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  • posted a message on What Deck Should I Play Since I'm on a budget?
    Quote from Raven094 »
    Hi! Here for some deck suggestion as I'm kinda lost in the various deck that you can build in modern.

    I want to play something that is aggro, tempo or midrange.
    Colors I like to play are green and blue but I'm open to other colors Smile Would prefer a mono-color deck but it's not fundamental.
    I would like to build it to play it with friends and to local tournaments and fnm at my lgs (nothing too top tier or expensive but that can battle well against other modern decks).
    No problem on the various cards as I can simply go an buy them
    Budget: 200-300$ circa.

    lets see.

    GU infect, its more combo than aggro/tempo, remove the hierach and is somewhat in your budget, not tier 1 but def FNM material

    U merfolk, a classic , the mono U aggro/tempo deck, again remove the non mutavault non island lands and some things in SB and is in your budget (note, you cant cut vial)

    mono G midrange: its more like ramp/midrange, impressive nonetheless

    mono G aggro, a curve G deck, have some counters (+1/+1, not blue ones)synergy, got some new toys with evolve/adapt!
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  • posted a message on What Deck Should I Play Since I'm on a budget?
    Quote from sebkilmer »
    Cards you already own: I own the Vehicle Rush challenger deck and a U/W deck I made for casual play.
    Colors you like to play: I like red, but anything goes. (Artifacts are also fun, so colorless?)
    Style you like to play: I really like aggro decks with lots of synergy that can close out games quite early. I also like rogue decks. Budget Affinity decks have really caught my attention.
    Budget you have: €100-125
    Level you want to play at, or aim to build up to: FNM and other LGS events.

    8 whack is a mono red aggro goblin synergy deck, is pretty cheap and competitive
    without goblin guide is less than $ 100, the "fully non budget" version is still less than $200

    with your budget, you could build this version

    edit: for a budget red affinity deck look at
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from Fahades »
    Hello there, I play a semi-competitive meta, with tiers from belcher to uw vialess spirits to doran aggro or knights tribal, Im used to play grind decks with a combo back plan in case i need it and im trying to play temur colours (red green and blue), I've got a nice pool of semi-budget cards with fetches and shocks but no snapcasters or cryptics but the rest, do you have any idea or suggestion? Back on my days I played a lot of faeries and i like the delver-deceiver kiki too but im into temur charm and stuff like that, also have a chance to play something like jeskai control but on a budget.

    Im kinda lost, I would love to read all your ideas, thank you for the time, xoxo

    pick your poison!, mainly green +other colors midrange goodstuff decks: :Knight of the Reliquary+Retreat to Coralhelm :Saheeli Rai+ Felidar Guardian :Prime Speaker Vannifar+anything
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  • posted a message on Oubliette to be reprinted in a "future set"
    Quote from EvincarCrovax »
    What exactly is so special about this card? I've seen it mentioned many times now but the effect doesn't seem anything too powerful.

    pauper unconditional removal that dont trigger "aristocrats" effect, in black

    but at the end, the price reflect the low supply of the card.

    edit: while unmake does the "same", this hate out rancor and helps devotion of Gray Merchant of Asphodel
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  • posted a message on B&R Update: Ironworks Banned, Hada Freeblade, Spatial Controtion, Circle of Flame banned in Pauper.
    Quote from Volrath »
    There's nothing wrong with gush. It's foil that makes it a nightmare.

    how a 1x3 is a nightmare and a "free" draw 2 (or 4) is ok?

    if anything ban gush, period
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  • posted a message on Absorb
    Quote from 13055 »
    So I'm honestly not complaining because this isn't even my kind of card but why is this rare rather than uncommon?

    When was the last time a Cancel with significant upside was printed at lower than Rare? Ionize and Disallow are the two recent Rares that come to mind, not sure of any other good examples.

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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from Davidalb »
    How about Izzet Phoenix? It's the new hot ***** and putting up some serious numbers. Grin

    Won't it be another UR wizards?
    Sometimes those decks come up but never stick, and the phoenixes are quiet an investment. :/ I own almost all the rest thought.

    Deck is real, meta will adapt and numbers in top 8 will drop, but is a good deck.

    to be honest UR wizards is still a thing (a tier 3 that can make a top8 at any time), at the end is just a delver/burn deck.

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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    [quote from="idSurge »" url="/forums/the-game/modern/801804-the-state-of-modern-thread-b-r-26-11-2018?comment=529"]Lol there are no 90/10s between real decks.

    My ears always perk up when I hear someone say, "90/10 matchup." 80/20s happen in my opinion, but are rare, but the 90/10 is truly a super rare unicorn. [/quote

    and that unicorn is called soul sister vs burn :p
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from DesuBunny »
    So! I need help deciding on what deck I should make. For the past few weeks, my friend has been letting me play his Jeskai Control deck and I've been overperforming with it regularly ending up in the top 3 out of 30 ish people. Personally, I can't afford that deck though but I've seen two decks that I could make in its place. The first deck was the last deck I played in Standard, Jeskai Saheeli. For the most part, I'd want to build it as a semi-value control deck with things like Crackling Drake, Gideon Ally of Zendikar, Reflector Mage, 2 Snapcaster Mage, Lightning Bolts and Helixes, Path and a few counterspells with maybe a Nahiri in the main or side and a target for her. The other deck I was thinking of is Mardu Pyromancer with more white than usual for Path, Gideon and the white sideboard cards since they are all pretty powerful cards to have here. I'm really torn between the two. I typically played control in the past and my modern experience is limited so I'm not really sure which to build. On one hand, I really know Saheeli since I spent a long time playing that deck in standard. On the other hand, Mardu Pyro is a better deck but Faithless Looting feels soooooo wrong to me by throwing away the card advantage. So! I'd like some advice on which to make and any tips on how to build them best :p

    i like saheeli, but lets be honest, mardu pyromancer is the winner here. And while i firmly believe that mastering a deck is important in modern, having played in standard against a totally (subpar?) different meta is not relevant experience IMHO. its a totally different experience playing a mirror saheeli in standard that knowing how to play against humans or KCI in modern.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from ElectricEye »
    With what is essentially a turbo xerox deck winning the last SCG Open, I really do not think Preordain or Ponder are coming off the banned list anytime soon, if ever.

    Interestingly, both Tron and KCI are almost turbo xerox themselves because of Stirrings, the Chromatic cards, Ichor Wellspring, Expedition Map, and others.

    What is Turbo Xerox? I've seen it describe Vintage decks, Legacy, and now Modern, but all the decks look very different.’-2005-04-21

    in short: low number of lands, high number of cantrips, with a couple of cheap threats and usually some disruption
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/11/2018)
    Quote from Depian »
    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »

    When one of the most notorious control players tells you splinter twin is miserable to play against and should stay banned, pay attention.

    When Pro's tell us Jace will ruin the format...wait hows this supposed to work?

    Wow, and that article is an absolute lie...normally I like Shaheen, but Modern was absolutely not 'flailing at the time in popularity'.

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals...

    Yeah, it's difficult to take this article seriously, even more when he states that Ponder and Preordain are safe unbans but Punishing Fire would be too good when paired with Grove of the Burnwillows

    Exactly what I was going to chime in and say. While I personally think that Ponder is safe to unban, a lot of players and presumably Wizards of the Coast, doesn't like seeing the format become more "Turbo Xerox" in any shape or form. Ponder is strong enough to make it lean towards that.

    Also, Shaheen Soorani doesn't like Twin. That much is obvious. Not sure why out of a lifetime Esper/UW Control player, whose matchup vs. Twin wouldn't be as good as something like Grixis, but still should be fine. While Twin can play out like a Control deck, it is mostly a tempo deck that has a Combo finish. That's part of what made it so strong; so many dimensions.

    agree i even remember that some great GBx players (duke? edel?) say that BGx vs twin was a 50/50 match up when the pilot was good
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from CthuluHoops »
    Hey everyone!

    I recently finished building Dredge and am having a blast with the deck so far, but I'm really needing an option that is less graveyard based for when my local meta inevitably overcorrects and starts running absurd amounts of graveyard hate.

    Ideally if like to try something new, and while I'm open to buying the cards I need I'd like to limit my budget to around $600. Previously I've played Storm, Death and Taxes, UW Control, Titanshift, Affinity, Merfolk, Esper Draw Go, and Mardu Pyromancer.

    Currently the options I'm looking at are Merfolk, Ad Nauseam, Titanshift, Infect, or some sort of absurd tier 3 jank that I can relax with on my weeks off Dredge. Probably something like 7 Land Belcher. Absurd, yes? Glass cannon? Also yes. Bad deck? Absolutely. Still fun though.

    Mostly just looking for opinions or suggestions. I'd like to stay in the realm of combo decks if possible, Merfolk is the exception as I really enjoyed that deck the last time I played it.

    Ad Nauseum is the best creatureless combo deck in modern (and i would say it was the best combo deck until storm got new toys, like baral)

    for tier 3 combo (to me land belcher is no tier since i dont think have put any real result in tournament) i like Jeskai Ascendancy combo because i love palying Glittering Wish in combo. Other than that, there are several tier 3 decks that are build around a card ( Soulflayer, Kiln Fiend infect like, Saheeli/cat like twin...etc).

    pd: i forgot seismic swans! pretty funny deck IMHO
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Quote from asmodeus666 »
    Hey guys,

    I want to get some advice which deck might be a good choice for midrange.
    I got Bg elves right now (including caverns).

    But I wanted to invest for a midrange deck to have 2 avaible modern decks.
    RG ponza and mardu pyromancer I'm interested the most with. (moderns deadguy ale also, since I played it.. but sold it 2 years ago or so)

    what are your thoughts on these decks?
    rg ponza i would love to play BBE, but some say its sometimes very dissapointing because of bad variance
    pyromancer I dont know if the powerlvl is that fine
    deadguy hasnt got a good finisher

    own: 1 LtlH, 3 assassins trophy, singletons fetches because edh, souls, IoKs, fatal pushes, the shocklands
    nothing so much that it leads drastictly into any direction

    rly difficult for me. Aiming for bg rock is a long way for the whole package of LotV, goyf and confidant

    any advice would be great guys

    If you really enjoy midrange, play mardu pyromancer! i believe you are on the "i would play jund but lilis/tarmo are too expensive" train, so mardu pyromancer is an excellent choice, RG ponza is a great deck, but "can play BBE" is not a good argument for playing it (its more a blood moon deck that deny basic with land destruction)
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from Spsiegel1987 »
    I've had an interest in picking up Nobles and Caverns---how long do you think I should wait?

    caverns right now, nobles can wait
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    tron: t3 karn
    storm: have baral, resolve gifts ungiven, untap, win
    amulet titan: drops lands, win (with some help hehe)
    Hardened Scales: affinity on match 1 and lose 2 & 3 to hate, unless you are a great player
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