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  • posted a message on Is there any good combo decks in Standard right now?
    This thread is pretty lacking. There are combos involving Squee, the Immortal+skirk prospector+3 runaway steam-kin/goblin warchief to make infinite mana. If you throw in siege-gang commander it is an instant kill. Often you draw into this combo with Vanquisher's Banner+Squee, the Immortal+skirk prospector+0-2 runaway steam-kin/goblin warchief though so you may have to sacrifice a few goblins to destroy your own banner using Goblin Trashmaster. This is generally used as the win condition of the previously mentioned goblin storm deck if you need to play around settle. Another more all in option is Squee, the Immortal+Teshar, Ancestor's Apostle+skirk prospector+Goblin Instigator for infinite tokens/mana but unlike the previously mentioned combo Teshar isn't a card you would be running anyways. If you really want a janky combo deck check out rainbow lich. Ali Aintrazi has an article on it and has played it to some success. . You get to do dumb things. Even farther into the realm of jank is Hyper Cancer form MTG Original Decks(youtube channel) which is really just a lifegain/ixalan's binding deck with no wincons except gaea's blessing.
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  • posted a message on [Pauper] Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler Discussion
    Faerie Duelist seems like good sb tec for monoblue delver.
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  • posted a message on New Quick Draft paper format modeled after Arena
    For me, "that guy" is the person who comes stoned and has to read and reread every card they drafted so that you go to time on the first game. He ends every night with atleast 2/3 of his matches being draws. I hate that guy.
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  • posted a message on Persistent Petitioners (Strictly Better MTG Spoiler) - mill common
    Quote from 1110mystic »
    Quote from Taleran »
    The longest con of all time the payoff for Sphinx of the Chimes in Ravnica everyone was waiting for.

    Is there any combination of cards in Modern that allow you to tap out, draw your deck, and win on the spot?

    Additionally, someone better at math than me - assuming that each other non-land card in your deck is a 4 of, how many PP and cards in your deck do you need in order for casting the Sphinx to a guaranteed win?

    to guarantee a win you will need no more than 2 non-Persistent Petitioners. If you want to calculate the chance of it whiffing. That would be a finite percolation problem which you would probably just estimate from simulating it a couple hundred times
    something like
    import numpy as np
    while dudes_in_hand>=2 and decksize>0:
    for i in range(4):
    if np.random()>hitsindeck/decksize:
    if decksize<=0:
    print("You did it!")
    print("You dun goofed!")

    except you would run that a few hundred times and keep tallies instead of printing witty remarks. (ps I wrote it in python because I hate semicolons)

    edit: typo. also imagine there are tabs for my loops
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  • posted a message on Forbidding Spirit
    It seems like a posiible option for white weenie mirrors. playing this the turn before a history of banalia ultimate will save a lot of damage. It's probably not good enough to see play, but maybe the meta will be very tempo-y
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  • posted a message on New Quick Draft paper format modeled after Arena
    Best of one's are the same as they have always been. Fun for casual jank, frustrating for competitive formats. For a company whose success hinges on their game not being gambling they sure seem keen on making the game closer to gambling.
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  • posted a message on Regenesis
    Being an instant is interesting. That mean you have a different option for The Mirari Conjecture loops. Not amazing, but definitely a step up from the usual regrowth style effects
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  • posted a message on Eyes Everywhere
    Depending on your opponents colors this will be anywhere from limited all star to replacement lvl card selection. Interesting. If we get disperse or something similar at common it will probably achieve mythic uncommon status.
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  • posted a message on Persistent Petitioners (Strictly Better MTG Spoiler) - mill common
    Sweet jesus you can target yourself. This will make quite the rally deck in modern. The best will be when you bring in your sb lab maniac and then deck yourself with these plus surgical extraction. It's beautiful.
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  • posted a message on Font of Agonies
    This doesn't seem playable outside of EDH. 1/5 of your life per creature is rough, and on top of that it has to be cast before you lose the life or it is a do nothing enchantment. Cool card, but count me out.
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  • posted a message on Lumbering Battlement
    Quote from Dunharrow »
    This is a tough card to deal with.

    I hope this becomes a standard deck with Mirror Image. Infinite ETBS on turn 6 (or earlier with ramp).
    You can play with Arcades and a bunch of walls to basically draw your deck.

    Or Aviation Pioneer for infinite thopters.
    Or Homarid Explorer to mill your opponent.
    Or Sailor of Means for infinite mana.
    Or Skymarch bloodletter to win the game.

    Honestly... not sure which colors would work best for a combo like this, and it is not very fast, but it's a combo.

    Probably bant. Bant gives acess to Mirror Image and creature tutor creatures Knight of Autumn and ramp creatures. Even without a combo, Llanowar Elves into Llanowar Elves into this is a turn 3 8/9 vigilance.
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  • posted a message on Incubation Druid
    Quote from void_nothing »
    Quote from pierrebai »
    Holy cripes, the counter can come from anywhere! That's some mana acceleration. Turn 2 druid, turn 3 land, something something something that puts a +1/+1 counter, you got 5 mana.
    I was about to make this same point - if you cheat a +1/+1 counter onto this it seems pretty potent.

    mana ramp is only really good at the start of the game. I think cheating counters onto this will require too many things to go right for it to consistently cheat you on mana. Most of the time just running another ramp spell will work better. Exp: this into Circuitous Route untap turn 4 with 5 mana. That also hedges against removal blowouts and Circuitous Route doesn't need this to be good and works in multiples.
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  • posted a message on Incubation Druid
    It seems fine. Maybe this will end up being what gyre sage wanted to be. I see it more as a manadork that can is a relevant topdeck. I doubt the 3 mana part will be that relevant. Maybe if you run a lot of 6+cmc cards it will come up.
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  • posted a message on Orzhov Imposer
    Quote from Ritokure »
    Hired Poisoner gets Afterlife 1 and 1 toughness for 1. It's... okay, I guess, definitely good in Limited, but not sure if it's valuable enough to justify the bump to Uncommon.

    I have to disagree. Hired Poisoner was already one of the better commons and 1 extra toughness means it can also wall tokens making it quite the defensive creature. The difference between 1 and 2 mana isn't that big in limited (except when talking about instants) so I would say that it is already a step up from Hired Poisoner. I played Thrill-Kill Assassin as a 1/2 most of the time in limited even when I was rakdos. On top of that it gets a 1/1 flyer on death. Compared to Martyr of Dusk one of the top commons from Rivals. Seeing as how this has both a better body and better token, I can't imagine it ever being printed at common.

    I even think it has a chance at constructed. It's great for gumming up the board and then going over the top.
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  • posted a message on Cindervines ( spoiler)
    I agree this looks like a premier anti combo card in eternal formats. It can remove combo pieces and prevent storm like kills. There is already plenty of hate for those kinds of decks, but having another option is great. In standard it doesn't seem very good, so it will still feel bad to open.
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