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  • posted a message on Atraxa Stax Poison


    I'm brewing a Stax version of Atraxa. What i'm trying to reach is slow the opponent, avoid him to take to much advantage, give him a poison counter, lock the game, proliferate, win. Easy to say ^^

    The point here is to go full competitive, but with budgetal restrictions :p No Wasteland or biland or Nethervoid etc...

    I've never build a Stax EDH, so tell me if I have to much draw, to many removals, redundancy or other.

    When telling me what to change, what you think, please argue a minimum, i will answer with pleasure! Grin
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  • posted a message on [Primer] 4C Gifts
    Painter's servant versus Eldrazi Wink You're welcome
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  • posted a message on BUW Aggro/Control - Esper Midrange
    A quiet standard list. I personaly removed Murderous Cut from my list, and replaced Scours for better cards.I do play 3 mana leak with 2 remand, and i will never go up. I think that discard is better to protect our treats, we want to play them quiet fast (wait turn 5 to Mentor + counter is a bit late IMO).
    I still prefer Sorin aver the Ally of zendikar. Gives back life, tokens and boost. Pay 4 manas for a simple prowess trigger is expensive, even if it drops a 2/2. And the 5/5 body... bwarf. He is bloacked to easily, you can not block Tas/rhino with it, and if you play a list with board sweepers, the first version of Gideon is better (i play him and is really insane). Yes the Ally is amazing in standard, but there is better in modern.
    Hangarback walker is a bit like Gideon, the ally. really good in standard, but in modern, with souls, pyroclasms, Kolagahn's command, electrolyse,..... he is not that good.
    Jace is good, really. Fill the yard, recast for prowess trigger,... i should have buy them at 15$... Frown

    Voilà ! Smile
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  • posted a message on Meren of Clan Nel Toth
    I like your list! except for the points I already explained :p

    In a deck like this, i do not think you need twice the same effect on creatures, you have enought tutocards to grab it when you need it, and if it already has been used, rez it! Grin

    Give us feed back when you have some Smile
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  • posted a message on Ghave- Enchantress lockdown
    Could you imagine this deck without white?
    I would like to play a Meren EDH in the same idea than this deck, but with the advantage that you do not need mana to have creature on the board as Meren will bring them from underground. The idea is to go eavily on cards like Neitehr void, Contamination, Braids, cabal minion, Desolation, etc... Maybe is Armaggedon and Cie just mendatory...

    I like the idea to see the board loosing its vital substance =P

    Cheers! Smile
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  • posted a message on Meren of Clan Nel Toth
    Wooow such aggresivity :p did I say that Fauna is a bad card? hum... not here. And actually I only play here to bait a removal. Smile there is always a removal for Fauna ;P

    "Have you ever played with Liliana" actually... yes... and I am sure that pithcing good cards is always bad, because when liliana will be removed, those cards are lost, Yes Meren could bring back some, but not fast enoug, I think.

    Yes you can sac your dork. you actually will do it later, but then? sac meren? or sac a dork and bringing them back with meren 'till the end of the game? bringing back kills / wincons is just better... I think...

    " Have you ever played Bloodghast?! " Wink Bloodghast will not apply pressure, netheir block, for sure! It'is even writen on it :p but it lowers the pressure of your own cards on yourself Grin witch is great! isn't it?

    But of course, as usual, these are just my 2cents Grin from a guy who actually have no idea on how to build for a highlander format Wink


    Totally personal note :
    "Have you ever played with Liliana?" and "I don't think you know how to build for a highlander format." this kind of free aggresivity is so basic... like attacking the guy writing is always easier than finding good arguments, but I prefere when we stuck on the subject Smile
    You're attacking me, but you actually have no idea of who i am and apparently no idea even of what i say :p Take your time to read, try to understand why did i say it, and never forget that... It is just my 2cents Grin
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  • posted a message on Meren of Clan Nel Toth
    The probleme with Bob and Behemoth is that life will become an issue after you drew behemoth (to late to react) and leaving you in a difficult situation (8 life is a lot!).
    Yes the combo is a "oops, i won", then you should just use all of your tutos just to go for buried alive then... just make a black deck full of tutos and reanimation.
    Bloodghast and Crawler, because having something to sac for Phyrexian altar, Braids, Phyrexian tower, Contamination ...... other than Meren or your wincon is just... good. You are also playing cards like Fauna, Survival and ^Liliana of the Veil demanding you to discard cards, i do not know for you, but i really dislike discarding Reclamation sage, Ooze, Oracle, Slim,... It is so easy to take advantage out of card like Bloodghast.

    FearDReaper: You do not play other swarm cardsd, that's why i think Behemoth isn't good here, unlike in Sidisi who is flooding the board with tokens making Behemoth good by itself. Mindslicer and Sadistic hyp one of those is enough for me. You want to see it versus specific match ups and not at a precise time, so you have time to tuto it^^
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  • posted a message on Meren of Clan Nel Toth
    I do not really understand your list actually. You are playing card like Whisperwood Elemental (good stuff gameplan or a good way to take over the board in a good environment), lots of sacrifice related card/mechanisms (makes sens in a deck where your Commander brings back guys^^) But also some combo (necrotic ooze - Triskelion - Devourer), Darck Confidant with 8mana cards, and a Behemoth (clearly a swarm strategy oriented card :p ) -> To many things I think.
    My 2cents :
    • leave the combo-ish cards. Not consistent enough here.
    • choose between low CMC and Bob (I would play Bob and lower the curve with on top maybe Whisperwood Elemental, Grave Titan and Griselbrand as cards above 4CMC)
    • Swarm or sacrifice... the reasons are clear I gess :p

    Birthing Pod is clearly a mendatory card here, but Ysan... i don't know... yes if he works, but the chances are low... If you like it, play it^^ (we all have crapy cards in EDH just because they are cool^^ ), but do not try to fit the mana curve for him.
    Sylvan Primordial: 7 is a lot to destroy a land and get us one. If he had trample... But as I said, if you like it... listen to the Johnny Grin

    Conclusion: choose a game plan and stick to it. If you want to play it aggro and swarm and burn (yes! why not?^^) just make 3 different decks. Otherwise you will be able to play none of the strategies.
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  • posted a message on Meren of Clan Nel Toth
    I do think that Meren, in a pure reanimation strategy, is weaker than Karador. Not speaking about the Commander itself, but the deck. With Karador you will almost always win thanks to a loop, a combo, something recursive. This is where white gives you consistency. For the variable cost of Karador that you mentioned, I do not think of it as a disadvantage. The deck run efficiently without him, he is just a reanimation spell that you can cast under certain conditions. He allows some really strong mechanisms (Spore Frog, Yosei + sac, Shriekmaw, etc... But he is not NEEDED, all of those cards are good with lots of others in the deck. He is just a bonus.

    For our new friend Meren, I do think that the things will be different. You should play cards like Smallpox, Death cloud, Nether Void, Liliana of the Veil, Braids, cabal minion, Tangle Wire to slow the game (mana denial + general sac-outlets), control your opponent (discard), put some beasts in your graveyard, and then Meren will be necessary to take advantage on the situation by bringing back some friends (everyplayer should have the smallest hand, with a unusable manabase, but a monster on your side).
    To increase the number of counter, I would play cards like Bloodghast, Nether Traitor, Gravecrawler with Viscera Seer, Phyrexian Tower, Phyrexian Altar, ...

    Yes they both reanimate creatures, but i do think that the similarities stop here. That's for my two cents =) (miror matches of this deck will be amazing =P )
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  • posted a message on Meren, mana denial/attrition
    Wow nice suggestions Grin I could play some mana dorks to counter balance the effect of Contamination. They can be sac for experience counter if needed... phyrexian altar will also help with chrome mox/diamond mendatory i guess.
    Smokestack seems good also^^

    thanx Grin
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  • posted a message on Meren, mana denial/attrition
    Hi folks!

    I would like to play Meren of Clan Nel Toth as commander. The goal is to play on cards like Smallpox, Deathcloud, Braids, cabal minion, Nether void (mana denial + sacrifice) to slow the game and take advantage of the Meren's ability.

    So i'm looking for some idea^^ Braids, Nether void, Bloodghast, Phyrexian altar, Sinkhole, rain of tears (and others^^), Nether Traitor, etc... I'm specially looking for something like a black/green armagedon and some other effects Smallpox like.

    Help =)
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  • posted a message on Meren of Clan Nel Toth: On Revenge and Reanimation
    I do thing that Karador will be better in a reanimator gameplay. White gives you Reveillark, Yosei, the morning star, Saffi Eriksdotter, Academy rector, Sun titan, Ashen Rider, Elesh Norn, grand cenobite, Karmic guide. To many amazing card with such great sinergy that i do not want to loose them. I wanted to play Meren, but actually I do thing that the right way to play her is in a Karador EDH or maybe, eventually, in a kind of Smallpox, Deathcloud Sinkhol Nether void strategy... (the more i write this strat, the better it seems to me :P)

    Some good cards in BG:
    Spore Frog aggro
    Recurring Nightmare really is a Recurring Nightmare
    Thragtusk aggro and combo with the previous nightmare
    Deathrite Shaman 1mana planewalker, just to good^^
    Smothering Abomination card advantage, sac outlet, fly....

    For the LftL packages... nop. LftL is an amazing card on its own, but all the cars that go with it are bad on their own.... Dakmor Salvage is a bad swamp, raven's crime is not wors the slot... each of thos card that you draw will just do nothing but waiting a potential LftL.

    An other advice: avoid the trap of the all dredge or all graveyard plan. The more full your graveyard is, the sensitive it is to grave-hate. just have what you need in it, no more. Deadbridge Chant, Splinterfright are some of those traps.

    Actually I would probably a GB land mana denial with some funny Braids, Cabal minion, Bloodghast....
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  • posted a message on BUW Aggro/Control - Esper Midrange
    I was just thinking, we should find a way to effectively cast Temporal Mastery. This card with either Mentor or Geist could be really strong (yes Timewalk is strong^^). The problem is the "effectively"... I currently am running 4 Serum Vision, 3 Probes and 2 Remand. This probably is to much draw for miracles. I was thinking on removing the Probes to include something like See Beyond... Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Patric Chapin TEMUR prowess
    The problem when you rely to much on prowess, is removals and blockers ... you loose to many card on a single well placed removal or a flashed/block Snap or just opponent board presence. Yes, he is playing Swiftspear and Abbot, but he does not rely only on it. That's why he is playing Rancor, this make +3/trample on a Swiftspear, that's really strong on turn 2 and later the opponent will have to block and it's hard for him to do it without taking any damage. The only replacement i could see for Goyf here is Hooting Mandrils. G, 4/4, trample, all good.

    Your deck looks more like a slowest version of Shotgun elemental. You do not need white. Seeker is not an aggro card.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] 4C Gifts
    Are we allowed to cast the card exiled with Bring to Light only the same turn ? It is not specified like for Abbot :p
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