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    Sorry for not updating and replying for a bit, I've updated the list with the cards on this site. Thank you for your input Oathbound and Cyberium.
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    Hello fellow Vorthos. It has been a while since I have posted anything on here. One of my more popular posts was back with Magic Origins where I took each of the cards and put them in lists of which Plane each card was representing.

    This time around, since the mechanics article for Ixalan, for your viewing pleasure here, revealed the different factions for Ixalan, I thought of reviving this type of thread, and organizing the cards into their different factions. This is all open for debate and re arranging, my hope is to provide a way for people that like to stick to a faction to be able to collect and talk about all the cards of that faction.

    As a disclaimer, rather than posting the the photos of each card, I'll just provide the link for you to view the card, if this is also an incorrect method of posting then I shall change it. I'll also provide a bit of logic for non-creature cards of why they would represent the faction they are under.

    The Sun Empire - Dinosaurs with Humans
    Ashes of the Abhorrent - Flavor Text and Art
    Bellowing Aegisaur
    Goring Ceratops
    Huatli's Snubhorn
    Kinjalli's Sunwing
    Priest of the Wakening Sun
    Tocatli Honor Guard
    Wakening Sun's Avatar
    Burning Sun's Avatar
    Huatli's Spurring
    Star of Extinction - Flavor Text
    Sun-Crowned Hunters
    Sunbird's Invocation - Sun reference, plus Bird like Dinos
    Tilonalli's Skinshifter
    Carnage Tyrant
    Deathgorge Scavenger
    Drover of the Mighty
    Emperor's Vanguard
    Ripjaw Raptor
    Savage Stomp
    Verdant Sun's Avatar
    Belligerent Brontodon
    Gishath, Sun's Avatar
    Hualti, Dinosaur Knight
    Hualti, Warrior Poet
    Raging Swordtooth
    Regisaur Alpha
    Sun-Blessed Mount
    Vanquisher's Banner - The flag art is actually the Sun Empire logo according to the Ixalan Panel at Pax
    Rootbound Crag - Art
    Stone Quarry
    Sunpetal Grove - Flavor Text
    Woodland Stream

    The Brazen Coalition - Pirates
    Arcane Adaptation - Art, looks like a Pirate
    Daring Saboteur
    Deadeye Quartermaster
    Deeproot Waters
    Dreamcaller Siren
    Entrancing Melody - In Art, caster of Melody is a Siren Pirate
    Prosperous Pirates
    Boneyard Parley - Pirate Casting in Artwork
    Deadeye Tormentor
    Deadeye Tracker
    Dire Fleet Ravager
    Fathom Fleet Captain
    Fathom Fleet Plundering
    Kitesail Freebooter
    Revel in Riches
    Ruin Raider
    Walk the Plank
    Wanted Scoundrels
    Angrath's Marauders
    Captain Lannery Storm
    Lightning Strike
    Rowdy Crew
    Storm Fleet Arsonist
    Unfriendly Fire
    Wily Goblin
    Admiral Beckett Brass
    Deadeye Plunderers
    Dire Fleet Captain
    Hostage Taker
    Marauding Looter
    Dusk Legion Dreadnought
    Pirate's Cutlass
    Sleek Schooner
    Sorcerous Spyglass - Art
    Treasure Map/Treasure Cove
    Dragonskull Summit - Angrath has Raiders, he or she is probably a Pirate
    Drowned Catacomb - Art
    Glacial Fortress - Art

    The River Heralds - Merfolk
    Grasping Current
    Headwater Sentries
    Herald of Secret Streams
    Jace's Sentinel
    Kopala, Warden of Waves
    Siren Stormtamer
    Spell Swindle
    Storm Fleet Aerialist
    Deeproot Champion
    Kumena's Speaker
    Shapers' Sanctuary - Merfolk in Art
    Slice in Twain
    Tishana's Wayfinder
    Waker of the Wilds
    Wildgrowth Walker
    Shapers of Nature
    Tishana, Voice of Thunder
    Primal Amulet/Primal Wellspring

    The Legion of Dusk - Vampires
    Bishop of Rebirth
    Duskborne Skymarcher
    Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle
    Sanguine Sacrament
    Bloodcrazed Paladin
    Deathless Ancient
    Queen's Bay Soldier
    Sanctum Seeker
    Call to the Feast
    Conqueror's Galleon/Conqueror's Foothold

    Settle the Wreckage
    Castaway's Despair
    Favorable Winds - Text is Sun Empire, but is the art Dinos? or Drakes? waiting for Drakes to be an official revealed.
    Fleet Swallower
    Jace, Cunnning Castaway - He's on a pirate ship but later is teaming with the Heralds so I'm saying neutral for now.
    Jace, Ingenious Mind-Mage
    Duress Can't tell if a Vamp or just a Pirate
    Old-Growth Dryads
    Pillar of Origins
    Sentinel Totem
    Unclaimed Territory

    Story Spotlight - Keeping Separate since they are important to story
    Ixalan's Binding
    Vraska's Contempt
    River's Rebuke
    Thaumatic Compass/Spires of Orazca
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    Quote from Flisch »

    Honestly I wouldn't mind the Gatewatch setting up a "prison world" where they dump all those evildoers. It sounds a bit silly in concept but could potentially be nice if done right. I just don't know how to pull it off cosndiering the logistics behind planeswalkers etc.

    Plus side is, this way we could get some "prison break" block in the future featuring most of the past villains, somewhat like a Time Spiral lite.

    One way they could have a prison, is Jace being the Guildpact can probably make into law on Ravnica that a certain room or area cannot be planes walked out of, or even that planeswalkers cannot use any sort of magic so Lavinia or whoever else would be up to it could guard the cells without a lot of retaliation.

    Now for my take, this is the first story in a while that made me cry like a little girl, but also at the same time make me giddy with excitement about all the timeline confirmation and references to past stories (being an avid timeline theorist). I agree that leaving Ajani a mystery at the beginning was a mistake, I ended up being confused thinking Nashi was somehow the mystery person on Kaladesh. Otherwise I fully enjoyed the story and can't wait for more Ajani.

    Also, as a side note, in my prerelease packs I went with Black/Green Fabricate-Artificers (x3 Inventor's Goggles) and had Oviya Pashiri in my deck, and I've been calling her Grandma Pashiri ever since, one of my favorite Kaladesh characters for sure.
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    I'm pretty excited about this plane being our next location. I even can boast a bit about guessing right that this was where we were heading when i discussed Magic with one of my classmates.

    Although weirdly enough, I'm very odd color wise, I think UR but act RG. So the plane being red is awesome, and blue gets my brain going, but I've never been a big fan of artifacts so I hope it isn't too heavily artifact centric. Although, if there are a lot of artifacts, I'll probably end up trying to figure out the most creative way to destroy everything. EDIT: A.k.a. Temur but less reliant on blue.
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    Quote from Jay13x »
    Enervating means 'To weaken'. An enervant would be something that weakens.

    That makes total sense considering what they do to poor Chandra.
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    The Enervants are whatever they are described as in the Purifying Fire. We've never been to Kephalai officially in any card block, though it is a plane card in plane chase, and we only go there in that novel, and in a web comic. Though the Enervants never show up in the comic.
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    Sarkhan+all dragons




    Good choices! Teysa and Tajic would be interesting.
    Sarkahn and Dragons, of course! Best Ship
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    Quote from Kruphix7 »
    Like you I've been on the Chideon (whoh nope) Chandra/Gideon train for a while. Jace and Lili is pretty supported but I'd prefer Jace ends up with someone else and Liliana dies somewhere. I don't want Narset and Sarkhan to happen, they're fine as friends and they have they're both "really focused on my job right now" e.g. looking as scrolls and geeking out about dragons. I like the idea of Elspeth and Koth if they make it out of Underworld/New Phyrexia.

    Ooo Elspeth and Koth, I'd enjoy that as well. (Now i'm thinking of Elspeth as Jessica Jones and Koth as Luke Cage lol)
    And yes, Sarkhan and Narset shouldn't happen, but if it does I won't be surprised, nor thrilled.
    Lol Chideon, Giddra? no... Team Too Bright? (Light + Fire magic).
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    So in light of the newest MTG story, a lot was revealed and discussed, but a popular topic in our thread and probably on other sites, is the strong relationships among our four oath keeping planeswalkers. So strong as to start a mini-conversation about potential romantic pairings, or as the lingo calls is, Ships. So I thought having a thread for this topic would be a good idea (though I'm pretty sure romance in MTG threads have happened before, a revisit couldn't hurt).

    So the question is, if you are "Shipping" any characters, romantically or otherwise, share in the thread and lets discuss more about that topic here. (they don't have to be anything hinted by Wizards either, go crazy).

    For me, I've been shipping Gideon and Chandra since I've read Purifying Fire, I've been looking for any hints as to PF being canon enough to remember the adventures of these two. With their first meeting since back when Gideon and Jace came to get Chandra from Regatha, to the newer stories with Chandra on Zendikar, I'm confident with this ship.

    As to other ships that I see, Jace and Liliana is the most canon, but I'm not a big fan, Sarkhan and Narset I could see but it doesn't need to happen, I'd laugh if Jace and Nissa start being a thing because of Jace's failed romance with Emmara back in RTR block.
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    So, after reading this story I have a prediction of the future:

    Expect #NissaShippers and #GideonShippers. Who will win Chandra's Heart?

    Oh please, I've been on team Gideon x Chandra since I read the Purifying Fire.

    Anyways, the story was great Grin I loved seeing everyone interacting together. They should have multiple authors writing the stories all the time.
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    Quote from Jay13x »
    Quote from Planescrawler »
    Quote from Ashiok »
    Teysa is a better character to use as a reference, since we know how old she is and we also know that she was alive in the events of the first storyline.
    Do we? Ever since we got that age, I've been wracking my brain, trying to recall if we ever got anything like a specific age back in Guildpact. I'd assumed "vague early 20s," but I couldn't actually recall a textual confirmation that she wasn't, say, 70 years old, and just hiding it the same way she does now.
    I'd made that assumption too. So I went back to my ebooks and search for any combination of words I could think of for someone to mention their age (years, old, age, etc) and Teysa's age is never outright stated. She's youngish, but young on Ravnica could mean 40.

    She is also a pureblood Orshov, i'd have to re-read the text but I believe that how young she looks for her age has something to do with her bloodline, with the crippling side-effect literally being a crippling leg.
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    Quote from Jay13x »
    The issue is that the original Guildpact prevent planeswalkers from entering the plane, so if the original Guildpact was still in effect, Jace shouldn't have been able to planeswalk there - much less Tezzeret or Bolas to set up the Consortium.

    If my theory is true though, Jace would have been able to Planeswalk to Ravnica after Agrus arrested Szadek in the first novel, since if I'm not mistaken that incident was the reason the Guildpact had been dissolved in the first place.
    Also, sorry for the mixed information. Generally I tend to double check all of my info before posting, but I was pressed for time for family holiday cooking reasons. The centuries to decades thing does indeed foil my theory a bit. I think when I said centuries I was briefly remembering other discussions in the forum, so I apologize for that. I still think my theory has some ground though.
    Quote from Jay13x »
    Besides, the Dimir quote you posted disproves the thoery - Dimir isn't believed to exist at all during the early Ravnica cycle - the guildpact magically prohibited its existence from being disclosed by the signatories. It only becomes exposed later, at the Dissension, which was part of Szadek's plan.

    I don't believe it disproves it, if the Guildpact was dissolved because of Agrus arresting Szadek in the first novel, then Jace could have been able to land on Ravnica, and the Dimir could have begun to be more active in secret. The fact that Dimir would still be widely believed to not exist during the Guildpact and Dissension novels would indeed probably still be true.
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    Quote from Jay13x »
    What are the hints in Jace's Origin Story?

    Not in his Origin story, but here: The Worlds of Magic Origins
    It was an Arcana that talked about the state of affairs among each of the planes of the Magic: Origins set. And its two paragraphs in particular that stand out as to a possible retcon/clarification.
    Later, the Guildpact would be broken, the guilds would be thrown into turmoil, and Jace Beleren would be empowered as the Living Guildpact—the arbiter of the ten guilds' conflicts. At the time of his first visit, however, all of that was still years in the future.

    This paragraph implies that upon Jace's first visit, which would be at the end of his Origin story, that the events of some if not all of the original Ravnica trilogy would have happened some time after Jace's first visit to Ravnica.
    House Dimir, aligned with blue and black mana, is a highly secretive group of infiltrators, assassins, and information brokers. At the time of Jace's arrival, it was widely believed that House Dimir had long ago ceased to exist. In fact, its agents were still very much active. Here, you can see one of them stealing the memories of a priest of the Orzhov Syndicate, a group aligned with white and black mana that's somewhere between a church, a bank, and a crime ring.

    This statement furthermore presents the theory that Jace was a Planeswalker during the some, if not all, of the ordeal of the original trilogy.

    Now, my personal theory is, considering the time gap between the first novel Ravnica: City of Guilds and the second novel Guildpact was 12 years, that provides a good amount of time for Jace to have first arrived on Ravnica at the age of around 13-14 after the events of Ravnica: City of Guilds, and then a couple years later, the events of Guildpact and Dissension occur. The only thing I've been meaning to double check is that in the original Ravnica: City of Guilds, that the whole ordeal with Szadek didn't spread as wide across the plane, which I can believe considering how huge Ravnica is. Then perhaps the tale of Agrus didn't get popular for theater until after all three novels.

    The potential logic against this would be, there is was so much destruction during Dissension, how could have it all possibly been fixed within a few years? Simple, Magic, and man-power, and Ravnica has plenty of that.

    And now, there is one great evidence potentially proving that the original Ravnica trilogy now resides in the Post-Mending era. The newest UR, Ob Nixils mentioned that it had ben centuries since the Mending, and considering Teysa is declared as 192 years old in her newest UR, I believe confirms that Teysa's whole life would be within the Post-Mending world of Magic.

    (TBH I tend to think through theories a lot for Ravnica specifically, I love Ravnica)
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    I do wonder if it should be noted that the Ravnica trilogy has possibly been retconned to be a Post-Mending story in timeline, although it was published Pre-Mending. There were subtle hints in an Arcana from Magic: Origins that suggests that Jace was around for at least the Guildpact and Dissension novels during his early Planeswalking days.
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    Soooooo, I just asked the writer of this UR on Twitter about the Karlov ghosty (don't go asking her any other questions, your technically not supposed to) and she answered a question I asked about the Karlov ghost. It is in fact, not Uncle Karlov, but grandpa Karlov, Uncle Karlov's father and Teysa's grandfather. Woo!
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