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  • posted a message on SDCC Promo - Nightpack Ambusher
    Quote from leslak »
    Humm this card as a promo makes me wonder if Eldraine will have some werewolfs (even if no transforming ones). At first I thought of it just being a good card, for standard and a suport for tolsimir on a eventual standard set or a brawl deck, but after the key art of Rowan looking like Little Red Riding Hood( and the lack of Will in any of the arts could mean that he was captured or is a werewolf, yeah totally baseless this part) I now think ambusher can be a suport for new Werewolfs (even without dfc) creatures types coming soon.
    Looking as The new set has a lot of influence from the grimms’ stories i doubt they wouldn’t do the “Little Red Riding Hood“ and if they go with the talking wolf then werewolfs fits well, would be a shame that tolsimir would not benefit from this creature type tho.
    I was thinking this as well along with maybe a three pigs' wolf as well.
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  • posted a message on Need Input on Next Commander
    Quote from DirkGently »
    No offense, but I think it's a little weird when people say "I want to make a unique deck but I need an idea to start with." It's kinda like saying "I want to write a great work of fiction, but first I need someone to tell me what the plot is." If you think you can build cool unique decks, then shouldn't you be able to come up with the idea yourself?

    I'd recommend just looking through the list of legendary creatures and see if any ideas stick out to you, that's what I generally do. As another way of thinking about things, perhaps consider what you want your deck to do, experience-wise. Do you want a deck that's going to be fun to play against? If that's your goal, then consider what sorts of things do you think are the most fun things to play against. Do you want a deck that has a funny win condition? Then maybe find a win condition that's fun and try to work backwards to build a deck that works around it. Maybe you want a deck that protects weaker players while hurting the powerful, you could think about how you might do that.

    Just have a think about what you want to get out of your commander games, and try to make a deck that can help you do that. That's my advice.

    Yes the statement is weird and such but also at the same time bouncing ideas off people is a great way to generate new ideas that one yourself could not come up with or even the person's recommendation. And the first thing I did was go through the list of legendary creatures, A lot of the times ill take a commander or one I make a placeholder with filler or spare cards and slowly grow it and mold it into what I want at the time. But as of right now I've hit a mental block on the building aspect and so far nothing is standing out to me. Who is to say someone makes a recommendation on a commander and I see it in a new light as them. This is how you truly grow ideas, its the same thing, you truly think that all vampire novels have the same plotline?
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  • posted a message on Need Input on Next Commander
    Hey gang been awhile since I have posted in here. But am looking to refuel myself. I have still been steady playing adding a few new decks and tweaking old ones. Current additions that haven't been added to my signature are vial smasher/ Thrasios, Triton Hero- group hug, o-kagachi- spirit tribal, and edgar- vampire tribal. I have been mulling the idea of either kozliek the great distortion or 4c wall tribal. But am interested in building something truly unique so any ideas will help. As shown I like to take a different approach usually to a commander minus Edgar. So any input into this will be appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Infinite Saprilings?
    The decklist in my sig for Ghave Fungus Tribal, uses that exact interaction and makes it easy to end the loop when you want. Also so does Krosan Grip.
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  • posted a message on What to build next, the struggle is real.
    Quote from Toddytot »
    If you're considering Tsabo Tavoc, maybe you might also want to consider Olivia Voldaren as a possible candidate.

    She costs less to cast, can get rid of most creatures (not just Legends) and forces other creatures to obey your orders (provided you have the mana of course) without the help of other cards!

    I would but my buddy plays her quite consistently and I dont want to be stepping on his toes. So for now Spider Woman it is.
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  • posted a message on What to build next, the struggle is real.
    So I think im gonna build Tsabo Tavoc. Sort of a kill them all and recruit them. Using Grave Betrayal and its ilk. Hopefully comes together nicely. Thanks guys I shall let you know how it goes over the next few weeks.
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  • posted a message on What to build next, the struggle is real.
    So I decided its time to build something new, but I am literally stuck on no ideas. I have come to the community to seek advice on my next build.
    Currently in use:
    Derevi Simic Wizard infused
    Ghave Fungus Tribal
    Nicol Bolas Grixis Chaos
    Sydri Artifacts
    Borborygmos and Friends

    So now the question is what next.
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  • posted a message on Reward for Completing Hero's Path
    Quote from Kajillion
    Quote from vatechguy
    Quote from Zlept
    The thing that I don't understand is why are they giving a Heroes card after JOU game day ? It won't be used...
    But it's written on Heroes Path that there is a heroes card. Just for casual ?? Not a better reward ? Frown

    They're assuming everyone thinks the hero's cards are the bees knees and will want the full set to go with the Hydra/Horde/JOU deck they bought. It's Wizards of the Coast - don't try to make sense of it - it'll drive you mad.

    There are people who will do that. There are people that have trade binders full of only Fires of Undeath. Collectors are insane, not WotC.

    But I love my foil Fires of Undeath.

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  • posted a message on Wizards announces official magic film
    So for.some reason If Chandra is in it she will be still played by Felicia Day. I mean she was her alrwady once, let her have it.
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  • posted a message on Nicol Bolas, Everybody Wants to Rule the World

    Grip of Chaos out for Undying Flames.
    Scrambleverse out for Neverending Torment.
    Dissipate out for Dismiss.

    So toning down the amount of actual frustrating chaos cards for my opponents sanity and replacing the with Epic spells (still need to obtain Eternal Dominion), thus allowing Hive Mind to lock everyone out of spells. Dismiss was added due to the fact of it replacing itself.

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  • posted a message on Its That Time again (budget tribal suggestions)
    I know its an odd one but B/R demon tribal with Shadowborn Apostle, I know it may be iffy but its different.
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  • posted a message on Do you enjoy playing against "chaos" decks?
    I myself voted yes cause even when I'm not piloting my Nicol Bolas chaos deck(which is being tuned to cast just a bunch Epic spells off Epic Experiment on top of Eye of the Storm hehe), it is always a new game, not ince has it won the same way.
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  • posted a message on [[MCD]] Help Me Build Spirit Tribal
    So I've been working on a new deck idea after playing around with the precons and my own decks. I wanted to make a spirit deck but could't fill what I wanted in a commander, I mean I like what Karador, Ghost Chieftain brings to the table but I feel I need 4+ colors. I have talked with my friends and they are ok with using the nephilim, if I had to choose it would be Witch-Maw Nephilim as losing red for spirits isn't so bad. I plan to use hondens and some arcane spells. I mean would it benefit me more if I played Child of Alara, I can kind of see him being spiritly.

    So with this in mind what should I do, also looking for ideas on the 99?
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  • posted a message on Sydri, Galvanic Genius
    Quote from DTrain
    I will try to take a look at yours in the near future. Really though, my deck is far from a finished product, so I'm not sure if I can give the best advice yet.

    Has anyone tried out Ward of Bones? Seems like a good way to keep people in check in terms of creatures and and enchantments, it's tutorable with Treasure Mage, and it becomes a nice 6/6 beater with Sydri. It's not an auto-include, but I've been looking for some more big beaters and it seems like a decent choice. Also planning to add in Planar Portal as another tutor and potential 6/6 beater.

    I didn't really see anyone respond to my above post about anti-creature enchantments like Pendrell Mists. Does anyone have any thoughts on this type of strategy?

    I have thought about it but I run to many creatures in my deck.

    Though on the point of Planar Portal I prolly should get ahold of one as it is tutorable with the mentioned Treasure Mage, I'm currently running Ring of Three Wishes and I think I would get more mileage out of the portal.

    As for Ward of Bones seems like it could be really decent especially with Portcullis. With the low number of enchantments it limits abusers like Ghave and Enchantress builds as well as token swarms.

    As fur Burnished Hart I am never sad to see him, ramp at its finest right there. Not to mention recur him a few times and you may as well be playing green.
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  • posted a message on Sydri, Galvanic Genius
    Quote from kicker1823
    Myr Welder + Staff of Domination + any mana rock that produces 2+ mana - basically any that you're already running

    (Imprint Staff, untap, imprint mana rock = infinite draw, life, control of boardstate)
    You're welcome Smile

    I like alot that actually, now to find a Staff.

    Anyway was finally putting a list together. Landbase needs some work as well as missing some rocks I think.Here is a link to my build, I was hoping to get some input from you Sydri.
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