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  • posted a message on Purphoros, God of counting to 20
    Tremors doesn't deal damage to players. Bonfire, in the very least kills opposing 1 toughness creatures for 3 mana (which is not awesome, but it's something) and is incredible when topdecked.

    I used to play mana rocks, but didn't like them much (long before the life total change), with exception of Chrome Mox (I can usually find a card in my hand that is not great in the matchup). Mox Diamond warrants testing, but my intuition is that it isn't great, because the deck likes to make its land drops all the way to 4-5. The 2-3 mana rocks aren't great because turns 2 and 3 are actually critical, especially against control decks (because those are the best opportunity to sneak something under the countermagic). I used to play things like Ruby Medallion, but I realized that if I play mana rock T2, Purph T3 then I have done literally nothing to impact the board all the way until the 4th turn (at which point the opponent likely has established their game plan).

    A mana rock build may be viable, but it would probably need to be quite a bit different (eg. having slightly higher curve and more impactful spells to take advantage of the acceleration). As it sits, a 1-mana accelerant would be perfect for the deck (since it puts great emphasis on powerful 3 drops), but that's sadly not something red has much access to.
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  • posted a message on Purphoros, God of counting to 20
    This is a deck that tries to kill the opponent with assorted burn damage without interacting much with them.

    These are the themes of the deck:
    • Unlike the somewhat more aggressive RDW variant, it doesn't focus much on combat damage. It sure hopes to deal some damage points early (or if the opponent fails to defend themselves), but very few creatures are in the deck solely because they are good at being turned sideways. As a result, the deck is much more resistant to board wipes and removal in general.
    • The deck aims to win by turn 5-6 through some disruption. Unlike the all-in-red variant, it can hold its own in a prolonged scrappier game (since the cards in general have greater individual impact).
    • Huge premium is put on ETB abilities, especially those that bring tokens along (since those deal damage with Purphoros).
    The deck is a bit more reliant on Purphoros than I would like. While it is perfectly capable of winning without him, some cards are very underwhelming without him (I do not include cards that do nothing without Purphoros like Norin the Wary).

    I have played versions of this deck for years now (to a bunch of semi-successful finishes), but it feels like only now it was truly unleashed. I haven't had too many opportunities to play with it so far after the life change, but those in those matches I played, it felt rather unfair. I have yet to play against a dedicated combo deck, which were my traditional nemesis. It is very likely that the deck is not perfectly optimized yet (it may be correct to have off some of the 3+ drops and be even leaner).

    Up to date deck on Deckbox.

    The deck is extremely good against midrange creature decks, decent against control decks, but has very few ways to interact with combo decks mono-red's curse).

    Notable exclusions
    • Traditional red 1 drops (Goblin Guide etc.) - Those seem too easily outclassed, considering the deck isn't designed to follow up on them with more aggressive creatures and to clear the way for them.
    • Krenko, Mob Boss - I need more immediate impact from my 4 drops, especially considering the general is a 4 drop. Krenko needs to survive a full rotation (or multiple) to be better than a Hill Giant.
    • Goblin Matron - I have decided to drop most of the goblin package, since I was not making a tribal deck and having the tribal support cards without going all-in ends up being underwhelming. The Matron combo in particular is way too slow.

    Wish list: Imperial Recruiter, Rishadan Port.
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    Quote from NGW »
    Is there a way to attach files via PM or do I need to upload it somewhere? Not really sure how that all works haha.

    Just upload them somewhere and PM me a link.
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    New version of PlaneSculptors is deployed bringing a fix to the Google Drive issues. You will no longer store your card images on Google Drive, you will upload them directly into PlaneSculptors. Existing sets are not affected, so everyone please update your sets. The feature is not 100% polished, but I have decided to deploy somewhat prematurely in order to make the site usable again.

    Also, please keep your existing sets images where they are. Over time, I will make an effort to download all of the existing sets and upload them to my server, so even your set histories work properly.
    Quote from NGW »
    Hit a bit of a snag, the thing to Export as HTML doesn't work. It creates a folder that has just images of mana symbols in it, no text file or anything to use.

    Please PM me your MSE set file, I will look into it.
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    Quote from Emeraldking9 »
    I have also been having trouble viewing cards or having cards up for my friends lately.

    Let me backtrack, and give a HUGE thanks for all of the hard work and awesomeness put into Planesculptors, it's AMAZING to be able to draft custom sets. Thank you thank you!

    About a week ago my V2 stopped registering the images (when drafting or when looking at the card set)... I had made a chunk of changes after that round of playtesting and have since updated to V3 of my set. Sometimes the pictures would show up in the spoiler gallery, sometimes not. And then last night, when we tried to draft it, pictures showed up for some of us, but not all of us. And today, when trying sealed pools, pictures didn't show up for any of us. Any thoughts and advice? I have the permissions set about as open as I know how on GoogleDrive without letting the entire web edit it. Is this a still a problem others are seeing, or is it just me now?

    We've had some issues loading images from Google Drive these past few days, you probably did nothing wrong. basically, the website was directing too much traffic towards Google Drive and the Drive started refusing to display images for us. I just pushed a new version onto the server last evening, which should reduced the strain we put on Google Drive. Other users are reporting card images are loading fine now.

    If your issues persist, please link me your set (feel free to PM it to me if you don't want to make it public) and I will check if everything is okay on your side.
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    I've notified Piar of the issues.

    I didn't even notice the issues on GitHub (since I don't really actively use it as a bug tracker). Thanks for reporting though, I will look into those.
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    Quote from Legend »
    It was working fine, but lately I can't see card images on my PC or my iPhone.

    For any of the sets? Noone else has reported such issue lately.

    Quote from Circeus »
    I've noticed that "date" is apparently only the upload date, but IMO it should really be the date of last update, otherwise you have no way to tell what sets have been recently worked on.

    On which screen is that the case?
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    Quote from sperlman »
    Nice! How can I upload sets if I don't use MSE2? I'm on a macbook, and I use

    Sorry, the "official" workflow only supports MSE2 (you need a text file that is best generated with a specialized MSE template AND a full set of card images).

    I believe Reuben (above) is working on a Multiverse->MSE conversion tool, but that will still need MSE to generate the card images and export the text file.
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  • posted a message on launched - Explore, draft and share custom Magic sets
    Some of you used WebDrafter. Today, I would like to announce next stage of this project:

    This is now a fully featured web application, which lets you explore custom magic sets other users uploaded, craft beautiful presentation of your set and lets you (and others) comfortably playtest it in a variety of limited formats (draft, sealed, cube etc.)

    The features include:
    • Each set can have a fully customizable front page with rich formatted content, dynamically linked cards and card images, tables, various magic symbols etc. The set is also provided with a nice card gallery with filtering and sorting tools.
    • You can host drafts, sealeds, cube drafts and chaos drafts with any playable set uploaded to the site. Players join the events using an invite link and do not have to be registered to the site at all (they just fill in user name).
    • The website tracks history of all the sets - you can view past version of each set or even change histories of individual cards.
    • Card images are hosted externally (convenient integration with Google Drive is offered).
    • Integration with tournament organization website Challonge is offered - you can host a tournament based on your event in two clicks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Ninjas
    Quote from lvg »
    With the resurgence of jund I'm considering this deck again. (at least I remember jund to be a decent matchup)

    Only consideration for me is if I want to splash anything. Right now I'm looking towards red. Bolt seems good and so does firespout (3 damage to all non fliers!). It help shore up the creature matchups and you could also play blood moon out of the board.

    I played UR Ninjas quite a while ago and I don't see how is jund a good matchup. Almost any creature they resolve is a huge pain to deal with - and any threat you play is fairly easy to deal with for them. If they go Fetchland into Inquisition into T2 3/4 Tarmogoyf, what do you even do? And that is quite a common curve for them.
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  • posted a message on [PODCAST] Re-Making Magic Episode 60 - SOI Mechanics Review Pt1
    Welcome back!

    Shadows of Innistrad is beautiful. It is the polar opposite of Battle for Zendikar, which was very mechanical and mechanics clearly had precedence over the overall feel. It was also full of rough edges: the whole allies thing, enters the battlefield vs. cast trigger, exile vs. not exile... Shadows over Innistrad is nothing like that. It is clean, the cards work as you would expect them to, all the mechanics integrate beautifully (and all with the exception of "planted for evergreen" Skulk are well supported).

    A few words on the mechanics:
    • Madness - Madness makes you feel so damn smart, even if you are doing basically what the cards tell you to do. I too love how they made the cards modal without being explicit about it.
    • Investigate - This is in my opinion the best thing about SOI limited, it made me realize how much card flow matters for a limited environment. It makes you draw at least several more cards per game, if you are playing the Investigate colors (WUG). If you are playing RB, you on the other hand get card advantage from madness. I also love the impact Investigate has on the mood of the game. If you are sitting across from a player who has a bunch of clues sitting on the table, you are feeling dread. You are terrified of the unknown cards they represent. It makes you want to finish the game right here and now, otherwise the game will get out of reach.
    • Delirium - Delirium is great the same way Devotion was great - it makes you pay attention to an aspect of the cards you didn't that much about before. Delirium profoundly impacts everything from drafting, deckbuilding to the gameplay. It also makes the cards scale through the game and also from limited to constructed (since Delirium is easier to trigger when build around in limited). The mechanic makes everything from drafting to gameplay feel fresh.
    • Double faced cards - I didn't play original Innistrad much at all, so the werewolves being a bit "derivative" doesn't bother me at all. The non-Werewolf designs are great and I can't wait for more in EDM. I'm very happy that they increased the number of DFCs.
    • Skulk - It has been suggested that Skulk will become evergreen and I agree. The mechanic wasn't well explored at all in SOI.
    The flavor of the set is incredible obviously, such a welcome change after two sets of barely distinguishable randomly shaped weird eldritch monsters. Both the stories told by the cards and the art are on the next level, compared to BFZ block.

    The set is also full of various build-around cards that just beg to be explored. I have never seen a set with so many of those.

    To close my thoughts: Shadows over Innistrad makes me jealous. It makes me stand in awe of the work R&D has presented here. I could never design a set of mechanics that integrate this well, mechanics that are simple solutions to problems sets have AND are incredibly flavourful AND feel very fresh at the same time.

    I love the set, get it?
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  • posted a message on [PODCAST] Re-Making Magic Episode 57 - What makes a good mechanic? Pt2
    Some of the most interesting and recognizable aspect of Egyptian culture is their obsession with death and afterlife, which manifests especially in the tendency to build monuments. Through these lenses, the life goal of an Egyptian person would be to secure themselves a cozy afterlife (I don't know how accurate that actually is, but the recognizability is what matters here). That could be nicely represented using an alternate win condition, much like what Reuben did with gold counters in Mercals (how did that work anyway?)

    So I think the ability may go like this:

    Egyptian Noble 2W
    Creature - Human (C)
    When ~ dies, you may 5. If you do, entomb it. (Exile it and put a colorless Tomb artifact token onto the battlefield with "At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control 5 or more Tombs, you win the game.")

    There are of course many other ways this ability could be used (a cool way would be "Tap three untapped creatures: Entomb something").

    It would probably be a nightmare to find a balance between making the wincon viable and exciting and easily abusable. I'm not sure the Tombs are the best way to formulate such a wincon, but I think the idea of using the death of your own creatures as a win condition has potential.
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  • posted a message on [PODCAST] Re-Making Magic Episode 54 - Hostile Takeover Live Pt1
    After hearing "this is a game about card evaluation, we can (and have to) make the cards very complex", I was kinda suprised by how simple most of the cards are. I mean, how many of these would even qualify as rares? I was expecting much crazier designs, so the card file would have a bit of a cube feel. I haven't played the game though, so I can§t tell if that is an issue.

    Also, how did you settle at three factions? I was kinda missing a white-aligned faction representing "the establishment" (I noticed this when you talked about the card Auctioneer, which doesn't really fit into the shady spy faction IMO). BTW, the first thing that went through my mind after listening to the faction breakdown was "oh look, Terran, Zerg and Protoss", though that is fairly common in three faction sci-fi fantasy systems (the faction tropes often tend to be simple but effective brute force tech faction + biotech/hive mind faction + psi/stealth/magic faction).

    I would still love to playtest the game tho.
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  • posted a message on Dual lands cheat sheet (updated for Oath of the Gatewatch)
    Updated up to Oath of the Gatewatch (added battle lands and the new manlands, updated prices).
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Modern Ninjas
    In my experience, Familiar's Ruse is only good if you want to play a grindy game to outvalue your opponent (because you need your creatures to pressure the opponent, which you can't really do if you are constantly returning them to your hand). The deck is however ill-prepared to do anything like that, because you don't have a comprehensive enough suite of answers (and it may not even be possible to build such suite in a multitude of colors, hence the issues control decks are facing in modern).

    Also, having to return a Ninja feels terrible (as does an opening hand with three Ruses).
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