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All Sets Are Good: Saviors of Kamigawa
Dominaria Spoiler Digest - Who's Who and What's What from the Release Notes
  • posted a message on Now for your opinion on Planeswalker cards
    Nicol Bolas has always and will allways be the best planeswalker ever! Grin
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  • posted a message on Most Beautiful Angels in Magic
    Kokusho is my angel. She is prettier than any girls with wings. Love is in the air
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  • posted a message on What did you think of Scars of Mirrodin?
    That set had a serious lack of dragons that disapointed me so much I bearly drafted it at all so I think it is awful to be really really honest.
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  • posted a message on Funny/Hilarious Cards
    Dead Reveler makes a pun that is supper funny to me. Normally you say someone is the life of a party but this guy is the unlife! Its cause he is a zombie.
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  • posted a message on Two Dragons - A Magic: the Gathering Love Story
    So I know its been a really really long time but I was kinda burnt out for a while and didn't write much but now I wrote more! I hope everyone still loves it! Grin

    For the rest of the afternoon and night, Bolas and Kokusho enjoyed a pleasant evening of sight-seeing and romantic adventures around Kamigawa. Finally, they curled up beneath the tree that Kokusho's friend Jugan had once valiantly defended and had some much needed rest. As Bolas slumbered peacefully, Kokusho smiled upon his handsome form. He was so strong, so masculine, and yet so gentle and loving to her. There was also an air of mystery about him that she found incredibly alluring. Who was this Elder Dragon before he met her? What did one do with centuries of life and infinite planes to travel? The possibilities boggled the mind, but she loved to imagine wonderful adventures that her lover could have experienced. She idly wondered where she would fit into these wondrous fantasies as she began to doze off.
    Suddenly her rest was interrupted by a clawed hand grabbing her shoulder. She was halfway through deciding whether she should scream or just pulverize the offending creature when she heard Ryusei's voice whisper behind her. “Kokusho... I need to talk to you. It's urgent, but please don't wake Bolas.”
    “Oh, Ryu... You scared me!” She giggled at her old friend. “What's up?”
    “I needed to warn you... I spoke to Meloku at Minamo. He told me everything the plane of Kamigawa knows about this Bolas guy... It's awful.” Ryu shuddered and looked reluctant to continue.
    Kokusho put her claws on her hips. “Well, if you have anything bad to say about my Nicol, I don't want to hear it. Jealousy isn't nice, Ryu.”
    A light of determination appeared in the Falling Star's eyes. “Do you remember when we found Myojin, Kokusho? I remember how you cried and said that nothing would ever be the same after this. I knew you were right. We both cursed the war and swore we'd find the one who stole her mask and put her in a coma and we'd make that bastard pay. Do you remember? You said that whoever pissed off the Evening and Falling Stars had best enjoy their remaining days for they would not be many.”
    “Of course I remember!” Kokusho looked even more offended. “But what does that have to do with—”
    “He's the one,” Ryusei said soberly. “I know you don't want to hear it, but he's the one who stole Myojin's mask. He put our best friend in a coma! Meloku said he carries the mask in that orb above his head, so there's proof there if you don't believe me!”
    “Of course I don't believe you!” Kokusho snapped, but her heart wasn't in it. There was too much shock in her voice. Bolas's heart sank as he pretended to sleep. He wanted to respect her friendship with Ryusei by giving them privacy here, but now this was too far.
    “He lies!” Bolas roared, unfurling his wings to display a terrifying sight.
    “I told you all I know,” Ryusei said, ignoring the angry Elder Dragon. “Please be safe, dear Kokusho.” With that, he flew away into the night.
    “Oh Nicol! It can't be true!” Kokusho sobbed. “...Can it?”
    Bolas sighed. He could not lie to her. “It is... complicated. I needed the mask, but I never intended to hurt your friend. A terrible rift threatened to destroy everything in existence. I needed the mask to close it and to defeat my old friend, Leshrac, who sought to use Myojin's powers to rain doom upon all things. You know all my friends are psychopaths, but he was surely the worst of them. I tried to negotiate with Myojin, but she feared me and aided those who would destroy me. Finally, I needed to take the mask by force, but I made sure to leave her alive and send her home because I knew that she meant no evil. Please believe me!” He had left the Umezawas out of the story, but everything else was true. He could only hope that she would believe his tale...
    Kokusho laughed. It was not a cruel, mean laugh, but a gentle, fun laugh that sounded like a thousand bells chiming in perfect, beautiful harmony. He loved her laugh so much. “Oh, Nicol, I'm sure you did not mean to cause harm. I had to make... sacrifices... during the Kami Wars, so I know how you feel. I trust you, so I will believe that you did this for noble reasons. I am sorry I ever doubted you, even for just a moment!”
    “Koku, my love! You are so kind-hearted and forgiving that I cannot imagine you ever doing wrong to anyone!” Bolas swiftly wrapped his arms around her and pressed his draconic lips against hers, pouring all his love into the gesture.
    “My dearest Nicol, I cannot imagine how it must have hurt to keep this a secret from me and have it hanging over you,” Kokusho said sympathetically. “Please never keep a secret like that from me again. I cannot bear the idea of you suffering so!”
    “Alright, I would not want you to suffer either, so let's agree to never keep secrets from each other again, my beautiful Evening Star,” Nicol said gently as they lay back down.
    Now Kokusho fell asleep too, curled in the loving arms of her one true love. Bolas knew he still kept far more secrets than he could admit. Kokusho knew she was not ready to tell him the truth about the things she had once done. But they both knew that no secrets between them could never have any ill intent, so it was okay for now. For now, they could lie together in perfect peace and love, feeling as if nothing could go wrong.
    And yet, somewhere in the Multiverse, many forces plotted against them. This one night would be peaceful, but nothing so sweet could ever last for long. By the next morning, the two dragons would already be facing a worse obstacle than any they had yet faced.
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  • posted a message on You forgive the dragons; what about the others?
    I think it makes sense to have more dragons because their were dragons like hunted dragon in old Ravnica and there was also the baby dragons in the books. Why couldn't there be more dragon eggs somewhere and they hatched while Niv Mizzet was wimping out in Dissension and wasn't paying attention? There are many possibilities if you open your mind to new reasons.
    Maybe Vraska did bring more gorgons and they were able to breed. Maybe Szadek limited other vampires so that he could be the one cool vampire but without him the underground vampire societies thrived and got more mainstream. Maybe all the nephilim died because no one liked them and a lot of them got killed anyway. Nature evolves and populations change. Why should this be different on Ravnica cause I dont think it is different after all!
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  • posted a message on Need help making decks more fun
    You could try adding dragons to your decks. I honestly find them really fun to play with cause they have cool art and fun affects. Maybe you would find them fun too! Grin
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  • posted a message on Will The Inflation Rate Destroy Standard Constructed?
    Yeah expensive cards are why I dont play much Standard so it is a reasonable conclusion that most people feel the same way cause most people arent rich. I think Standard will not last really long in the future because of this.
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  • posted a message on Proxy basic lands in Standard?
    I believe that proxies should be more aceptable in tournaments cause sometimes they help everyone afford cards and decks and other times they just look so cool. I would have more fun at tournaments if I got to look at my opponents Minecraft lands while I played with my MLP lands. It would be fun but that is sadly not how it works. You could use them in EDH though because noone really minds there!
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  • posted a message on Worst excuses for losing a game of magic
    My friend Denny is new to Magic so he has some really dumb excuses for why he always loses. He once said that my Kokushos are overpowered and another time he said that I deserve the win because I worked harder and made a better deck which was obvious just stupid flattary to get me to cover his pizza money that day. The silliest thing he ever came up with was that he lost because he only had 20 islands in his deck when we both know that is more than plenty of Islands.
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  • posted a message on So I was at Denny's with a buddy of mine last night...
    My friend was teaching his buddies to play magic and there mom thought he was teaching them wichcraft so that they would start summoning demons in real life! It was so crazy and does not even make sense because there are way better creatures to summon from Magic than demons so who would even bother with that in real life? I dont get it at all...
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  • posted a message on Which is More Important: Overall Damage or Damage-to-Mana Ratio?
    Damage is super important to me so thats why I always fill my decks with lots and lots and lots of creatures to make lots of damage. Mana is just their to help make the damage dream a reallity but it is not important on its own.
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  • posted a message on what do you collect?
    I collect Kokushos because they are specal and warm my heart with the joy they bring.
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  • posted a message on What would it take for you to decide WOTC had jumped the shark?
    They would need to ban Kokusho in EVERYTING! Otherwise I am ok with Wizards.
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  • posted a message on The most atractive traits
    I think the most attractive traits are beauty, sense of humor, and opinion of Kokusho.
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