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  • posted a message on [CUBE][CMR] Hullbreacher
    Quote from wtwlf123 »
    Correct. Denial is a may, so it's not as punishing as some other effects.

    It still turns Denial into 1U: Counter target spell. Draw a card next turn. I.e., the best counterspell in the cube. So yes, not quite as punishing as a wheel or Dack, but still a very good interaction in my book. I'm already playing Arcane Denial, but I think people who are not should reconsider if they are playing Narset and Hullbreacher (and potentially Leovold).
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  • posted a message on Aggressive 2 Drops
    They are both very good 2-drops, and back in the day Putrid Leech saw play in plenty of cubes. The big problem is that they are multicolored, and most people only play a handful of those in each color combination, and then the competition they face is pretty darn steep. Sure Voltaic Brawler is good, but is it better than Wrenn and Six or Bloodbraid Elf in Gruul decks? If you are trying to push RG aggro hard, it might be, but from a pure power level perspective, I'd rather run more versatile RG cards and rely more on monocolored cards to fill my aggresive 2-drops. For example Kargan Intimidator fills pretty much the exact same role as Voltaic Brawler in cube, but can slot into more color combinations (mono-red, RW, RG, RB, etc). As for Putrid Leech, if I wanted to push BG aggro a bit more, I still think I prefer Lotleth Troll. That card is pretty good in the black aggro format where your deck is full of recursive creatures you can bin and then get back, and works as a disc outlet for reanimator as well.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] Opposition Agent
    Opposition Agent

    Opposition Agent 2B
    Creature - Human Rogue (R)


    You control your opponents while they're searching their libraries.

    While an opponent is searching their library, they exile each card they find. You may play those cards for as long as they remain exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to cast them.



    A black hate bear. Sort of Shadow of Doubt on a body that steals their card instead of drawing 1.

    What I like

    The most common scenario will probably be to stop/steal Fetchlands or other type of ramp, which seems like a great tempo play. If you "gotcha" them, you effectively strip mine your opponent while gaining card advantage and putting a body on the board. With plenty of fetch lands, as well as tutors and ramp spells, the density of search effects in most cubes is pretty high.

    The card is also a human, for those that support human tribal interactions.

    What I don't like

    Fairly low ceiling if the opponent plays no search effects, or slips them by when you don't have mana up. Shadow of Doubt goes in more reactive decks that gladly say draw-go and have no issue cycling the card on the opponents end-step. Opposition Agent however, looks better in more proactive decks, which might not be as glad not passing with mana up. For example, a typical WB aggro/hatebears style deck usually would be interested in curving out, not holding up mana. Of course, to be fair, the continious effect itself preventing searching might be good enough, even if you don't get to "gotcha" them.

    The floor of a 3/2 body on a clogged board also isn't as good a safety valve as simply drawing a card was on Shadow of Doubt, and that card usually isn't seeing play anyways.

    My initial verdict
    While a cool design with a great ceiling, I think the floor is a bit too low to warrant inclusion in my 360 - but I definitely look forward to hearing how this plays out in testing.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] [CMR] Krark, the Thumbless
    Just to clarify the math in case someone was wondering. The first time you cast the spell, you have a 50% of succeeding. If you fail, you cast again, you now have a new chance at failing or succeeding. So effectively, for each spell you cast you now have the following probabilities:
    • 50% chance of paying the spell's cost once
    • 25% chance of paying the spell's cost twice
    • 12.5% chance of paying the spell's cost thrice
    • 6.25% chance of paying the spell's cost four times
    • Etc
    Now, on average this plays out that you will pay the spell's cost exactly twice. Again, this is the "average", i.e., if you cast a hundred spells with this guy in play over many games, it will average out to twice the cost in the long run. Effectively, this card is "pay twice, get twice the effect", which seems great. Of course, there is a huge variance tacked on that will greatly impact how the card plays in practice.

    This guy seems pretty great with CMC 1/2 spells, especially with cards like Young Pyromancer or Shaeeli, Sublime Artificer. However, he seems worse with reactive spells. Copying a removal spell with only one target nullifies the advantage, and having to cast a removal twice or thrice at an unopportune time can loose you the game. Similarly, he is terrible with counterspells as you pretty much have all the drawback, none of the advantage.

    Due to the variance and drawbacks, I can't see him go into that many different decks, pretty much only spell heavy burn decks, and it probably won't find a home in my cube. I also don't play power, so no 2xRecall or 2xTime Walk dream scenarios.
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  • posted a message on [[Archetype]] Mill
    For Mill build around:
    - Jace, Memory Adept
    - Sphinx's Tutelage
    - Jace's Erasure

    I think Teferi's Tutelage would be preferable over Jace's Erasure, no?
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  • posted a message on [[Archetype]] Mill
    I think nothing really has changed from the earlier discussion from 7-8 years ago. Sure, a few really good mill cards have been printed, but it doesn't change the fact that most mill cards can only be played in a specific mill deck. If I'm drafting control, I'm to busy pulling good control cards, and a traditional cube usually has plenty of good finishers I can pick up sooner or later - I would never pick Ruin Crab or Hedron crab in a control deck, a 0/3 blocker is just too bad, and the mill effect does pretty much nothing for me until I have a critical mass.

    So that leaves us with the same conclusion as before, there are enough cards in existence that you totally could make a cube support a mill deck, but it probably wouldn't be that fun to draft.
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  • posted a message on Celestial Colonnade and Creeping Tar Pit in 360 Cube
    At 360 I run a 4th cycle of lands, with Horizon-lands and manlands for UW, UB, BR and RG. Colonnade and Tar Pit are great, and I would definitely play them in spell slots if I cut the 4th lands.
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  • posted a message on [THB][CUBE]- Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath
    Uro has been absolutely filthy in my play-testing, what a stellar card. Also love the design and find the card a joy to play with, and not terrible to play against (unlike Oko).

    I definitely rank Uro above Krasis. For Simic cards, I would say Oko > Uro > Krasis = Edric. With the ranking of the last two depending on what UG decks you want to support.
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  • posted a message on [[SCD]] Siege-Gang Commander
    I just decided to cut Siege-Gang from my 360 list last week. I would still refer to Siege-Gang as a staple however, and definitely one of the top 5-drops. I cut him because I play Conscripts/Kiki. I only have room for 3 5-drops and decided to stick with Thundermaw for now, as it is more popular among my playgroup. That said, Siege-Gang is still a fantastic card and I would definitely put him back in if I shift to 450. Perhaps I'll swap out Thundermaw for him down the line as well, we'll see.
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  • posted a message on Set (P)review - My top 20 Zendikar Rising (ZNR) cards for the cube!

    Thank you so much for this article. I always read your Set (P)reviews too keep track of new cards, as I don't always follow spoiler seasons that closely. But this is the most helpful one yet. Please, keep up the great work!

    As the MDFC's have been spoiled, I've fallen a bit between the two major camps it feels, which has made following the discussion and debate very tiring because I both agree and disagree so much with people from both "sides" - the most annoying part being people haven't stuck to debating single cards, but every thread feels like it devolves into discussing the general concept of MDFC's, which hasn't always been very fruitful discussion.

    I loved this article, because seeing the different MDFC's ranked and the "cube size" reviews made the whole thing more tangible and clear, at least for me. I very much agree with your rankings of the MDFC's and their relation to other cards. As I mainly run a 360 cube these days, I was wondering how many of the MDFC's I should squeeze in. My plan was to start with the the Red/Green/White Mythics, and the Mammoth. (I would have played the black Mythic if I supported black aggro, but my playgroup was really not jiving with black aggro. I would also run Bala Ged if my environment was powered.) After reading this article, I am a lot more confident that my analysis and plan seems reasonable, so thanks again. I will also reconsider the Black Mythic, though I am not fully convinced on that one in my environment.

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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ZNR] Kargan Intimidator
    Looking forward to hearing how it plays in testing. I see many say they will cut Stormblood Berserker but my gut-feeling likes the Berserker more.

    If we pretend for a second the Stormblood is always active, I definitely like the 3/3 Menace more than having to pay mana to keep blockers at bay or pumping. Of course, the Stormblood has a much lower floor, as it isn't always active, but in my experience, it is quite rare for this to happen in an aggressive deck.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] - [CUBE][ZNR] Leyline Tyrant
    Cool design, and could be a fun card to include. On power-level however, I don't think it comes close to other red 4-drops.
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  • posted a message on [ZNR][CUBE] Magmatic Channeler
    Not a huge fan of this one for cube.

    First of, 4 instants/sorceries seems like a lot. This means you will need to play it in quite a spell-heavy deck to reliably get the buff. It won't fit very well in more creature-based agressive mono-R or Rx decks. Even in a burn deck with tons of spells, if you are dropping this on turn 2, the chance of getting the buff on turn 3 is close to zero percent. Combined with having no evasion, I think it is clear an aggro deck doesn't want this.

    Due to the lack of evasion, it doesn't seem great in a UR tempo list either I think. Also, even if you have enough spells in your deck to reliably get the buff around turn 4-5, playing it along cards that use the GY as a resource might mean you loose the buff again. I wouldn't want to play this alongside a Grim Lavamancer, Cruise, Dig or similar.

    If I wanted more looting or pillaging effects in red, I still think there are better options, as the effect seems a little clunky to me, having to play the effect that turn. I also think there are way better discard outlets for reanimator decks.

    Put simply, I can't see which deck I want to play this creature in.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][ZNR] Sea Gate Restoration//Sea Gate, Reborn
    Several people have mentioned that you can Mystical Tutor for a land with this. Definitely a cute interaction, that might be the best play in certain situations. However, I think those situations will be very rare, as 2-for-1-ing yourself for a land that bolts you if you want it to enter untapped means you are in pretty bad shape to begin with. However, there are other similar situations were it will be relevant. For example, finding a land with Narset, Parter of Veils seems sweet.

    However, I haven't seen any mention the flip-side, which is that this "land" can also be duressed. While something that won't be relevant too often, I can definitely see someone lose a game because of this every once in a blue moon. There is a reason all targeted removal typically says "non-land". Luckily, IoK doesn't hit it.

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