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  • posted a message on Primevals' Glorious Rebirth Games! (Deckbuilding Challenge)
    Trickbind'ing Norin is so gangster. As for how to fix the "You will deck yourself next turn" problem, Memory's Journey or Krosan Reclamation are there to help.

    Here is a new, even more crazy list, that kills every opponent (3) in a different way: Mill, Damage and Game Lost.

    Passively: Akroma's Memorial gives Haste, Teferi protects all, Kongming gives +1/+1 to all our creatures.
    Step 0) Enter the Battlefields: Sharuum brings Strionic Resonator into play, Gonti's Aether Heart gives way enough energy to be sac'ed. Titania grabs Crystal Quarry for fixing.
    Step 1) Nissa untaps 4 lands, Teferi 4 more, tap Nykthos on blue devotion. (7 mana available +9 blue)
    Step 2) Hanna targets Followed Footstep, then strionic resonator on Paradox Haze. (6 mana + 5 blue)
    Step 3) Memory's Journey, returning unimportant card, Mind Grind, Time Sieve on the bottom of the empty library. (5 mana available + 5 blue)
    Step 4) Play Paradox Haze on yourself, using the floating blue.
    Step 5) Pass to combat (wasting 1 blue), attacking with Alesha, trigger on Clever Impersonator. Refuse to target with Clever Impersonator. It survives due to Kongming making it a 1/1.
    Step 6) Second main phase, spend all 5 remaining mana on Followed Footsteps, targetting Clever Impersonator.
    Step 7) Vivien Reid kills the Ugin's Nexus, giving you an extra turn. Pass to extra turn.
    Step 8) Upkeeps, paradox haze gives us a second upkeep. Each upkeep, Clever Impersonator is copied, transforming into Paradox Haze on entry. (3 Paradox Hazes in play) Red Honden pings one player for 8. (4 Shrines in play)
    Step 9) Using Garruk to untap Crystal Quarry and Nykthos a second time, pay WWUUBBRRGG for Door to Nothingness, killing one player. (2 left)
    Step 10) Crack Gonti's Aether Heart for another extra turn.
    Step 11) Upkeeps (4), same target, make 4 new Paradox Haze, dome the same player for 16 damage (24 total from the shrines).
    Step 12) If you haven't drawn Time Sieve, use Teferi to grab it (first ability) then use Krosan Reclamation on random cards to avoid decking.
    Step 13) Play Time Sieve, sac Breya, her two thopters, Sharuum and Strionic resonator to the Sieve, extra turn.
    Step 14) Next turn, Upkeeps, create tokens of the Red Honden to deal a grand total of 64 damage to one player's face since the combo started.
    Step 15) If the previous step didn't force you to kill two players, use all your Nykthos mana to Mind Grind the remaining player to dust (for around 60 lands.)

    Congrats, you just wasted an hour of everyone's time, killed someone with damage, shown someone the door and ground a third person's mind to dust.
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  • posted a message on Primevals' Glorious Rebirth Games! (Deckbuilding Challenge)
    I came up with a fun deckbuilding game today and wanted to see if someone can create something more complicated than I did.

    Welcome to the Primevals' Glorious Rebirth games!

    The goal is simple: After casting Primevals' Glorious Rebirth, you must find the most convoluted way to win a game against 3 other players.

    Note: Since killing with combat is easy (Godo, Bandit Warlord + Helm of the Host + Hammer of Nazahn), try to make it as complex as possible.

    1- Your entire deck is in the graveyard.
    2- Your only cards in play are Norin the Wary, and enough lands to cast Primevals' Glorious Rebirth.
    3- Your hand only contains Primevals'.
    4- Standard Commander rules. (Banlist, Singleton)
    5- Your commander is of no importance. (Since you have around 80 cards to play with.)

    Bonus points if you manage to:
    1- Kill enemies with different means.
    2- Use Norin to win.

    Example of a complex win:

    Step 0) As the sorcery resolves, opponent cannot cast any spells (Teferi) and your creatures are protected from red sweeper on creatures (Akroma's Memorial)
    Step 1) EtB effect on Titania returns Mirrorpool in play tapped. Helm of the Host attaches on Titania due to Hammer of Nazahn.
    Step 2) Use Nissa, Koth and Garruk to produce mana. (Garruk specifically untapping Mirrorpool amongst his two lands.)
    Step 3) Tap Feldon (Haste due to Hammer of Purphoros) to create your token #1 of Biovisionary.
    Step 4) Use Saheeli Rai to make a token of Helm of the Host. This token attaches onto the Biovisionary.
    Step 5) Pass to combat phase. Titania, Brudiclad and the Biovisionary trigger. Biovisionary #2, Brudiclad copies the Biovisionaries (#3) and Titania creates a copy (Recovering a Waste.) (I realized while writing that this Titania token could become #4 but let's keep going)
    Step 6) Use the Amber, the remaining mana from the Planeswalkers and the Waste to tap Mirrorpool and create the token #4 with the token ability.
    Step 7) Skip to End of Turn, you win.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Kyynu, if you look back at the original post, the deck used to be, pre-Deathrite Shaman ban, a jund deck. But the lack of a mana fixing dork makes this a more risky choice as we are, after all, a face down aggro deck.

    Personally, the only reason I would consider going Jund without a DRS unban would be in a Vial build as you can forgo the heavy colored cost of our best black options on the creatures. (Such as Batman.)
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    Why would even play Firemantle Mage or Shaman of the Great Hunt ?
    The first is rather narrow in use and the the second is 4-cmc that dies to anything.

    I think that Metallic Mimic is a solid replacement for Wolf-Skull Shaman.

    To be fair, I don't really play much Shaman of the Great Hunt anymore because it is a 4-drop. But I would if it wasn't. The push given by grindy hands (with Wolf-skull) were something to be scared off. With Metallic Mimic coming in, I feel like this is a situation that can happen again. Just like how the Shared Animosity version had potential a while ago, before CoCo. But yes, as some have mentioned, with most of the cards we want at 2cmc, Vial Shamans might actually overtake CoCo Shamans or at the very least rivalize it. I will be one to try it for sure.

    As for Firemantle Mage, Shamans are really good at flooding the board and against other aggro deck, sometimes need a push to bypass blockers, which Firemantle does very well. It acts as a simili-Magmatic Chasm on a tribal body.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Guys, Mimic might be even stronger than expected... You know those 2-3 Wolf-skull shaman hands? What happens when we don't need Shaman of the great hunt to give the wolves counters?
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  • posted a message on The Archester Revival Thread! (Steampunk Set)
    Not sure, but there is a fair chance yes.
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  • posted a message on Relentless Highlander: there can be many of only one
    My deck would most likely be Aurochs Herd tribal. Tons of that card, tons of ramp and fight/removal effects.

    As for Hierach, I agree it would be hilarious to have them just cheer on the big fatty you drop next to them.
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  • posted a message on The Archester Revival Thread! (Steampunk Set)
    Quote from MOON-E »
    Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus again but I've got news to report this time: actual playtests!

    I decided that while I was moving and would be away from the internet for a while, I'd print out some physical cards to play some games with. I just threw in a bunch of placeholder designs for the cards we hadn't figured out together yet. You can find my photo evidence here!

    This was a short session so we didn't get to play with everything. There were just a few things that we discovered right away, most notably that Windup was ridiculously strong on fliers (even at sorcery speed). Right away I'm thinking we may have to change our Thopter tokens into non-flying tokens like Soldiers or Assembly workers just to cap Windup at a reasonable power level.

    I'll let you all know more when I get to playtest again.

    Very nice for you to be able to playtest. I have three possible solutions for Windup: We could either change the base token to be something without flying (it can remain an artifact if we want for Components), cut the artifact tag, or make it so Windup can only put counters on non-token artifact creatures.

    Honestly, I think cutting flying is a good idea since giving the "go wide" strategy evasion by default is a bad idea.
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  • posted a message on Dragonstorm
    Quote from eltrip »

    Unfortunately Increasing Vengeance works only on your spells, and you can't copy opponents counterspells. I've experimented with builds that use Reverberate, but being able to flashback Vengeance is just such a huge bonus. Maybe I'll try some sideboard Reverberate to help against counters?

    Right, I had forgotten that...
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  • posted a message on Dragonstorm
    Quote from eltrip »
    Its cool to see other peoples dragonstorm builds. I played this deck back when Seething Song was legal and picked it back up a year ago and have been tinkering with my own list.

    Some Card Explanations:
    Blood Moon - An early Blood Moon can be devastating for some decks, and can be a game-winner by itself. Since only two of our cards care about mana other then red, its a safe bet we can use it to stall/set up a win with dragonstorm.
    Stomping Ground Blood Crypt - While they can be shut down by BlooD Moon, they let us hardcast our Dragonlords in the worst-case scenarios.
    Increasing Vengeance - There is some cool tech with this and the rituals and flashback. If you can get up to 6 mana using Vessel of Volatility, Lotus Bloom or any other card with a Ritual and Increasing Vengeance in your hand, you can insure your 9 mana for dragonstorm.
    6 Mana in Pool - > Cast Ritual (4 Mana remaining) -> Cast Increasing Vengeance copying ritual (2 mana remaining) -> Vengeance Resolves (5 mana in pool) -> Flashback Vengeance (-5 mana) -> Flashback and copy resolves (3+3=6 mana) ->original ritual resolves (9 mana)
    This nets you storm 3 and 9 mana and is pretty easy to do as long as you work around counterspells.
    Dragonlord Kolaghan - This is easier to hardcast then Karrthus using our Lotus Blooms.
    Atarka, World Render - 2 card win con with Kolaghan.
    Scourge of Valkas - I run Scourge over Hellkite because how easy they are to hardcast. A Scourge hardcasted after getting a Bloodmoon on the board is sometimes enough to just win through attacking with Fire-breathing. If you don't expect Path to Exile or Terminate you can easily cast this turn 2 if you want to be greedy and don't expect removal.
    Generator Servant - Walking Vessels. Not 100% sold on these yet, but they can be used to make a turn 3 hasted Scourge.

    Defense Grid - Our counterspell matchup tech. Also good defense against bolts and path to exile on our turn.
    Bogardan Hellkite - Sometimes Hellkite can be useful against tokens or when you need a bigger body to swing with.
    Shattering Spree - Good against Affinity and the card best against my build, Grafdiggers Cage.
    Volcanic Fallout - Running this over Pyroclasm and Anger of the Gods due to being uncounterable and instant speed. Can also can hit planeswalkers through redirection of the player damage.
    Lightning Bolt - Sometimes you just need a bolt Smile

    I'm still tinkering with this list and the amounts of each cards fairly regularly. I had badluck using cantrips in other builds due to dragonstorm not wanting to draw too many cards, as every dragon you draw is one less wincon.

    Discard effects are still a major concern but in most cases I feel having multiple wincons through either Bloodmoon, Dragonstorm and a hardcasted Scourge is enough disruption that the opponent will pick their poison rather then destroy our gameplan 100%. Plus Inquisition does not work against a majority of our wincons. Thoughtseize is the bigger concern and its use is not as significant right now.

    I've experimented with Bolt mainboard as well but so far I'm having luck with the Bloodmoon build.

    Let me know if you have suggestions! I'm still looking for more dragon-toolbox tech as well.

    Love your list, the mainboard Increasing Vengeances is actually very interesting. In a pinch, it can turn into a counterspell, copying a counterspell. There is even a way for it to generate a degenerate amount of mana (although I doubt that is useful ever)

    As for your token problem, unless spider tokens are common in your meta, Thundermaw Hellkite is a card you may want to consider for your list. While it does not remove ALL tokens, it does allow you to bypass them for a turn as you dragonstorm. (also killing all non-buffed spirits)

    While I haven't tested it, D Tempest unfortunately doesn't seem to do much in this deck as we often have the kill as soon as we Dragonstorm. It would be an interesting thing to try in a Bladewing the Risen.
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  • posted a message on Broken Red Tokens - discuss?
    I have been testing a very similar list and I have to say it is hilarious. I have to say Bedlam is an awesome addition to the archetype that I had not considered as it refills our hand AND survives Abrupt decay, pyroclasm, lightning bolt. The only frequent thing it dies to is a Kozilek's return from the grave or a Maelstrom pulse against Jund/Abzan.

    A few things:
    • Banners Raised: While yes, it is only one mana, Haze of Rage usually does a much better job at closing the game, sometimes pumping the team for 4 or 5 for a measly 2 mana.
    • In play testing, Crimson Wisps (and now Expedite), have proven themselves quite lackluster in their use. I have personally found Crowd's Favor and Mutagenic Growth to be much stronger as they help with going wide without requiring mana. A mix might be better now with Bedlam in the mix though.
    • For be_lakor: In my list, I personally have not enjoyed Burning-Tree and Past in flames. While Past may sound super sweet, unlike Storm, this deck doesn't always go up to the mana required to past then start casting rituals so it sometimes just ends up dead.
    • Commune with lava is a monster. Really. If you read it correctly, you will notice the combination of "at the end of your turn" and Instant speed, making for extremely explosive turns. (End of their turn, Commune X= 3 to 5, untap, you have access to that many more cards to combo off on that final turn before you die.) It so powerful against slower decks. (Tron, Scapeshift, Titanshift, etc)
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  • posted a message on Junk Haakon Loam
    I know this will sound weird to you guys at first but... What are your thoughts on splashing Tree of Retribution into this deck? Sure it's four mana, but if we have an Haakon in play and Nameless Inversion in the graveyard, it is basically a death threat as you can pay 6 in total to drop the tree to 3 toughness in response to it's ability, steal your opponent's health and hit him with whatever. Even without the full combo, it can still drain up to 7 health on the first activation(not even talking about Soul Sisters), blocks for days (it blocks most of the creatures in the format without dying really), can turn Nameless Inversions and Dismembers into 3-4 damages spells on the opponent, can use the aforementioned cards to go under hexproof in a sense,etc. The only real downside is that it isn't a Knight to be brought back by Haakon. (Treefolk Knight anyone? jk, makes no sense.)
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  • posted a message on Opalescence & Grafdigger
    My opponent has Grafdigger's cage in play. I cast Replenish which brings back Opalescence and Pandemonium. Will Grafdiggers cage stop Pandemonium from entering or not? I'm guessing not since it needs to be on the board to be active.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Quote from DrD2 »
    Quote from ktkenshinx »
    Didn't see the trample but still, if the opponent survives(they will), you're giving them 2 turns to kill you. Not worth the price tag of 9-ish cc

    Maybe I'm missing something in this evaluation, but doesn't Ulamog give an opponent 2-3 turns to kill you?

    In my experience of seeing people Mindslaved, and just thinking of most boardstates and hands in Modern, the expected value of a Mindslaver should generally be at least 2-3 removed cards. If so, Emrakul's on-cast EV should be roughly Ulamog's on-cast EV in many situations.

    Time will tell, for sure this comparaison does not make sense, first because there is a chance you can't exactly choose, second because in some case you can have plays/interaction that ulamog would not be able to, so it's a mix to test...
    I personally think ulamog will still be the star, emrakul seems too much as a dice roll...

    Also, in some case (who said spellskite?) emrakul can be an instant speed win, while ulamog can't...

    So, lets give it a proper test, it's too unsure right now.

    Spellskite is only one of so many ways. Burn will fear Newrakul. Ad nauseam will weap if they can't cast their namesake card in response. Scapeshift will dread a namesake that somehow fails to find any land? So many decks are getting blown instantly by their namesake with Emrak dropping early enough. I think it will be at the very least a sideboard tech against some decks in builds that can support it.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Quote from Thiarsis »

    do we... run yav coasts now?

    I could see it happen where you run two eldrazis main (most likely 1 copy of each Ulamog) and 1 Newlizek and one Newrakul in the sideboard and use this as a toolbox option. Also double up to recover your Thought-Knots or Conduits that got PtE'ed if you play those.
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