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  • posted a message on Sygg, River Cutthroat
    A couple things I notice:

    Kumena's Awakening should probably just be Phyrexian Arena
    Duskmantle Seer might be decent. You get a card and then, probably, get another card with Sygg. Your opponents get cards too though which might make it a bit worse overall but at least Sygg helps break some of the Symmetry (and it is better than Kumena's Awakening since it can actually deal damage).
    Gray Merchant of Asphodel seems like an auto-include in this deck since it gives you life back and triggers Sygg.

    Otherwise, as it stands currently, I think the overall list seems reasonable.
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  • posted a message on Confused about how +1/+1 counters work on creatures
    When asking rules questions, please use card tags so we know the card you are asking about. I am going to assume it is the Give half of the card Give // Take.

    Counters just add to (or subtract from) the creature's power/toughness. So, a 2/2 with 3 +1/+1 counters is a 5/5. As with any other 5/5, like Baneslayer Angel, damage is simply marked on it and then removed in the Cleanup Step.

    So, in your case, it will have 3 damage marked on it. Since it is a 5/5, this does not kill it. In the Cleanup Step, the 3 damage is removed. Nothing about damage removes counters (unless it says it does or it is Infect or Wither damage). So, when the next turn starts, your creature will be a 2/2 with 3 counters on it making it a 5/5 still.
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  • posted a message on Living end
    Please use card tags:

    Living End

    Nothing on Living End gives the creatures Haste which means they are affected by Summoning Sickness.
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  • posted a message on [Multiple Card Discussion] Battlebond Partners for PDH
    Quote from Upkeep »
    Well, my reasoning is that since you can play partner cards like Krav, the Unredeemed and Regna, the Redeemer as your commanders (both start in the command zone), the same is true for uncommon creatures with partner with PDH rules, like Blaring Captain and Blaring Recruiter. That seemed to make sense in my head, but maybe not? Confused
    That is how Partner works with regular Commander since both are the commander of the deck. It stands to reason that is how it would work here. Your "Blaring" deck would be White/Black.

    Another question for this forum though: Now that we have so many legendary creatures available at uncommon rarity, is there really a need to diverge from standard EDH rules? I propose that PDH simply becomes EDH with an uncommon legendary commander and commons only cards in the 99. You can do a similar subset for Tiny Leaders, though there are fewer choices available.
    I too actually had this thought initially when Dominaria came out with all the Uncommon legendaries. Obviously, if this was implemented, the Partner mechanic doesn't work since no uncommon legendaries have Partner. However, I am with Upkeep on this one: I don't think there are enough options to make it worthwhile. Tiny Leaders is mentioned (though in a slightly different context) but I think if we take that comparison since it is also a variant of commander, we can see that "normal" Tiny Leaders has 181 options for Commanders (excluding Un-Sets). Whereas PDH, if only using real Legendaries at Uncommon, only has 50 options. And this includes the Commons and Uncommons from Legends and Homelands and the ones from Legends are pretty terrible.

    Most likely, there needs to be at least 100 (if not at least 200) options to make the format fun and diverse for players. For comparison, there are over 750 options for normal Commander. At the very least, cutting from around 2500+ options to 50 is likely to not go over well.
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  • posted a message on Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
    I was playing this deck last Wednesday and I just wanted to summarize a game I had more so for a play an opponent made rather than me because it was pretty good.

    I started the game pretty decently in that I got Hapatra down turn 2 and on turn 3 I swung at Player 2 to kill Player 3's Blood Artist to get a Snake. I was able to continue dealing damage to each opponent to deal with a variety of X/1's for a couple turns anyway. I ended up with 3 Snakes, a Scavenging Ooze (which was really helpful as one deck was reliant on the graveyard), a Bontu the Glorified, a Carnifex Demon, and a couple other creatures. I activated Carnifex Demon to give me 8 Snake tokens. I then activated it again to give me 14 Snake tokens (the original 8 died but I got 8 to replace them). I was going to drop Seshiro the Anointed to alpha strike them as I was creating all of these in the end stop of the player before me. However, the player playing Admiral Beckett Brass cast Crafty Cutpurse before any of Hapatra's triggers resolved. This gave them all of my Snakes (and I no longer had Hapatra since she had 2 counters on her). They ended up attacking me and I was able to hold them off for a turn with Spike Weaver. Luckily, I was able to scry into a Chainer, Dementia Master with Bontu so I cast that next turn and reanimated the Demon to kill all the tokens my opponent stole from me. I now no longer had any tokens, but I was able to beat down with Bontu and the Demon to help close out the game.

    As much as it hurt my plan, I did enjoy the play of Crafty Cutpurse against me. I thought it was a smart play on their part to wait for me to get more tokens out of the Demon (which killed Hapatra) and it was not a card I expected to worry about.

    As of now, this deck doesn't come out very often but I do enjoy the playstyle more than any other BG deck I have had in the past. Being BG and having Jund and Abzan decks means that there is a large potential for a lot of overlap in cards and playstyles. However, Hapatra is unique enough that it never feels like I am doing something that another color combination is also doing (I was mostly worried about the similarities in play with Karador) so that is a plus.

    As of now, there are no cards that I feel are ineffective or superfluous. Everything seems to be pulling its weight very well. The only thing I can think that might be missing is another Wrath effect. The -1/-1 counters theme takes care of most of it, but I might decide I need a true wrath (most like Toxic Deluge) in case I get really far behind and counters are not enough to clean up the board.
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  • posted a message on bazaar trader
    Yes. You still control the trigger so you are the one who will end up losing 2 life. Giving it away (or destroying it) will not affect the trigger in any way.

    603.3a. A triggered ability is controlled by the player who controlled its source at the time it triggered, unless it's a delayed triggered ability. To determine the controller of a delayed triggered ability, see rules 603.7d-f.
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  • posted a message on Desecrated tomb ruling
    Desecrated Tomb says "whenever one or more creature *cards* leave your graveyard...". Tokens are not cards and do not trigger the Tomb.
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  • posted a message on Frantic Search and Ruthless Sniper
    Yes. You fully resolve Frantic Search before Sniper's triggers go onto the stack. That means you discard *and* untap your lands before you even get a chance to pay for the triggers.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from The Fluff »

    Why did Eidolon of the Great Revel drop so much in price? Used to be almost a 20 dollar card. Now it's just 4 dollars each.
    That is what reprints do. The added supply from Masters 25 dropped the price
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  • posted a message on MTGO Set Redemption
    Redemption is still active, but M19 Redemption is not available until August 8th. See this link:
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  • posted a message on Changes to Evergreen? I.E. Where is Prowess?
    Quote from Watchwolf »
    I don't see why they keyworded Prowess in the first place. Like unblockable, there are too many variations of the ability to justify keywording only one. I think it should be dropped altogether.

    That leaves UR and UB still without evergreen creature keywords, but what else is new.
    I don't know that there were that many variations. Either it was all noncreatures or it was Instants and Sorceries.

    And UB seems to be leaning towards Flash as its shared Keyword.
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  • posted a message on Tatyova, Benthic Druid - Land draw
    I played this deck again the other night and it, again, went very well. I ended up not playing my general until turn 8 or 9 or something for a variety of reasons. One was that one opponent had a Phoenix that, when it died, dealt 3 damage to everything so I didn't want to throw her out there to just die. I was able to ramp quite a bit before this though my cards in the early game were not quite what I wanted.

    Eventually, I got into an Exploration and Wayward Swordtooth so I could start playing more lands so that is about when I cast Tatyova. The Phoenix had been dealt with at that time. From there, it was just a matter of controlling the board, using Cyclonic Rift to clear a path, and attacking with my bigger creatures.

    I never needed Avenger of Zendikar and, with where I was, I don't think I would have ever tapped for it since I would have preferred to keep my mana available. This ended up coming in handy so I could activate Thrasios a bunch of times. There still isn't anything I really want to replace it with, but it is coming closer to being cut.

    Another thing that occurred was that I had Seedborn Muse in my hand towards the mid to late game and I never wanted to cast it. With my board (especially Thrasios and Kruphix) it just felt that it would have elicited a negative reaction from the other players and just made the game even worse for them. By not playing it, I don't think I weakened my position in any way in that it wasn't going to win me the game or keep me alive when I couldn't already do so. In that vein, it feels more like a "win-more" card. It has other uses for sure, but it is not a card I enjoy playing with and my refusal to cast it with the board state I had shows I should just cut it. I am going to be looking for other cards to replace it. I am not positive what I want in that slot though.
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  • posted a message on Protecting Your Graveyard
    I've found Reito Lantern and Soldevi Digger to be extremely valuable for protecting specific cards from your graveyard in response to graveyard hate abilities. Vessel of Endless Rest also works pretty well especially If you're able to blink it more than once to protect more cards from your graveyard not to mention that it also doubles as a mana rock to boot.
    Soldevi Digger seems bad to protect specific cards since you can only save the top card of your graveyard and there is no good way to control the top card of your graveyard. Lantern seems decent though as it can double as grave hate as well.

    On topic: Misdirection effects for spells or Willbender for any abilities to get someone else? I think almost everything else has already been mentioned.
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  • posted a message on Start your engines question
    Please use card tags:

    Start Your Engines
    Smuggler's Copter

    Nothing about crewing a Vehicle takes away from its "vehicleness". It does not lose abilities and it is still a Vehicle. It is now a creature as well. And, since it still has its Crew ability, it can be crewed again if the player wants to. Often, this is irrelevant, but as your opponent has found, there are some instances where they may want to crew an already crewed vehicle. They do still need to pay the entire crew cost though.
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  • posted a message on care and keeping of foils
    I live in Minnesota so I don't have as much to worry about with being 90 Degrees every day. However, the main issue I have had with foils curling is From the Vault foils, Commander foils, and foils I buy online. I didn't really do anything specific to fix them; I just put them in perfect fit sleeves and put them in my box of cards. Over time, they ended up no longer being curled. 2/3rds of my collection is foil and I have everything in my collection in perfect fits at least (and then in regular sleeves when in a deck) and I don't think there are many (if any) that have a severe curl to them. I do think this helps prevent curling and, as mentioned, seems to undo some existing curling. At the very least, it is worth a shot.

    I too have heard of people using dehumidifiers and I am not sure how well that works. Hopefully someone else with more experience with that can comment.
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