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  • posted a message on Summoner's Pact
    What would you expect to do in this case as the opponent? Let's say they did forget their trigger and you noticed in their 2nd Main Phase. You did not intentionally wait, you were not trying to game the rules in such a way as to force them to lose; you legitimately did not notice until that point that they forgot their trigger. What do you feel should happen at that point? Does the entire turn back up (along with all actions taken up to that point)? Do you get investigated to see if *you* are trying to cheat? Should the Pact player now not be responsible for their "lose the game" trigger just because *you* didn't remember it?
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  • posted a message on Ephara, God of the Polis
    I like Remorseful Cleric though I kind of like Angel of Finality over it since it is an ETB effect. Mostly, it works better with Displacer and Venser. I like Cleric since it is cheap but getting multiple uses out of it is tougher. I had cut it once before but maybe it is worth another try.

    Metamorph looks pretty good. The deck is certainly not light on creatures and cloning something of an opponent's can be useful too. If only it had Flash, the choice on whether to add it would be much easier Smile

    I like the suggestion of Gilded Drake if, for no other reason, it gives me a deck to use one of my copies in. I used to run it in Thassa but didn't care for it and I thought about building Aminatou at one point just to use it. I think this will slot in over Draining Whelk for now as I am really down on Whelk.

    Forbid is certainly a good card, and Ephara would be a good deck to keep fueling it. Of the possible counters, this is probably one of the better ones just due to the fact that it is easily re-usable.

    But, out of personal preference, I don't run many counters in this deck. I think I have 5 total once Whelk is gone (6 I guess counting Venser) and then Snapcaster and Gearhulk to re-use some. The main reason I like keeping this deck focused on creatures and board control over straight counter magic is because Niv-Mizzet is supposed to be my hard counter deck. And, as soon as I blur the lines too much the decks become too similar for me to play and for others to play against. It might not happen easily with these two, but it has happened in the past and I want to avoid it.

    And, finally, Palace Jailer is questionable. I don't often have enough blockers to stall people from damaging me and passing around the Monarch can be detrimental for me as I may not have it very long in the early game. And in the late game I don't think I need it. Losing the Monarch also obviously means the creature is no longer exiled. Now, with blink effects I can easily become the Monarch again and exile something new but it really just puts a target on me as I try to keep it.

    Anyway, looking through my list, I think that, in addition to Draining Whelk, I am going to cut Sphinx of Uthuun. It is expensive and it can't be cast at instant timing. Which means I not only have to spend 7 mana, but it needs to be on my turn. Its effect is good and the body it leaves behind can help close out games, but 7 mana is just too much for the effect.

    I also don't think Reveillark is pulling its weight. In the last game I played, I had Reveillark in hand but had very little to get back with it. And Containment Priest was on the field anyway. While the latter isn't likely to be out all the time, I still don't think that in all the time Reveillark has been in the deck that its trigger has actually gone off. I think I am just going to try the suggestion of Metamorph for now to see what it does.

    Leonin Relic-Warder is another one that just isn't doing much. I had visions of casting it, exiling it to Displacer to get 2 things, one of which is exiled forever. However, it never played out that way. And I realized I am very low on sweepers in this deck so I am going to add in a Cleansing Nova as a way to still deal with troublesome Enchantments and Artifacts that can also deal with a problematic board flooded with creatures.

    So, the changes I think I am going to go with are:

    Draining Whelk
    Leonin Relic-Warder
    Sphinx of Uthuun

    Cleansing Nova
    Gilded Drake
    Phyrexian Metamorph
    Angel of Finality
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  • posted a message on [Global/Tech] Feyd Ruin's Depths of Despair
    Quote from Brownpaws1 »
    Hi, I am very new here and just joined a couple days ago. I posted a deck in Modern and put it into the thing, but it came up as if their were no cards in there, did I do something wrong? Also is this in the wrong place?
    I responded to your other thread but there were a couple things wrong with the lines in your deck tags. If you look at your other thread, you will see how to get your deck to format correctly.

    Also, check out this thread on tags in general:
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  • posted a message on Green/Black Phyrexia deck help needed
    You need to get rid of the 'x' at the beginning of your numbers. You also don't need "card" tags since the Deck tags take care of it. And, finally, your totals don't work so you are better just adding them in parenthesis after the Card Type header. So this:

    [deck]Land (23) 11 Swamp 11 Forest 1 Woodland Cemetery Creatures (19) 2 Glissa, the Traitor 3 Llandowar Elves 3 Glistener Elves 1 Phyrexian Swarm Lord 1 Sheoldred, Whispering One 4 Plague Myr 1 Sakura-Tribe Elder 2 Ichorclaw Myr 2 Plague Stinger Enchantments (5) 3 Boar Umbra 2 Ranchor Sorcery (7) 1 Triumph of the Hordes 3 Revive the Fallen 3 Rampant Growth Instant (10) 2 Reclaim 1 Dismember 2 Go for the Throat 3 Vines of Vastwood 2 Grim Affliction Artifacts (4) 1 Sword of Feast and Famine 1 Caged Sun 2 Executioner’s Capsule[/deck]

    Gets you this:

    Click on Quote below to see a better formatted text showing how it actually looks
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  • posted a message on Summoner's Pact
    Quote from Timba »
    Thank you for your answers.
    If opp misses trigger, draws, casts his stuff and uses all his mana, what should be the decision if I remind about trigger now? I heard because of "significant decisions have been made based on the effect not happening" the trigger will not pe put on the stack at all because he cant pay now.
    Also is it legal to remind about trigger now if I knew he missed the trigger the moment he drew?
    At Regular, the judge will determine if it goes onto the stack. At Comp and Pro REL, you, as the opponent, will generally get to choose whether to put the trigger on the stack at that time or not at all. If you choose to put it onto the stack at a time when they "happen" to be tapped out, that is your right to call out the missed trigger at that point. Note that you need to catch it before your upkeep; you can't wait multiple turns to try to find a time when they don't have the mana to pay for it. The comment about significant things happening based on the trigger not being remembered applies at Regular REL for this case; there is more power in the opponent's hands at Comp and Pro.
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  • posted a message on 2 questions (about Najeela and about vigilance)
    1) The warriors Najeela creates are put onto the battlefield already attacking. They are not declared as attackers which is what Propaganda looks for. Since they are not declared as attackers when they are created, Propaganda will not tax them. You will only need to pay 2 mana for each of the 3 creatures you declared as attackers (so, 6 mana total in this case).

    2) You cannot choose to tap them when attacking as Vigilance says they don't need to tap. Even if you have Emmara, Soul of the Accord you cannot choose to tap her when she attacks if she has Vigilance.
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  • posted a message on Modern Horizons Discussion Thread
    Did someone say Recurring Nightmare? I might have to quit playing Premodern. Being able to play the first deck that I ever had a win percentage over 60% and that I had gobs and gobs of fun playing in today's world? Sign me up!

    (Although I think there's probably a 1% chance at best. It's a pipe dream.)
    Recurring Nightmare is reserved (as in Intuition from the list above); so a little bit less than a 1% chance Smile
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  • posted a message on Ephara, God of the Polis
    I finally got around to playing a game with Ephara and it went well. I played against Brion Stoutarm, Karador Ghost Chieftain, and something else (I can't seem to remember).

    As usual, I got down Ephara when I could (I think turn 4 this time) and then just sat back trying to find an opening. It did take a while to get to any creatures I could cast (or, that I wanted to cast) but I did build up a bit of a board state. At one point, someone tried to wrath so I cast Ghostway to protect everything. Since Archaeomancer was on the field, I just got Ghostway back. The 'Mancer did go away shortly after that though.

    At one point, I had Containment Priest and Eldrazi Displacer on the field so I was able to exile my opponents' creatures as I needed to. At one point, False Prophet from Karador died and I wanted to protect my board so I exiled Containment Priest to Release to the Wind, flickered a couple of my own things to get some value, and then let everything go away. The big thing here is that exiling the Priest made it so Ephara was no longer a creature so the board wipe didn't affect her. I did end up dealing with False Prophet a little later but there was a time when there was a loop that I had to keep dealing with.

    Eventually, it was just me and Karador left and it was pretty tough as I couldn't just clear their board since they kept getting everything back. I was able to continuously answer their board (and Karador in particular) to make it tougher for him to stick around. I did try to exile their graveyard (I don't remember how) and they shuffled it away with Kozilek, Butcher of Truth. Not exactly what I wanted but it did get rid of a few things to slow them down.

    In the end, I was able to just fly over the top of them to finish the game as they were unable to continue to rebuild.

    A couple cool plays (I don't remember when they happened):

    I flashed in an Alms Collector in response to a Skullclamp trigger to draw a card. This also affected a Kozilek trigger too to ensure I got value when others tried to.

    Dream Eater and Eldrazi Displacer got me a little value together but I ended up getting down Containment Priest shortly after so I didn't loop this too much.

    I had a Faerie Artisans getting me copies of a bunch of stuff and one of them was a Chancellor of the Forge to get me some tokens. I also had my own Kozilek for a short time but never got to attack with it.

    Karador attempted to exile all my attackers with Settle the Wreckage so I flashed in Seht's Tiger to give myself Pro-White to stop it.

    As an aside: as Pokken pointed out, Draining Whelk is woefully inefficient. I had a couple chances to get to it (off of Recruiter of the Guard and seeing it off of Sensei's Divining Top) but I never wanted it. I always put it back or didn't take it. Now, my deck is pretty light on counters, contrary to Pokken's deck, but I am starting to feel like replacing the Whelk might be the best course of action. I don't even think I have to replace it with another counter; I don't intend for this deck to be loaded with counters as I much prefer the interaction with Ephara and creatures over going too far into the control route via counterspells. I am not sure what creature I would want in this slot, but I am sure there are some good options that still allow for control elements without necessarily being a counter.
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  • posted a message on Karametra, God of Harvests - All the Creatures
    I played this deck the other night and it went reasonably well. I played against Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire and something else (I can't remember what).

    The game started off super slow in that I did not get any real ramp early on. I ended up just casting Greater Good on turn 4, Karametra turn 5 and then Selvala's Stampede turn 6. I didn't get much (Grand Abolisher off the top and a Wood Elves and Regal Force from hand). I ended up getting a Dryad Arbor off the Wood Elves so I could get a little more value out of Regal Force.

    Karametra was removed at one point but Yeva, Nature's Herald allowed me to cast her at an opportune time. From there, I just ramped and used Greater Good to try to dig. I never really got much for big stuff though I did get an Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite down which allowed me to swing with my smaller (now slightly bigger) creatures. To finish things off, I did get a Protean Hulk into a Kamahl, Fist of Krosa so I could just overrun the other players.

    I did see Green Sun's Zenith which is what got me Protean Hulk and that play alone was good enough to warrant the inclusion of GSZ. It did cost a bit of mana and I got Hulk because I knew I could sac it later as needed, but being able to get to an answer or a threat like that was very useful.

    Karametra is definitely a toolbox style general and, as such, I have considered adding in Birthing Pod somewhere. My curve is actually pretty decent to allow for it. None of the spots on the curve have any gaps and most spots on the curve have something I am willing to get off Pod (to get an ETB trigger) and then sac for the next level. I am not sure I want to go that far into this for this build as I am not sure how oppressive or unfun that can be to play against but 1 use per turn, at Sorcery timing, doesn't seem to be too bad. It is certainly a "must answer" card but not one that just runs away with the game (at least, not right away).

    I am considering whether I really want to keep Ghalta, Primal Hunger and Emeria Shepherd. The former is good since it is often a 12/12 trampler for GG but I am not sure if that is really good enough. It doesn't do enough on its own and I like my creatures to be able to do more when they enter. And Kamahl takes care of being able to alpha strike someone that I don't like Ghalta is really worth it. And Emeria Shepherd is high on the curve. She is powerful and useful, but being 7 mana has its downsides and I have found a couple times where it is in my hand and it takes forever to cast it.
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  • posted a message on Teysa Karlov - Aristocrats
    I played this the other night and, while I didn't win, I did like a few things I saw.

    I played against Dragonlord Silumgar and Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire. I started off with a couple lands and a Mana Crypt so I got Teysa down really quickly. On turn 1, after Vaevictus played their land, I did cast Tithe to get 2 lands. I then didn't really get the greatest board but I got a Midnight Reaper down and a couple other creatures so I could keep drawing cards. I also flashed in a Dictate of Erebos at one point and used that to control the board. It did take a little to get things sacrificed since my only sac outlet for a while was Phyrexian Tower.

    Recruiter of the Guard got me 3 different things over the course of the game: Reliquary Monk, Viscera Seer and Carrion Feeder which did keep things going. I also ended up getting Grave Pact down as well. However, this was after the Brutalizer Exarch from Vaevictus that Silumgar reanimated with Sepulchral Primordial tucked Dictate. They ended up getting rid of Grave Pact the same way later (that Exarch basically just wrecked me). I ended up taking way too much damage off of Mana Crypt and Midnight Reaper while my board kept getting answered in one way or another. I did get rid of my Crypt with Reliquary Monk (having gotten it back for the third time) to help keep my alive but it was too late.

    Reliquary Monk was an all star. It blew up 5 or 6 things (including my own Mana Crypt when I needed it to). And Tithe showed that it does good work. I know this game was a lot of Mana Crypt causing me issues but I noticed that I had no real way to gain life. Hallowed Spiritkeeper with Teysa seems to be the best way to do it which just isn't enough. I like Resolute Archangel in other decks and I may just slot her in here to help control some of the life loss I take over the course of the game and from my own stuff. I am not sure if there is something better.

    I might look for either an artifact or enchantment I can get off Enlightened Tutor or a small creature I can get off Recruiter. I know things like Basilisk Collar, Batterskull, Akroma's Memorial, etc. exist but I don't think they are quite good enough. I also don't want to go too far into the token route just because Teysa can work with them, but it might not be the worst thing to slot in a White Sun's Zenith or a Decree of Justice. They are threats and can work to give me a huge life gain swing when I need them. And, since they are (effectively) Instants, I can use them on the end of someone's turn to get me an army to swing with right away. I am not sure if they are what I want, but I can see situations where they are good.
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  • posted a message on Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
    I finally got around to playing some EDH again and I was able to play this deck. I was playing against Baird, Steward of Argive and Thraximundar.

    I started the game with 2 lands, Chromatic Lantern, Aurelia, the Warleader and a couple others. I started the game and drew an Enlightened Tutor. I played a land, tutored for Sol Ring and next turn I played my other land, played Sol Ring, and played Chromatic Lantern. I did miss one land drop and I did try to cast Reforge the Soul but Thrax countered it. I ended up getting another land and then I just worked on slowly building up a board state with Sword of War and Peace, Mind's Eye, and a couple other cards. I eventually got down Aurelia and started attacking. Shortly after, I got down Gisela. On one turn, I swung for 26 total at Thrax with just Aurelia and Gisela. The next turn, I was able to get into Baird with Gisela (I removed Baird to get rid of the tax) and also equipped Gisela with Sword of War and Peace. I swung at Thrax with Aurelia. This dealt a total of 48 to Baird (28 total from 2 Gisela attacks along with another 20 from two triggers from Sword of War and Peace) which got them out of the game. The next turn I just turned my sights onto Thrax and ended the game pretty quickly.

    A couple big things: Mind's Eye was instrumental in keeping my hand full and helping me hit my land drops. Baird ended up with Mind's Eye and Smothering Tithe as well and the interaction seemed pretty good as the treasure from the Tithe could pay for the Mind's Eye trigger. I did watch it in action and I am not entirely sure I really like Smothering Tithe for this deck (it was one that I considered) as I think it is slow. Also, getting access to a bunch of mana is good, but I really need something to use it on and this deck doesn't typically have that (beyond a couple X spells). I would rather focus on getting my lands as needed as that is usually enough for me to keep playing threats.
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  • posted a message on Need Interesting general for new deck. Please Apply.
    There are currently 800+ cards you can use as your commander. Your post is very light on actual information for people to help narrow down any suggestions. Is there a reason your Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar deck is done? Do you want a different color combination? What is your meta like? What playstyles do you prefer? What is your budget?

    This is good information to provide in order for people to really suggest anything to you. Otherwise, this thread is likely just going to be "what commander do you like best" and there is already a "most fun commander" thread here (which I see you have already posted in).
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  • posted a message on Declaration in Stone vs Commanders
    When something says "creature(s) exiled this way" it simply means "creature(s) upon which the 'exile' action was attempted". Basically, "exile" in this case doesn't actually care about where the creature ends up; it cares that the card attempted to exile it. Similarly to how a commander is still "destroyed" by Decree of Pain even if it doesn't actually make it to the Graveyard. Which means that a commander that goes to the command zone from Declaration in Stone is still "exiled this way" even if it doesn't actually make it to the Exile Zone.

    While Declaration in Stone's Rulings don't spell this out, Curse of the Swine's do and since it is the same wording, you can be confident that the function is the same:

    In a Commander game, if a commander is put into the command zone instead of being exiled by Curse of the Swine, its controller will still get a Boar token. [9/15/2013]
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  • posted a message on How to counter Goblin
    Spike Weaver, Arachnogenesis, and Constant Mists. I mention these in particular because they are more than just 1 shots. Arachnogenesis is kind of a one shot but it a) can kill attackers the turn the tokens are made and b) give you tokens to block the next attack. I assume that this is 60 card Magic (and not, say, EDH), so Weaver might be tougher since it is a bit slower.

    There is certainly a limit to the number of fogs you want which is why I would move towards ones that do more than fog only once. Moment's Peace can be another good one along those lines. It really comes down to how fast you need to be. And, a bigger piece is, what are you going to do after fogging? You can't fog all the time so you really need a way to clear the board or win with the Goblin player tapped out. I think Rezzahan's suggestions are good and it might be worth branching into another color to get those effects.
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  • posted a message on Open the Rulings
    1) Open the Vaults effect is not optional. If an aura can enchant something, it must enchant something. If that happens to be your opponent's object then that is what it needs to enchant.

    2) No. Auras being returned cannot be attached to anything that returns at the same time as themselves (which means Rancor could not attach to an Eidolon of Blossoms for example). In the same vein, Daybreak Coronet can only be attached to something that *already has* an aura attached to it because, at the time you make the choice of what to attach it to, Rancor is not on the field yet. You can't use Rancor as the "other" aura for Coronet to attach to something.
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