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Ravnica: The Broken Guildpact
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A Brief History of Dominaria's Thallids
  • posted a message on UBx Reanimator
    Quote from CrankyOM »
    I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make Esper work as I really want to smash Lyra and Shalai into a deck with TSG and Lilly. Gonna go through a league or two today and see if I can put it all together.
    Yeah. The latest league dump ( has some very interesting Sultai and Esper decks.
    I've actually brewed 4 color (no red) on the theory that Urza's Ruinous Blast could be good. Fortunately, I have been saved from playing it by using a shared collection with limited Scattered Groves. On the unlikely event that the mana works, it will probably run into the fact that the best cards in standard don't get hit by the Blast.

    Edit: SaffronOlive goes deep on Muldrotha. Benefaction of Rhonas! The non-budget version is interesting to me, although I tend to think of Muldrotha as a value card more than a buildaround. The synergies between Muldrotha and Walking Ballista are intriguing.
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  • posted a message on Red/Black or Mardu Vehicles
    Suggestions for OP content

    Red Black or Mardu Vehicles


    Aggressive decks that use powerful synergies with artifacts and vehicles in particular.

    Mardu has the potential for extremely quick starts with Toolcraft Exemplar, while also having tenacious threats like Scrapheap Scrounger in longer games. Its premier card is Heart of Kiran which dodges the traditional type of sorcery speed removal and board sweepers. It's top end boasts a Hazoret the Fervent as a hard hitting, nigh unkillable threat, whose activation presents a form of inevitability. Often it draws on other powerful threats like Chandra and Glorybringer postboard. Overall the deck, while an aggrodeck, boasts a flexible gameplan with several angles of attack.

    Red Black is less aggressive, with threats that include implicit potential card advantage like Goblin Chainwhirler, Rekindling Phoenix and Glorybringer.


    The Mardu game plan is to apply pressure quickly just like any other aggro deck. Game 1, hands with an Exemplar and a follow-up artifact on T2 are premium. You will want to deploy your Hearts quickly as well, as they will essentially give many of your creatures virtual haste, allowing you to pilot the heart with a summoning sick creature, while your other creatures attack along side it. The mid game will often devolve into a tempo game where you look to put yourself in a position where you can Disintegrate a key blocker and perhaps activate Pia to make another creature not be able to block before swinging for lethal. Post board, the deck has the ability to turtle up and become more of a control deck, calling on more spot removal like Fatal Push, board sweepers like Fumigate, card advantage like Chandra, and big threats like Glorybringer to look to control the board before resolving a big threat that you ride to victory.

    The Red Black Game plan overlaps, but is more reactive. Given a choice, try to kill things with Chainwhirler and Glorybringer. When needed, Chainwhirler's first strike makes it a potent blocker. In combat, damage can combine to take out an opponent's creature after first strike damage, but before the opponent's creature delivers it's damage.

    Sample Decklists



    One of the core aggressive threats of the deck, as the best turn 1 play that the deck can produce. Some of the decks most aggressive starts involve an early Exemplar putting on immediate pressure. It can be used to power up Heart of Kiran by resolving its beginning of combat trigger and then activating the vehicle before moving to attacks. It requires a critical mass of 1 and 2 mana artifacts for it to be worthwhile and so is often sided out when the deck shifts to a more controlling build postboard.

    An unassuming creature that plays a few roles in the deck. On it's own, it's a mildly aggressive threat that can represent a lot of card advantage if it is able to attack uncontested for a few turns. It otherwise provides an early artifact to power up Exemplars, enable Spires, and upgrade Disintegrations. It also can pilot Aethersphere Harvestor quite readily. In a pinch, it can be used to clear your hand to allow Hazoret to attack. Generally worst case if drawn in top deck mode, it essentially cycles for 2 mana.

    A third but less commonly used 1-drop. It featured heavily in earlier versions of the deck. It synergizes well with the heavy artifact presence in the deck and becomes an excellent aggressive threat. It is a good option if you want to go a bit more aggressive with the build.

    Another less commonly used 1-drop found in some Red Black Vehicle lists. It synergizes beautifully with Goblin Chainwhirler, survives opposing Chainwhirlers and can help damage spells take down Hazoret.


    This is essentially the card around which the entire deck is built. It is very aggressive evasive threat that is difficult to deal with with many forms of removal. It does require that the deck play enough 3+ power early creatures to be worthwhile. Keep in mind that Exemplar can pilot it if you allow the Exemplar's trigger to resolve before moving to declare attackers. Hazoret can also pilot Heart regardles of whether or not the god can attack. Don't forget that planeswalkers like Chandra can activate Heart, and can do this on both your turn and your opponent's. Despite the drawback of being legendary, this card is an automatch 4-of in a vehicles deck purely due to its power level.

    Another core threat. It is an aggressively costed 3/2 for 2. So at its base level is passable. Due to being an artifact, it activates Exemplar, Spire, and Disintegration. It can also pilot Heart. It's recursive ability is where it really becomes good. This ability can be activated at instant speed, so you are able to reanimate Scrounger at the end of the opponents turn and then untap to attack immediately. The instant aspect of the ability also opens up some interesting lines using it to ambush attacking creatures with Heart of Kiran. It unfortunately cannot block, so sometimes should be sided out in the more aggressive matchups. Just be mindful that your artifact count is being reduced.

    Featured heavily in the early versions of the the deck, this aggressive synergistic creature fell out of favour before coming back to become one of the core cards. As a 3 power 2 drop it is aggressive. It's scry 2 is surprisingly useful at keeping the deck consistent and digging for sideboard cards. His pump also makes the other vehicles in the deck trump opposing vehicles in the mirror. Keep in mind that the +1/+1 adjustment occurs before the vehicle even turns into a creature, which can sometimes be relevant on damage based removal.

    Another option, this pseudo 2-drop has a lot of late game potential when games drag out. It has fallen out of favour more recently, but it still a more than valid option if you are building a more controlling midrange version of the deck.


    Just a pure value card, which has a lot of play to it due to its activated abilities. On it's own, it's 3 power for 3 mana which is reasonable, and allows you to pilot Hearts between the two. Split between two bodies makes it resilient to removal. One of it's halves has a form of evasion. Pia herself has activations which allow you to push damage on Hearts, Scroungers, Couriers, Thopters, and Harvesters. In particular the last one is relevant as it amplifies your ability to blunt opposing aggressive decks with its lifegain. The second ability gives you the option of alpha striking through a large blocker or two. All in all, she's a great threat at 3 mana.

    An powerful vehicle that excells at facing down opposing aggressive decks. Both its difficult to deal with toughness and ability to gain life make it a must have if you expect to see many other aggro decks. If not mainboard, this card is very often found in the sideboard as one of the best cards in aggro matchups.

    A further 3-drop option, that is not as commonly used as the two above. Depala excells against midrange decks where her ability can pull you ahead in the card advantage war. Her passive ability to size up your Exemplars, Hearts, Motorists, and Harvesters helps fight against the larger creatures. Certainly a good option if you expect a lot of green based midrange decks, though 1-2 copies is likely the most you will need.

    This 3-drop with a challenging mana cost is a four-of in the Red Black vehicles variant. In addition to killing x/1s on ETB, first strike can make blocking or attacking into it a nightmare.


    A hard hitting, hard to kill, hasty threat for the top end of the curve. It's discard ability gives the deck inevitability. With Hazoret in the deck, it is important to keep the curve of the deck low so that you can clear out your hand quickly and allow Hazoret to attack quickly as possible. It is also reasonable to consider going to 23-24 lands in order to cast her on curve.

    A difficult to deal with card that also clocks for 4 in the air. There are answers: Vraska's Contempt, Hour of Glory, Struggle // Survive, W exiling enchantments. But Magma Spray doesn't handle it cleanly and nobody wants to run Puncturing Blow. Situationally, it can be an advantageous blocker. Given how few answers there are for it, be aware of the possibility of hitting your own Phoenix with cards like Abrade in response to exiling removal.

    One of the most versatile planeswalkers recently printed. She has 4 printed abilities, but in reality she is packing 5. Chandra can provide tempo, ramp, removal, burn, card advantage. And that is without really considering her ultimate which generally wins the game either immediaely or on untap. She is a bit fragile, given that her protective ability of removing a mid sized creature leaves her a 1 loyalty, but often the removal plus virtual life gain is plenty. Keep in mind that you cannot play lands off her exile, so best practice is to play any land in hand before activating that mode. Also understand that you must make the decision to cast the card revealed immediately, otherwise she does her damage. You cannot leave it exiled untl end of turn to cast it at a more opportune time. Chandra often hangs out in the sideboard as a good card advantage engine when shifting to a more controlling gameplan.

    A bit of a nonbo with Hazoret, but often included in Red Black Vehicles. The high loyalty, card advantage and artifacts can all be useful.


    A very strong top end. This is often going to be in the sideboard for when the deck decides to go a bit bigger. This dragon is strong enough for the mainboard. Just make sure to be running enough lands main or side to bring your count up to around 24-25 so that you can cast it on time. Don't be afraid to just attack without exerting. Racing can be better than the removal. Though, most often the Dragon will represent a 2 for 1, serving as both a question (threat requiring removal) and an answer (removal taking out a threat).


    This is another core card of the deck, and automatic 4-of, and rivals Heart as the reason to play the deck. Given the rest of the deck is mainly Red and White, you need to be mindful that you have a sufficient amount of Black mana sources in your manabase (12-13). After that this card becomes one of the best possible spells you could run, providing unconditional removal and reach at instant speed. Keep in mind that even if the creature survives, e.g. it is indestructable, as long as Disintegration resolves properly (is not countered due to invalid target) it will still deal it's artifact enabled player damage to your opponent.

    Versatile removal that can kill small creatures as well as opposing Vehicles along with some of the larger artifact creatures like the Gearhulks. It is also important to be able to deal with problematic permanents like God Pharaoh's Gift. In a vacuum, the deck would prefer to play regular burn spells, to give it reach, but Abrade in certain metas will outperform those cards in its versatility.

    A very efficient removal option if you need to kill early creatures with an otherwise difficult to deal with toughness. Targets are often opposing Winding Constrictors, and Longtusk Cubs which can get out of hand if you let them stay in play for too long. Push also takes care of opposing Hearts and other annoying but otherwise hard to kill threats. The main disadvantage to it in a deck like this is that it requires a significant adjustment of the manabase to support being able to reliably cast it, as otherwise this deck is mainly a Red White deck with a splash of Black.

    Exiling creature removal for small creatures that can be combined with other damage to exile larger creatures. Great against opposing Scrapheap Scroungers but efficient enough for some other applications.

    At instant speed and 1 mana, the only thing to complain about is that it isn't Lightning Bolt. Shock is a solid burn spell that is efficient and can hit the player if needed. This spell might preferred over the likes of Abrade in unknown metas where its ability to go to the dome prevents it from being a deadcard in unusual matchups. Shock leans on the efficient side, helping to get Hazoret attacking sooner and answering an opponent's aggressive creatures quicker.

    It deals 3, costs 2, and is instant speed. Most importantly it hits the opponent. Efficient Burn is great in this deck, as the game plan often revolves around dealing early damage and then using the reach of Burn to get the last points of damage in. Similar to Shock, valid option for more open metas where Abrade may or may not be a good card. You may choose this card over shock if you expect larger creatures in a slower meta where the artifact destruction of Abrade is less necessary, whereas going to the dome is.


    The backbone of this decks manabase, allowing the player to operate a 3 colour aggro deck that doesn't suffer a lot from clunky slow starts due to tap lands. Unfortunately, Spire can be a little unstable in producing coloured mana, as it requires a critical mass of artifacts. So keep this in mind when sideboarding out any artifact spells.

    This land is worth noting not so much in it's role as a manafixer for the deck, but for it's synergy for one of the mainstay Vehicles, Aethersphere Harvester. It's worthwhile to consider a couple of Hubs in any deck mainboarding that Vehicle purely because it will allow you to potentially get an additional lifegain activation. Likely 2 is about the maximum, otherwise you risk some very awkward starting hands.


    Duress - Great sideboard card that comes in against control & combo decks, where Duress can either punch a hole in their defenses or disrupt their gameplan.

    Arguel's Blood Fast - Sideboard card in Red Black Vehicles that comes in against control decks, where card advantage is more relevant than our own life total.

    Chandra, Torch of Defiance - As above, a versatile threat. Often sided in when you want to go for a longer game, where her card advantage matters more.

    Angrath, The Flame-Chained - A sometimes inclusion in Red Black sideboards. If landed, it can be a source of damage and opponent card disadvantage against control decks. Stealing and maybe saccing a creature with the minus can be used to take out planeswalkers and affect races also.

    Fumigate - Normally you would not expect for an aggro deck to pack sweepers in its sideboard. However, with Vehicles, your main threats are able to dodge the effect. Furthermore, post-board threats like Chandra also make the sweeper more appealing. The main matchups for this card would be against midrange decks where their creatures will eventually outclass your own.

    Glorybringer - As above, a very powerful top end threat. You will want to make sure that your deck either has 24 lands, or extras in the sideboard. This features in a go-big post sideboard strategy where the idea is to load up on removal and make the deck more of a control deck.

    Magma Spray - While this does not hit players, it does have the relevant exiling text and is instant speed. It is excellent at removing opposing Scroungers as well as other recursive threats that would otherwise present a problem.

    Cast Out - A catch-all answer that hits anything you need it to, while also having the fall back option of cycling for a card if it is not relevant

    Lost Legacy - Fairly narrow but powerful hate card against combo centric strategies. You might consider this if you are facing down a of Approach matchups where this effectively removes their primary win-con.

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  • posted a message on Red/Black or Mardu Vehicles
    Quote from forsakenirvy »
    Hi! Could help me with some advice?
    I'm playing not so long and still don't understand many things. I have this: It based on Vehicle Rush preconstructed deck with some updates (with help of local mages).

    But I'm a little embarrassed to ask so stupid questions in the club. I understand that this is a simple aggro deck. Just hit. But...

    1. Which cards should I throw out of the deck and what should I take from sideboard when I play against u/w control with second sun?
    2. And against more full mardu vehicles?
    3. And against the monored aggro?
    4. I do not ask about the upgrades of the deck itself - I ordered the missing cards for the w/b vehicles, but I need wait for a couple of weeks, but I want to continue to play. But if there are ideas from the dominaria, I will be grateful.
    5. I have cards that I want to put in the main deck, but I do not know what cards can I replace (and should I really do it):

    1. From what I see, Duress is the only useful card against UW Control in your sideboard. Unlicensed Disintegration seems like a fine choice to sideboard out. If you see Regal Caracal in Game 2, you may want to reconsider what you remove.
    2. Against other Mardu Vehicle decks, I am less certain, but I'll guess here. In general, you are going into a battle of attrition. Having ways to crew your vehicles is going to be problematic and efficient removal will enable you to eliminate pressure or get ahead on board. Against Seal away, it is probably worth keeping the Hearts in, but otherwise it can effectively put you down a card. Against other Hearts, you want Abrade. Against Scrounger, you want Magma Spray. Against Chainwhirler, you want less x/1s. Maybe Courier is the worst X/1 because Depala doesn't help it. Sorry, but I can't get more specific. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in.
    3. Somewhat covered above. Vicious Offering gives you a way to get rid of Hazoret.
    4. Probably covered in WB Vehicles, but The Eldest Reborn could be fun.
    5. Gideon would be good at least in the board against Approach. Arguably both Karn and Gideon could be maindeck since they crew Heart. To run Gideon, you need more W sources, though. For a 90% chance to cast Gideon on turn 3, you would want 19 W sources. I would replace Veteran Motorists. I wouldn't use that Chandra, though. For Chainwhirler, you would need to change your manabase to have all lands but 1 or 2 that create R mana.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The "I Need Help Deciding What To Play!" Thread.
    Quote from Bagern »
    edit: i dont see a way to delete
    Yeah, it's not obvious, but there's a "Tools" button at the bottom of the posts that drops down to an option to delete.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The "I Need Help Deciding What To Play!" Thread.
    @Bagern - mtggoldfish publishes a good breakdown of the meta with prices here. There are multiple decks listed under $150. Decks are really a little less expensive than these, since you can often order things for less than Than TCG mid

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  • posted a message on Jund -1/-1 Counters! (Need Help)
    Here is an archived thread that I hope will have some use for you.

    Ifnir Deadlands, Blooming Marsh and Woodland Cemetery are cards you have almost certainly considered.

    From my experience with earlier versions of the deck, I am surprised to see Lifecrafter's Bestiary in the main.
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  • posted a message on UBx Reanimator
    Quote from CrankyOM »
    The Muldrotha lists look cool. I’ve been too busy smashing faces with Angels recently but I really wanna check this out as well.

    Edit:You play at Geek Fortress? I’ve watched their stream a couple times. Seems like a rad shop.
    Dylan (the shop owner) is cool and the shop is great. TJ and to a lesser extent Coleman also really do a good job keeping the stream lively.

    I tried BR Aggro last night and it was super solid, but not really my cup of tea. I plan to come back to something like this.
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  • posted a message on GP Birmingham -- Standard -- 5/13
    Quote from RedGauntlet »
    welp i guess peeps will need to wait for Karladash to rotate out XD for thigns to get mutch more diferent

    Flying Vehicles are violating the color pie like crazy. The air is suppose to belong to U and W.
    Maybe not speaking to your main point, but R has had Dragon and Phoenixes for a long time as B has had flying specters vampires and demons, among others. Even G has has Cockatrice since Alpha (if I read the set symbols correctly).
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  • posted a message on GP Birmingham -- Standard -- 5/13
    Grand Prix Birmingham is Legacy and Standard. There will be Standard Coverage of day 2 on 5/13.

    Day 2 coverage will start at 4:30 AM ET (my best guess, but I'm not certain. Should be close, though. )

    Coverage information for GP Birmingham is here.
    Other information for GP Birmingham is here.

    Coverage for the event is here.

    You can discuss the event below. Please remain on topic. Off-topic posts will be marked as spam.

    Root for your fellow MTGS members!
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  • posted a message on UBx Reanimator
    Corey Baumeister demonstrates a different Muldrotha Sultai Reanimator deck here. I only watched the first round, but it looked good and Corey really explains the lines well.
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  • posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »
    Walking Ballista just went over $20 on TCG. WTF?! Okay, I was tempted to look at standard since there was deck diversity, but I just can't justify it. I can't spend $300 on a deck for four months of play.
    I think looking at spending <$300 on a deck and simultaneously considering the most expensive cards in the format is a self-defeating behavior. If you want to build a deck of cards that will be good long-term in other formats, then saying you won't spend the money for four months is disingenuous.

    Looking at the next to last dump of MTGO 5-0s, I count 16 decks that cost less than $300.

    I believe that those who want to play standard competitively and affordably can find solutions. Likewise, there are solutions to acquire useful modern cards while they are in standard, but there will likely be a cost at rotation. Unfortunately, wanting to play magic does not exempt us from tradeoffs.

    I apologize if I have misrepresented or misunderstood your position.

    Standard has enough problems as it stands. I believe that it can be played affordably and successfully at the FNM/local level. People wanting to make the pro tour or win a GP should expect to pay more. Ancillary goals such as playing particular decks or picking up useful modern cards before rotation will also likely raise the cost.
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  • posted a message on Karn should not exist in standard.
    As I understand it, boxes will be opened until the value inside equals the cost. Currently, boxes hold too much value and will go down. So either Karn goes down or everything else does. If Karn subsidizes Teferi, Lyra, History, Shalai, Chainwhirler and Champion for all of us, that is not the worst thing.

    Karn seems like a generically good card to me that is particularly good with artifacts. I think that as the format shakes out, most non-artifact decks will find better cards to replace them, reducing demand. In all formats, if Karn is good, answers will make Karn worse, also reducing demand.
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  • posted a message on UBx Reanimator
    After seeing a deck with Muldrotha in the mtgo 5-0 decklists, I had to try it (with a few changes that included Phyrexian Scriptures instead of Bontu's last Reckoning (don't do that!)). A smooth 3-0 later, I felt the deck was better than I expected. My last two rounds with the deck was captured on the local stream at 1:04 and 2:04.
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  • posted a message on State of Standard Thread: bans, format health, metagame, rotation, etc!
    Quote from Greyimp »
    You can't recruit people to play standard when the cost to play is this high and the options to play without these monsters is lackluster.
    I agree that the prices for these cards are tough for some. The hardest part for me is that they are bound to lose value over their standard life. People are happy to pay much more for modern cards, but they can expect them to more or less hold value.

    I don't agree that recruiting people to play standard is impossible. Nor do I agree that the options to play without these cards are lackluster. Last Wednesday, I took this to standard and won a 10 person event. Tonight, I went 3-0 with this deck (which, to be fair, has The Scarab God, with a current TCG market price of $22.50, but I replaced the Karn with a Champion of Wits and didn't miss it. ). There are plenty of competitive decks and I don't believe people need to have these particular expensive cards to win or have fun. Further, Standard Showdown is back and the showdown packs ooze value.
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  • posted a message on Dinosaur Tribal General Discussion
    @hellohero - I think you need more R sources for your RR spells. IIRC you need 18 sources for a 90% chance on T4.

    In other news, I took this list (with some minor tweaks) out for a spin. The creator wisely stuck to single R spells on the R splash. I figured I'd be okay if I could dodge Chainwhirler and control decks. Three control decks (one with Chainwhirler) later, I had a smooth 3-0. I threw Bestiary and The Immortal Sun into the sideboard. My best plays with Llanowar elves were T2 Bestiary.
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