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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    thoughts from me.

    fearless fledgling: i feel like this is good enough. not always having flying is definitely not ideal, but it just gets bigger so easily that it'll hit a point where it doesn't necessarily need the evasion.
    sejiri shelter: this may compare favourably with shelter but i have no way of knowing until i play with it. so please, give feedback y'all.
    skyclave cleric: everything about this card is what control decks want to do, so it may actually just be a good card.

    bubble snare: i like the flexibility, and if the 1 mana mode comes up enough, it's super efficient.
    silundi vision: this helps progress your game plan in two different ways, but might be a little too weak on the spell side. digging six deep is a lot though.
    windrider wizard: i think this has really good upside for a wind drake, since i wanna push both spells and wizards.

    acquisitions expert: second point of toughness on this is good, and this is good enough without other party members as well.
    blackbloom rogue: 2/3 menace is fine, and letting an aggressive deck cheat on lands a little might be a big selling point. as a 5/3 this is obviously disgusting but 8 cards is a ton.
    bloodchief's thirst: targeting planeswalkers is now relevant, and the flexibility of this card is great. sorcery speed hurts but it's still a fine option.
    feed the swarm: definitely not the most powerful creature removal option we have, but a maindeckable enchantment removal option in black is nice if you want it.
    malakir rebirth: compares well with undying evil imo. having the land mode for a card which is slightly niche is a nice upside to have, especially since this still costs 1.

    akoum warrior: feels great, honestly. again, no idea how well it will actually play, but i'm very optimistic about it.
    skyclave geopede: if this can consistently attack as a 5/3 trampler, i feel like that's good for 3 mana. the floor of a 3/1 trampler isn't ideal, though. cautiously optimistic?

    bala ged recovery: 3 mana for regrowth still feels fair, and being a land also is just a fine edge case. i definitely like it.

    spare supplies: white card draw!

    the set feels slightly weak and also slightly parasitic, so i'm not surprised we don't get much in the way of super good includes. but as always, we have enough to think about with interesting new cards, which is all i can ask for.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    question for those of you who run kiora, behemoth beckoner. is it secretly a monogreen card?
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    yeah leelue, you have probably the most thorough posts around. i don't read a lot of walls of text these days, but yours are definitely in that minority.

    also i am frustrated by snow, because i want it to work, but can't find a way for it to work. i hate the basic snow lands idea because then there is no cost to them. i love how drafting snow lands is a legit thing in their environment, but it's a horrible idea for cube.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    spare supplies looks good, honestly. two clues in one card is just a very reasonable rate, despite not being able to draw two immediately.

    iridescent hornbeetle looks nuts, but i don't actually think it's very good. a 5 mana 3/4 is a terrible rate in green, and there are a plethora of solid 5s that provide immediate value, and even some with lasting value. i like the idea of the counters deck, but this is so specific to that deck, and i think we just have better options at green 5s.

    kazuul's fury // kazuul cliffs strikes me as interesting as it is a narrow removal spell, which i think plays well with being a land. kabira takedown // kabira plateau is the same but i think probably slightly stronger. these cards though man, just impossible to evaluate...

    fearless fledgling feels like a staple? i wonder how big the conditional flying will turn out being on this, but also one trigger and you're probably pretty happy means this shouldn't disappoint you too often until it's a terrible lategame topdeck.

    malakir blood-priest looks low key good. if its average case is etb drain 2, that feels pretty ok in an aggressive deck. really depends on how the creature type breakdown ends up going though, which is huge for a lot of these party creatures. might be one to remember at the end of spoilers.

    rockslide sorcerer feels average considering its base body. a wind drake looter is a lot stronger than a pinging hill giant imo. i wanna push the wizard deck though so maybe...

    i agree broken wings feels worse than wilt, but this is by no means bad, and is probably your second choice for this effect i wanna say?

    bubble snare looks great, imo. scaling removal like this works well for me, and i feel like it's not even bad in its 1 mana mode.

    skyclave geopede does a lot of damage, and i don't think a 3/1 trampling body is anywhere near as bad as the lower cmc options with this effect.

    how do we feel about fissure wizard? rummage etb on a 2/1 is simple, creature types are relevant. doesn't feel bad, but just maybe not exciting enough to really show its strength.

    feed the swarm might be ok if you're powering down removal. having more noncreature removal is also welcome. idk.

    goma fada vanguard seems strong if you push warriors as an archetype.

    mind carver looks AWESOME and i'm honestly loving this trend with black equipment. i wonder how many cards 8 cards is in practice though. feels like it could be hard to achieve sometimes.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    akoum hellhound is definitely better in red due to lack of good competition, but i feel like the card is just not good without fetchlands.

    grotag bug-catcher i think attacks as a 3/2 fairly easily but we have more consistent options.

    prowling felidar looks like it's gunna be nuts in its native environment, but is probably too slow in cube. but then again, in a gw ramp deck, this could still just be gas, especially since it's so good in combat when it does gain some size thanks to vigilance.

    the dfc lands... man. cards like these are brutal to evaluate. sejiri shelter seems good, but i feel like it compares poorly with shelter. bala ged recovery isn't terribly overcosted, and is an interesting comparison with fungal rebirth. i don't think you need four regrowths though, and eternal witness and regrowth are obviously the top 2 options. i honestly really like akoum warrior? 6 mana 4/5 trample is definitely below rate, but we've never had a ramp creature that can just be a land for free before. sure we have landcyclers, but there are pros and cons both ways. this doesn't cost mana to be a land, but also loses graveyard synergy, but ALSO has insane flicker synergy if you can flicker the land.

    i have to say, i really want a dfc spell land which is naturalize. that would be super welcome.

    anticognition is probably just not there, but the lategame relevance is looking pretty juicy.

    grotag night-runner doesn't do much for me. funny how black gets audacious thief and red gets this.
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  • posted a message on Zendikar Rising for Peasant Cube
    i'm already wanting to support adeliz, but even without that, i think windrider wizard looks great. wind drake with very big upside is a super good addition to pretty much any cube imo.

    nothing else i'm super sold on yet, but we have a very early winner i think.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Previews
    force of savagery downshift when?
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  • posted a message on Commander Legends Previews
    alena looks real bad.

    halana looks powerful though. a bit do-nothing initially, but 2 mana isn't terribly expensive, and a 3/4 reach body is actually a fairly good blocker. cards like this that have the potential to just take over the game are always worth looking carefully at, and i dig it on first glance.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters downshifts
    yeah i guess i didn't consider that would be quite powerful on turn 3.
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  • posted a message on Double Masters downshifts
    what even is our best top end artifact? gate colossus? meteor golem? pilgrim of the fires? sphinx of the guildpact? darksteel sentinel? darksteel gargoyle? phyrexian juggernaut?

    sphinx of the guildpact seems like it's head and shoulders above the rest, but not exactly worth comboing for.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    is the power of oketra's attendant not from the fact that you can cycle it and still cast it, or cast it twice? yeah a 5 mana 3/3 isn't great, but two 5 mana 3/3s in one card is a lot better, and a two mana mode on top of that is pretty great too.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    dude you're not meant to actually say it.

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  • posted a message on Jumpstart Spoilers (new cards, downshifts) for CU/be
    spiteful prankster is pretty nice, definite upgrade over hissing iguanar which is nice since the body on iguanar was always a bit sketchy.

    stone haven pilgrim looks ok but way too narrow of a trigger, unless you support the enchantment theme in g/w.

    how do we feel about chained brute? feels like the next most cubeable card out of the new cards. maybe not amazing, but honestly the untap isn't as costly as it could be, and it's a slight variation on a sac outlet. not saying it's particularly good though...
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  • posted a message on Jumpstart Spoilers (new cards, downshifts) for CU/be
    i like the thriving lands but like. do i need more lands? do i just add them and cut one card from each colour? i prob do just add them.

    release the dogs looks good, but i don't think it's as good as visionary augmenter, and i don't think we need to double up on that effect; especially when we have some very good flying token producers.
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  • posted a message on M21 Previews and discussions
    i feel like this set is pretty great. lots to break down, lots to think about.

    basri's acolyte: i think the 2/3 lifelink body is definitely better than the 3/2 vanilla of relief captain, but i'm not sure how relevant the extra counter is. feels like you run one or the other depending on preference almost.
    daybreak charger: represents a lot of damage for 2 mana, and is relevant lategame, which is always valuable on 2 drops. feels like a good weenie card to me, but not sure if it forces anything out.
    swift response: i feel like this is the best white removal spell that's not enchantment based we've got for a long time. could be good depending on removal makeup.
    vryn wingmare: i like having an effect like this available, but ultimately not sure just how good it'll be without playing with it.

    shipwreck dowser: straight upgrade to archaeomancer for me. 1 more mana is annoying, but the body you get is just so much better.

    liliana's devotee: i feel like this will just run away with games, and is disgusting with curse of shallow graves. hard not to find synergy here.
    malefic scythe: this will naturally be huge, and you can accelerate it if you have the means, making every random dork a monster. i really like this one.
    village rites: flexible, efficient, powerful. ez.

    bolt hound: feels like it gets there depending on what you want from your red 3s.
    chandra's pyreling: super good with burn obviously, and also really good with stuff like goblin bombardment. not sure if this is too narrow, but can do a LOT of damage.
    heartfire immolator: really good, efficient, and flexible. all on a 2 drop. what's not to like, this feels like a staple.
    hobblefiend: as far as sac outlets that cost mana go, this seems great. having trample already is really strong on this effect.
    kinetic augur: i may be sleeping on this. it feels like my red section would low key love this card. we'll see.

    fungal rebirth: i dig it. could be too conditional, and i honestly wouldn't be surprised if it is. but at face value it looks good enough.
    llanowar visionary: simple but effective. does green things.
    quirion dryad: love having this effect available, and i feel like this will be just great.
    warden of the woods: this can be a beating. i love vigilance on green fat too. feels like a prefence thing.

    conclave mentor: counters could be a thing now, very easily. just need to make room is selesnya...
    dire fleet warmonger: this does a lot for 3 mana. you don't even need to be aggro, this will kill people by itself with ease.
    obsessive stitcher: this card does a lot, but is a 3 mana 0/3. might depend on how much you wanna reanimate stuff, or how slow your format is. dimir isn't exactly stacked, though.
    watcher of the spheres: for 2 mana, this is a bargain. flying token makers are everywhere in peasant, so this feels like it'll be explosive as well.
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