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  • posted a message on [C19] Rayami, First of the fallen
    For level up interactions as thought there isn't a clear answear on rules i guess it is a mix of 710.4. and 710.6.
    710.4. Any ability a leveler card has that isn’t preceded by a level symbol is treated normally. In particular, each leveler permanent has its level up ability (see rule 702.86) at all times; it may be activated regardless of how many level counters are on that permanent.

    710.6. In every zone other than the battlefield, a leveler card has the power and toughness denoted by its uppermost power/toughness box.

    Soo while not on the batlefield all they all have level up ability and the lvl 0 p/t. But would be nice to have a clarification.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    I m gonna throw my speculation that maybe the hint/plants for eldraine in core 2020 are: Portal of Sanctuary and Hard Cover and that Bilivus, master archivist may be one of the braw deck legendaries. It is litle but they kinda fit the book/teleportation art.(i know, generic, only connection are the books and flavortext(kinda), but this is a speculation)
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Commander booklet
    Quote from 5colors »
    Some bio's are up on Amazon for the 3 main commanders.

    Oh i see, all the main commanders got bios, nice to know.

    I looked up for Information about sevinne today and thought it was only available on the decks, nice to know and kinda sad he is one of the most generic of the bunch.
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Commander booklet
    Well saw some of the characters bios for commander 2019:

    Ghired, Conclave Exile
    A former member of the Selesnya conclave, Ghired shifted his allegiance to the Gruul Clans after witnessing the awe-manifestation of the Raze Boar during the War of the Spark at Ravnica. Even thought he is Gruul, he maintains both his connection to the selesnya magic and a deep love for his animals. He won't hesitate to call on boars and other larger creatures to aid his destructive activities.

    Atla Palani considers all life precious, especially those creatures that have not yet hatched. A noble of the Sun Empire, she is blessed with a a deep, unique bond - one that allows her to connect with dinosaurs while they're still in the egg. By encouraging and guiding them before they hatch, she ensures the connection between the Sun Empire and dinosaurs will never ~~

    Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqrYIgVgJKQ
    later i will write more
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  • posted a message on C19 - Commanders
    Quote from baldodavi »
    You are wrong.
    When I post the images there was no tag and simply link to the same site I use to get spoilers.
    Now linked to scryfall.

    Magiccards.net(?) becomed scryfall;
    On the wiki the old direct link still redirects to scryfall (I think) while on the forums the links to cards (by [car d]_name_[/card] ) on this forum on the cards directory. If you want to have a old version of a card you just write _name_|_set it was printed_ ;

    We use scryfall links mostly to post custom searches as there is no need to link every card when you have a preview image from the card using the card/card command.
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Now for a question does some of the stuff printed in commander 2019 foreshadow anything?

    I was wondering the same thing. Commander 2017 had interactions with Amonkhet's cats, Ixalan's vampires, and Dominaria's wizards. 2018 kind of hinted at planeswalkers and the lands matter in modern horizons. I don't think any of the keywords synergies have any obvious themes that would fit in Eldraine. Maybe a discard theme that synergizes with madness but isn't madness?

    Commander 2018 hinted at land in grave cards, artifact cards, "top of the deck" and enchantment. The land in grave was a theme in modern horizons, artifact had suport in urza and goblin engineer, top of deck and enchantment got together a land (Hall of heliod's generosity), and it announced a planeswalker heavy year imo.

    If we have to look at Commander 2019 for themes foreshadowed i would guess:
    a Morph set.
    A mechanic that values cards going into graveyard/ can be recast from the graveyard (maybe eldraine book mechanic is a flashback for creatures...)(not like creating a token of the creature but having a cost that would be prohibitive to pay over and over again, for exemple the goldilocks could be exile 3 creatures from any graveyard to play her from graveyard)
    For populate/tokens deck i can't imagine a good/new mechanic for it soo maybe a return of embalm or eternalize? Or maybe we see a new Army token/mechanic that is not like Amass but can benefit from it. If we are going to a viking set i could see we geting a embalm mechanic but instead of making a zombie token you instead make a spirit army token...
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  • posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    Does anyone think a second deck like contraptions for the story book idea?

    Don't see contraptions entering black border unless it works with sideboards (like war of the spark karn or mastermind acquisition)(saving spots of the sideboard for cards that can search for them or interact with them, the "out of the game" zone). Adding a seccondary library is a thing that will probably never comeout of silver border or conspiracy-type draft products.
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  • posted a message on [c19] K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth
    Quote from Arctanis8 »
    But if he isn’t the son of yawgmoth, why give himself the name?
    he was created in phyrexia by Yawgmoth’s will and stretching a bit: by Yawgmoth hinself (as he was Phyrexia by that point...).
    In the story k’rrik was the lord of a “new phyrexia” inside a time booble he was not disrespectful to name hinself the father of machines or any title that would make him superior or equal to Yawgmoth.
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  • posted a message on ELD- Eldraine story and plane
    it is interesting how they gonna deal with knowledge of the existence of planeswalkers overall. Like since the mending ~100 years ago~ for some cultures the knowledgement of walkers could been gone.
    previous the mending the knowledge of planeswalkers was kinda common acros the planes mostly when those people meet the most famous ones but not all of them introduced themselves as walkers and soo we can assume that some planes had no idea about walkers.
    Also there is the metter of planes that had some kind of planar barriers like Kamigawa, Mirrodin, Ravnica, Ixalan, etc In those planes the knowledge of planeswalkers is or has become common pretty quick.

    Imo in most planes without planar barriers or other significant ways to block walkers the knowledge about walkers should be common or at least known by their rulers. Soo imo the high king knows about planeswalkers but may not know that his son and daughter are walkers themselves and soo their vanish of the plane may be the reason the king “went mad” and left the throne looking for them, maybe he knew about a walker that had residency on the plane and went question it about them.
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Core 2019 player's guide
    Even better, many thanks!
    By the way, you can confirm that the Core set 2020 doesn't have any player's guide, correct?

    PS: I find really funny that his bio says that Chromium isn't the strongest of the Elder Dragons, and then both his cards are f***ing 7/7! Rofl

    No visual guide in core 2020 indeed.

    About. Chromium ye XD but imo outside of Ugin and Bolas he is one of the strongest indeed (but probably not in physical strength as his card implies or may sujest xD)
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Core 2019 player's guide
    Many thanks! I'll be sure to update the wiki!

    (I don't want to bother you, but can I ask you to post a better pic of the page regarding Vaevictis Asmadi, please? Many thanks!)

    Would it be better if I write it instead? (I m doing this on my phone soo to post photos i have to change to desktop mode and then to return to mobile mode I have to do some shenanigans:( )

    “Vaevictis Asmandi is sometimes described as a rampaging monster, said to have sired the fiery Shivan dragons of Domibaria. He is also called “the Serpent’s Tongue,” and tales are told of his subtle deceptions and twisted layers of deceit. Given his close relation to Nicol Bolas, it should be no surprise that both descriptions are accurate.”

    Prety much this. His title “The Serpent’s tongue ,” I think there is a erro here with the comma inside the quote (his title)
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Core 2019 player's guide
    Final after that is the visual card encyclopedia
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Core 2019 player's guide
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Core 2019 player's guide
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  • posted a message on Help needed: Core 2019 player's guide
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