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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on Dominaria Pauper Spoilers
    When ranking the green 4 drops you have to rank plain beaters and archetype specific 4-drops separately:

    +1/+1 counters is sadly not really a viable archetype, so Crowned Ceratok and Quarry Hauler fall out of this list.

    Ivy Lane Denizen, Kozilek's Predator and Kavu Primarch are at their best in the swarm archetype. If you run the swarm archetype Kozilek's Predator outclasses several plain beaters, while the other 2 depend how deep you want to go into that archetype.

    Primal Huntbeast/Jade Guardian are your highest picks for the aura/hexproof archetype, but in a vacuum they are pretty weak. I even added Conifer Strider a short while ago, because most auras I run either give additional protection (regeneration) or evasion, which compensates the lack of toughness and it's just such a fast clock with Spectral Flight.

    Elephant Ambush and Baloth Gorger are at their best in ramp decks. Ambush is good on defense, but not really good in an aggressive midrange-beatdown build, while the Gorger obviously does pretty well in a beatdown deck, but it's not that much better than Rumbling Baloth, because you don't get to 8 mana that often and without trample your opponent often has plenty of time to find a hard removal at that point of the game.

    Penumbra Spider is another defensive card, similar to Elephant Ambush. It doesn't compare that well to the other cards.

    I'm not really sure how well you can compare Wickerbough Elder to the others either, because it's obviously the best disenchant effect at common rarity with an incredible cost-body-ratio.

    As for the plain beaters I think it looks something like this:
    Blastoderm > (Wickerbough Elder) > Imperiosaur > Peema Outrider > Baloth Gorger > Wild Leotau > Rumbling Baloth > Solitary Hunter/Emperor Crocodile/Festerhide Boar

    As Izor pointed out, except for Blastoderm, it's really hard to rank these, because they are so close to each other. I wouldn't carve these rankings in stone and I'm open to discussion, even though I don't think it's necessary to discuss the exact ranking. I think it's fine no matter which you play. I'm not even really able to rank the last 3, because all of them have their own drawback, but I usually prefer a card that is good no matter the circumstances. I know that e.g. that humphrey is really high on Festerhide Boar.

    I think another interesting card, that I would also rank as a 4-drop in green is Hooting Mandrills. I'm not really sure where I would rank this, because it has so much variance, probably between Wild Leotau and Rumbling Baloth.

    Edit: Another card, that I would personally compare to 4-drops is Stampeding Elk Herd. Paying 5 mana for a 5/5 kind of feels like overpaying , while on the other hand I think that the free Primal Rage you get, when you only have 3 additional power on the board might be worth it. I think I'm the only one who plays this though.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] Artifact cube
    My expected changes with Dominaria:
    Chivalrous Chevalier > D'Avenant Trapper: The Chevalier return mechanic of the Chevalier is just too narrow.
    Pteron Ghost > Serra Disciple: The Disciple is simply more impressive with equipments.

    Aether Spellbomb > Temporal Machinations: It's nice to have cheap artifacts, but this Spellbombs effect is simply not powerful enough, IMO.
    Flight Spellbomb > Artificer's Assistant: The Spellbomb is mostly in as a cheap artifact, that can be sacrificed for the black or red cards, but blue itself has no real synergies with it.

    Dross Golem > Cabal Paladin: Fear is not a good mechanic in a cube full of artifacts.
    Defiant Salvager > Divest: If the Salvagers ability would only be instant it would be really decent.

    Highspire Artisan > Corrosive Ooze: Even though green likes defensive cards in this cube the Artisan simply doesn't have enough impact, IMO.

    Arcbound Worker > Short Sword: The Worker does something, when being sacrificed, but a single +1/+1 counter is not enough value, IMO.
    Wayfarer's Bauble > Jousting Lance: Ramping is rarely important in a cube, that is so tempo based.

    I couldn't find a blue slot for Relic Runner, but I will keep it in mind, when I find something, that I want to cut.
    Broken Bond seems Ok, but I don't want to overload green with too much artifact removal.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Pauper Spoilers
    I'm not even sure Call the Cavalry is even that exciting for the swarm archetype, like Flurry of Horns. For cc4/cc5 you expect something more than just 2 bodies, IMO. Another problem is the curve. White 4-drops is easily the most stacked curve slot in the whole cube. For the sake of the curve, I think this won't make the cut.

    Yavimaya Sapherd is outclassed by 2 strictly better alternatives. I don't think this will make the cut for me, cause even the strictly better versions (Junglborn Pioneer/Scion Summoner) are not super exciting.

    I think Cold-Water Snapper will replace Prescinent Chimera for me, so nearly all blue finishers have hexproof. I might consider running Cloudreader Sphinx over Bastion Inventor, but I'm not sure yet.

    So to sum it up Saproling Migration remains the only real upgrade, that comes from this set for my cube.

    Edit: Shivan Fire seems kind of decent, even though strictly outclassed, that's not really and argument cause Lightning Bolt outclasses pretty much every other red burn spell. It's just a pretty solid removal.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] Artifact cube
    Interesting cards from Dominaria:
    -Voltaic Servant: Sadly there are not that many great artifacts with tap abilities at common. It's mostly non-artifacts, that do something with them, like Sage of Lat-Nam or Orcish Mechanics.
    -Temporal Machinations: Drag Under is a pretty decent card, this is likely to make the cut.
    -Artificer's Assistant: This is pretty nuts. It can carry equipments and will quickly pull it's weight.
    -Broken Bond: Removal that can also give you a tempo advantage in the early game. Not super exciting, but definitely not bad considering, that green is pretty much a control color in my cube.
    -Cabal Paladin: A pretty easy auto include for me. The body is kind of meh, but the ability is just great.
    -Corrosive Ooze: This is a very interesting design. It can be like a 2/2 deathtouch against equipment heavy decks.
    -D'Avenant Trapper: An easy auto include. This is insane in aggressive decks.
    -Divest: Another auto include. It's pretty much Thoughtseize.
    -Guardians of Koilos: There are some possible shenanigans with bouncing your own stuff, but it will rarely get better than cc2 draw a card and cc7 for a 4/4 draw a card is not too exciting.
    -Jousting Lance: This is definitely coming in.
    -Relic Runner: This is pretty solid and blue needs more 2 drops anyway. It will be hard to find a cut though.
    -Serra Disciple: I'm not yet sure if this is good enough, because you constantly need to trigger it to have an acceptable body on it's own and that might prove problematic. It's also hard to trigger it more than once a turn. On the other hand booth flying and first strike are relevant in combination with pump equipments.
    -Short Sword: Another functional reprint of Leonin Scimitar/Honed Khopesh. It's not super exciting, but a cheap way to enable equipment payoff.
    -Sparring Construct: A strictly better Arcbound Worker, that can also buff non-artifact creatures. It's not very exciting and I might cut the Worker now anyway, so this will either replace it or not make the cut at all.

    Overall a pretty great set for this cube. Especially black got new stuff and it is in desperate need for that.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Pauper Spoilers
    Quote from Humphrey »
    a single shot scry2 seems irrelevant.
    You are running Magma Jet though. Scry 2 is about equally good as drawing a 0,75 card.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Pauper Spoilers
    Pegasus Courser would be pretty interesting if it costed 1W. Like this it's just worse than its blue counterparts with 2 power.

    I think the new Sphinx is pretty solid, but since the Chimera is already on the edge it's not going to make the cut for me. So far still not a single card in this set, that is going to make the cut for me, except for Saproling Migration for archetype purposes.
    I actually don't really expect much more, since all the commons seem to be either very archetype specific or just straight up mediocre.

    Edit: Is it just me or does it seem like they completely abandon multicolor commons outside of multicolor and master sets? I think this is the first time I actually realize this, since I'm always crossing my fingers with each new set, hoping for a 3rd decent golgari card.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    After playing my cube several times in the past few days, with people who haven't played it before I got some interesting results and feedback:

    -The experimental sacrifice archetype in black got very positive feedback and created some interesting new decks, like the BW control deck, focused around Thoughtpicker Witch, Gnawing Zombie, Icatian Crier and Cenn's Enlistment. It seems like this archetype could really be viable in power-oriented cube, if you are going deep enough into it and also run the complementary swarm archetype.

    -I finally decided to get rid of River and Mire Boa. I would possibly would run the same body without the landwalk, but nowadays green is pretty stacked and random color hate is just bad from a balancing perspective.

    -Slow Motion has always been solid, but this was the first time someone asked if it isn't too strong, because when it comes into play on turn 3 it will almost certainly generate a huge tempo advantage and will pretty much always completly wreck your opponent if you they're mana screwed. I will give it a bit more testing, but I can see, that it`s a feel bad card.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Pauper Spoilers
    The problem is, that the set is heavily archetype driven and apart from saproling swarm, none of these synergies matter to us.

    There is a decent amount of stuff for my artifact cube though.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Izor »
    @Al: When you look at it we actually have a lot of ETB triggers that are really worth triggering with a flicker effect nowadays. I'd forget half of them if I made a list off the top of my head now and I can't check my cube list right now, but it's really more than you'd think at first sight. And as soon as you get extra value by untapping a blocker or saving something from removal they can quickly become pretty broken.
    I'm not saying we don't have a lot of good etb-effects, but Phyrexian Rager and Man-o'-War rarely happen to be the target of removal, so creating a 2 for 1 by saving them is unlikely and they aren't a huge blowout when they are suddenly able to block. Spending a Cloudshift or Otherworldly Journey just to draw a card off the Rager or create a weird Unsummon is simply not good. The triggers are good, but simply not worth spending a card just to trigger them, the only exception being Mulldrifter.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Pauper Spoilers
    Keldon Overseer is the most we can expect at common rarity with this effect, after all Eldrazi Obligator is a very strong rare. Not sure if it's good enough though. 7 mana is though for an aggressive deck.

    Saproling Migration would also be nice with Convoke, but there are always a lot of maybys. I think it's a fine addition for the green part of the swarm archetype, which is exactly the color, that needs more support. It would be amazing if Sporecrown Thallid would turn out to be common, but I don't want to get my hopes up too high.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Sacrifice, if at all, is only viable in combination with the Swarm (Token) archetype in order to have enough sacrifice fodder. Tokens are just as good as creatures with death triggers. If there is enough access to tokens the sacrifice fodder is not a problem. The problem is the low amount of good Sac outlets, which means it's not really worth it even sacrificing a token, if all you get from it is +2/+2 on your Nantuko Husk. I'm currently still testing this archetype, mostly because black creatures are just too underwhelming in a vacuum.

    There is a similar problem with the flicker archetype. Our etb-effects are not worth spending a card on it and we have no repeatable flicker-effects, like Mistmeadow Witch, Brago, King Eternal or Venser, the Sojourner which are the key elements of this archetype in non-pauper cubes. I wouldn't really call it an archetype in pauper, because even if you would deeply commit to it, there are simply not enough playable flicker-effects. The only way you could do this is the mentioned combo-shell to create a repeatable flicker-outlet the hard way, but it's just too slow and Peregrine Drake is the only card, that allows it to go infinite.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Lantern Control
    Short report from GP Madrid:

    After a solid 6-1-1 start into day 2 we had a rough day 2 and ended place 32.
    My personal configurations:
    -I'm not a fan of Inventors' Fair, since the additional colorless source just hurts too much and you rarely activate the tutor effect. The 2nd Island is really good against Ghost Quarter and Field of Ruin.
    -I decided to play a 3rd Abrupt Decay as an additional answer to stuff like Tireless Tracker, that seems to get more and more popular.
    -Spellskite has been my MVP in many matchups. It redirects Detention Spheres and Cryptics, blocks random creatures, especially up to 3 Noble Hierarchs and counters stuff like Grim Lavamancer, so there is no need to needle it. I think not running 1 in the SB is just wrong.

    The most popular matchups I faced were:
    Storm: Prior to the Tournament I felt like my storm matchup was pretty good, so I decided to cut the 2nd Grafdigger's Cage, which might have been a mistake in hindsight. Randomly loosing to it seemed so unnecessary.

    Jund: The Jund matchups really depend on the exact build. The decks with a bunch of pushes, Terminates and Dreadbores are really easy wins, while some lists tend more towards the classic jund lists with Decays and Pulses instead. These matchups are rather hard. My only loss against Jund was against Ivan Floch and he told me, that many Jund players also make the huge mistake of leaving in Goyfs after boarding.

    Tron: Tron is as bad as it used to be. We can win, but we got to get lucky in form of hoping on the inconsistency of the Tron decks itself, that is just very likely to mulligan and keeping risky hand, which are sometimes rather easy to flood or screw game 1. Game 2 and 3 the best chance of winning is by deploying a really early Tezz and hope for the best.

    Lantern seems decently positioned in the current meta, but I'm really looking forwards to Damping Sphere as a whirable way to solve the Tron problem once and for all and also to prevent random losses against Storm.
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 Pauper Spoiler
    The problem is the other way, when you play a morph against opponent A, who drafts your cube for the first time and has no idea, would it could possibly be, while opponent B knows your cube and depending on the colors you play he can conclude what it most likely is.
    This is a scenario I don't want to create since I'm often playing with people who haven't played my cube before at all or least not often enough to remember all the morphs, while others have, especially me.
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 Pauper Spoiler
    I will definitely include:
    Crimson Mage: Bloodlust Inciter was already pretty good, but this is just amazing.
    Jackal Pup: Yay finally our first 2/1 for R without a huge downside.
    Hordeling Outburst: I can't really think of many better swarm cards we can realistically expect at common.
    Savannah Lions: Can't have enough of these.
    Fencing Ace: This guy goes nuts when abused.
    Court Hussar: I always felt like Azorius was missing at least 1 interesting multicolor card. It's not super strong, but definitely quite solid.

    Maybe testing:
    Frenzied Goblin: I know it was really good in it's limited environment, but I'm not yet completely convinced if it's strong enough for cube. I'm a big fan of Master of Diversion and Territorial Hammerskull, but the goblin is only a 1/1 and definitely costs you a lot of tempo in order to pay for it each turn.

    Worth noting:
    Ruthless Ripper and Ainok Survivalist are pretty solid, but a while ago I decided to cut morphs from my cube entirely for the reasons Prince_Reyson already mentioned before.

    Sweet new art on Unearth.

    The new art of Exclude is definitely worse than the one from CMD.

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  • posted a message on Masters 25 Pauper Spoiler
    I can confirm, that swarm is definitely viable if you include mtgo commons, namely Battle Screech and Beetleback Chief.
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