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  • posted a message on [Offtopic] Community Thread
    Okay I figured its been a while since I designed a new EDH so Imma let you guys pick between my ideas

    Radha, Heir to Keld - Beast Tribal

    Lavinia of the Tenth - Enchantress with lots of Pacifiy effects

    Mathas, Fiend Seeker - Removal tribal (not sold on the theme but love the commander)

    Silvos, Rogue Elemental - Monogreen Control (with voltron backup)
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    There is definitely a thread that covers this in general, and I'm pretty sure Phitt (or was it Ulka? someone else?) made a thread where they compiled all the cubes on this subforum and made an 'average' list, that can help give you an idea of what cards are powerful as they might only show up in a few lists.

    It was phitt!

    Gotta make sure Phitt gets credit for his work on that!

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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from xyape »

    1. What makes you think about it again? Did you find it hard to keep balanced? Was the Cube a completely different experience small/large?

    2. You are talking a lot of sense. I have to say my experiences are quite similar. Like said it could just be my issue comes from too many removal in black and not enough resilient creatures. Or the fact that I prefer black myself...

    3. I'm very interested in how your U/W Control will work out. From my experience the lack draw in White makes it much weaker for control compared to Black. Maybe defensive creatures are it's forte. UW Tempo Fliers usually worked great for me though.
    I looked at your list and don't really see a big support for UB Artifact, even though it seems interesting. I would guess it can be quite parasitic.
    The rest seem pretty much what I've already been using.

    4. I saw your power level is pretty high... You've never thought UR Tinker/Isochron is too strong? Loxodon player as a winnning the lotery? I guess it comes down to the playgroup. Maybe regular playgroups allows time for players to adapt and prioritize hate cards more...

    5. How do you think it influences aggro? Both Karoo and Khan are Control Lands, I would guess it would slow the format down a little.

    Thank you as well for giving some great insights.

    1. I changed my cube structure up mostly to try new things and keep my cube feeling new and fresh for my drafters. I find if I leave the cube the same for too long, it minimizes the fun experience of cards you haven't used and prevents that 'wow' factor. Balancing works itself out after a few drafts as you notice the same type of deck will win if needed nerf something or adjust the archetype.

    2. Black's balance was difficult to find but i found that following i believe it was odyssey's or zendikar's structure (its been a while since I looked back on my OG notes) for black led to a nice balance which lead to a nicer balance in removal vs not removal.

    3. Im actually phasing out fliers as an archetype as it led to too many non-games for those who drafted. this is an example of adjusting to my group. I keep logistics from each deck draft and it lead to was to often 1/3s and 0/4s

    4. Hasnt been an issue yet. Maze has been the only card that has been complained about but I also abused the crap put of it all 4 matches soo

    5. Aggro of all archtypes doesn't need help. Its really hard to slow down aggro in this format because of its consistency vs controls lack of. Yes if someone is trying 3 color aggro the lands will cause more of an issue but most aggro decks are 2 colors and the fixing isn't as needed in those decks. Lands haven't played to much of a hindrance in my experience as a cube manager.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from xyape »
    Hello world!

    Instead of creating a new thread I'll just post here.
    I have a few questions if anyone would be kind enough to help or give opinions.
    Basically I created my first C/Ube a few years back, when returning to MTG (end of Theros block). It used to be 360 Modern Peasant + Rare Lands.
    I decided later on to expand it beyond modern for a power boost.
    My playgroup was also growing fast back then, so next I expanded it to 540.
    Then life got in the way and I haven't had time to play, let alone maintain my cube.
    So for a year and half it gathered dust and our playgroup partially lost interest.

    Now I want to bring it back, so my ideas are the following:

    The main reasons I built my Cube:
    - to enable new players to pick up MTG, to learn to Draft and to play.
    - to play with my more experienced friends, have it be interesting for them.
    - my playgroup is a constant few and many fluctuating or newer players.
    - online legality, no un-cards; I might have a small conspiracy package to bring in, but that's neither here nor there.
    As you can tell it's really a balancing act for this Cube, granted Peasant is best suited for it.

    I want to make a 360 C/Ube (for smaller playgroups) with a 180 expansion package (for larger drafts). So a 540 Cube total.
    I know it'll be a complicated thing to build, so any suggestions how to approach it, to keep it balanced are much appreciated.

    How do you go about when you feel like one colour is stronger than the rest, do you prefer cutting from it or giving answers to other colours?
    What unexpected results has that yielded?

    I want to refresh Draft Archetypes within my Cube.
    What are Archetypes you like in your Cubes that you feel work well?
    Do you create Primary and Secondary Archetypes for all colour pairs?
    If not I would be very interested in hearing how you choose them.

    It used to be Power first, but now I want to create a complex and deep draft environment.
    Additionally I want to create a banlist (e.g. Isochron Scepter, Demonic Tutor, Loxodon Warhammer,...)
    So how do you go about creating a base idea for the environment or the Cube Outline?
    How do you think about Ally vs. Enemy colour pairs? Do you consider Shards and Clans?

    5. LANDS
    I used to have cycle of Painlands as support for aggro. Now with the full cycle of Fastlands are they the better choice?
    For the Purists do you feel like aggro is good enough without rare land support?
    How about Scry lands for control? Or how about giving different Guilds different lands?
    I also felt like my Cube used to have too much fixing. Where do you consider the sweet spot?

    Sorry for a lot of questions. If you take time to even answer one of them it would really be much appreciated.
    I just really want to make the Peasant Cube justice and show it in it's best light.
    Thanks to everyone for creating and cultivating this community, it really helps out a lot.

    1. I actually did this for a while. The extension was marked with a black sharpie circle at the bottom left hand corner of the sleeve on the front side so not to impair drafting but made sorting faster. Overall I eventually phased it out but have considered bringing it back in.

    2. Color is one thing I tend not to balance to much as I have found my drafters draft based on their personal play style not power when it comes to my cube. I have however made each color follow more of how most sets set up their logistics so to follow creature count ect which has helped prevent certain colors (cough red cough) from running away. So i guess i do modify but mostly to mimic how sets are set up as they tend to lead to more stable drafts.

    3. Archetypes:
    Azorius: Control (still figuring this out in my rework)
    Dimir: Artifacts (gravematters control sub)
    Rakdos: Suicide Aggro (sweeper control sub archetype)
    Gruul: Yavimay Fires (with X spell Sub arch)
    Selesnya: Value.dec (i guess) with a Warrior Tribal sub theme (testing currently)
    Boros: Tokens (aggro also)
    Orzhov: Aristrocats
    Simic: Ramp
    Golgari: dredge
    Izzet: Spells Matter

    I chose these as I know how my playgroup likes to play in various formats and peasant offers a unique way of highlighting these without have broken decks.

    4. my cube is set up to support the draft for my group so idk i haven't banned anything outside wall of denial but that was only because it made control unbeatable majority of games it was successfully fast.

    5. Land i keep true peasant so ranivca karoos, trilands, and life khan lands and then value lands outside of that but i try to keep rare lands out of my cube.

    Hope that helps
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  • posted a message on Rando Cube Card of the Day
    today's card: Barrow Ghoul

    The ghoul feels weak. maybe if we weren't a cube but rather constructed decks I could see this ghoul used but even that is a long stretch. Could maybe be used in a dredge heavy archetype but seems subpar to other options.

    So my question for today in addition to this rando card is is there any subpar card you use in your cube due to personal preference?
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  • posted a message on Rando Cube Card of the Day
    From above:

    Todays's card is Benthicore

    I mean 7 power for 7 mana is always a good benchmark yet it is across 3 bodies 2 of which are subpar. Had benithcore has flying I feel like he would be playable but without a larger merfolk or wizard support in the cube its not worth it.
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  • posted a message on Rando Cube Card of the Day
    today's card is much better: Imperious Perfect

    I think its one of the few snap includes in my cube as it offers so many different lines of play from elfball to go-wide. its a solid card that I can't imagine removing from the cube.
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  • posted a message on Rando Cube Card of the Day
    haha I figured it was bad but seemed like in context of storm could be used.
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  • posted a message on Evaluate Everything
    Quote from Leelue »
    Heir of falkenrath had been good enough for me to not be in the 1 mire.

    Same. I put it in a solid 2 category as its a solid beater that early game is a removal magnet which is amazing in the reanimator archetype it as seems to find a home in for my cube.
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  • posted a message on Rando Cube Card of the Day
    Today's Random card is Skirge Familiar

    Well This could be good if people play storm. I know I have used this paired with Rain of filth in edh to storm out but im curious if people ran storm does this seem like a solid card or nah?
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  • posted a message on Cards you Wish Were Rareshifted Down.
    Maddening Imp would be a fun card to have. I don't think it would receive a ton of plan but paired with a few Pacifism effect it could be a solid engine.
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 rarity shifts for Peasant cube
    Cards that are auto Includes for me:

    Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon" - Anthem on a body is solid
    Loyal Sentry - A defensive 1 drop for my Azorious control archetype.
    Undead Gladiator - With Golgari's archetype being dredge/ grave matters I feel he slots in there perfectly even if a bit slow. He creates options which is always nice in an archetype that abuses versatility.
    Iwamori of the Open Fist - Strong hitter with trample and fists of fury is a 4 drop I like.
    utopia sprawl - I've been meaning to add a copy but i only owned 4 and they are slotted into modern already. now I can pick up another copy.
    Balduvian Horde - Another fatty for cheap. I love the 5/5 for 4 and it really adds to the fires deck that is currently slotted into gruul's archetype.
    shadowmage infiltrator - Iconic as all heck. snap add.

    Willbender: it has always been a fun card but I lack enough morph cards normally. Ire Shaman added another morph which could make it worth it.
    Ire Shaman: With willbender getting possibly re-added this may be worth trying out.
    Ihsan's Shade : the classic unkillable dude. I have been looking at him for a bit and im interested in testing him again.
    Jalira, Master Polymorphist: Polymorphing seems really fun and should lead to interesting memorable games. While not an auto include will probably be in my cube expansion that I am going to be adding shortly.
    Stangg: Love the guy. He seems weaker for a guild spot but the two hard to kill in combat bodies may be worth it.
    Erg Raiders: while super outclassed he is such a classic card and I love this art. Probably wont make the cut but its so cool.

    Card getting art replaced:
    Arcane denial - Maybe the old art will be replaced with the new art. I like the runes but am unsure as of yet.

    That said many of these changes are going to be chnaged as I continue to evaluate my cube as Im going through a massive overahul recently so
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  • posted a message on Stangg + Twin Token .:. WOTC FB Spoiler
    I'm Hyped. He was one of my first commanders and i'm excited to finally have a token for him. overall a solid uncommon
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 Name and Number Crunch
    Quote from RedGauntlet »
    So no shot for Phyrexian Tower....

    It could still get printed technically as an uncommon
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 rarity shifts for Peasant cube
    Stangg is getting reprinted!

    note: he is being printed as an uncommon again
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