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    Name – Rai Kashira Lyall-Dame
    Race - human (thinks she's a regular wolf; 50% Timber, 50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
    Age - Eighteen
    Affiliations - None
    Appearance & Apparel
    Human form Red hair, brown ruddy skin, left eye: orange, right eye: purple, every so often her irises flicker to red, wears comfortable clothes that she can easily move in, scars littering her body (bite marks)
    Wolf form Russet upper coat, predominant white undercoat, left eye: orange, right eye: purple, every so often her irises flicker to red, 130 lbs, 3.5ft at the shoulder, scars littering her body
    Personality & Background – Rai believes that she was born as a wolf. Whelped into a twisted paligimist family, she was raised with love from her birth mother and taught how to fight and survive by her father as well as her second mother. Rai strives to be everything that her namesakes (her grandmother, Raisa, and her aunt, Kashira) had been and more. Stories from her mother about her great ancestors brought her to the place that she is now. She was also taught by her adopted mother about her father’s mother, the once great Jamaica Dame and her love of the ocean. True to be told, Rai seeks the power of all three elements that tie her to her ancestors. Raisa, her grandmother, the power of fire; Kashira, her aunt, the power of earth; Jamaica, her grandmother, the power of water; the lessons from her mother have set her up to be as ambitious as she can be.

    She left her birth place with her family, only so she may continue her training. Her father wanted nothing more than to shape her into the next leader of the Dame family. Even though she had a brother, he believed that it was Rai that would take over what he had gained. While she has a sensible personality, she still has the temper of the very flames that she has come to accept as her own. She takes very little crap from anyone, and will put herself in harm’s way only to make her point known. Truly a spitfire, Rai is cunning and will do anything in her power to make her dreams come true. She wants nothing more than to make her dream a reality: to be supreme ruler of water, earth and fire. And nothing will stop her from this task. Not even the gods, whom she believed cursed her in an attempt to make her weak: forcing upon her the second form of a human.

    -Transformation - Rai can shift between human and wolf form, but this takes five minutes to complete.
    LSS: Mantle lv 2
    • Lvl 1. Your skin is ruddy and feverish. You quickly burn away poisons and potions.
    • Lvl 2. Your irises gain a flickering red glow. You are able to shift your perception to see heat.

    Bite - strong enough to crack bone

    Non-Weapon Items
    • Pendant of Linguistics - A gem strung on a thin leather cord that allows the wearer to speak to/comprehend a target/targets
    • Gold: 0

    • Ignite - Snap your finger to cause a very small intense burst of heat in a spot you are looking at. Can be used to start a small fire if used on highly flammable materials.
    • Fireball - Summon into your hand a semisolid ball of flame that does not burn you and can be thrown. On impact it hits with the consistency of water.
      Chill - Rapidly freeze a liquid inside your mouth, turning it into an ice shard.

    • Sandblast - Release a burst of rough, scouring sand from your hand
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