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All Sets Are Good: Prophecy
  • posted a message on BW Improvise Servos
    Seems like you guys might want twilight prophet in here.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Sorry I haven't had a chance to post in awhile.

    I've been playing a bunch of leagues (7 or 8 I think) going 3/2 or 4/1, never had a losing record, but can't get that elusive 5-0.

    Anyway, this is where I'm currently at.

    I went to 23 lands, and it's been working out for me.
    I think with the ramp decks (they play cast out, sandwurm convergence, binding, etc...) and mardu vehicles on the rise, we want more brontodons. It'd be cool to get 4 in here but I'm not sure how.
    Chandra is another form of ca against the UB scarab god and control decks. I'm not sure if it should be carnage tyrant though since it can't kill scarab god in a pinch, but the w/x decks are playing like 6 wraths.
    Speaking of carnage tyrant, I'm playing bontu's last reckoning for he monsters and gb snek just to have an out against it. The ramp decks look like they are playing 2 in their boards now too, so we probably need it there too. We could maybe use vona's hunger instead of reckoning, but reckoning just cleanly answers tyrant so I'm not sure. We could use dire fleet poisoner, but they could just kill it, so that's not sure appealing. Are there any other answers I'm not thinking of?

    Is anyone still playing this?
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Quote from RoyalPalmer »
    I'm thinking about including Scraphead Scrounger, however I feel like we have tons of 4 drops, which means activating its ability may be taxing. It also makes us exile a creature, which I would prefer to do with Deathgorge Scavenger. Life gain is so important in the grindy matches.

    I also really like the explore build, as it lets you filter through cards. I'm running this currently.

    People definitely killed the initiates early if they could, but I also got a few turn 3 Phoenix, and you can do things like put all of the counters on a Phoenix or 1/2 squire/ 2/1 ranger late game. So your not just drawing a dead card. X/4 is also a big game right now.

    I didn't draw bloodfast much this time around, I drew treasure map a bunch though lol.
    I think ruin raider will kill you more often than not. You can control when it triggers, but I'm sure you will get hit for 3-5 consistently. I'd rather have bloodfast because it's consistently 2 and you can have a turn where you use it 3-4 times instead of just doing it once, and on your end step. Raider also wants you to attack and we can't race aggro decks, we're just too slow. So I think he's sideboard material at best. Same with scrounger. I'm more interested in dread wanderer as a recursive threat because he can block (and it's a one drop).

    Why are your cuts in the board? Surely they are better than the moment of cravings? I've won plenty of games because of ribbons.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Just 4-1ed another league with this list:

    I beat UG merfolk, sultai midrange (snek, scarab god, hadana's climb), mono black gateway (basically a bye), and mono red.
    I lost to a UB midrange deck because I flooded hard game 1 and game 3 I couldn't answer their second scarab god.

    25 lands seems like a lot, but it worked. I even had games where I didn't hit my 4th land drop on time. Overall it felt really smooth, and I didn't feel flooded outside of game 1 against the UB deck. With jadelight and squire, I think we can afford to play 25, and we have good mana sinks in bloodfast and ribbons.
    I tried treasure map over a bloodfast, and it really sucks compared to bloodfast. Early on we have cheap creatures to either set us up or ramp us, along with cheap removal, so we don't need an early way to scry (or have a window to cast it early) and you would much rather be playing a bloodfast turn 4+.
    Rhonas was also very lackluster. I played him 3 times I think, attacked with him once, and never had the chance to use his ability.
    Magma spray was a house, its miles ahead of fatal push right now since the graveyard is so important. There are lots of eternalize creatures and good scarab god targets running around as well as a descent amount of cheap aggro creatures. It almost always had a target even against the midrange decks. It should be a 3 of main and maybe even have the 4th in the board.
    Seeker's squire is definitely the right choice over branchwalker the 3 toughness holds back much of the field.
    The ramp from channeler initiate was really important and the mana fixing was instrumental in at least one win. It coming down as an 0/1 kinda blows though, you can put the counters on a Phoenix late-game though. It still feels like there should be a better option, but the ramp and fixing was really powerful.
    I never got to use the brontodon's ability, but having a 3/4 against mono red was pretty awesome, as was having the ability to kill an enchantment even though it didn't come up (hadana's climb is really good with snek).
    I brought in angrath in every matchup except mono red. I'm really liking him, it might be worth it to try to fit it in the main, but it would make our curve pretty top heavy, it's probably better in the board.

    So the changes for next time:
    In the main
    -1 abrade, -1 rhonas, -1 treasure map
    +1 magma spray, +1 deathgorge scavenger, +1 arguels bloodfast
    In the board
    -1 magma spray, -1 deathgorge scavenger, -1 arguels bloodfast
    +1 abrade, +1 thrashing brontodon, +1 angrath the flame chained

    As for ravenous chupacabra, I think it's probably ok to play one over a contempt. But exile is super important right now, so I wouldn't do it, unless your plan is to board into lilianas for midrange and control matchups, even then though, you need answers to the scarab god.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Quote from SmauG »
    I have been thinking about Rhonas and the scrounger. The former not really great in the deck, The latter fits exactly in what we try to do.
    I'm just not into Heart of Kiran for it does not meet the requirements of a value card. It IS a great magic card though. But I don't think there are any slots/spells i'd want to give up.

    I'm afraid my phoenixes wont be here in time for the next FNM Frown had a delay in my presale shipent for some reason. I really want to take the list to an event soon!

    Anybody been working on a way to consistently incorporate both double black and green alongside red? I really don't want more taplands but I'd love to play more green.

    Why don't you like rhonas in here? I haven't gotten to test him yet, but it seems like he fills a small hole we have. With giving our creatures trample, letting our smaller guys attack in the event of a board stall, an letting our fliers threaten to trade with a 6/6 angel of invention. As well as being another mana sink.
    It's totally possible that he's bad, but I just want to know why you don't like him.

    I don't like scrounger, I think we need creatures that can block, because we can't race aggro decks. Scrounger can block in those decks because of heart of kiran. We are sacrificing aggressive starts for mid/late game power. He could be a descent sideboard option but I'm not high on him in here.

    The next manabase I'm trying is:
    4 blooming marsh
    4 dragonskull summit
    4 root-bound crag
    4 sheltered thicket
    4 canyon slough
    2 forest
    2 swamp

    Along with 4 initiates. This might be too many tapped lands though. You could maybe play 1 evolving wilds and a mountain ( or maybe 2 mountains) over a thicket and a slough.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Quote from RoyalPalmer »
    What about Channeler Initiate as a two drop that can help fix mana, ramp into the four drops and be a big butt if it becomes a 3/4?

    I like Seekers' Squire over merfolk branchwalker as the extra toughness helps in blocking. Deathgore can eat up turns against creature decks, and blockers helps fuel it. When Arguel's Blood Fast flips you can start sacking a rekindling Phoenix to gain life and just bring it back your turn after you attacked or blocked with it. It's a game-saver, especially if you have multiple Phoenix's. Arguel's really can help in the long game, which this deck has an advantage in.

    SBing 2Prowling Serpopard is great for control decks.

    100% agree with all of this I'm working on a version that cuts the branchwalkers for initiates. I'm also testing out rhonas, the problem with deathgorge is that he just trades with a random creature on the opponents board so you can't press an advantage with him, but rhonas could fix that. Making your Phoenix a massive trampler that is hard to kill is just upside haha.
    I hadn't thought about serpopard but I'm going to look into fitting it in.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    I 4-1ed a competitive league with this.

    I beat grixis energy, gb snek, esper approach, and grixis improvise. I lost to esper gpg (which feels like a really hard matchup).

    I'll be the first to admit that the manabase isn't correct, it was hard to get double red sometimes, I'm cuting an evolving wilds and forest for the 4th crag, another slough, another thicket making it 24 lands instead of 23, I think this will fix it.

    The idea was have a lot of explore to fix draws and just jam Phoenix and glorybringers till they die. And that worked really well. Arguels bloodfast is insane as well, if aggro wasn't a thing I'd maindeck 3 and I'm thinking about playing the third in the board. Even the flipped side is great because you can sac your Phoenix in response to exile removal, card is nuts. I had games where I was 15+ cards deeper than my opponent.

    Going forward I'm moving the wildgrowth walkers to the board (they were unimpactful but i still think they will be good against aggro). I want 4 deathgorge in the main. Explore fuels deathgorge and deathgorge fuels bloodfast. There is a lot of power here this might not be the optimal build, but there is a tier one deck here somewhere. My matchups that I won felt really easy.

    Will post my updated list soon
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  • posted a message on Dusk Legion Zealot
    Things like this make me wish that smugglers copter wasn't banned ☹️
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  • posted a message on Etali, Primal Storm Commanderin' spoiler
    I think we found one of our new standard overlords.
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  • posted a message on 4 spoilers from wizards twitter
    Pretty sure skymarcher will be a 4-of in the vampire deck. I'd say that swift warden is playable, but there have been cards similar to this that didn't see play in the past Voidgrafter. Pirate's prize costs 4, straight draws you 2, and creates a treasure token, and doesn't see play so neither will Pirate's pillage. Atzocan seer is just too slow imo.
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  • posted a message on "Summoner of Tilonalli" .:. EternalMagic Spoiler
    Wow this could be crazy with something like captains hook, or something else that gives evasion.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 1/1/18 mechanics and more
    How is nobody talking about tendershoot dryad? Right now glorybringer kind of invalidates it, but this card could be a force. It's very similar to whisperwood elemental (better in most cases), and whisperwood defined a meta (with mastery of the unseen as well, but still). If glorybringer becomes unpopular and midrange/control decks are everywhere, then this card will be scary as hell. Definitely one to watch for post-rotation as well (as most things from ixalan are Frown ).
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  • posted a message on Four leaked cards including Angrath
    Not sure Angrath has a home right now, but he's still great. Just another card that won't have a chance because of energy. Like Huatli, I'm going to keep my eye on him for post 10 months....
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  • posted a message on Shipping booster boxes through media mail
    I recently sold 3 boxes and, according to paypal, it will cost $24.44 to ship through their Parcel select ground service (which is cheaper than priority and first class), or I can ship it through media mail for $7.01, which is obviously the more attractive proposition.
    Has anybody had experience shipping booster boxes through media mail? It probably doesn't technically qualify because it's not "educational" but I have received single cards through media mail from vendors in the past with no problems and it is less than a 3rd of the cost.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Abzan Midrange / Junk / BGw Souls/ BG Rock
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    Hmmm, I'm going to disagree with you on the 1 path thing. Outside of Reid Duke, who basically just makes every Abzan deck a worse version of Jund, no one really agree's with that.

    Gaddock Teeg is always nice in theory but he doesn't really work out.

    What do you really need path for that liliana can't handle? Wurmcoils and Gideon's, sometimes kitchen kinks. There just isn't a huge need for exile right now, and the ramp is a significant draw back. Besides, I don't think we need a huge array of removal right now anyway, most of the format is full of decks with just a handful of threats.

    Sure teeg dies to everything, but if he doesn't die, he locks certain decks out. Shuts off company and chord out of company, Karn and ugin out of tron, cryptic, verdict, and all walkers out of jeskai, gifts, past, and empty out of storm, ad nauseoum, scapeshift (which is a rediculously hard card to beat otherwise), Hell it even hits conflagrate out of dredge. He is super powerful and we have ways to recur him like Liliana the last hope.

    Quote from methup »
    So when do you run Confidant? is it primarily an inclusion belonging to metas past and forgotten? I'm just curious.

    I don't like confidant in abzan, because of souls increasing our cmc 3+ count compared to Jund. Jund can also close quicker than us, so the lifeloss doesn't matter as much to them.
    I think flayer is far better for our deck. He not only stops you from flooding out mid game, but he dumps souls at the same time, which is just gross, not to mention the synergy with Liliana the last hope. he becomes a 4/4 after connecting just once most of the time (and I'm not running anything like bauble to support him). My creature suite right now is 4 goyf, 4 flayer, 2 ooze, and 2 rhino.
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