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    posted a message on [Primer] Restore Balance
    I'll give you my opinion because a lot of my earlier versions of this deck ran him.

    Metalwork Colossus
    • Can be played for cheap, best case T3
    • Too big for direct damage or commonly used removal to use G1
    • Puts an early threat out that the opponent has to deal with
    • Gives us an early clock that we wouldn't otherwise have

    • Not that consistent to play on T3 either due to opponents stopping our posts (Stony Silence, Ancient Grudge, nature's claim)
    • Can be chumped all day by 1/1s (No inherent trample, hate, etc)
    • Opponents can play around him if they see him in G1
    • Because he's so big he can't be removed easily and thus doesn't give us consistent Restore Balance wipes (example, they have a creature out, we have metalwork, thus without a GG they can just keep their dude, which may or may not be hurting us)
    • Can be stopped all day by Humans with reflector mage
    • Because we run him, we give up slots that could help us in other matchups
    • Because he's an artifact, commonly used SB material (Ancient Grudge, Nature's Claim, and so forth can stop him for way cheap since he has no inherent protection)
    • If we want to return him, we have to give up our mana base and unless we're super far a head, meaning we're pretty much sealed a win, we put ourselves behind.
    • a vanilla 10/10 doesn't do much to win games when our other 10 mana card we run constantly helps our overall game plan much better and with less drawback and can attack the turn he comes off suspend.

    So what does all this mean, well this is from all my findings running him. Affinity could just keep a full board with him out and with a Arcbound Ravager out just kill me since a Restore Balance meant he could just sac it all to Ravenger or a flyer and kill me on his following turn. Humans could reflector mage him all day so I'd be left with a hand of useless 10/10s, Boggles could quickly voltron over him since by T3 they usually have Spirit Mantle out and equipped, and with how slow the deck is because you have to run a large number of posts to consistently use him early, T3 was often too slow in coming and I'd behind tempo even more, I'd just have a 10/10 gorilla out to show for it.
    I also use to run Lingering Souls as well, which also didn't help me at all either.

    So all in all, while a flashy and super cool concept, it doesn't fit our overall game plan since we're not an aggressive deck seeking to close out the game early, since we rely on setting them back time and time again until they concede. It's the same reason we gave up on March of the machines

    Don't mean to discourge you, if you find consistent wins with him, keep him, but all of this is based on my personal findings from my LGS meta, local friend group, and other reviews online.
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    posted a message on [Primer] Restore Balance
    So ya, that sucks getting them countered. It's why we run Mistveil, Supreme Will,As Foretold, and Bow of Nylea. They only have so many conters yet with our ability to cycle and tuck we will always have more.
    A land I'm tempted to try is Boseiju, Who Shelters All. If the interaction works like I think it does then it'll be a nice 1 of.

    One good thing about Restore Balance is that if the is over 3 cmc then you can try it. The deck is super flexible in its design with U or B being the flex colors for the 4 color.
    So even if you don't like a card suggested or you have a card that works wonders suggest it here. Let us know how it does in your LGS.
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    posted a message on [Primer] Restore Balance
    To answer your questions

    How do you play this deck?

    You play it like you would normally play with the post heavy version. But it strays away from the post version to give it the ability to be more flexible against other decks. Nahiri + Emrakul means an alternate wincon or Nahiri helps cycle cards, destroys pesky things.

    How many lands do you sac for Garga before Balance?
    It depends generally. Personally its up to you, for me I generally do 1-2 that way they're set back a few turns

    When do you use Fiery Justice?
    Its an odd card I agree, but it can be used as spot removal or multiple instances of removal. We don't generally care about the life gain effect because we don't run that many creatures at all so trying to hit them down doesnt' work for us.

    What does the first do in the SB?
    The forest is there for more consistent plays, whether it comes to playing more Posts, or making sure your Fiery Justice,Violent Outburst, can be consistently activated. Green isn't part of this guys deck as a whole but mainly there from what I see as only for the cards I mentioned above.

    Hopefully this helps clears things up for you!
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