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    Quote from ManDolphin »
    I don't have a problem with you posting a lot of Jeskai CopyCat information here since I feel that this is the Jeskai Tempo/Aggro/Combo forum (and as long as the combo is has some control or aggro elements). That's some valuable data you just posted there StevomatUWR! I've always wanted to give CopyCat a try but I've never pulled the trigger on picking up Saheeli Rais. Quick question regarding Stoneforge Mystic, did the fourth copy feel like too much or was there another reason?

    At the moment I've been playing RUG Delver because I really wanted to jam some Nimble Mongoose, but two weekends ago I played Jeskai Breach with Stoneforge Mystic for fun. I'll probably switch back to a Jeskai variant after a while, but I like to jump around and play stuff that I've brewed up in my head. Things like UG Flash (in modern mind you), UB Midrange, and Blue Skred just need to played for... reasons. Anyways, I'll still be brewing up Jeskai stuff so I'll be around.

    That is the beauty of modern. You can brew something up and can be successful with it most likely! I love tinkering with new cards in my deck and having fun with new ideas. I, of course, am still running jeskai delver.

    I know we all talked about this in the past, but it's another great time for Lavinia, Azorious Renegade. So if you have any slots in the sideboard give her a look.
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    Quote from StevomatUWR »
    Thanks for your kind words, CurdBros.

    I really enjoyed all these different matches. It was funny how I got smashed by RW Norin Sisters just like when I was still playing Delver. I also found it interesting that two of the few decks I lost against were playing 4x Rotting Regisaur. The last match on the list was very enjoyable (for me at least) because I destroyed my opponent with the Sword of Truth and Justice in game 2 Smile

    I apologize if my posts sound like I want to convert everyone to join the Saheeli religion. It's just that I never had such crazy good results before and it's still a very enjoyable interactive deck to play and to play against, so I want many players to give it a try.
    But I am also always glad when I get advice here. BloodyRabbit_01 was right about the Seasoned Pyros - they are great in this deck. Two copies seem to be just right in a deck that's using the SFM package and the full combo package.
    The cards I am trying/thinking about atm are Spellskite and JTMS. Spellskite could be perfect for the SB as it counters artifact hate and protects the combo against removal while JTMS could be the perfect replacement for the last Narset.

    Speaking about the SB...
    Here are the results of the first big Modern tournament with ELD cards
    It's interesting that two cards can counter all decks in the top 10: Flashfreeze & Shatterstorm
    Adding these two to your SB might be a good idea right now.

    It's no big deal. I am always open to hear any information about a jeskai deck and I am happy when people are doing well and excited about their deck. I think too many of these forums get to caught up in saying "you have to play this style deck to post here". We all like the jeskai shard and playing tempo and/or aggro control style decks so I think everyone likes to hear about all of them. If anyone complains I will let you know, but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

    I am super excited that delver is starting to see some play in modern. I like the aspiring spike list, but it's not my style. I am not into super control oriented tempo decks. The deck is awesome, but suffers from the typical delver problem that when it's ahead it's great, but when it gets behind or has to grind it has a real problem. Archmage's Charm and Mystic Sanctuary really help, but it just isn't my style. I have played against it with my deck several times and had no problem beating it regularly. That doesn't say much because my deck is well positioned against it, but I still prefer adding white to the deck for helix, geist, path, and the sideboard options.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    P.S. I’d love to hear more about Escape from the Wilds. Do you think the additional land clause pushes it over the top from playing Harmonize...5 cards is certainly more than 3...but so is one mana. I’m interested to hear more about this.

    I also Love the use of Kiora BB and Tribe as well. Two of the best 3-drop options we have for pure ramp.
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    What amazing lists!

    I do agree that Llanowar Tribe seems like it should be a staple in any deck that wants to ramp to 9+. I am up to three copies in my deck.

    There are meta’s where it’s hard to play Tribe (when bolt is everywhere, etc.) but I’m ok with a very likable creature if is MUST be killed.

    Tooth and Nail is getting better and better in my opinion as a win-con of choice for Green Devotion/Green Ramp. I still am on Karn, the Great Creator with Ulamog, Garruk Overrun, and Oko as slower/grindy win-cons...but Karn and Ulamog are quite similar in the sense that you are ramping to 10 to cast your “I Win” card. The play patterns are often similar.


    MtgDecks.net recently changed the archetype label for Devotion to “Green Ramp” (to include Devotion, Tooth and Nail, and one miscellaneous Ramp deck together). I thought that was super smart. It may be best for us to do this as well so people feel more free to discuss their deck here if it is not a “pure” Devotion list.

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    That's some serious success. It's always hard to sell people on decks like this that are very tuned for a personal preference. I always find it hard to sell the deck without the person actually trying the deck first. GreatNate is the only major streamer to give my jeskai delver deck a try and he went 4-1 in a competitive league.

    Really the best way to get a deck idea to the masses is to 5-0 with the deck in a modern competitive league. Then it will be published on the Wizards website so people can see it. I plan on doing that with my list in a couple of months when I have some time to play online (the slow season for my company is december, january, febuary).

    Those results are awesome and shows just how many decks you can run into in modern. There are some really cool matchups on there.

    I'm glad you were able to get your second copy of seasoned pyromancer. It seems awesome in your list. I think modern masters was a huge hit. I'm glad they pushed the boundaries with the power level so they could see how they can really affect modern if they plan on doing a modern masters 2. I assume the popularity of modern makes it almost impossible not to do another modern masters set.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Awesome lists guys! Love seeing the write ups. Was gone for a few days with baby stuff...but excited to see these lists
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    Quote from DIjohnnysos »
    Hey everyone,

    so I am quite new to MTG and found that Jeskai Tempo/Midrange (not 100% sure what my deck describes best) is exactly the play style I love.
    After studying different decks mostly your lists and comments posted here and a little bit of playtesting with friends I found a list I am nearly happy with. I guess I might be a little overthinking it, but I kinda want to reach the FNMs with a fun but solid list Smile Most of the cards from my list are already owned or currently in delivery. But please feal free to give tips on alternatives. I only do not like the Stoneforge Mystic set with Batterskull and co.. Probably I will try out a more Delver oriented Deck in the future.

    Things I am pretty unsure about:
    - the Manabase: Are Fast Lands or lands like Fiery Islet an improvement? Do I need the 2 Colonnades? Sometimes they feel a bit slow Smile Do I need more lands or could I play less lands and e.g. more Cantrips?
    - I really like the Spell Quellers and the midrange aspect, but I kinda want to have something I can play actively on turn 1 or 2 sometimes, I thought of Figure of Destiny, Dreadhorde Arcanist or Grim Lavamancer. Or should I play more cantrips instead? EDIT: I found the card Rattlechains today and it fits very well I think, I could flash it in turn 2 if nothing else was needed, it allows protection of the spirit quellers and allows to flash in Geist of Saint Traft when I interpret that correctly Smile
    - The Teferis: The interaction between the Spell Quellers and Teferi, Time Raveler are very nice, but I kinda find Teferi to slow. Do you think he is needed for the Spell Queller interaction in this deck? Might a 1 off be okay? Or should I put him in the SB and board him in when needed? What could replace him (Bedlam Reveler, Restoration Angel, other PWs, more The Royal Scions?)?
    Lets jump to the list:

    I guess the sideboard can need some more work, but I really like the idea of Deflecting Palm myself into victory Grin I will edit the SB when I actually played a few FNMs in my local store I guess.

    Thank you very much for the interesting discussions in this thread and for your help in advance.

    Best wishes,

    Hi Dijohnnysos. Welcome to the forum topic!

    To be completely honest with you, I don't have any experience with Rattlechains. The rest of the list looks pretty awesome. I am very interested in how Peek has performed for you. I always loved having Gitaxian Probe, but it was way to good. Peek is a very interesting option especially now that we can pitch it to FON.

    The only thing I worry about with a lot of lists I see is the early pressure. I assume that's what rattlechains gives this deck. However, with your top end you have no problem winning longer games.

    Right now I think Delver decks are really well positioned. The UR lists have been doing well. Here is a really interesting list:

    UR Delver. Builder: dStaggerLee. — MTGO - Magic Online
    1st (5-0) in MTGO Modern League — 04-Oct-2019

    I have seen several recent 5-0 lists with 4 copies of Brineborn Cutthroat. Maybe that's the new tech. I am definitely going to give it a try.
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    Mystic Sanctuary in a less mana-hungry shell may be interesting. In Jeskai, though? Welp.

    In the meantime, in testing I'm having good results with this list. It's the only way I was able to put Delver at work, following the patterns of old Patriot lists from Legacy.

    Basically, this list takes away some of Delver's concerns away just by having the possibility of deploying Batterskull into play (Dredge, Burn, EldraziTron) and it adds the grind element vs Control/BGx between Snappies and Stoneforges.

    It is working better than I expected, to be fair.

    I have seen several Jeskai blade decks that have done well lately. There were a couple of 5-0 lists I believe. It's a match made in heaven. It's a pretty straight forward super efficient list. I think the deck needs a The Royal Scions because it's my new pet card :). Just take out one sleight of hand and throw in a royal scions. It makes SFM and Snapcaster beaters in their own right.

    I am still killing it with my list as well. Went 4-0 this week and I am really having fun playing the list. I haven't been able to play as often as I would like with work and a new little one, but I really love where the delver list has gone.

    The starcity meta game from this weekend was super inbred. Basically all Whirza Outcome and Amulet Titan with a sprinkling of other decks. The Whirza decks are really coming on strong. I don't like where this is taking modern again. Watching Whirza vs Amulet and vs Emry Ascendency is like watching the old modern of two ships passing in the night. They really don't interact at all except for sideboard hay makers. I don't like watching modern at all during these times, but delver does very well in a consolidated combo meta so there is a silver lining.

    Another really cool deck that is running around is the grixis control deck. I actually played against this deck during my 4-0 and it was a super fun matchup. I really love that deck because it is old school control with just a ton of value and card draw. I just hope some of these decks start to chip into the whirza and ascendency decks so we can have some grindy battles.
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    Hi Everyone. I wanted to share what I have found so far with the new Eldraine cards.

    The Royal Scions- Seriously great card. This has over performed every time I cast it. The high loyalty is everything. It just ticks up, filters, and makes our creatures all serious threats. I have ultimated this card multiple times and the ultimate has always been game winning. If you play a tempo or aggro-control build then play this card. I am running two copies now. I think this card will be awesome in temur delver as well.

    Brazen Borrower- This card is pretty much exactly what it looks like. It has been underwhelming in a lot of matchups, but has been very good in grindy jund/abzan style matchups. It's never a bad draw, but it doesn't ever seem to be a great draw either. It's a versatile filler card and is a good value card, but nothing special.

    Mystic Sanctuary- A great card for any deck that runs a later game plan. I tried it and couldn't run it at a low land count, but I do think this card will be valuable in the more midrange style builds.

    I haven't tested any other cards yet. It looks like Emory Jeskai Ascendancy is going to be just as good as we thought it would be as well.
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    You're on fire Bloody_Rabbit! That is a very typical occurrence with a jeskai deck. Game one we are typically like 45% to win and the post board games we are like 60%+ to win. We have a very malleable deck and can become the opponent's worst nightmare post board. I love when I win game 1 because I know post board I will be favored to win at least one game.

    I really like that you have found another great synergy item for the deck with saheeli and seasoned pyromancer. It really helps to have a backup plan to win when your first plan is not working out or is hated out. This is especially true when playing a combo finish that can be hated (pithing needle, surgical extraction, ensnaring bridge, etc).

    Spreading seas is a very underrated card. When I had a couple in my board I actually boarded them in against burn sometimes. They often only played like 2-3 lands back then and were on naya burn so they were very effective at taking them off of one color. I'm not sure that would work right now because most of the deck is mono red, but I still think spreading seas is a very sold and versatile card.

    I finally get to play tonight and will let you guys know how it goes. My local place allows the use of the new cards after pre-release so I will be playing with the royal scions in my deck. It's doesn't really count towards DCI since the cards aren't legal yet, but it does make modern night a bit more fun. I expect to see some Whirza variants, burn, possibly jund, shadow, tron, and scapeshift variants. I'm not sure how much things have changed.
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    I found a very similar conclusion that you did Bloody_Rabbit. Teferi just didn't play that well in my maindeck because I a have a more aggressive deck. I used a one of copy in my mainboard, but it really only worked well when the static ability hosed the opponent. The bounce just wasn't good enough for 3 mana. In the matchups where Teferi is good, he is REALLY good and in the matchups where he is ok he is REALLY ok. Sounds like a great sideboard card to me. So I added him to the sideboard. The Royal Scions has been a way better maindeck card for me than teferi was.

    I personlly haven't found Wrenn and Six to be too devistating for my deck. It is very good when I have turn 1 delver on the draw and they play Wrenn and Six, but other than that we have so many ways to answer it that it hasn't changed my mind on the deck. We have Force of Negation, Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, Lightning Bolt (if they ping) etc. However, my deck is different than most delver decks. Wrenn and Six doesn't work against Monastery Swiftspear, Geist of Saint Traft, and Bedlam Reveler. I don't play Vendilion Clique or Young Pyromancer so Wrenn and Six doesn't have as many targets in my deck. He does hit snapcaster mage but at that point I have already gotten value out of snap. I do think Wrenn hurt the clique,young pyro, delver lists greatly.

    COPY CAT is taking over! I have seen the deck everywhere lately. It's a really fun deck and looks really good. I, of course, prefer the jeskai versions you guys have listed, but I have seen the astrolabe versions all over streams. I really like the Seasoned Pyromancers in this list. It can really help you sculpt your hand and discard additional copies of dead cards in the midgame and late game.

    I am a huge fan of having a proactive game plan in jeskai. The biggest advantage we have in jeskai is having access to bolt and helix along with counter magic and great tempo creatures. I always prefer to have a proactive game plan.

    StevomatUWR- That deck looks sick! Really awesome. I would much prefer another copy of FON, but I can't find a cut to make.

    Goyftomcat- This list looks like a patented Goyftomcat list. Every time I see the angels (resto, avacyn, lyra, lightning angel) it always makes me think of your lists. While my lists often can't play any angels I really love to see them in a list. I would probably cut a helix and an electrolyze for a couple copies of Force of Negation. It's just too strong right now not to include unless you have budget concerns.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Green Nykthos Devotion (includes Tooth & Nail)
    Quote from Rendroc »
    Quote from dos_rogue »

    karn's becoming quite the card, i didn't realize he tutored the whole combo except for finks.

    Becoming? Personally, I never feel strongly about banning cards, but I feel like Karn is a bit too good for Modern and goes in so many decks, that it warrants a ban consideration. Like Looting was just an enabler, but Karn is a wincon and control card that can go in any color, that happens to hose artifact decks on its own. That means you also have 4 sideboard cards maindeck vs artifact decks, which is kind of ridiculous.

    Totally agree. I've been playing it for months (I was REALLY high on it and Nissa after I tested them out) and my best performing deck thus far is essentially a Karn deck. The reason it is good for us is:

    1. We can play it on turn 2
    2. We can get to 10 mana by turn 3 for the lock
    3. It gives us a level of interaction we never could have in the main deck
    4. Allows us to board lightly
    5. We use Oath of Nissa already which it is great with.
    6. With all of the artifact-heavy decks running around now...his Null Rod ability is really strong now.

    I've even played cards others haven't in the board because we have more options mana-wise than mose. I know I've said in the past that it wasn't my most exciting deck (as everyone that had any kind of ramp uses the card)...but there is a reason for that. It is busted. The Karn deck is the only deck (outside of combo walkers) that I've kept for months on end due to continued performance in testing.

    I've been trying to get Once Upon a Time in my Karn deck recently (as it is also crazy powerful). That has been my recent attempt. The "core" I've talked about in the past, however, is already like 28 cards...so I don't have much room to play with anymore Smile

    Had one PM for my current Karn deck. I did make a few changes...and it has been a while since I posted it. Here is what I have been trying:

    I know the 1-of Oko seems weird, but it has been good against multiple decks...

    I may try to get another Llanowar Tribe in there. The combination of Tribe, Castle Garenbrig, and Nykthos gets huge sums of mana very quickly.

    9-CMC seems to be more of a “natural” number...so I may look into that more. Three Ulamog is probably too many...you can just get to 8-10 creature mana so quickly! I will try all kinds of payoffs.
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    Quote from Aethelianmage »
    I have a brew for you all to consider.

    Great Henge-Powered Nonsense

    Sideboard is extra creatures to be fetched with Call or Vivien, Hornet Queen, Scavenging Ooze, etc.

    Basically the point of this is to abuse persist + great henge as much as possible. Creatures persisting back triggers the henge, and cancels the -1/-1 counter, which is good, so I threw in Temur Sabertooth to further trigger henge and reuse ETB triggers.

    Funny, I never really thought of just abusing Kitchen Finks and The Great Henge outside of an Infinite Combo :). May be just as good. You could play it as a 1-of (or even in the board) just to have the option.

    Has Vivien, Arkbow Ranger been good? I’m interested in hearing nore about it.
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    Quote from Rendroc »

    You might want to try splashing black for Varolz, the Scar-Striped. Not only does it create a sac outlet to combo off with, but also the Scavenge ability is quite good too in this deck. Seems like a perfect fit. Also, Walking Ballista should def be in the deck.

    Agreed. It you are playing the The Great Henge and Kitchen Finks you should probably play a sacrifice outlet. Varolz, the Scar-Striped is likely best simply because (a) you can Eldamri's Call for it, (b) it is good on its own (as Rendrock said Scavenge is good in our deck and makes the Great Henge cost less, and (c) it is a green 3-drop Smile Just allows you to have the infinite combo available.

    Other than that, the deck looks strong. I'd like to get a Vorazious Hydra into my deck as well. It is great to have the fight ability stuck to such an efficient creatures...and when I've played it there were many times I just cast it as a 10//10 trampler Smile
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    That's why it's great o have a community of like minded players. We can run ideas by everyone and make sure we have it all right before taking it to a tournament or FNM. I can't count how many times I had something wrong with the stack with a new idea.

    BloodyRabbit- I think that deck is really well positioned right now. I agree that Saheeli is just a good card. I played a copy for a long time even without a combo in my deck. I just liked the scry + damage and then the opportunity to make a copy of my snapcasters and/or bedlam revelers. I wish I could have utilized her ultimate, but I couldn't find a good way to do so. I'm glad you are having so much fun and success with the deck. I like the idea of adding pyromancer to the deck. That seems like a ton of value and hand manipulation.

    I am still on my jeskai delver list and have been doing very well with it. I can't wait for eldraine's release so I can play my copy of The Royal Scions and Brazen Borrower. They have been testing extremely well, especially the royal scions. It has been really really good. It's actual similar to saheeli in the fact that is just offers a ton of value, hand manipulation, and damage. However, I can utilize their ultimate which is often game ending.

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