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  • posted a message on SCG Providence on camera mistake
    I think the fault lies with the judge. Costa's life total was getting switched around on the scoreboard quite a lot and even the announcers were a little confused at one point because of it.
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  • posted a message on What colors will Ajani be if he appears in BNG or JOU?
    Based off this discussion, I highly agree with those that think Ajani will be a GW walker in his next appearance. I haven't followed the storyline, but it makes sense standard-wise that they wouldn't have two Ajani mono-white walkers, and the fact there isnt a GW walker yet. Wizards is pushing a more creature heavy board with this new block, and a GW walker would give GW Aggro a solid push in the right direction much like Domri/Xenagos made R/G a very solid deck. He'd be a midrange of sorts since his 3-drop self is meant for aggro.

    With the amount of storyline shared in this thread I could see him having abilities to help out Elspeth, so creature help/life gain and destroying permanents?

    I would imagine his abilities being much like Sorin, Lord of Innistrad:
    2GW or 3GW
    + Ability: Lifegain or Multiple Counters
    - Ability: Emblem with creatures you control are indestructible, hexproof, +X/+X (not all of these, just what I have in mind)
    Ultimate: Exile up to X (3-4?) target permanents (ability to remove gods would be a perk)

    Of course this is all just my speculation, and somewhat of my hopes Smile
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  • posted a message on R/W Control/Midrange?
    Hey guys, I've been working on a R/W Control deck, looking for some constructive criticism before I take it to my local FNM.

    Deck works around stalling the board through the first few turns until I can get out the Purphoros, Assemble the Legion, and Elspeth Sun's Champion combo. All the while ticking down my opponents life total with burn spells. I don't see Purphoros becoming a creature with devotion very often even though its possible, but his pump ability and burn are enough on their own.

    Creature-wise, Reckoner and Yoked Ox wall up against any aggressive strategies. Spark Trooper comes in as a pleasant surprise to gain a little life and peck at my opponents life total.

    Magma Jet, Lightning Strike, and Warleader's Helix act as spot removal to early game threats if I don't have my defensive creatures up or can just hit my opponent in the face. Mizzium Mortars and Anger of the Gods are the board sweepers and solid spot removal at any point in the game.

    Chained to the rocks can be saved to pick up anything with toughness 5 or greater that my burn can't deal with.

    I threw in an Aurelia's Fury because it can be a very good control card late game. Playing it at the beginning of my opponents upkeep can tap down their creatures and prevent them from playing any new spells. Practically forcing them to skip a turn.

    Any suggestions?! I can see this deck doing wonderfully against creature intensive strategies and even decks like Mono Black or Blue, but falling short to Esper and U/W Control. When playing control decks I would board in more Spark Troopers and replace Mortars with Boros Charms or other burn so that I can hit my opponent directly or redirect to their Planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Legion's Initiative
    I didn't see why it was a Mythic until I realized that it's Niv-Mizzet! Buncha soldiers standing up to the Nivster, that's pretty epic!

    Hope this card isn't super expensive, I can see it doing work in a R/W Human deck with Kessig Malcontents
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