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  • posted a message on Advice to MTGS Staff ITT
    Bong Wang thinks problems with moderation not get resolved by shooting messenger

    Bong Wang polite yet sincere earnest advice. discussions focused in userbase for too long this not constructive and conductive to reform and improvement site relations.
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  • posted a message on Advice to MTGS Staff ITT
    Good Salvation moderators, been reading new subforum with many interest. many disturbing things. have opinion interesting to share with moderators and members of site, but very difficult because been criticised for bad english language, but luck have english person helped translate Bong wang opinion in good language. Here is opinion new member:

    1) administrators need to be assertive, stop being scared of screwing around, and stop being scared about the users of the site. They need to have the guts to do the right thing, and stop pandering to things such as feelings, or BS like keeping an united front and an illusion of consensus. You have been entrusted with a greater power. Use it for the good of the site instead of being worried in fostering an illusionary consensus with the lower ranks.

    1.a) Learn the meaning of leadership
    People will respect you for your actions, not for your rank. If people feel you are not honoring your rank, they will call for your dismissal. This is in respect for the rank which they will think you ae unfit for. The correct action would then be to earn the respect your rank commends through your actions, not infracting and banning people because you feel insecure. Most of you are in universities where there are generally short-courses available about leadership (usually given by invited military staff). Attend those courses and learn the true meaning of leadership

    2) part of the regular moderators need to think about their subforum best interests instead of trying to enforce their idealized vision of what the subforums could be. Some subforums are very well managed, others are not, and this is the result of a proselitic attitude which is uncalled for. Typically the users know what is the best tone that is warranted for each subforum. Hear them out.

    3) stop revising rules, making new rules, or thinking about new rules.
    In the past, the site has worked without much hassle with a given set of rules. You are having problems because the rules are not being well applied, and because staff is afraid to exert their best judgment and resorting to common-sense. Rules were very effective in the past, when they were applied with proper discretion. This is no longer true not because of a problem with the rules, but because proper discretion is no longer applied.

    moddesks are riddled with kafkian situations fostered by the blind application of rules. this has to stop. Urgently.

    3.a) stop being paralyzed by the fear of not being consistent. Trust your gut instead and you will end up being consistent by default.

    3.b) try to bring the best members of MTGS onboard, but be careful to chose those who have the capacity of having proper social interactions, both IRL and on an internet medium. Too many staff members lack these capabilities, and it is the administrators task to phase them out to more tech oriented tasks and replacing them with more socially capable new blood.

    4) the userbase deserves more respect.

    4.1) administrators shouldn't tell users: If you redo X you will be automatically suspended: it is overtly confrontational and creates a deep rift. Users which think have legitimate claims will feel inclined to disrespect the request, leading to unnecessary suspensions and more bad blood.

    4.2) stop using derogatory terms to users who frequent the CI subforum, both publicly and privately in the mod lounge. Treating people who air grievance, legitimate or not, as "CI Warriors" is both antagonistic and derogatory to much of the people who just wish to better the site. This has to stop. Now

    4.3) Not everyone disagreeing with the staff is automatically trolling. These days, staff members of the higher echelons are so scared to respond to dissenting opinions that they prefer infracting them for trolling. Stop this please. It again creates a rift.

    5) Open CI for all users again. Shutting down the subforum for people under 10 posts is idiotic because it encourages gimmicking and mindless ++ for accessing the subforum, and it precludes newcomers from learning about policy discussion and what should be expected from forum dwellers. Stop acting cowardly. If people troll CI act in accordance through all the enforcement means you have at your disposal. You have the power. Don't act like CI warriors are going to steal your lunchbox if you have the guts to reopen the subforum. This will be beneficial for newcomers who are presently clueless about forum rules and policies.

    Hope these ideas help staff getting that much needed wake-up call.

    MTGS is in need of radical, radical changes.

    many thanks to good MTGS moderators, hope Bong Wang good help for site peaceful relationship. Very nice.
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  • posted a message on the most beautiful card ever printed...
    Quote from Kaneda
    Bane Alley Broker i fallen in love with this art Wink if you know what i mean. Clint Cearley is becoming one of my Fav artists!

    very much agree, this best block card art, very, very nice
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  • posted a message on Happy New Moon Year
    I wish for a very happy new moon year to all my good friends in website, asian or american. Much prosperity and happyness to every member of site.


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  • posted a message on *** shinbatsu's [BDC] BUDGET DECK CHALLENGE HEADQUARTERS!!! [GTC UPDATES 4/1] ***
    Have been running small variation of U/W deck from first post with much success, just have used two fountains and supreme veredict. Control deck very stable, only problem with radkos fast builds. Very nice deck, recommend.
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  • posted a message on What is new Community Issues subforum?
    I ask forgive Mr. Votan administrator, have read carefully all the rules of this very good site, and I not thinking of spam MTGS never, my apologies if my post may have seemed like me not planning to do bad things.

    It is message understood, now go back to be good member of MTGS without disrespecting rules. Did not mean to offend.
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  • posted a message on What is new Community Issues subforum?
    Understand. this like console achievement then, very nice. Are exist other achievements to unlock in mtgsalvation, as incentive to post more? very interesting idea, want to post more to discover new forums Grin .

    thank you very much for answering question Belgareth.
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  • posted a message on What is new Community Issues subforum?
    Apologies if this silly question, but am confused about this subforum. wasn't here when I logged in last time (introduce yourself follows rumor mill). am I with problem in account? Maybe no big problem but very strange thing.

    Just trying to understand, thank you for explaining, this very good community.
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  • posted a message on Standard through the Ages
    me very new player to standars, the standards format would have preferred would have been old ravnica block and time spiral block, biggest standards format in terms of number of cards, must have been very nice
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  • posted a message on Stomping Grounds border/paint error.
    had very similar misprint in another rare card I took from a gatecrash booster, seem not be uncommon misprint
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  • posted a message on Magic: The Gathering - TV Tropes
    Very nice find, thank you very interesting, but seems very long read also
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  • posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Necroptence reprint?
    Necropotence too strong would mess up modern. only boxed set possibility for casual decks but card already plenty available
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  • posted a message on [[DGM]] Maze's End (Update March 23)
    Interesting land, very similar in mechanics to other only mythic land from worldwake (Eye of Ugin)
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  • posted a message on Your Favorite Terrible Card
    Wood Elemental. Friend tried building deck around.
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  • posted a message on Modern Masters - City of Brass
    Card very nice. Image look very expensive golden. good flavor as with older versions
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