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  • posted a message on Brewing for Block Constructed - UR Pirates
    Karsten took a look at a similar set of constraints and came up with four solutions here.
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  • posted a message on Brewing for Block Constructed - UR Pirates
    Frank Karsten has looked into the requirements for casting spells here.
    To have a 90% chance to cast:
    • Jace on T3, you would need 19 U sources
    • Dreamcaller on T4, 18 U sources
    • Daring Buccaneer on T1, 14 R sources
    Beyond that, I don't think 18 lands is adequate for a deck with 4 drops. In my Rakdos Aggro pirates, I tried to cheat by going as low as 21 lands. I think you will be mana and/or color screwed more often than you like.

    For people to comment on your deck, it helps for them to be able to mouseover the cards and see them. I think you have a space between the number and the "x" which is killing the mouseover ability. Deleting the space and/or the unnecessary x will make it easier for people to comment.

    For U and R 1 drops in a UR tribal deck, the following looks like the minimum set of lands.

    The mana is really going to suck in your friend's format. Probably a good strategy is to go mono-colored and feast on opponents who can't cast their spells. Limiting the second color to a minor splash could maybe work. They could also decide to allow extra dual lands or everybody could start with 4 Evolving Wilds, but that hurts aggro decks disproportionately.

    Hope this helps!
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  • posted a message on Grixis Pirates - RIX std
    I've found the following variant. That's actually not mine. I just tried to play it. So I totally lost to 2 Tokens, 1 Jeskai Approach and 1 RG Monsters Smile
    No any Pirates deck are T1 competetive now. Maybe BR variant has a little more chance?

    When I look through the latest MTGO 5-0s, I don't see pirates. So yes, we are not T1.

    But ... that list. I don't get it. It looks like a collection of good pirates, but not a deck. I can't figure out the game plan. There are definitely RB lists that can 3-1 at FNM and I think Grixis can probably do as well, but I don't like that one. For example, the curve seems high for Ruin Raider. And Siren Stormtamer is the only way you would be able to make a token with Fathom Fleet Captain on T3. I don't see a consistent approach.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Aggro Pirates
    I will throw out some thoughts on a smorgasbord of issues here.
    • Grasping Scoundrel seems good. It even punches harder than Firebrand. It isn't as versatile, so I am not sure which is better.
    • Ruin Raider is better in lower curve decks obviously, but I found him to be very good in my build.
    • Neckbreaker has been fabulous in limited numbers, whereas Flagship has been iffier for me. Running 4 Neckbreaker has left me flooded at times and I don't like flipping it up with Ruin Raider, so I think 2-3 is optimal for my build.
    • Kari Zev is great and even survives Golden Demise, unlike everything else in the deck. I used to have fantasies about the opponent double-blocking and then blowing them out with Poisoner, but that is rare. They would have to have 2 blockers and care about the 1 damage. If they have a 3 toughness guy, they usually just block Ragavan. If they are playing around Poisoner, no way.
    • Cannons seemed good to me when it was spoiled. Exiling lands over four is a benefit in these decks, but I have flipped up multiple lands and hated it. It is no Outpost Siege. I much prefer Ruin Raider and maybe even Blood Fast.
    • There is a Grixis Pirates thread, but it is framed as "help me with my deck." There is not too much traffic that this couldn't become a generic Pirate thread. What do people want?
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  • posted a message on GBx Constrictor
    Interesting review of midrange decks here. While we may like the conclusion, I see the results of a lot of testing and discussion that are worth considering.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Midrange/Energy
    Interesting article by Andrea Mengucci on ChannelFireball: . He prefers the 4 Scarab God, no Phoenix, no Glorybringer version. He says he tried the good red creatures, but Confiscation Coup was too much of a beating. Can we beat Coup with disruption and countermagic?

    What about Hostage Taker against Coup? Whether we kill Hostage Taker or they do, we get our creature back. The only bad scenario is that they also Coup our Hostage Taker and are able to cast the creature before we kill the Hostage Taker.

    Edit: A review of midrange decks is here. Whether you agree with the conclusions or not, it seems like an informed overview worth considering.
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  • posted a message on GBx Constrictor Considerations
    Looks like the Dominaria text spoilers are out. I did a quick look and didn't see much in there for us, but there's still a few things that I liked below.

    First, as someone who plays the GB build, I am excited to see Woodland Cemeterybeing reprint to help mana-fix without the help of ETB tapped options (orchard or wilds).

    Phyrexian Scriptures looks like a potentially nasty way to snag some +1/+1 counters, then quasi boardwipe, then swing for high damage.

    Kazarov, Sengir Pureblood is a bit expensive (7 CMC) but has some nasty +1/+1 synergies with Ballista and Snake if there's ever a way to make it viable.

    Triumph of Gerrard looks like a cheap way to snag 2 rounds of +1/+1 counters to lead into a big 'ole flying attack. Would require a white splash to pull off, not to mention 3 turns to wind up.

    And for those of us considering splashing red, Garna, the Bloodflame may be a dirty endstep trick to recycle a Walking Ballista to replay the next turn.
    Content by CrimsonPhoenix7. - hoser2
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Accidental Release became Spoilers
    The Wizards Chinese site mistakenly posted Dominaria information. Wizards has chosen to accept it as described here. They have released the official version with links at the bottom of that notice (English here). Discussion of these spoilers is fine in New Card Discussion, but not necessarily any subsequent Dominaria leaks.

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  • posted a message on [[Official]] The "I Need Help Deciding What To Play!" Thread.
    Quote from Daevied »
    Hi, since the announcement of the release of the new challenge decks i though i could get back to FNMs after my 3 years break. I was thinking about buying the monored one since looked the most competitive and had a pw that could be useful for later use on commander games, but they are already sold out on all my LGS pre-orders or are 50$ xD.

    So am looking into the other three, i really like the vehicles and the counter surge, are they any good compared to the monored? or any of them can hold their ground against the current meta with some upgrades? Leaving card values and rotations aside wich one should i buy? Thanks for your help Grin
    I think the Vehicle Surge might actually be the most competitive. It has the full four Hearts and Scroungers and looks like an excellent value. In addition, I think an aggro deck will suffer least from not being a full powered list. Over more turns, a less well tuned midrange or control deck seems like it would be more likely to be exposed.

    Counter Surge is a nerfed version of my favorite deck and also a fine value, but it hasn't been putting up great results lately. In addition, the single Walking Ballista seems like a power down. With Cartouche of Ambition in the sideboard, I don't see how they put Dreamstealer in place of Bristling Hydra. The Verdurous Gearhulks and Glint-Sleeve Siphoners are for real.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Aggro Pirates
    That is seriously low to the ground! I would be concerned about casting noncreature spells with only 9 sources. I know it messes with your curve, but I would work some Ruin Raider in place of a few March of the Drowned. The life loss seems lower for you than almost anybody.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Pirates - RIX std
    @ghgiunco - You have played this deck more than I. As such, you are the expert. I am just making suggestions. One thing that I observed was that with your manabase, there would be a significant percentage of the time that you wouldn't be able to cast Dreamcaller on T4, Buccaneer on T1, Lightning Strike before T6 and many of your lands would come into play tapped.

    You asked for help. All I have to offer is ignorant suggestions for your consideration. I proposed a manabase for your consideration and a set of spells that I thought it would consistently cast. Run as many Dreamcallers as you want, but please be aware of how often you can't cast certain spells on time. The new creatures that I suggested (Ruin Raider, Poisoner, Kari-Zev) might also be worth considering.

    Hostage Taker is awesome in general, but conditional (not every deck has creatures or artifacts), takes 4 mana and needs to be protected. I would be more inclined to put it in the sideboard than the main deck for curve reasons.

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  • posted a message on RGx Monsters/Aggro
    Quote from RoyalPalmer »
    I don't get Struggle // Survive, at all. I understand it can remove larger threats, but so can our Glorybringers, but the Survive side doesn't seem great. I decided to put them in the SB and two Life Goes On in the main. ...

    When you cast both halves of Struggle // Survive in the same turn, you can get rid of The Scarab God. In our colors, there are few answers to TSG and none for Hazoret. Glorybringer can't really deal with TSG. Of course, we can just kill them before TSG becomes active.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Pirates - RIX std
    I didn't clearly understand what worked best from your description, so I will just throw out my moderately undefined thoughts. For consistency, I think the manabase above could be better. I want to cut the Dreamcaller because it seems hard on the manabase and I want to lower the curve so we can get threats down and sit on Dispersal.

    So here is my next thought:
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  • posted a message on Grixis Pirates - RIX std
    I admire your bravery. I've wanted to play all the cool pirates, but choosing between so many that I wanted to play and coming up with a good manabase just seemed like more work than I wanted to take on yet. I did Rakdos because I figured Grixis had to be slower, which could be critical for an aggro deck.

    To be honest, most competitive decks won't allow the conditions for stealing a creature with the Admiral. I still want to do it at FNM levels of competition because fun!

    There are so many good pirates that choosing between them is hard, as I said above. But I'm surprised not to see Kari-Zev or the Poisoner in the main and Dire Fleet Daredevil seems like a shoo-in for the sideboard. One With the Wind seems like a high risk/high reward strategy that could increase inconsistency, but I don't really know how it has worked for you.

    To really help you with the actual contents of the deck, I want to know more about how the deck has worked for you. When it works well, what has worked and what were you playing against? When it doesn't work as well, what cards did you draw and what were you playing against?

    I'll try to help on the manabase from theorycraft because it looks like that could produce some inconsistency, but bear in mind that I haven't been playing a Grixis deck and I've only played RB Pirates, so many grains of salt.

    My bible for manabases is this article, which I've nearly memorized the key parts of. If you haven't already read it, you can blow off the theorycraft and skip to the tables.

    For Daring Buccaneer and Siren Stormtamer on T1 you would want 14 untapped R and U respectively. For Dreamcaller you would want 18 U on T4. For Freebooter and others you would want 13 B on T2. Those are the mana requirements I see. You currently have T1 R = 8, T1 U = 11, T4 U = 16, T2 B = 14. But only 7 lands that enable Catacomb to come into play untapped and 3 that allow Summit likewise. Another problem is that we have only 9 lands that allow us to cast Lightning Strike. Can we get closer? How about:
    • +1 Unclaimed Territory
    • -1 Swamp
    Okay, I thought I was just talking manabase, but the fixing for friendly colors is much better than unfriendly colors for now. That gives us incentives to be base B and splash R. So I am recommending -4 Daring Buccaneer and +4 Grasping Scoundrel. Yeah, I know, it's a worse card, but I think having it on time is more important than the difference.
    Now our requirements are T1 B = 14, T1 U = 14, T4 U = 18, T4 R = 11
    Uh, yeah. Now I remember why I didn't want to tackle the Grixis manabase. Honestly, I want to skip T1 except for straightening out the mana and build around
    4 Fetid Pools, 4 Summit, 4 Catacomb, 4 Canyon Slough, 4 Unclaimed Territory. If the remaining 3 lands are Islands then we are still worse off for casting Dreamcaller than when we started. That gives 11 lands that allow untapped Catacomb and 8 that allow untapped Summit. But we have excess B sources, so what about:

    I think this would be more consistent, but I don't know if it seems better to you. Either way, I don't see us hitting our one drops consistently on turn 1. Is it worth running the 1 drops at all? Maybe, in that we can double-spell on T3-4.

    Further, I don't believe in Dreamcaller Siren and Lightning Strike together in this deck. You originally only had 9 lands that would cast Strike and my proposal only has 10.
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  • posted a message on GBx Constrictor
    @Simto - as you know, I've been playing everything, so I am not the best to provide feedback. I've also been playing sub-PPTQ competition and it sounds like your meta is generally more competitive than mine (generally only 2-3 of my four matches are grinder level). The above is just a target to make it easier for the people with the reps to correct rather than have to write up a whole thing.

    I love Vraska most for the versatility and power. I like both Nissa's and Liliana too. Chandra, too, in decks that can run her. But I don't think it's a sexual thing, really. Nissa Steward can win the game in a turn and synergizes with Jadelight. Too many good cards!

    It's not that I don't like Negate. I value Duress more for the information, but it's a worse topdeck. My thinking is that Grixis has inevitability, so I want to leave enough of our engine intact to go under them. What else are you going to take out for Negate? Push is reasonable. I don't care about Whirler, but I like having some Push for their Siphoners.

    The Yahenni's call seems to hinge partly on whether you need them. Can you generally blow them up anyway? Maybe it should be the third Climb? And maybe you don't mind losing to your friend as much.

    Yeah, I remember now. The Naturalizes makes sense when we consider your consistent pairing against your nemesis Wink . Vraska is way too slow against Mardu to remove Heart.

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