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  • posted a message on Another Ixalan set
    I would like a return but only with a single set and not in a 2 or 3 or 4 (doubt creative could handle a 4 set block) block. RIX was a failure in my region, people were tired of the theme of ixalan during IXL. I liked somethings like thir take on the tribes, but like most said, they overdone the tribal theme.
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  • posted a message on Characters in the "Final Battle" against bolas
    Quote from Boyachi »
    I don’t think “the final battle” is happening very soon, mostly because we are missing a few big planeswalker a: Sorin Markov and Elspeth Tirel. They reminded us recently that Sorin is still stuck in the wall and to my knowledge Ajani has yet to return to Theros to Rescue Elsepth from the underworld, as that is how that plane deals with “death”.
    True the might have forgotten about Elspeth like they forgot about Garruk (who would be the next “big bad” as last we saw him he was hunting planeswalker), but the fact they reminded us about Sorin means there are plans for him.

    Garruk was cured and forgoten after M14-M15 and the (last) Duel of Planeswalkers game(2015).
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  • posted a message on Who are the Guild Leaders for Ravnica Allegiances???
    It would be fun to have Tybalt for Rakdos (as the guild master while the al might is asleep), Azorious and Orzhov as well with walkers on bolas' side. But the color balance would be off. I don't like that Domri would be the leader for the Gruul (maybe just giving advice for our favorite cyclops could be a thing). If they did like a Giant Planeswalker that won against borbo i would be ok with that.
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  • posted a message on Fall 2018 Announcement Day
    1-Coresets becomes a set to tell old stories.
    2-They start to do good planeswalker decks (in each collection) or drop them.
    3-A new and interesting set.
    4-Stop with the gatewatch tale.
    5-Give up on Brawl or change the format/give it competitive status (maybe with sideboard).
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  • posted a message on Wizkids release Icons of the Realms: Ravnica collectable figures
    So in order to buy Niv-Mizzet (for 50 bucks), you have to buy an entire box (for 400 bucks)? Isn't it a bit much?

    Yep, but this is the business model of WotC/Wizkidz(Hasbro/Neca) towards D&D miniatures. It is safe for just wait 3 m after release and buy it for $70-80 and all the other minis in the seccondary market. (at least this was true for almost all realeases.

    I m soo glad i will not be buying any of these.
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  • posted a message on Upcoming sets will be Vikings and/or Western
    Fullart basic snow lands in booster packs at a rate of 1/4, plz?!
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  • posted a message on Wizkids release Icons of the Realms: Ravnica collectable figures
    Quote from Havrekjex »
    Buying a figurine for 16 bucks? I could see myself doing that if I saw something I liked.

    Buying a random figurine for 16 bucks? I'm nowhere near tempted, it's such a terrible proposition. No thanks.

    Actually it is 16 for 5(usually) soo 3.2 each. But it is a bit overpriced imo. In the old days (when D&D minis was a game were people could use the miniatures for tabletop, and to play a miniature game) boosters were about the same price but we got 7 minis and they had stats cards... Never buying miniatures from wizards again (some times in the secondary market but only the really good ones ( sculpt cause they are just decorations now))
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  • posted a message on More info - Guilds of Ravnica booster packs, new Boros artwork, guild-exclusive D20, Guildgate confirmed
    Quote from Dom4419 »
    Did i miss something or that artwork for Vraska hasn't been featured on any card?

    The images on boosters and guild pre release kits are unique or seems to at least.
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  • posted a message on Wizkids release Icons of the Realms: Ravnica collectable figures
    Do you guys know what is these figures size?

    The same as any D&D(and or Parthfinder) standard-sized character mini, or any of the Creature Forge tokens.
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  • posted a message on Nephilim to Return in 3rd Ravnica Set?
    Quote from Manite »
    It doesn't take a genius or(/and) veteran card designer to realize how to fix it.

    Kamigawa get flunged [X] centuries into the future, and while it could have some old callbacks it will be effectively separate in the lore. That it will be more tropey and focus on more recognizable areas. Along with having that one card serving as that obscure reference to mythology that is not easy to recognize for the average viewer (Example: Prowling Serpopard)

    While mechanically they will:
    Avoid all of the parasitic mechanics
    Any new keywords will likely involve +1/+1 counters
    Make sure to reintroduce ninjutsu and maybe bushido
    Follow the Dominaria method for legendary cards for drafting

    If you're going to change that much, then is it still Kamigawa? What exactly are we returning to then? Samurai and Ninja? You can make a new plane for them. I'd rather they start fresh with a new world that gets it right.

    I would happily welcome more uncommon legends in the future though. I liked how Dominaria used legends for the ten draft archetype uncommons:

    It is a fact that Kamigawa happened centures ago. And changes happens. Lore wise kamigawa could go to anywhere there were alot of modern culture in them. One aspect that they did not explore (just visualy on the cards) was Kanji magic, and this should be a part of a new set (at least a master of kanji magic, like Tochi used to be)(and metion it on the cards and flavor text). Samurais, and Ninjas would probably be in the set. And the diferential, what changed from the first visit would be the Kamis helping the mortals, maybe even empowering them, or fusing with them somehow, instead of killing them...

    A new set could have:
    • Samurais as main heroes and warriors/soldier, making the distinction of trained samurais and the ones that lack the discipline (samurai warrior)
    • One thing that could and should change is the politics, in old Kamigawa, Konda united almost all in his banner, being the daimyo, the only oposition was habitants of Sokenzan, some Orochi (snake people), and some people in the Takenuma. In new kamigawa more Daimyos should exist and fight with themselves or use of diplomacy to establish frontiers. Maybe most of them could have a Spirit empowering them.
    • Ninjas being killers and agents of some of the Daimyos.
    • Orochis included as the normal people of Kamigawa, not isolated in colonies, but living in other teritories ( 4 legendary snakes, GW maybe a samurai, GU another wizard studing on new minamo, GB a snake ninja, and a GR snake studant of the school of shamanism founded by Hidetsugu the All-Consuming.)
    • kitsunes and Minamo's mages being kind of a elite of knowledgemnt, both being well respected by almost all.
    • Nezumis having a territory of their own. And being more respected by others.
    • Urami, Uramon(not aged, and alive), the Sisters of Flesh and Spirit, and Hidetsugu the All-Consuming. All comming back or being shown by the first time.
    • Descendants of Sakashima's "school"
    • Mention of what bolas did to Kamigawa.
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  • posted a message on Speculation for New Alara
    Quote from Manite »
    Quote from FearDReaper »
    I fully support the return to Alara. It was one of the coolest planes. I don't really see any good reason not to want to go back. Tri-coloured themes are cool and wizards has continued to pull inspiration from the plane years after it was finished. In every commander set there is always at least 1 new commander that is from Alara. Gyrus from the latest set, Kess and Nazahn from the one before, Yidris and Breya before that, the list goes on.

    We all know that Elspeth isn't really dead, and actually in the underworld on Theros
    The new artwork has essentially confirmed that. Eventually she's gonna show up and try to save it right?

    Please wizards!

    We sure about Gyrus? Did Wizards post an article talking about the backgrounds of the C18 legends besides the planeswalkers? But otherwise, you are correct. Here are all the Alara legends introduced in Commander so far:

    Yes Girus is a hydra from the merged shard of jund.
    Gyrus, Waker of Corpses

    In the swamps of Jund, one of the reunited shards of Alara, the terrifying hydra Gyrus hunts–but not alone. Its heads dredge dead things from the murky water and animate them as shadows of their former selves. Zombified crocodiles, snakes, and other creatures serve Gyrus, bringing food to blunt the hydra's insatiable hunger.
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  • posted a message on Nephilim to Return in 3rd Ravnica Set?
    Quote from Zuri »
    Why we can't have nice things

    To be fair, part of the nephilin was trash (like 3 of them) even for casual (during original rav release)(beside with commander they become super popular).

    I think the sad thing is that WotC developers and designers are a bit out of touch with the "community" and they don't really know what we "want" as of now. That is why no return to kamigawa even if more than 70% of the "community" says they are ok with it or they would love it...
    They took data, but take the information as absolute like:
    "players don't liked kamigawa" = we will never return to kamigawa.
    "players liked Dominaria" = nostalgia .
    "players liked Kamigawa in suplemental products" = thats the only place to make Kamigawa.
    Conclusion - Never return to kamigawa in a standard set

    how we players would like them to think:
    "players don't liked kamigawa" = mostly because of power level and themes and design.
    "players liked Dominaria" = Dominaria and Kamigawa had some theme in common but had different execution.
    "players like kamigawa in suplemental products" = maybe players liked the setting and we could re work it.
    Conclusion - We could return to kamigawa and get things right this time, players like the setting.

    We just have to wait for some people go to retirement...
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  • posted a message on When next we return to Zendikar...
    I hope we don't return to Zendikar that early... Lets wait 7-8 years, plz, or just return in one set and be done with it. BFZ lazyness let a bad taste

    Quote from Joao Wockeez »

    Now the Eldrazi much like Phyrexians are fan favorites, and we know that Ulamog and Kozi weren't really killed, only their avatars were, so there is a chance we could return to Zendikar and use the suggested theme of Relics as a way to uncover the truth about the Eldrazi kind and introduce new Eldrazi Titans to the story.

    But my guess is Zendikar is just going to become Shandalar 2 and be this place we visit in core sets.

    I hope you are right and Wizards retcon the whole "bring the titans to physical realm and burn them" non sense....

    Also Shandalar would be nice.

    Now that core 2019 had part of the story being a revisited old lore, i would love Wizards to do the same for other stories like Ice Age stuff, the Planeswalker War, etc.
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  • posted a message on Mythic Edition Updates (Now Sold Out)
    Well, just waiting for the seccond wave kk
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  • posted a message on Arena's Strange Card Names
    Still odd for it to be in arena. Maybe wotc will make mormir basic on arena? But why do it instead of something like Braw..? At least they did a singleton tournament
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