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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    So I was braining Ephara flying/token deck just moments before I saw Kykar, Wind's Fury. If red had more to offer to 'I intend to beat down with small flying creatures, most of which tokens'... I was heavily tempted to do a swap.

    'Course the other problem is that my Zedruu is kinda awesome and I try to not have multiple decks of same color combos for just sheer logistics' sake. Sometimes I fail, but... I try?

    ...though the moment an Azorius legend comes out that screms to me 'create a deck', that swap might be rather more likely and I'll find myself with two Jeskai decks.
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  • posted a message on Reliquary Tower
    Arjun, the Shifting Flame Maro/draw deck, for relatively obvious reasons.

    And my Zegana 'play creatures to be able to play more creatures' deck that wants to pick and choose from a huge toolbox in hand. Usually not to the point where it would matter hugely, but the deck has a tendency to draw a fair bit and on a two-color ramp deck it has pretty much zero opportunity cost.

    Zedruu Voltron where some of the stuff are Empyrial Armor, Righteous Authority and the like.

    But I think those are the only ones where I have it. Most of my decks don't even draw enough to keep a consistent full grip, let alone have any use for having more than seven in hand any given time.
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  • posted a message on Recommendation for a diverse meta.
    As a more general thing: remember to pack your removals regardless. There will always be stuff to get rid of, even if everyone is playing precon-level, and if a more dedicated combo deck is on the table, the more removal you have the bigger chunk of them you can dedicate to the player wanting to combo off. I am plenty guilty of building a deck, playing a game, and then realizing I have three counterspells and couple of path variants in the entirety my UW deck...

    The usual answer of "extended borrowing.dec" also works. If you're playing with your opponent's stuff, you're scaling to the table naturally.
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  • posted a message on I’m pretty new and I need help selecting a commander!
    That... is a really open-ended question. Most any commander can make an 'interesting' deck that's fun.

    What do you like as far as colors, themes, game mechanics, playstyles, tempo approaches go? Let's narrow it down and then folks can help you find "the fun one".

    Extra turns are annoying. Toss in a Stranglehold for the expression on your friend's face. Or a Possibility Storm to mess any gameplans up if you're just ramping and playing big things. Wink
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  • posted a message on What are fun proactive decks
    Karador, Ghost Chieftain tokens would be my recently-built suggestion. With relatively minor grave recursion besides Karador himself, most of the deck is dedicated to creatures that bring more creatures with them, and milking those for benefit(life/cards/Blood Artist effects) until critical mass of creatures + anthems is achieved. The deck ends up being nicely resilient to both wraths and grave hate (basically the opponents need both to halt my progress for long), as unlike most Karador decks I am not overly reliant on my graveyard, but unlike a lot of token decks I have recursion in my command zone...

    Or in other words, Karador is my backup, not the main game plan.
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  • posted a message on What does the ideal meta look like to y'all?
    My meta has a bit much of 'tutor for 2-card combo and win' to my tastes, but I'll fully admit my bias towards semi-casual midrange and aggro-style 'duking it out'.
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  • posted a message on Cards you think would suck in EDH
    Quote from FoxOfWar »
    I built a deck around the pretty-effective Boros 2-drops a la Akroan Hoplite, Honored Crop-Captain, Swiftblade Vindicator and Sky Terror + anthems + the multitude of white cards that get 2-drops back from the grave.

    Looks nteresting, can i see a list?

    I don't have a list online, but I can give a quick rundown what to look for: said Boros 2-drops, and the white effects that get a 2-or-smaller-cmc (or 3 or less, 2 or less power, etc.) back from the graveyard. There's surprisingly plentiful amount of both around by this point. Then just add anthems to make the punch bigger... and... well, that's about it. Other than that deck doesn't have anything too interesting, most of the rest is just the usual draw/removal/support.
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  • posted a message on Dismantling a Deck...and Remorse.
    Usually not, but there is the occasional deck I remember fondly and might return to one day, since after a few years said deck idea would have a lot of new toys to play with as noted above.

    If I retire a deck, it's probably for a reason related to how little I play it - be it because it's underpowered, not fun to pilot, not fun for my opponents, plays too close to another deck of mine, plain boring/streamlined, or I just have a better commander idea for same color combo. I try to keep to one-per-color-combo. (Even then, I have two vastly different from each other Mardu and Esper decks because just too many tasty things.)

    I have had the occasional case where I took apart a deck I had just built and thus "wasted" the money put into it, but given that the cards I actually have to buy for decks these days are pretty much old oddballs we don't have a copy of, it's not much of a monetary loss. (I admit that sometimes I buy a card just because I can't find a copy of random Mirrodin uncommon despite being pretty sure there's several floating around somewhere...)
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Soul of Shandalar
    Rattlesnakes are fun.

    "So I'm not saying you can't cast that Silence the Believers, but..."
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  • posted a message on Has anyone ever completed a deck?
    A lot of them get closer (getting new cards at increasing intervals), but not as long as we keep getting new shinies, no. Some decks are at a point where it's one or two cards a year that'll change, though.

    Though it's rare more because of relatively narrow themes, not because newer "better" cards don't exist if I wanted to just go for the win with my decks. I have a handful of older decks that are so honed within their theme that unless more cards of pretty narrow category come up, they won't get much.

    Granted, War of the Spark proved to be an exception to this. All but two decks got something, as a combination of good cards for the decks... and just generally cool stuff I wanted to find a home for (think Parhelion II).
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Soul of Shandalar
    It's been one of the cornerstones of my Prime Speaker Zegana 'spam creatures to be able to spam creatures' deck since its' inception, and it's partially in the deck's name for a reason.

    Much like Primeval Bounty, it's a very dangerous thing for opponents to leave be for any amount of time.

    Also puppy and birdie tokens.
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  • posted a message on Cards you think would suck in EDH
    Aggressive small creatures. They get a lot more early damage through than they should.

    I built a deck around the pretty-effective Boros 2-drops a la Akroan Hoplite, Honored Crop-Captain, Swiftblade Vindicator and Sky Terror + anthems + the multitude of white cards that get 2-drops back from the grave. It's effective because no one expects aggro in the average table, especially aggro that doesn't fold to a single wrath. The creatures don't seem like much, but being so small it feels like no one wants to 'waste' their removal on them either, so folks end up on the receiving end of a lot of 3-, 4- and 5-power beats. I tend to be only classified as a threat when I've taken out the one player most likely to drop big creatures later, and playing suicidal aggro is sometimes really fun.

    But even outside a dedicated deck, early effective creatures can get a lot of chip damage in while folks are casting their manarocks and other ramp. I don't mind including some 2-3 drops in every deck that don't necessarily advance the "grand plan", that are just efficient early beats.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Soul of Shandalar
    A good example of sometimes the threat of a wrath being just as good as actually casting a wrath.
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  • posted a message on When your deck is perfect and you realize it is terribly unfun for opponents
    I tend to take those kind of decks apart, learn from them and make more "table-friendly" decks in the future.

    One of my earliest EDH decks was a Darigaaz deck with a relatively simple plan: make everyone draw, ramp myself like nuts, symmetrically destroy lands (leaving me often the only able to cast stuff for real), punish people based on handsize (Price of Knowledge and every Sudden Impact variant...)... profit?

    But it was unfun to the extreme to play against if it worked - and if it didn't, I just accelerated everyone and got routed if anyone knew my gameplan. I have not made that idea(or similar) again since scrapping the deck, although there's been the occasional deck idea I've left on the drawing board as I've realized the 'fun factor' might not be there.
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  • posted a message on Next deck ideas
    Well, I have completed said challenge... and a couple of extras. I have the names (and loosely speaking, main ideas) in my signature, but I am happy to expand on any of them if any get you curious. They range from aggro to midrange to big dumb battlecruiser, casual to pseudo-competitive, and cover pretty much every playstyle except hard control or stax (just not my cup of tea I've found out).

    As for general finding a theme or commander to build around... well, these days I am definitely looking at 'what haven't I done yet in this color combo or a combo that shares colors with this?'. Usually sparked by a new legendary thing being spoiled these days too, as there's very few themes I haven't at least tried out in a deck before, by this point.

    A good starting point is picking a commander you like, mull about what themes or mechanics would support said commander and deviate from there. Currently building a Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun deck centering on odd things that make tokens + exalted, with the goal of attacking with just with the one big-dumb token that's also unblockable thanks to Temmet. Silly? You bet. Might get the occasional game where a well-time wrath ruins me? Oh yeah. Still probably fun to pilot and rather very far from your typical Azorius controld deck? Mmmhm.
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