Gitrog Monster and I am adding in Borborygmos Enraged. Both of which are the opposite of Pokken's suggestions but I feel Gitrog can still be good in this deck (albeit a little slow sometimes) and I want to give him a fair chance to see what else he can do. It is entirely possible he doesn't do what I want or need him to do but I like playing with the card and the card advantage can be pretty good. Borborygmos is meant to be a win-con and, while I cut him before, I think in a "fair" deck he has a place.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Quote from Fyrwulf »
    R&D is just run by filthy casuals who regard the height of Magic as turning creatures sideways after drafting them. Constructed decks where instants and sorceries are king are the devil in their world, because being told no and going from 20 to 0 in a turn isn't "fair". But what else can you expect from mouth-breathing knuckle draggers?
    We get, after 75 cards spoiled, 4 new counterspells to Modern (one specifically to stop creatures), Fact or Fiction, Cabal Therapist, Urza, Crypt Rats (which stops creatures), Aria of Flame, Planebound Accomplice, Spore Frog (which stops combat damage), Collected Conjuring, Altar of Dementia, Mox Tantalite. These are not cards that promote turning creatures sideways. These are not cards that say R&D is afraid of permission based Magic. But because we aren't getting counterspell, Wizards are quite literally the devil and should be shunned forever...

    Yes, they didn't give us Counterspell and I am disappointed in that as well. I don't feel it is too powerful for the format but the omission from this set doesn't say anything other than they decided to give us others first. As much as we are "sure" that Counterspell will not break anything, it isn't like Blue is in this terrible position where only Counterspell can make it great again.

    Your indictment of their decision making process is incredibly tone deaf considering what we have gotten recently, both in this set and previous sets, when it comes to Blue permission based decks. Teferi is not an aggro card; Search for Azcanta is not an aggro card, Jace is not an aggro card. The fact that we have these cards suggests you have no idea what you are talking about and putting yourself in this position of "WotC hates anything but creatures" simply because we aren't getting Counterspell is incredibly inane.
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  • posted a message on Haakon and Ashes of the Fallen

    You actually can't cast Zoetic Cavern from the top of your library with Garruk's Horde either for the same reason - while it's in your library, it's a land card, not a creature card, so you won't be able to cast it from there with that ability since the ability specifies that you can only cast the top card of your library if it's a creature card.
    A Judge Blog and a Cranial Insertion Article (both fairly old but should still be accurate) disagree with you:



    You check the legality of casting it after it has gone onto the stack (the fifth step specifically) and Horde allows you to cast a creature from the top of your library. And since the card is now face down on the stack, and it is a card, it is a creature card since that it what it is on the stack when the game checks to see if you are permitted to cast it.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Quote from Hellgrammite »
    Nobody really hyping up Urza because they want to lock in their copies at a reasonable price first? Laughing

    I hate this card for a weird reason: with infinite mana, this card wins on Magic Online on the spot but not in real life.

    It's the shuffle your library part, plus you can only play one land per turn. Four horseman problem basically.
    Not really. You exile the card so it doesn't matter if you exile 1 land or 20. You don't have to play the card to get it out of the way so not having a land drop is irrelevant; you will always exile the top card. There doesn't seem to be a good reason you can't shortcut this as the library is random after the first shuffle so a reasonable shortcut would seem to be to not shuffle beyond the first time if you plan on just exiling your entire library or, at least, a large number of cards at once.
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  • posted a message on Urza, Lord High Artificer (Command Zone Preview)
    Quote from Crazy Pierre »
    Urza isn't getting banned, people. IT took them how long to ban Emrakul, the Aeons Torn? Five plus years for Prophet of Kruphix.
    The RC is very, very laissez-faire with the format. If Paradox Engine has survived this long, and the silly mana rocks, Urza will be fine.
    I mean, he is busted but he is Urza, so we expected him to do absurd things. Wait a few ban cycles and go from there.
    This isn't the greatest argument when Emrakul got banned in 8 months (3 Ban announcements after release but still pretty quickly), Griselbrand after 3 months and Worldfire after 3 months (both in the ban announcement after release).

    I am not saying Urza will (or should) get banned but there is precedent for the RC to take somewhat immediate action for cards they feel are detrimental to the format and Engine *not* being banned isn't necessarily an indication that they will just let something run rampant if it is truly hurting the format.
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  • posted a message on Nekusar's Infiltrator
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from WizardMN »
    I am not sure on the power level, but the wording needs to be updated for the last ability. Something like: "Whenever enchanted creature deals damage, its controller draws that many cards and then discards a card for each card drawn this way". This ensures they only discard if they draw and they can't get "got" if something prevents them from drawing all the cards. It also ensures they discard enough cards if something increases the cards drawn.

    It also follows the current templating to force them to draw and discard. Note that I retained your omission of "combat damage" which means this triggers on *any* damage, not just combat damage. Not sure if that is your intent but it is important to recognize.
    If you do that it also stops them from discarding if they replace the draws with something that isn't drawing but still puts cards into their hand. The main culprit is dredge but cards like Abundance and Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar do the same.
    Agreed. The OP will need to determine which side of the line they want to fall on to get the effect they want. Either approach has its advantage and disadvantages. If they want to still make them discard even if they didn't draw (which introduces issues with things like Notion Thief and new Narset) then they can just say "draws then discards that many cards" or "draws that many cards and discards that many cards". Or something close to those. Or they could make them discard first with "Discards that many cards and draws a card for each card discarded this way".
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  • posted a message on Nekusar's Infiltrator
    I am not sure on the power level, but the wording needs to be updated for the last ability. Something like: "Whenever enchanted creature deals damage, its controller draws that many cards and then discards a card for each card drawn this way". This ensures they only discard if they draw and they can't get "got" if something prevents them from drawing all the cards. It also ensures they discard enough cards if something increases the cards drawn.

    It also follows the current templating to force them to draw and discard. Note that I retained your omission of "combat damage" which means this triggers on *any* damage, not just combat damage. Not sure if that is your intent but it is important to recognize.
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  • posted a message on Torrential Inquiry
    I think in a vacuum the card isn't necessarily broken though it straddles the line. The main issue is that the blue player will still tend to get the most value out of it since they can just sandbag lands while their opponent may be down to 1 or 0 cards and get very little value so the "symmetry" isn't necessarily there. Unless the blue player slams it turn 1 which is unlikely.

    This seems more of a "combo" card than a value card which means it will see play with anything to break the symmetry. Such as: Narset, Parter of Veils which means this is a "opponents draw 1, discard 3" which does seem busted at 1 mana. I don't think this can be realistically printed for anything lower than 3 mana and probably needs to be higher.
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  • posted a message on Nicol Bolas, the Ravager - Superfriends
    I will have to watch your thread to see how well Mortars and Dig Through Time work out. I also saw you had Fact or Fiction which is a card I enjoy playing as well. If those seem to be working out pretty well overall, I might actually cut down on some of the Wheel effects in my deck and go for one sided Card Advantage even though it lets me see fewer cards. Though, Dig allows me to see 7 to get the best 2 so that is definitely something.
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  • posted a message on Vial Smasher and Kraum - Super Friends and their Superfriends
    For wraths, Toxic Deluge can be pretty good and can scale (if you need it to). I never liked In Garruk's Wake due to the cost, but if it works for you, the effect can be pretty good. I do agree Honor-Worn Shauku is pretty good here and helps with some of the higher cost stuff. I get that you want the high cost stuff to work with Vial Smasher but I think the wraths especially should be more efficient to cast early if needed

    Is Temporal Cascade more of a budget option or just based on the CMC? It seems Memory would be better here since it gets 2 casts and can be removal at an opportune time. Though it does exile itself which might be an issue.

    How has Narset been for you so far? I have thought about her in my list, especially with my Wheels and Twister effects, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet (mostly because the foil is outrageously expensive). I am also not sure I want to be quite that mean in my deck since I can use her more offensively in that regard rather than just letting her sit around and stop others from maximizing their draws.

    Overall, I like the deck. It is much different than mine in that mine has a higher concentration of Walkers and much fewer Artifacts but that isn't a bad thing. It looks like a lot of fun to play.
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  • posted a message on Small yet satisfying EDH plays
    I was playing my Nicol Bolas Superfriends deck and I had built up a pretty decent board state. I had stolen a couple artifacts from another player and one of them was Panharmonicon. The turn after, with 6 or 7 Walkers on the board, I cast Deepglow Skate. Now, Tamiyo had 32 counters, Karn had 24, Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker had 16 (he already ultimated earlier), Jace, Unraveler had 24, Saheeli had 20, and Dack had .... 4 (maybe 8) :p

    The only thing I didn't go that I could have was make a Servo into a copy of Panharmonicon with Saheeli, Sublime Artificer and double them all again but it still felt pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Urza, Lord High Artificer (Command Zone Preview)
    Quote from Magiqmaster »
    I don't know about you all, but I suddenly have a feeling they might finally reprint the Urzatron lands.... <crosses fingers>
    Not here they won't considering there aren't any cards being reprinted that are already Modern Legal (other than the Snow Basics) so you might as well uncross your fingers now :p

    You will have to wait for the next "Innovation Set" for that possibility.
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