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  • posted a message on Floating mana after a board wipe
    You wording is a little confusing here so I'm going to answer it as i understand it. Lands and certain creatures, and artifacts, provide mana. Activating a creature's mana ability, or tapping a land adds mana to you mana pool - this is generally an invisible zone in the game where available mana "floats" waiting to be used. Mana empties from the mana pool at the end of each phase. For example. If you tap a forest to add one green mana to your pool during your main phase, that mana will stay in your pool until you use it, or until you begin your combat phase.

    It seems like you attempted to cast a wrath and your opponent decided to float mana from their dorks. That mana will continue to float in the "mana pool" until they (your opponent) decides to use it, but it will leave the pool (be wasted) when you move to your next phase. That being said, when you decide to move to your next phase, your opponent does then have the option to spend that mana - i.e. you can't be sneaky and say "I'm starting my combat phase, you lose the mana."

    So to be more clear:
    You cast Black Sun's Zenith
    Your opponent taps their dorks to float mana.
    Zenith resolves, killing the dorks.
    The mana is still floating after Zenith resolves.
    Your opponent has until your next phase to use the floating mana (via, as you say, casting a creature with flash).
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  • posted a message on [THB] Theros: Beyond Death Leaks
    "Okay gang, the wheel of fortune has landed on Underworld Dreams this time - how do we get this card back in Standard?"
    "Should we return to Theros!"
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  • posted a message on Light up the Stage & Delve
    If I exile Treasure Cruise off a cast Light up the stage, can I still use delve to cast Cruise in exile?
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  • posted a message on Deprive, Mystic Sanctuary, and the stack
    I have 3 islands and a Misty Rainforest in play. Two of the islands are tapped. My opponent casts a spell that I want to counter with the deprive I'm holding. I crack the Misty and grab a Mystic Sanctuary. When the Sanctuary comes into play, it's etb ability goes on the stack. Before that ability resolves, can I tap island+Sanctuary to cast deprive, bounce the Sanctuary to my hand (with Deprive's additional cost), and resolve the sanctuary's etb ability to put the now resolved deprive on top of my library?
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  • posted a message on What is a Staticaster?
    Izzet Staticaster, Ral's Staticaster - What is a staticaster? What is the etymology of this word? Casting Statistics? Casting Static? I'm guessing it's related to static, as in static electricity. I'm just curious if there is any lore behind this title.
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  • posted a message on My Little Pony silver-bordered crossover set releases Oct 12
    Are there images?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    Quote from ashtonkutcher »
    They still get a 3/3, but us not being down a card is huge. We can also grow our own guys in a pinch (Snapcaster? Goyfs when they have RIP?), and it grows Goyf if milled or discarded. Also critical that it doesn't rely on the GY, unlike Magmatic Sinkhole. What do you guys think?

    I want to like this a lot, it does things for us (Feed da goyf!), but I just wish it either had flash, or was UG, for pitching reasons. I just don't know where I'd slot this in since it's not blue for pitching, and it's not an instant/sorcery for Delver. I wouldn't play this over sinkhole - I've been using the latter to actually take out walkers a lot lately. I'm also interested in testing out Oko, Scions, and Brazen Borrower, and I'll probably need to test them one at a time to not corrupt the necessary ratios in the deck.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Final few cards before the rest tommorrow
    I wonder if Malevolent Noble is intended to be a reference to Elizabeth Bathory and/or Gilles de Rais. I know the latter was an influence for the tale of Bluebeard, which is sort of a fairy tale...
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Tokens
    I love that Eldraine has all the same foods as our world, but for some reason the bananas just have to be extra zany. It's possible Randy Gallegos was just like, "Nope, no phallic objects for me! Gotta make these bananas kid friendly!"
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Final few cards before the rest tommorrow
    Rimrock Knight and Reaper of Night have awesome art. Rimrock's reminds me of how MtG art USED to look back in the day. Reaper is just a bamf. Love that weird dragon horror behind him.
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  • posted a message on [ELD) mythic Sanctuary
    Quote from Courier7 »
    Quote from 13055 »
    Quote from Courier7 »
    Should be a good way to recur any adventures once the creature portion of the card has died. Since these look for "other islands" the fifth land you play can be another Mystic Sanctuary for its "enters the battlefield untapped" trigger. Very nice.

    Creatures with an Adventure are only a creature while not being cast as an Adventure.

    Exactly. After death, they sit in the graveyard with the card type "instant" or "sorcery", which lets this land put them on top of the library.

    I think you misunderstood 13055 - Creatures with adventure are always creatures. When they're not being cast as an adventure, they're ONLY creatures. They do not count as 2 card types in the grave; a Snapcaster Mage cannot target the adventure in the grave to give it flashback.
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  • posted a message on [ELD) mythic Sanctuary
    So this is going right into UW Control, while all the other lands in this cycle will be going right into the draft chaff bin...
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  • posted a message on Mothership 9/19 - happily ever after
    I thought it was hinted that Happily Ever After would be a card to breath new life into mono-white in EDH... this can't be accomplished in a mono-white deck. Maybe I misunderstood.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Foreboding Fruit & Locthwain Paladin
    Nice, a strictly better Painful Lesson.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] Kenrith's transformation
    I love this - the green Spreading Seas Grin
    This looks like it may be the FNM promo version, no?
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