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  • posted a message on First Deck Thoughts?
    Welcome Obzedat! I guess even ghosts can get resurrected.

    That was a marvelous first post. Not just using the decktags, but explanations!

    You have gotten some excellent specific feedback for your deck, but I would like to take the liberty of making a few suggestions.
    • On going to the local store: it's all about expectations. Each store is different, but calling them up first could garner some suggestions about how best for you personally to start. Sometimes there are less formal experiences than the organized tournaments where you could play less competitively. Going 0-4 without winning a game (which I've done) is just a thing. If I learn from it, enjoy the process and meeting people, I can appreciate it. If I just say that I lost, it was hopeless and I'll never get better, then it would not be a worthwhile experience. Going with your friend at a time when you know other people might be available to play casually would be a way to ease yourself in and see whether to go to FNM.
    • Go to a prerelease if you can. They are fun, you learn about the new set and it's a less formal tournament.
    • There is an excellent learning resource on the Wizards of the Coast website here.
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  • posted a message on Jund Midrange
    Is Jund Deathwhirler in scope for this thread? Or should I post elsewhere?
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  • posted a message on Pirate Judy
    I like it! Particularly the headings. Although technically, lands are not pirates either. Maybe Secret Bases, Haunts or Hideouts. Or do pirates have nests, like scorpions?

    But seriously, I have only been on the other side of the Light/Skewer combo, but it seems powerful.

    My feedback is all theorycrafting, so please feel free to stop reading. To my delight, I will be going to the Game Day Store Championship Allegiance Weekend with my son. But he will be running Esper Midrange which depletes the UB lands from our shared collection and puts me off testing my Pirate Judy deck.

    My favorite 1 drop was always Daring Buccaneer, as I never wanted to play Rigging Runner on turn 1. I love Fathom Fleet Captain, but I often found myself wanting to do different things with my mana, so I decided that 4 was more than I wanted. So I would cut one to add a Buccaneer.

    It looks like you are heavily depending on Spectacling. A badly timed Ghitu Lavarunner seems like it might be unfortunate, but if you can reliably Spectacle, you should be off to the races.

    Without a better understanding of Spectacle, I don't know what to say about the number of lands. Running 3 Neckbreakers and 19 lands does seem dangerous. One thing I have done when I was stuck on the right number of lands (which may draw objections) is to run the extra land and 61 cards. This should split the difference on mana ratios.

    A sideboard strategy that I had some good results with was to lean more into discard with Mind Rot type effects.

    Good luck!
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  • posted a message on Mono-W/Wx Aggro
    Now up to 3-2 and the losses were close, but the deck feels terrible and I haven't cast Divine Visitation yet. Totally loving Warboss and Reinforcements, though. The Rekindling Phoenixes that I threw in (at the cost of guildgates. Yeah, I know, but I wanted to test out the other cards before committing wildcards) and Lyra have been good.
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  • posted a message on Mono-W/Wx Aggro
    This Boros list made the Monday 5-0 dump:

    It leans midrange and I thought it could grind and take a Chainwhirler and keep on trucking. I tweaked (worsened) it a bit to match my existing Arena collection and am just 1-2 on ranked Bo3. Early days, but it seems to lack the explosiveness of the 'whirler-be-damned version I have been grinding on ranked Bo1.
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  • posted a message on Pirate Judy
    Hey! Getting the old gang together.

    The meta is bound to be different, but last year I was surprised to find that my pirates weren't always dying and March could be clunky. This is a new meta, but some Nexus and Mono-U seem like they might not be putting the pirates in the bin. Given Grixis's historic difficulty with enchantments, Reclamation might be a lost cause.

    Looking at the spoilers, Theatre of Horrors looked abusable. But I think it's not worth running Spear Spewer.

    Three colors will kill me for sure sometimes. But I bam hoping the U flyers make triggering Ruin Raider easier.

    My core concept last year was the Fleet Captains. Pirates are such perfect trade-off cards. None of them are unconditionally good. I still think they need to attack, so Ruin Raider is free or I am probably losing anyway.

    I definitely want to surprise some people with March of the Drowned and Siren's Ruse. The extra mana compared to dive down is hard, but hey, drawing cards. It could promote rigging runner and make Settle a little worse.

    Curious Obsession deserves some thought. I want to be more creature dense than Mono-U. What matchups can I run it in without working as hard as Mono-U does to protect it?
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  • posted a message on U/B Midrange
    Some ideas here. Thoughtbound Phantasm? Seems unlikely, but I haven't tried. I am a sucker for unplayable uncommons, though.
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  • posted a message on Pirate Judy
    Shiver me timbers! It's a pure delight to see someone putting pirates and Judith together.

    A year ago, I put Rakdos Aggro Pirates together for fun and was pleasantly surprised by some 3-1 finishes. The rise of Chainwhirler put an end to that particular guilty pleasure of unplayable uncommon synergy.

    Seeing Judith and a reduction in 'whirlers got me thinking of a reunion tour. As I worked with the old list, I realized that I could make the mana worse and support an unplayable mythic. This list is untested and has too many one-ofs for evaluation, but it's a starting point for testing.

    Given the lack of refinement, asking for feedback seems inappropriate, although it would delight me.
    Here it is :
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  • posted a message on Mono-W/Wx Aggro
    I guess this is our week! I am retitling this thread to Mono-W/Wx Aggro.
    • Third place at Star City Games Open Dallas with Azorius Aggro.
    • Fifth place at Star City Games Open Dallas with Azorius Aggro.
    • Tenth place at Star City Games Open Dallas with Mono-W (the Boss!).
    • First place at Star City Games Classic Dallas with Azorius Aggro.
    • Second place at Star City Games Classic Dallas with Azorius Aggro.
    • Fifth place at Star City Games Classic Dallas with Mono-W.
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  • posted a message on Mono-W/Wx Aggro
    Are you kidding? Unbreakable Formation seems nuts to me. Counters plus a free attack where I can't lose anything and don't even tap stuff (except to Settle). The first one seems automatic, as the biggest drawback seems like not triggering Hero of Precinct One. Blanking Kaya's Wrath, Gates Ablaze, Clarion or Nova seems worth. I am looking at Heroic Reinforcements generally and even considering Jeskai. On Arena, Tajic mostly protecting against Gates Ablaze and Clarion has been relevant.

    Are you still on Mono-W?
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  • posted a message on Vannifar, the return of pod
    Bant list from FFL on the mothership here:
    Bugler and Trostani have me thinking of a Bant Black version. I just have to remember that Trostani and Hostage Taker are a nonbo.
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  • posted a message on Vannifar, the return of pod
    Looking through my Arena Collection, I came across another few options. I am pretty psyched about Territorial Allosaurus, as I believe we can pay the kicker with mana on ETB after podding into it. On Christmas, I imagine an opponent tapped out with a creature of <5 power and <=5 toughness. This seems pretty good for non-black builds without such great 4 mana options. It also seems pretty appealing for dinosaur builds. Never mind.

    I also realized that Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar can be brought back from the bin after being sacced, which seems like a decent 6 on the way to Pelakka Wurm.
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  • posted a message on Vannifar, the return of pod
    Quote from VieraEars »
    I'm aware that in Bant the Explore package is quite powerful but is there any other alternatives? I understand the need for a an answer to aggro but it's such a boring set of cards to run, imo of course.
    Sure, if you think you don't need the Explore package, you could look at Growth-Chamber Guardian or more ramp with Incubation Druid. With black, Dusk Legion Zealot cantrips. At the 3 spot, Militia Bugler, Skittering Surveyer, District Guide and Elvish Rejuvenator are options that offer intriguing trade-offs.

    I look forward to seeing your version and hearing how your choices work.

    Edit: Riley Knight & co present a Temur Vannifar deck here. They use it in a video here. They describe the deck as a starting point, with which I agree.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The "I Need Help Deciding What To Play!" Thread.
    Quote from motleyslayer »
    just thought I'd post here before going off the deep end in terms of investing much into a new deck other than what I have. Before Allegiance, I was playing jeskai control. I've been debating between switching to Sultai or Esper midrange or control. Also maybe some kind of nexus of fate deck. just wanted to know if it's worth switching or sticking with what I have

    Assume I have 0 copies each of carnage tyrant, hydroid krasis and nexus of fate
    Struggling to say something that won't sound stupid or patronizing to one of your experience. The obvious questions are about competitive needs, budget and desired style of play.

    I think the gist of your question is: can I tweak my Jeskai Control deck to be close to top tier?

    The best competitive showing that I am aware of is a league 5-0 for Jeskai Control and the 13th, 14th and 16th place decks in this event. Riley Knight has an article here, but I would mine it for ideas more than conclusions.

    There are multiple better showings for Esper Control and you don't say anything about a paucity of Teferi, so that might be the easiest and relatively affordable way to be top-tier competitive.
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  • posted a message on Vannifar, the return of pod
    Saffron Olive goes 5-0 in a league with a Sultai Vannifar deck that includes Journey to Eternity, Biogenic Ooze and Quasiduplicate here.

    @tulun - and Naban can even double the ETB effects. Lots of bounce effects, some card draw. The spell-based effects seem challenging to balance with the creature density, although Quasiduplicate could be really spicy. I'm not clear enough about your plan to comment intelligently, even if I want to encourage experimentation.
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