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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Well you can't Verdict Spirits through Queller and Selfless Spirit and sometimes you absolutely need that pre Turn 4 Wrath. With Dredge comming back there are even more reasons to run Terminus. If your Meta doesnt have those decks, you can still do fine with Verdict/Wrath/Settle. On MTGO I definitely run 4 Terminus and 3-4 Surgical right now. Lots of Bloodghasts, Phoenixes and Lootings there.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    I play 0 Snare right now and instead 3 Knot 1 Negate 3 Cryptic. I am also not sure what to cut between, Bolt, Helix, Path, Terminus and PW. I am not missing Snare that much though.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    It also depends on your deck. If you run AV for example the matchup can feel pretty easy. Even with Trophy they have to be the aggressor. While Jund is aggressive their Trophys have to answer a lot unlike BG, which has FoR to deal with Azcanta and Colonnade. However BG is slower and lacks Junds reach.
    Personally I feel favored against both, but you can't let cards like Tracker stick for too long. I play the Teferi, Jace, Azcanta, Terminus Build.

    I don't bring in BSA because they can answer it more easily than our other wincons and it provides no value dying. I think if we survive the early stage we have plenty of bombs already, not counting snap and cryptic.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Super fast Decks like 8 Whack force you to find your Terminus in the first few draws or you die. Timely can stall if you can kill legion loyalist.
    Ad Naus G1 is rough but gets better postboard. You still have to win 2 games usually.
    Bloom Titan is rather hard too, especially Postboard when they also add Tireless Tracker.
    Tocken generators like Blossom or stuff like Squadron Hawks can also be very annoying, as can Tempo Decks like Spirits be.
    Mill can be hard because you don't clock them.

    So while I agree that there are not that much common bad Mus in the Tier 1 section, you are far from steamrolling everything in Modern. I face that issue rather often on Modo where you can face everything.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I also think we adjust with Snare and more AV if BGx returns big. If you are looking for more (postboard) WinCons and Baneslayer will not cut it anymore, Nassif all-star Wurmcoil Engine can save your Jund day. Or good old Suns Champion.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    I would fit an other 3 drop clock into your sideboard, because you need some pressure against combo. 2nd Clique or some Spell Queller. Not a fan of Blessed Alliance.

    Maindeck is pretty stock. Lately I also had success with 3 Jace, no Entreat, 2 Serum no Telling Time.
    Could still luck Terminus my Bogles opponent into salty comments haha.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Played some more Leagues with Miracles and could net some Trophys. Deck feels insane, I never had as much success in a long time. Cards like Thrun or Bogles were also not as much trouble as they used to be. My latest list:

    Last 5 Leagues:
    G-Tron 2-0
    G-Tron 2-0
    Valakut 2-1
    Kiki Chord 2-0
    Burn 2-0

    Bogles 2-0
    Burn 2-1
    GR Aggro 2-1
    UG Infect 2-0
    Eldrazi & Taxes 2-0

    Humans 2-1
    Elves 2-0
    Elves 2-1
    UW Ctrl 1-2
    U Tron 2-0

    Burn 2-0
    Jund 2-0
    Humans 2-0
    UWR 2-1
    5c Shadow 2-0

    Storm 2-1
    Mardu Pyro 2-0
    UW Ctrl 2-0
    Goblins 2-0
    Bant Spirits 0-2

    I felt 3 Jace was 1 too much. Maybe its wrong but the 3rd SCM in this spot feels a bit smoother, allowing for a bit more consistency at instant speed. I also tried 3 Jace 1 Teferi, but unless I have to clear some Miracles, Teferi feels stronger than Jace, even in UW. His minus dealt with situations that Jace could not and its easier to tap out for Teferi against decks like Tron / Valakut, where you need that 2 Mana back to counter their big spells.

    I also tested Mana Leak again for my 2nd Negate and compared the situations: Most of the times I did counter a non creature spell (Burn, Karn, Ugin, Chords, O-Stones, Counter), but it could counter a Primeval Titan which was very relevant. Though would my opponent have had Scapeshift I would be dead for sure. I dont know, games tend to go longer and Leak will be dead if you reach that point in the game. Its bad in Mirrors. Think I will stay with my Negates.

    I like the Clique in the maindeck to clear away stranded Terminus or Entreat, as a simple blocker, to trigger a Miracle or to clock stuff like Tron (while nagging Ulamog after Sanctum Trigger, good times!). Thats also a spot that could be occupied with Gideon of the Trials, though Clique performed a bit better.

    Finally I played a league without Entreat, because the card can be hit or miss. Today it won some games, yesterday it did nothing or was win more. With 2 Jace it might be also ok to switch Entreat with Gideon, but in Paper the clock might be more of an issue because opponents share my clock. Entreat can actually end the game in 1 or 2 turns, which is valuable. I fear that some bud hurt people will not concede games where they are virtually dead and I still have to tick up Jace 5 Turns. Going forward I will probably cut 1 Rest in Peace for 1 Surgical Extraction, if I keep my 3 SCM, 2 Azcanta, 2 Knot setup. Rest in Peace is definetly the stronger hate card, but unless I face Dredge I feel I can win games without it, while Surgical can shore up Combo a bit more and is also serviceable against stuff like Mardu, Hollow1 and Storm, where I still want my Counter / SCM / Azcanta to work.
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from The Prodigy »
    List looks solid. I liked 1-2 Runed Halos in the SB. It is functionally a permanent removal against decks that play a few threats (Bogles, Death's Shadow, Infect) and troublesome permanents (Etched Champion, Valakut, TKS, Reality Smasher, Eidolon). Spell-based combo decks (Storm, Ad Naus) are among the worst matchups and Halo can help provide speed bumps against them by naming Gifts, Grapeshot, or Lightning Storm. Quellers are mainly for combo matchups and the mirror but as you said Clique maybe better here unless we still have sideboard space.

    Oh thats true, I even run 1 in the maindeck of regular UW for some time, might consider it again. How does your list looks right now?
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  • posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from The Prodigy »
    I'm tuning and testing UW Miracles based on the recent lists and here are some of my opinions:

    24-25 Lands
    I'm currently testing 4 Colonnades but going down to 2-3 if mostly against fast aggro/combo decks is usually correct. 4-5 Land Destruction in FoR and/or single GQ to kill manlands, cut opponent's color or slow down Tron. With only 4 fetches, do not shy away on using FoR to shuffle away useless cards after a Brainstorm.

    6 Cantrips: 4 Opt, 2 Telling Time/ Think Twice
    Opt let you trigger Miracles at an instant speed as well as Think Twice which also provides card advantage. Telling Time being an instant is so good at setting Miracles along with JTMS. It also digs deeper for answers. Serum Visions is not so bad however being a sorcery makes it inferior compared to the other cantrips.

    6-7 Counter spells
    We want early interactions. The deck is slow and top heavy and plays minimal spot removals. A 2/2/2 split of Cryptic, Mana Leak and Logic Knot/Negate seems okay. Leak looks bad with PtE but we have JtMS to shuffle away late game Leaks.

    5-6 Planeswalkers
    I prefer 3 JtMS, 2 Teferi, 1 Gideon Trials. I'm not going less than 3 Jace in a Miracle list. Being able to cast him even as an expensive Brainstorm to setup Terminus or Entreat can swing the game sway. Having Both Jace and Teferi on the board is usually game over. I like one Gideon as he can protect himself too and his +1 forces opponents to over extend on creatures for a huge Terminus. He can also clock fast once the board is clear.

    4-6 Spot removals
    4 PtE is a must. We can add Condemn or Oust as extra removals for troublesome mana dorks or utility creatures like Teeg/Confidant.

    4-6 Sweepers
    I like playing 5 in an unknown meta. Usually a split of 4 Terminus, 1 Wrath/Supreme or 3/1/1.

    2-3 Snaps/Vendillion Clique
    Clique targetting ourself can cycle Miracle cards stranded in our hand. Can also trigger instant speed Miracles. 2 Snaps feels just right for the number of spells we want to flash back.

    2 Search for Azcanta
    A flipped Azcanta is hard to beat in this shell. We have so many answers and Azcanta helps us find it and fuel us with cards late game.

    Utilities/Flex Spots
    Rounding up the list we can mainboard some cards depending on your expected meta. 1-2 Detention Sphere as a catch all spell against Tokens, Planeswalker and Enchantments. Timely Reinforcements help protect our walkers and buy us time against aggro decks. Runed Halo can be unanswerable game 1 and can shutdown combo decks along with Gideon's emblem. Noxious Revival can set up Miracles or just return a threat or an answer. I do not like playing subpar cards with cycling in particular like Censor or Cast Out just to trigger Miracle at an instant speed.

    These are all based on my early testing so far and I'm liking it better than Jeskai so far because my meta has mostly Tron and Aggro decks. Combo matchups are tricky but white has a lot of hate cards that can bring in postboard.

    I followed these guidelines that also got posted in my reddit thread and have a blast grinding Miracles right now. Sometimes you tilt of your opponents hard because you actually can answer their nut draws with Terminus. I am unsure about some flex slots, but my core is 24 lands, 6 Cantrips (4 Opt, 2 Telling Time), 2 Snaps 1 Clique, 4 Terminus, 3 Jace 2 Teferi, 3 Cryptic, 4 Path 1 Condemn, 2 Azcanta, 1 D-Sphere = 53 slots. My last slots are used for 1 Timely, 2 Negate 2 Logic Knot, 1 Verdict, 1 Entreat.
    I also tested a 3rd Snap since I like the consistency of reusing important spells or simply EoT Snap + Cantrip in Combo/Control MUs. If they use their mana to counter it I can maybe slam a PW and pull ahead. I liked Entreat as a random "oops I win button", but I dont want to raise the curve to much with a 2nd copy.
    Telling Time feels better than Serum Visions in this deck, looking 3 cards deep at EoT or during their Combat to set up a Terminus is amazing.
    Regarding the counter suite I hate Mana Leak and I am not a big fan of Spell Snare right now. Thus I prefer Negate and Logic Knot to fill the gap. Maybe its correct to cut the 3rd Crypic to reduce the curve even more, but I think that this will cost % in Control / Combo MUs.

    So right now I try to optimize my flex slots, but the overall performance of the deck is quite nice. My sideboard is pretty straight forward, 2 RiP, 2 Stony, 2 Damping Sphere, 2 Dispel, 1 Celestial Purge, 1 Vendilion Clique are set right now. I also run 1 Lyra, 2 more Timely, 1 more Purge and 1 Stroke. I am unsure about all those TImelys and the 2nd Purge, but I have yet to loose against Mardu and Burn is also fine with this board.
    Timely matches pretty well against Young Peezy until I hit my Terminus or net some blocker to slam Jace. RiP stops their entire Deck and Purge deals with Moon / Hazoret / Lilianas if they get problematic. Lyra is most of the times an "I-Win-Button".
    I miss Gideon of the Trials, might be correct to cut 1 Timely from the main deck to run Lad Chad. From my trackings the emblem would have won a match against Ad Naus and a Mirror Match where I was ahead, but couldnt win before I had no more cards in my deck (he run AV and I needed all my extra cards from Jacestorm to keep up, therefor I couldnt plus Jace in time; last AV was targetting me, opponent played pretty well).
    I also saw some lists with Spell Queller in the side. I am unsure if it is better than Clique in Combo MUs and I dont think I want it against aggro since its awkward with Terminus, though I might give it a try as additon to the 2 Cliques.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 02/07/2018)
    Teferi pluses with CA + 2 Mana and can deal with most problematic non land permanents. His plus snowballs quickly in a game winning soft lock, especially alongside Azcanta.

    You also have to live the wet control dream of Jace + Teferi in play. Thats nearly unbeatable. Extra bonus points for brainstorming with a Teferi Emblem in play or some complementary Miracles. I cant tell you how much fun UW Miracles is right now.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Quote from tronix »
    Quote from Yo_Xadrian »
    Hey guys,

    How you side against Ironworks?? I don't know what cards side out and what cards are good in the matchup

    bring in anything related to artifacts or the GY. wear/tear, ceremonious rejection, stony silence, relic, rest in peace, surgical, etc. also anything that can help close out the game - clique, geist, baneslayer, walkers, etc. then any counterspells except for dispel. if you have damping spheres those are good too.

    expect natures claim, defense grid, and ghirapur aether grid if they put you on stony silence. also cards like wurmcoil, 4cmc karn, and the antiquities war to help them play a 'plan B' game.

    remove sweepers, and shave some removal. snare still has a good number of targets so id leave that in if you play any.

    from a stock list my cuts might look something like this:

    -2 verdict
    -2 electrolyze
    -2 helix
    -1 bolt
    -1 path

    two questionable sideboard cards are engineered explosives and runed halo. EE is a bit slow and doesnt always match up with the permanents they put onto the board, and runed halo can be a trap because its easy to name a card they dont care about.

    I agree with most of your tips though I figured that I would also board in Dispel to a) protect my permanent based hate against Claim and b) defend against Silence.
    I also like 1-2 Purge against Aether Grid since it allows to safe counter for other stuff.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    I figured that they would have more answers to permanent based hate with stuff like Claim, e.g. KCI plays 4 in the side, whereas they have more issues against a critical amount of counterspells stoping their combo and Grids.

    I guess Stony is still fine, but I usually don't board it against Vial decks and I am a bit shy about it against KCI.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Since I will play GP Barcelona and are pretty much locked in UWR Control right I think I have to adjust to the meta shift or hope it shifts back into anti Tron in 2 weeks. I grind MtGO regularly and I would like to discuss some things with you:

    1) I see lots of Blood Moon MUs as of late. This can get ugly in G1 where I don't have access to Purge / Tear yet. I switched 1 Tarn with 1 Arid Mesa to increase my chance to grab basic plains for Teferi as an out. Do you think that's fine or would you also consider 1 D-Sphere main which also can answer other stuff like PW, Tokens, etc?

    2) Tron is back in force and I am annoyed to always end my leagues 3-2 or 4-1 due to it. I look at Corey Burkharts latest Grixis list and see massive hate: 2 Stroke, 2 Rejection, 3 Surgical alongside 4 FoR. I think some number of Rejection and Stroke is fine right now because they also help against KCI, Eldrazis and other Stirrings Decks that did well this weekend.

    All in all I feel that most fair Mus are fine since Teferi + Azcanta just goes over the top. I want to improve those pesky Stirrings MUs and call it a day. I would to have to cut BSA and move Cliques Main to free up slots while not loosing a good clock. I would probably have to cut maindeck Negate/ 3rd Knot and Secure from our stock list, maybe go down to 24 lands too, which might be too greedy with 2 FoR, but Pascal did it anyways.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    So what do we think about Gfabs take on UWR Control?
    I somehow feel I want to test that Karn.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Control
    Guys calm down, they posted a 17 card sideboard, its a typo... The 2 FoR are solely in the main.
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