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  • posted a message on [Variant] UWR Midrange or UWR Flash
    Updated my list

    Thoughts? I have really enjoyed running both GoST and Reckoner to increase threat density. Ral has also turned out to be great. 4 Snap may be too many, I am thinking about dropping 1 snap to add a 3rd Ral. Also Aurelia could very easily be thundermaw
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  • posted a message on [Variant] UWR Midrange or UWR Flash
    Boros Charm main is just iffy to me. But it has applications regardless, I just use mine for SB utility. That is the beauty of the flexible cards like charms.

    If you don't have GoST, clone may be what you are looking for in the Junk Match. I would almost just run Dragonshift as a pseudo Gost for testing purposes. It functionally turns your other creature bodies into a big evasive beater for a turn then goes online late game for big beats if you manage an opening for it.

    Reckoner MB is still a pretty proactive game plan, you just have to utilize first strike and your removal differently in order to protect yourself rather than your beater. Reckoner is good at getting through be size no key wants to block him, and he gets really dumb with Stronghold.

    Aurelia in a Gost deck is not how I would roll. She pairs better with Reckoner where Thundermaw pairs better with Gost.

    As for think twice, draw is nice, but just use azorius charm when you need a draw. Stuffing your midrange Gost deck with cards like think twice is just way too iffy and reactive for a Gost tempo deck.

    Thanks for the response man! I am new to the archetype so I really appreciate it.

    I see what you mean with Reckoner MD as it makes your g1 vs aggro much better; how/when do you board in GoST from the SB? Also how have your experiences been with 7 counters? 7 seems like a ton to me
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  • posted a message on [Variant] UWR Midrange or UWR Flash
    Hey guys, been looking for a Geist shell and I'm really liking him in this bigger midrange package. I perfer Geist over Reckoner for the more proactive gameplan.

    Any thoughts? Tempted to play around with Ral and I am undecided on Aurelia, I feel like the deck may really benefit from a couple of think twice and
    also thinking about 2 AEtherling and 1 Cavern in the SB for control

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  • posted a message on [Variant] Dos Rakis
    Quote from zemanjaski
    Dega is real good vs. control; pretty soft to a deck like Mono Red I imagine.

    This exactly, haven't had any troubles at all vs Control but vs mono red I have had very limited success. Lingering souls is a trap in that matchup since blocking to hold off their threats in reality doesn't gain you that much as you dont really have big threats that will defensively hold the board, Olivia may work but honestly, may come down a turn of too too late to not be dead

    Also I think orzhov charm is a bit too greedy hehe getting stuck with it in hand is not too uncommon and completely kills the game
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  • posted a message on [Variant] Dos Rakis
    Quote from dpaine88

    I know.... rebuying now =(( I apologize!
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  • posted a message on [Variant] Dos Rakis
    I'm really liking this idea... like a lot =)

    Orzhov charm over dreadbore? Not only do we get instant speed removal, we can also bring back our excellent one drops at instant speed

    Also why KoI? I don't really see his utility as much as I did

    EDIT: This makes me so sad to have sold off my Aristocrats =((
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  • posted a message on Don't Worry About that Burning Sensation - It's Just the [Fires of Salvation]
    Quote from zemanjaski
    I'm working on an article on the PT. what an amazing event; so many awesome decks! What was everyone's favourite? I loved the WBR deck; although I would have built it a bit differently.

    That deck is wonderfully synergistic, what differences would you have Z?
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  • posted a message on [Variant] R/G Gruul Sligh
    DTG99 - Bonfire on 23 Land aggro is not where you want to be
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  • posted a message on Playing With Fires[of Salvation]
    Name: CWST

    I'm down to grind against anything control /UWR flashy, there are so many blue control mages at my LGS
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  • posted a message on [Variant] R/w Boros Sligh
    Quote from Novajoe
    love the testing results.

    My biggest question is how much burn do you guys think is right? right now I've just got 4 searing spear and 4 boros charm, but I feel like I want more... I just can't make room for it.

    I agree, I am currently running 4 charm, 3 pillar, 4 spear

    I am tempted to try skull crack and brimstone in place of pillars

    not running frontline medic or stonewright currently; cut SW since I know he is solid, would like to explore other options, want more burn and less X/1s
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  • posted a message on [Variant] R/w Boros Sligh
    Quote from Veserius
    Spent a couple of hours last two nights testing different no Pyreheart Wolf versions after people suggested it vs. UW/x flash decks.

    Frontline Medic underperformed drastically. He was only able to hold off a couple of revelations for a turn or two, but the tempo loss from him not having haste consistently and getting him put back on top of my deck hurt(charm into rev with him on top is lovely). So many times I'd look down at my board with him and another attacker and just wish I could push through for 3-5 guaranteed damage with wolf without having to worry about blocks. Battalion triggered a grand total of 3 times, once on an empty board, and twice pushing through a blocker costing me 2 damage each time so basically doing wolf's job but less consistently.

    Wojek Halbierders performed to spec basically. Felt like having a chainwalker. Battallion triggered only a few times, but it wasn't relevant at all. I had a few situations with awkward mana where chainwalker would have actually been the better card. Starting hands of 2 one drops and a halbierder where my lands were r/w land, mountain, and Slayer's Stronghold made things less than ideal.

    Boros Reckoner was the nuts. Tempo loss from getting him on top sucks, but he's a real threat, and I can't imagine how he'll perform in aggro matchups if I was happier to see him vs. control than I was Medic every time. Forces opponent to play differently, and he trades with more expensive threats. Kind of want to work in Blasphemous Act for random wins out of nowhere even if I know it isn't stable.

    Legion Loyalist was a Raging Goblin all but twice. Battalion is hard to trigger in situations where it matters.

    Slayer's Stronghold is nowhere near as good as Hellion Crucible. So many times I would have been sinking mana into crucible to setup relevant board position, I just sat there looking at stronghold wishing it wasn't worthless. It's too expensive to use reliably because you have to commit to it on your turn, and doesn't have enough impact on your x/1's when used later. It's solid with first strike guys, but every time I drew it other than one topdeck ftw I wished it was crucible to help me grind out in the long games.

    Skullcrack forced my opponent to revelation on their own turn a few times while I was tapped out, in fear of getting hit by this, which actually let me slip a hellrider in multiple times with my opponent tapped down. Also was used in some eot burn flurries to finish games. I don't know how good it is overall, and I feel sometimes you end up holding up mana you shouldn't(would probably work better with crucible than stronghold), but it actually beat my expectations. It bought me turns I wouldn't have had with any other card, and won me games no other card would have. In response to a lifelink Azorius Charm that would have gained my opponent 8 life was a pretty solid play too.

    Boros Charm gets you in a bad habit of holding it sadly(once again i think it has better synergy with crucible), but yeah it's obviously bonkers. You can bluff it, semi bluff with it, or hold it in anticipation of a sweeper then when it doesn't come just dome them for 4. Doublestrike ability was the least relevant in these matchups, but it won me a few combats.

    Early conclusion is that Wolf is needed, stronghold sucks against a deck that only plays stuff at instant speed, and I feel like splashing white I really need to board something to mess with snapcaster shenanigans. Had a game where I got charmed 5 turns in a row after my zealot got pillared. I think a properly constructed SB is really important here and I can tell I didn't have one for the matchup. I really missed having hounds and thunderbolts for one.

    I'm pretty much leaning to current RDW with boros charm, a little bit of sb help from white, and reckoner at this point.

    My thoughts / experiences exactly, slayers strong hold has been much of a liability esp for mulligans where you need the red for T2 zealot or colored for reckoner
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  • posted a message on [Variant] R/G Gruul Sligh
    Quote from DTG99
    According to this little chart I'm looking at, you have an 8.2% chance of drawing 2x BTE on the play by T2 and a 10.3% chance on the draw. So, something like that should happen in 1 out of every 10 games or so.

    Thank you, math is nice Grin
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  • posted a message on [Variant] R/w Boros Sligh
    29 -Creatures
    4xRakdos Cackler
    4xStromkirk Noble
    4xAsh zealot
    4xLightning Mauler / Wojek Halberdiers
    3xPyreheart Wolf
    4xBoros ravager

    23 – Land
    4x sacred foundry
    4x clifftop
    1x slayers strong hold
    2x plains
    10 x mountains

    Instant / Sorcery
    4 boros charm
    4 searing spear

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  • posted a message on [Variant] R/w Boros Sligh
    The debate for me seems to be between running boros sligh for boros reckoner and boros charm or Gruul for flinthoof boar, rancor, wolfir silverheart

    I think in my control based meta boros sligh will get have the edge?
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  • posted a message on One Small Ember to Spark the [Fires of Salvation]
    Happy New Years everyone!

    Seems like the red mages all held it down, getting themselves adequately stupid =)

    Cheers all around!
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