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  • posted a message on Post Rotation Nissa Ramp Deck
    Any standard green ramp deck should include Soul of Zendikar. Don't let people tell you otherwise.

    It's true that a 6/6 Reach and putting 3/3 Beasts is nothing too impressive for a Soul but since SoZ is green you'll often have a ton of mana to produce 2-3 beasts per turn. It is much better then Arbor Colosus and I'm a huge colossus fan. Put colossus in the sideboard for matchups where low removal and speedbumps that cost 5 matter.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Jace, the Living Guildpact
    With Elixir and Aetherling rotating out, this card will see play in control decks. It does the same thing as Vraska the Unseen: Tick up a few times and ultimate. Except this kind of walker is much better in blue.

    It will have a role in standard in blue control decks but no one will want this card once it rotates. It's really bad and it's only saved by being the win-con and engine that fits the most.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Melira Pod / Angel Pod / Junk Pod / Abzan Pod (8/2011 - 1/2015)
    Quote from DeadManSeven »
    Quote from DaGarver »
    (Verdant Catacombs, Misty Rainforest, Marsh Flats, Noble Hierarch, Linvala....)

    You don't really need any of these cards to make the deck work, though. There's alternatives to the fetches and Hierarch and you only need one Linvala; Chords don't have any replacement at all, let alone a budget one, so it was the big barrier to building a starter version of the deck where the Evolving Wilds/Avacyn's Pilgrims could be replaced later.

    Damn right, I started to buy this deck the last few weeks expecting Chords reprint. Now I just need fetches in the fall to be optimal. Hierarch will have to wait.
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  • posted a message on "Huey" speculation and Theros block hints.
    Calling it:
    The "unique block structure" is that we visit 2 planes in the same block.

    Khans in set 1-2, Zendikar in set 3
    Nissa, Worldwaker
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Consider Mistveil Plains vs Windbrisk Heights. I don't remember the last time I ran out of Hawks.
    Also Brave the Elements is a bit clunky. It's usually a slow 1 for 1 against removal. You have flyers to attack through.
    Try 1 Burrenton Forge Tender in the SB to get with Ranger.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Artifact Lands
    If artifacts is a theme I don't see why you would not include them. It doesn't have to be the complete cycle, maybe add other monocolored non-basics for the other colors.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Elspeth Tirel & Nykthos: Nykthos is only good to cast Elspeth. It has almost no other utility with such a low curve. It will only mess up your T3 Procession more often. Elspeth Tirel isn't what you want to draw without a Nykthos, often a dead card alone. If you play 2-3 Nykthos and 2 Elspeth, you won't often draw them together. If you play 4 of each, the legendary clause will slow you down a lot. Compare these 2 cards to Ascendant+Martyr. Elspeth Tirel & Nykthos are worst separately and in combination, it's a weak synergy if you ask me. I'd only consider playing Nykthos if I really don't need Ghost Quarters/Tec Edge in my meta.

    Black and White: The biggest loser to splashing Black is Ascendant (lots of small life loss). Any reason for not cutting it and keeping Pridemate instead?.
    Also for Bitterblossom: I guess it's good against control, but against combo and aggro it's not even half as good as Procession. The tokens aren't pumped by Honors, and it takes a while to produce 3 tokens, meaning it's a very slow clock and it doesn't gain you much life from blocking and Sisters. Not sure I would play that maindeck, you'd have to review the matchups you expect and what is cut. It's definitely a good SB card against control though.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mono Green Devotion - Nykthos Green (10/2013 - 7/2014)
    Quote from OB1Aleco
    It also has a cloudstone curio and purphoros in the sideboard for access to an infinite damage engine when I'm playing against Melira Pod or other decks with access to infinite life gain

    If you have Kessig Wolf-Run, Staff of Domination does the same thing for 1 card less. Infinite mana and cards with Nykthos/Overgrowth and an untapper. Actually, you don't even need Wolf-Run, you can just Primal all opposing lands (shuffle it back and draw it again off Staff).

    I would still always want 1 Kessig Wolf Run and 1 Stomping Ground as long as you run Primeval Titan, it's a good combination if you don't find other cards to go off.

    Haste is a pretty big deal in this deck. For haste:
    Madrush Cyclops(off a chord of calling, 1 cheaper then Umbrask)
    Thousand-Year Elixir
    Sarkhan Vol
    Xenagos, God of Revels
    Lightning Greaves

    If you plan on attacking with everything often Sarkan Vol is nice.
    If you run Chords or Tooth & Nails, creatures are nice.
    Artifacts are easy to cast.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    I want to know everything, especially the deck, what you'd change and how matchups went.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Against control: Sword of Fire and Ice? The mana costs isn't that much of an issue in that matchup. We know how tons of 1/1 flyers go along with this card, but it also protects from their spells and draw cards. Very fast clock at 4 extra damage per turn as long as you have a creature.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Very informative report gibbousm.
    So this was your sideboard?

    How do you feel about it after playing? Would you say Auriok Champion and Kataki are overkill in their matchups which look quite favorable? I'm thinking of using 4 Rest in Peace with the resurgence of graveyard (Iona for instance)

    Maybe this is more suited to the no Deathrite Shaman meta:

    Kataki is replaced with more Stony Silence because the main problem card is Cranial Plating (especially with Infect Nexus)
    Immortal Servitude because that's the first thing that came to mind when battling control.
    We really need to look into more good cards to beat blue main and sideboard.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Now that you mention it, Signal Pest might be better then Mikaeus, the Lunarch in many situations.
    +It attacks in the air (damage/turn = number of Honors)
    +It's active on the second turn like Mikaeus
    +It costs only 1 mana, while Mikaeus is at least 2
    -Mikaeus can survive Bolt if you play it for 5+
    -Mikaeus protects your creatures with thoughness
    -Mikaeus can grind until it dies and doesn't need to attack.

    One situation that often arise is either turn 2-3 Hawk or turn 3 Procession into T4 Ranger, a situation where you have 2-3 flyers to attack with to end the game as soon as possible. While Mikaeus does as much damage without Honors (and often more on multiple turns), you'll fetch 2 things with Ranger and will want to play a 1 mana creature along with him T5. If you also want to keep a mana up for Path because of Splinter Twin for example, minimizing the amount of mana you spend by not casting a big Mikaeus might be worthwhile.

    Mikaeus is really fringe. Signal Pest might be much better by being more castable when you draw it early though.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    About Proc: I agree with idm, it's not that proc is bad in any way (besides being occasionally a dead card early game and against random grave hate), it's just that it's the worst card out of our options. I sideboarded Immortal Servitude for a while for a similar effect, but in matchups where they matter, you usually have better stuff to side in or want to keep all your treats, it didn't saw much play unless I expected Pyroclasm (mainly Tron, which baits a lot of our hate cards)

    About Martyr/Ascendant: I agree that the combo isn't that reliable and worth it, especially with 3 Martyr/4 Ascendant. Thing is that, by itself, martyr win games by giving you more time vs aggro.
    The same can't be said for Ascendant. It's quite low impact when you have less then 30 life. In a variant where you gain less life and are less likely to activate it, it'd be the first card I'd cut (leaving 1-2 for Ranger tutoring). It's a 1 mana who wins game though when it works.

    Related to this, since I upped my Honor of the Pure count to 4 and noticed the deck getting much better, I almost always want to draw more and a 5-6th Anthem could be worth it. I'm debating between:
    Path of Bravery vs Spear of Heliod

    Path of Bravery can be really good at activating Ascendant, and getting more Pridemate triggers, as well as good racing. It might be that little bit of additional life gain my deck is longing for. Doesn't boost if you are in trouble though. Feels a bit win-more even though being between 20-30 is quite common.

    Spear of Heliod also looks pretty awesome at killing Goyfs and other big beaters (take that Emrakul!)
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Proclamation of Rebirth is not the best card in this deck, not for preference reasons, but because of how the meta is.

    Compared to Spectral Procession: One of the best opening is Sister->Pridemate->Procession. Proc isn't an opening card though, you need a few turns before you can activate it. What puts creatures in your graveyard early on? Burn(Bolt, Helix, Electrolyze), Counterspells(Only Spell Snareand Mana Leak, Cryptic later), Blocking and Discard. Lets go over these one by one:
    Burn: only for red decks
    Counters: Control (combo plays remand)
    Blocking: Something you should almost never have to do unless you plan on activating Ascendant or Chalice.
    Discard: Weak against us.

    Basically, unless you are playing against UR control, Proc is always a late game card. It should stay in the sideboard unless your meta always gets wiped by something not named Anger of the Gods. Against combo it's bad and against aggro we already do great with procession. As someone said earlier, triple Lantern Kami is pretty much always what you need midgame, not more life.

    Edit: Also, Immortal Servitude is better for late-game purposes, unless your opponent run tons of wipes.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Soul Sisters
    Good cards against Scapeshift: Anything that gains you life (keep all sisters), all creatures to activate sisters, Martyr (maybe 4th one in SB), Hawks/Ranger for Martyr, Aven Mindcensor (though he dies to everything), Burrenton Forge-Tender. Actually, if Burrenton Forge-Tender does what I think it does, it dodges all removal and can completely negate the damage of a single Valakut, making it quite easy to survive. Nope, Valakut isn't red. It's still good to protect your creatures from Firespout and removal I guess.

    Thing is, Scapeshift isn't made to answer all the threats we have, it should be easy most of the time.
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