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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Yea it’s cool. With storm at least though I feel like they’re already siding in enchantment and artefact hate against us anyway because they’re expecting RiP/Grafdigger’s so I don’t see how this is any different.

    Obviously useful as anti-Tron that can also disrupt storm which the other two can’t though.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Thanks for you comments, I appreciate it Smile

    Yea for sure, I realise now that this is something I need to fix. I'm going to get hold of another Thoughtseize and go 3/3 split with IoK I think. I have 2 Collective Brutality for the Duress effect; sometimes against storm it's great to use the first and second mode to remove a Goblin Electromancer too.

    Runed Halo is something I've never played with but you're right that it would be a good idea to try it. I'm going to think carefully about this but not sure what I'd replace it for.

    I boarded out IoK against Jund because although it feels good to catch out resources from their hand turn 1 on the play, overall the matchup is going to get into top-deck grind mode and IoK is a terrible topdeck when they're just slamming their threat/removal every turn. Taking it out makes me more vulnerable early but increases the quality of my topdecks to actually give me something to respond to what they have. Perhaps I'm wrong in this thinking but that was my logic.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Ok so my deck has been fully built for a while now so I can just focus on learning to play it optimally at my LGS for FNM. The decklist is as follows:

    Notable comments about my meta:

    1) There is a distinct lack of tron. As in, I haven't faced a single tron deck in over a dozen FNMs. I also have not seen one on any tables near me.
    2) Burn and Affinity are fairly rare, with only one notable player on each deck that attends regularly (with a usual attendance of ~30 players).
    3) There are quite a few regular storm players that I seem to get matched up against a lot.
    4) The rest of the meta is mostly typical midrange and control. Lots of Jund, Grixis and Jeskai decks of different varieties as well as quite a few white-based Eldrazi decks (Bant, Mono White, Orzhov Midrange).
    5) There are a few devoted janky combo brewers that always bring curveball stuff. Often quite durdly but punish you if you haven't stopped/disrupted them by turn 4-5.

    I would appreciate any advice that anyone could give me related to the decklist based on this. Particularly sideboard advice since that has been through so many iterations that I've never been happy with, mostly because I don't have much idea of how to use it effectively.

    FNM Report 9/3/18:

    Overall Score 2-2-0

    Round 1: GW Value... stuff? 2-0

    Game 1 I remove the couple of things he puts on the board and strip what's left from his hand, then he floods while I bash him with tokens.

    Sideboard - I don't think I even sideboarded anything in this game? I may have switched 2 IoK for Mirran Crusader since I only saw green creatures.

    Game 2 We both kept dodgy 6 handers but I drew 2 hand disruption into good topdecks which tears him apart. Nothing notable happens and I grind and trade him out the way that tokens does.

    Round 2: Jund 0-2 (I'm embarrassed)

    Game 1 I get an excellent opening hand with a full curve and relevant mana. He uses spot removal to clear my board, including dreadbore for my walker and I feel ok about that until he cascades into a LotV and I lose the grind and miss the win by a few hp.

    Sideboard - -4 IoK, -2 ZP, +2 Mirran Crusader, +2 RiP, +1 AU, +1 Pithing Needle

    Game 2 I had both Mirran Crusaders in my opener plus a balanced hand. I remove his first threats then slam them both down. He cascades into Anger of the Gods to save himself from lethal and I never get back on my feet.

    Round 3: BW Eldrazi Midrange 2-0

    I've played this guy regularly before and it's always pretty rough for him.

    Game 1 We trade resources until we're both topdecking with a pretty stale boardstate of ground tokens on my side and some lingering souls on his side. He slams reality smasher and I path it discarding a land, he topdecks 2 lingering souls and floods the board and I topdeck my own lingering souls but with a zealous persecution at the ideal moment.

    Sideboard - -2 IoK, -1 Fatal Push, +2 Slaugher the Strong, +1 Pithing Needle (for displacer).

    Game 2 He keeps me on the back foot for a while but struggles to get anything aggressive down. I take it slow and play it carefully not just using my tokens to chump block, using my hp as a resource and eventually draw three intangible virtues that allows me outrade anything he has for the win.

    Round 4: Grixis Control (Thing in the Ice) 0-2

    Game 1 I see he doesn't have a great hand so I try to race. He stops me just in time wiht Blood Moon shutting me off black mana, slams down a Thing and quickly flips it to destroy my over-committed board for the win.

    Sideboard - -3 Fatal Push, -2 Auriok Champions, -2 Zealous Persecution, -2 IoK, +1 AU, +2 Collective Brutality, +2 Slaughter the Strong, +2 RiP, +2 Disenchant

    Game 2 I have no turn 1 play but play T2 Raise the Alarm into T3 Lingering Souls. He responds with turn 3 Surgical Extraction on Raise the Alarm into Snapcaster, Surgical on Lingering. He counterspells the Spectral processions I draw and I just durdle until he kills me. This was bloody brutal.

    Overall a pretty fun night. I really need to practice that Jund Matchup though...
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Looks like a common version of the small Gideon iteration of this deck we’re seeing around these days. I’m interested in your choice to drop spectral procession completely in favour of the Gideons and Auriok Champion, I guess this is to do with your colourless lands.

    Spectral is also backbreaking against Jund and Shadow decks so... something to think about.

    If your meta is very heavy on those I would potentially 4/2 on IoK and Thoughtseize if Burn really is popular. Then you sideboard the two TS into Collective Brutality.

    Your land base really isn’t that bad to be honest. Not sure how you want to switch in more basics but I don’t think the Fetid Heath is necessary. It potentially creates more dead starting hands too when you’re stuck with just that and a colourless land.

    I would also consider dropping at least one Shambling Vent. You have Legion’s Landing and Auriok Champion for some conditional life gain that should be enough even in a Burn meta.

    This gives you space for 1-2 more basics and enough outs to Blood Moon if relevant (even if it comes to using PtE on your own token!).
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    I’m assuming that you’ve tuned this list in response to an aggro heavy meta. You’ve gone quite light on hand disruption (I would never drop below 5) and quite heavy on creature removal. Is there a reason for this?

    I’ve been running lists similar to this for a while at FNM and been able to at least 2-2 regularly in a meta that lacks Tron (but also lacks some other traditionally good matchups for us) and I am happy with it.

    I would personally feel unsafe going without two anguished unmaking in the 75, especially as you lack other planeswalker or enchantment removal.

    Without knowing more about your meta... the list seems fine. Although with you leaning towards being aggressive with legion’s landing and raise the alarm you need to swap out the Shambling Vents since you want as few tapped lands as possible. Put in Shefet Dunes instead.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    I’ve been running two GQ for a while now and it definitely has caused issues with turn 3 spectrals to the point that I even considered dropping them at one point in favour of midnight haunting (although I am admittedly super reactionary about feel-bad games).

    Dropping spectral down to 3 to allow a Secure the Wastes has put me in fewer bad mana situations but I might even go down to 2 to squeeze more ghost quarters in.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from rick90 »
    I drop the deck a lot of months ago, did we get some nice new cards? what about legion's landing?

    LL is a great card. I’ve never played the bitterblossom variant of this deck, only LL with Raise the Alarm. If you tone down on the control a little and fit these in instead you can make for a more aggressive deck. Carefully consider the numbers of all your cards and you can squeeze in a lot more aggression.

    It changes a few of the matchups when you run this shell, control becomes a bit tougher but it gives you even more game against other aggressive decks and makes you a bit faster, making Tron less of a nightmare (but still not great).

    I’m a huge fan of this variant but I think overall that the more control oriented bitterblossom shell is better overall.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Pretty good. At least slightly favourable to us.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    ^Echo everything above.

    Nice to see someone else running the aggro version. I chose to lower the hand disruption instead of the removal (I run 4 disruption and 7 removal) instead of the other way around like you’ve done. Haven’t done enough testing to know which is better but I’d be interested to see more reports of your matchups.

    Nice to see Elspeth in there. Most players will champion Sorin and Gideon before her and believe that Sorin is the best but I find he doesn’t help me win matchups I wouldn’t otherwise win so I’m testing running gideons and elspeths in various combinations instead.

    Both of them are better or more flexible at recovering an empty or unfavourable board state compared to Sorin who has to use a minus ability to produce a token. I found that too many times I was playing him and paying 4 mana for a vamp token before Sorin was destroyed.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from BaronBS »
    What does everyone think about Slaughter the Strong?

    It’s an interesting card for us but I’m trying to envisage which matchups we want this effect and whether or not the effect does what we need, especially being sorcery speed.

    I feel like it’s a real consideration for the Eldrazi matchup where it gets round Reality Smasher’s targeting restrictions but it still gives your opponent the option to keep any Displacers/TKS they have. You’d need to follow this wipe up with a targeted removal to get rid of whatever they keep. At this point we may as well wrath the board? I guess we get to keep up to 4 tokens though...

    This should also work well against merfolk. Against other go-wides like elves and affinity... I don’t think this works, at least not as well as Zealous Persecution, correct me if I’m wrong.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    I feel like this not a thing at all. The card is too narrow and high CMC compared to other hate to see any play against us in Modern IMO.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    I’ve just noticed that we all glossed over your post slaiter , sorry. This thread suddenly got busy.

    Overall your list looks solid. Less aggressive than mine but the balance looks good. I would try and find space for a second Zealous Persecution. I honestly didn’t like the card at first and didn’t used to run any but the -1/-1 to opponent’s creatures is SO relevant in many matchups that it becomes an insane card on many occasions. Often you get a one sided board wipe and an anthem effect for just 2 cmc, which is incredible.

    It also allows for combat tricks where your opponent might think they’re safe to block one of your 1/1s with their toughness 2 utility monster and you can catch them out, essentially turning your tokens into free removal spells for a turn. This works especially well in the Raise the Alarm shell where you’re battling through the ground as well as in the air with spirits.

    Not sure about the transgress, have never run them myself. Perhaps you could report on some trials and any reasoning on running 3 due to your local meta.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    You don’t need much sideboard against Burn at all, the matchup is easy for this shell. A couple of blessed alliances and you’re good to go. Same for Death’s Shadow where Temur Battle Rage is the only card you really have to worry about if they’re running it.

    I’m currently running

    Selfless spirit is definitely good for protecting against wipes and trading effectively with other go wide decks (humans, elves, merfolk) and makes for another small beater even if you don’t need his activated ability.

    Grafdigger’s for CoCo and Storm (where RiP and Collective also come in).

    If you manage to find an effective strategy to beat Eldrazi then let me know. It’s currently pretty hopeless for me and I find it hard to predict what hate they’re running but the disenchants, anguished and ghost quarter are for this matchup at the moment.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    Quote from GreatCrow »

    As someone who is going to swap to the more aggressive shell, what does your spell list look like? I have some ideas on how to proceed, but since you've been playing it I figure you would know exactly how to do things.

    After a lot of shifting around and playing both online and at my LGS I've settled on this:

    which leaves you with a flex spot that I'm not entirely decided on what to fill with. I've tried various things in this slot, the obvious one being Sorin, Solemn Visitor but I actually don't find him that useful, only really being effective in matchups where the lifelink is relevant. Also, only being able to produce tokens on a minus loyalty ability is an unfortunate drawback on a deck based on momentum like this one.

    You could put in a second Gideon, Anguished or Secure the Wastes, even Hero of Bladehold (my personal favourite card of all time but slow and vulnerable); I've tried all of these and am not 100% on any of them if I'm honest. I will most likely settle on a fifth hand disruption spell (likely inquisition) as Storm and Control are becoming increasingly popular at my LGS.

    The numbers of the anthems (two ZP's and specifically the singleton HotP) is based on a lot of testing of various numbers of each and feels best in this combination with a third ZP in the sideboard to bring in against go-wides. As I mentioned above, you could potentially also drop a Legion's Landing for another flex slot but I'm so happy with it that I stick to 4.
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  • posted a message on BW Tokens
    I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure Burn, affinity and GDS are all fine matchups too (favourability dependent on particular cards and side boarding).

    I’ll admit that my interpretation of matchups is a little skewed because I run the faster shell which means I don’t see some matchups in the same way but I’m pretty sure a hand disruption to steal Thalia and a disenchant on the aether vial are pretty reliable ways to even the field against humans.

    I will admit my humans matchup did become a lot more difficult since removing Hour of Reckoning from my sideboard though.
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