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  • posted a message on Angrath, Captain of Chaos
    I think it's just Angrath stealing the Eternals with his control magic and causing mayhem out of sheer anger, much like Ob Nixilis seems to be doing.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    Teferi, Gideon and Domri look all potentially playable. Teferi's passive and his +1 are both kinda good, and his -3 are two modes of Cryptic Command, so I wouldn't be surprised if he sees play. Domri shortens the clock for RGx creature decks, accelerates them while providing uncounterable, can be cascaded off of Bloodbraid Elf and his -2 is removal. Gideon's pretty good and can tick up while buffing your creatures and then Vindicate something, only downside is that he's more vulnerable to creature removal than he's ever been.

    EDIT: Also big mana decks like Tron can lock you out of the game by simply playing Karn and using his -2 to bring a singleton Mycosynth Lattice from the board, so there's that.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Crunch
    I think Nahiri will be the RW Rare Walker in order for her to be on par with Sorin, and Huatli will be the uncommon RW since she's just some random with no stakes on the story whatsoever. Hat lady or even Jianng can probably be GW. Also Sarkhan's probs gonna be RB since we only have Angrath in that color pair and he was almost Jund on DTK. Also Gideon's a Rare and not a Mythic since he only has 2 abilities. Narset and Dovin will probably be both uncommon, on UW and one mono U.

    Also since it's Davriel's debut I fully expect him to at least be the UB Rare with Ashiok taking the UB Uncommon slot.
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  • posted a message on War of the Spark Preview Season to be different this year (From the Mothersite)
    Quote from pierrebai »
    My main worry is that we already get threads about how the newest set being spoiled is the worst set ever / has not any good cards. That's been with mythics and rares. With commons and uncommons being spoiled, how exciting most of these cards can be?

    Most of the chaff in each set are variations of existing card with a dash of flavour and the set mechanics jammed in them.

    You mean staunch WotC defenders won't be able to sing the old "come on guys wait until the final days there might be some gems in the draft chaff!" song and then dissappear when the full image gallery is up? That's a really big plus for me, honestly.

    That said, it's kinda hard to screw up a set with 36 planeswalkers (and perhaps some other chase cards, including but not limited to universal walker removal on the cheap), but I wouldn't put it past them.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    I've seen Invocation Threads of Disloyalty as low as 13€ on MCM. I've got no particular interest them, but they seem super cheap, and not bad at all since they can take a Shadow, a TiTi or a Goyf (lol). Also Shatterstorm is around 20€, and I might get some for Storm to swap for some number of Abrade and other things for the Whir Prison and Affinity matchups. What do you think?
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    Quote from chosenone919 »
    That is nothing like this Showdown. If Bolas wins, all Planeswalkers we know will either lose their Spark or die with Bolas being unvincible and the Story basically ends forever. The Gatewatch will win. Most (or all) Guilds and other Planeswalkers will turn against him, when they see, what is happening and then he will maybe not be killed, but weakened or prisoned like it was planned with the Immortal Sun before. Maybe Tezzeret plays a role here, but I think he will be one of the main antagonists for the Phyrexian plot, that seems to be coming next.

    Oh, come on now. They would find a way to defeat him and reverse the changes just like the MCU will find a way to defeat Thanos and reverse the snap. Infinity War wasn't the story ending "basically forever with Thanos being invincible"
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  • posted a message on Every booster will have a planeswalker in WAR
    Quote from Xeruh »
    I find it utterly baffling anyone would think Bolas had a ghosts of a chance winning. The question has never been “Will Bolas lose”, you hav to add a How/Why to the front of that. Even without the Gatewatch Bolas wouldn’t win, villains don’t have overwhelming victories like that.

    Hour of Devastation and New Phyrexia would like a word with you.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Are the mana rocks and signets I have sufficient to support ramp? Do I have good ones, and are there enough of them?

    What are some good payoffs for them? Is something like Scour From Existence or Disintegrate or the various xU counter spells worth drafting off-color signets and cards like sisay's ring for?

    Just run more Eldrazi and green fatties my man. I wouldn't consider Scour From Existence a payoff, more than just an extremely costly and tempo-negative answer to anything, like a "break in case of emergency" glass. You have better answers in all colors, but this one saves you from basically anything.

    Ulvenwald Captive, Walker of the Grove, Sauroform Hybrid, the cycling fatties and to a lesser extent Ravenous Leucrocota which is kinda bad are all ramp payoffs in green that are still live in the early stages of the game. In Red you have Vildin-Pack Outcast which is imo THE best Red 5 drop and probably the best top end for Red midrange/control decks, and Ill-Tempered Cyclops and Gluttonous Cyclops as ramp payoffs, on top of the X burn spells and Bestow dudes which you already run.

    Also you're missing Cultivate and the 1 CMC elves and Land Auras, although I suppose that's a conscious decision.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 11/03/2019)
    Every time I see a Twin apology post not-so-subtly masqueraded as "Control needs a tool to beat all things at all times just because" I feel tempted to just copy and paste substituting the Twin apology parts for ThopterSword / Death & Taxes / Delver / whatever random Tier 2-3 deck I feel like at the moment, but then I remember that I would get infracted for trolling while the endless Twin drivel with the same old arguments that have been dismantled several times throughout countless threads we've had to endure for 3 years straight would still go unpunished.
    Infraction issued for trolling/flaming. --CavalryWolfPack
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Yeah I have to agree with all of you here. I rarely post in this thread and mainly follow it to keep my cube up to date, but the last 10 or so pages (even without the posts Ulka deleted a while ago) have been just useless drivel from people who clearly can't evaluate cards even if their life were on the line (who even admitted that they haven't done a single draft a few pages ago) nor understand basic game concepts at all like tempo, synergy, interactions, combos, and other avenues to victory other than knuckledragging "Creatures: the Tappening" and thus I think they don't actually enjoy the game at all, so why should their opinions count towards anything? Ignore button is there for a reason.
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  • posted a message on (Rant Alert) Blue is out of control in Pauper
    Quote from lujo86 »
    Not really. Gush is busted. Foil isn't. Augur of Bolas is really strong but not necessarily banworthy at all.

    I know, but I'm biased towards Gush as it's the last format where it's legal and one of the main attractions of Pauper in my eyes. It will surely bite the dust though, I can't imagine them banning a perfectly balanced, format-checking card like Foil that could avoid future problems just for Gush's crimes. About Augur, people have advocated for it's banning a few times, some even in this very thread.

    Quote from lujo86 »
    There are hundreds of overly efficient creatures, the only ones which were suggested for bans were the ones which make all other overly efficient creatures look unplayable by comparison IE "irellevant". Which is two out of thousands of them. That stuff is choking the format, not defining it.

    For example? I disagree heavily with this reasoning. It's no different from Jund in the era it dominated Modern and where Goyf was the poster child for efficiency. You can go around Angler with a swarm, over it with fliers, ignore it and combo off, burn your opponent, remove it with Skred, Journey to Nowhere, Chainer's Edict or even Thunderous Wrath which would be pretty easy to set up with the current cantrip suite, counter it, and even Affinity can trump it in combat with Atog, Gearseeker Serpent or multiple 4/4s blocking it. Sure it's bigger than anything else, but at the end of the day it's just a vanilla creature in control and midrange's arsenal. And Delver just dies to all kinds of 1 CMC removal or trades with lots of things in the air. Sure they can Foil it or Daze it but then they're behind on cards or tempo respectively, and it's not like you can't play around Daze. The proposition about banning any of them is ludicrous, there's a reason why Boros has game against these decks. What you have to do is print some more efficient creatures that can compete on ground with Angler in other colors. Delver itself has not been a problem for years now, there's a reason why some Izzet Faeries list have been eschewing Delver completely recently.

    Quote from lujo86 »
    Fogs were always the underlying problem and banning the most efficient ones and fog loop enablers would also make a lot of the eternal cardpool relevant again, as opposed to now.

    Fogs haven't been a problem up until recently where people are abusing Moment's Peace in order to assemble Tron and combo off. Fogs are the equivalent of wraths in Pauper, since we need to have some sort of way to contain swarm strats, otherwise there's no downside to flooding the board like Stompy did with the printing of Burning-Tree Emissary or the various tokens decks that pop up often. Sure, Moment's Peace having flashback is a bit harsh, but it's not bannable, there just needs to be some more graveyard hate on a stick like Dryad Militant or Ash Zealot. Prismatic Strand doesn't even prevent all damage, just from X colored sources, so a multicolor deck or one with colorless creatures should be able to overcome it easily.

    Quote from lujo86 »
    And noone said "ban all graveyard hate", just the most ridiculous and efforless bits because without the need to combat really busted graveyard nonsense there's no need for literally every deck to be able to hose any graveyard strat at all without even sideboarding.

    Bojuka Bog , Nihil Spellbomb and Relic of Progenitus are not innocuous and necessary, they're hardcore overkill, unanswerable, highly splashable, and easy to maindeck. Withoout fog loops and Angler around all they'd do is make anything that has anything to do with the graveyard unplayable. There's more reasonable graveyard hate, and there isn't anything in the pauper pool that takes this kind of overkill outside of the cards mentioned.

    The only reason I ever got to thinking about necessary bans for Pauper is Bojuka Bog. The existance and omnipresence of that card makes even trying to put together a graveyard strat pointless, but right now it can't be banned because of fog loops and Angler. And even decks which have no black cards are playing it, and it's clearly preposterous.

    Lol, super disagree. There's both opportunity cost and tempo loss in playing Bojuka Bog in off-color decks, and even in Black decks you can just fire it off once. No one plays Relic or Spellbomb main, and there absolutely needs to be good graveyard hate that can be easily splashed, as all colors need a way to deal with the graveyard, much like there's always the need for artifact hate. We all remember how "fun" Standard was when they decided to not have any relevant graveyard hate on the SoI block so all the cool new mechanics could go on uninterrupted. No thanks, Tortured Existence is grindy and strong enough even with graveyard hate if you run it properly, I don't want to deal with it with only things like Crypt Incursion as available answers. You said you think fogs are destroying the format, yet want to allow a deck recurring Spore Frog to thrive.

    To me this sounds like you have a gripe with Pauper and it's overall core rather than the format right now (which is certainly in a bad shape mainly due to Gush) because it doesn't suit your particular vision with the format. I'm pretty sure your response will contain some sort of argument for banning a TortEx piece. This thread has reached ridiculous levels of ban-mania I never thought were possible, and that's coming from someone who frequents the State of Modern thread.

    The problem is Gush and only Gush (although I personally wish it was Foil the one to bite the bullet, but let's be realistic), and to a lesser extent Ghostly Flicker. It should've been the banned card back when Peregrine Drake was a thing instead of Drake itself, which is a pretty tame creature when not coupled with blink. It was problematic with Cloud of Faeries (although that one was problematic on it's own), it was problematic with Drake, and it's problematic right now, and will continue to be problematic regardless of what you ban, be it Dinrova Horror or Stonehorn Dignitary, because that sort of card only needs one meager EtB effect to trickle down to common and all hell will break loose again. And it's clear they don't perceive it as a mistake, since they banned Drake and then went on to make a quasi functional reprint in Displace, which is a lot less powerful but still causes problems with any Archaeomancer + strong EtB creature.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] This or That
    @Humphrey I guess by jaguar you're referring to Hissing Iguanar, right? Alright, you've sold me on it, I'll try it over the Khenra Scrapper / Boggart Brute / Minotaur Skullcleaver slot, but my initial impression is that it's just an archetype card that is mediocre on it's own.

    Also an interesting thing about Summary Judgment is the synergy it has with White and Blue tappers / freezers, while Compulsory Rest lets you keep the card for sacrifices, abilities and other shenanigans, plus it's controller can simply cash it in for 2 life. Nevertheless I'll run rest for now since I can tutor for it and regrow it with Ironclad Slayer once it has been sacrificed.

    Here's my latest batch of changes for RNA:
    - Gravedigger vs Undercity Scavenger
    - Centaur Courser / Nessian Courser vs Aura Gnarlid
    - Utopia Vow vs Lignify vs Feral Invocation (last one only works as removal if you use it as a trick, but at least is a sizable pump with flash if you have no targets)
    - Wayward Giant vs Minotaur Skullcleaver vs Boggart Brute
    - Reckless Charge vs Forked Bolt
    - Inspiring Captain vs Supply-Line Cranes
    - Omenspeaker vs Sage's Row Savant (currently inclined more towards Omenspeaker due to all divisible burn and pingers I run and the amount of X/1s, but maybe the aggressive body is better)

    Since there seems to be a bunch of enchantments I already run in GW plus creatures like Aura Gnarlid, Ironclad Slayer and Totem-Guide Hartebeest perhaps it's time to also make room for Heliod's Pilgrim (also supports blink and searches for white removal) and some other Enchantress payoff that doesn't suck as much as Yavimaya Enchantress or the green Hexproof guys that are pretty mediocre without the right auras, and some strong White aura that you would play anyways like Empyrial Armor.

    About Black, I'm still figuring out what to cut for Carrion Feeder and Bloodhunter Bat. Also, is there something in my removal section that is worse than Grasp of Darkness and Fungal Infection? I kinda want to run them, but I won't force them if the current removal suite is better as is.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] This or That
    I think both Epicure of Blood and Hissing Iguanar are not very good cards in a vacuum: Iguanar dies to all kinds of split damage and pingers and doesn't trigger on itself to top it off, and Epicure is simply not worth it as a vanilla 4/4 for 5 most of the time. The Extort subtheme is more about the extorters themselves and things like Blind Hunter, Bloodhunter Bat or Skymarch Bloodletter and less about gaining life and finding payoffs for it. I like Ill-Gotten Inheritance in RNA limited, where you can also get multiples, but it seems a bit slow, do nothing in Cube. Similarly, I don't want a full-on RB sacrifice archetype, but more of a theme that builds over time while good sacrifice outlets are being released.

    On Walker vs Wurm: I prefer Walker since while sure, Wurm can ambush a big dude, it can also eat a removal before damage and leave you with a huge tempo disadvantage. Walker leaves behind a 4/4 body which is pretty sizable and has the failsafe mode of being a 4/4 for 5 if you stumble upon mana, which is the closest to a big Hexproof idiot Green has.

    Here are some more:

    - Gideon's Reproach vs Summary Judgment. Currently leaning for Judgment as it stills destroys the majority of attacking creatures, while also being able to hit utility creatures like pingers, dorks and tappers. To destroy a 4 toughness one you have to either chumpblock or take the hit though, but at least then it's able to also hit 5 toughness guys.
    - Rhonas's Stalwart vs Terrain Elemental Permanent 3 power over conditional 3 power but with evasion.
    - Gust Walker vs Mistral Charger vs Stormfront Pegasus pick two.
    - Tajuru Pathwarden vs Centaur Courser vs Nessian Courser vs Harrier Naga pick three (although one of them isn't 3CC so I don't know if this unbalances the CC3 section too much, specially with all the 1CC ramp green has)
    - Curse of Chains vs Court Hussar (I suppose Binding is the superior option over to Chains due to Flash/Activated abilities clause?)
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  • posted a message on (Rant Alert) Blue is out of control in Pauper
    Wow, we've gone from banning Gush (or maybe Foil) to banning Augur of Bolas to banning cantrips to banning efficient creatures to banning basically everything relevant (killing the format and starting one completely different) to banning fogs and now we're banning something as innocuous and necessary as graveyard hate. What a ride.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] This or That
    - Boggart Brute vs Minotaur Skullcleaver vs Khenra Scrapper pick two
    - Applied Biomancy vs Snakeform vs Temporal Spring
    - Flood vs Clutch of Currents vs Containment Membrane (if any of those are still relevant in a powered environment)
    - Rampaging Rendhorn vs Tajuru Pathwarden (or simply cut one of the vanilla 3/3 for 3, although I don't know if this will clutter the 5 CMC too much)
    - Kujar Seedsculptor vs Terrain Elemental
    - Chillbringer vs Cloudreader Sphinx
    - Gravedigger vs Driver of the Dead
    - Curse of Chains vs Lawmage's Binding
    - Rotfeaster Maggot vs Grixis Slavedriver (latter helps UB self-mill subtheme)

    My White and Black sections are super stacked and so I don't have any easy cuts for Borrowed Grace (supports RW tokens and Swarm archetype overall) and Justiciar's Portal (counters removal or makes a surprise blocker all while retriggering ETBs, so supports blink) in White and Carrion Feeder, Undercity Scavenger for solid creatures on their own that support a minor RB sacrifice theme (that's why I'm thinking about swapping Gravedigger for Driver of the Dead) and Bloodhunter Bat for Extort/Lifedrain, although my Black 4CC are pretty stacked so both Scavenger and Bat will be a tough task.

    I'd also appreaciate if someone can double check my ramp targets for GR ramp (anything that's 6+CMC and not a staple/good on it's own in those colors) to check if I'm going overboard with it, although except for Wrecking Beast all others have some form of utility like Shambler or Walker being castable early just for a vanilla body or Hippo, Wurm and Tusker having Cycling.

    EDIT: Also just saw Slum Reaper which can also be a sac outlet while being decent on it's own.
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