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  • posted a message on Pauper Theros Beyond Death Discussion
    I will add the following cards for now:
    Daybreak Chimera: Phantom Monster is a rock solid playable and all you need for the Chimera to be the same is a single devotion. Once you get to 3 or 2 it's extremely good. Later in the game you can nicely double spell by playing this for 2 and have mana left for another spell.
    Lampad of Death's Vigil: The strictly better version of Gnawing Zombie, which was a decent uncommon once. It's a very nice addition for the sacrifice theme.

    Underworld Rage-Hound and Underworld Charger are on my watchlist, but I don't know what to cut right now.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    The blue flier aggro package was simply my first idea for what to do with the free slots from all the auras and hexproof dudes I cut. Just because Desert exists as one of 360 cards in my cube I'm not gonna abandon all X/1s. Sure aggro decks suck against all of the red spells that can hit multiple targets, which is why I like playing Rx control decks so much.
    Alternatively I'm also considering to maybe try out the Ghostly Flicker combo once more. If I'm not not statisfied with either of those options I will most likely simply add some goodstuff, especially counterspells. I'm always surprised how few actual good counterspells pauper has since there haven't been any good ones for sooooo long, but people want to play counter heavy control and you need enough instant speed for counters to actually be good.

    Burn Trail sure is sick with enough Tokens to consistently enable Conspire. Not just because it can deal 6 to the face (unlike Magma Burst), but because it can deal 3 damage to 2 different targets and you can decide depending on the situation.
    I would definitely run Reckless Abandon over Artillerize. 3 mana difference is huge.
    I don't think I have enough ways to get value out of the grave for Faithless Looting. It sure is a fine card filter spell, even without payoff, but the real power lies in getting value from what you discard.
    I'm not really sure what I would want to cut for any of the onedrops.
    Giantbaiting is a pet card of mine, that has been in my cube for the most time, even before I added swarm as an archetype, because you don't need 2 creatures of the same color, but simply 2 creatures if you are in GR. Maybe it comes back in one day.
    I've dedicated some slots towards white control, and Basilica Guards has been one of them before. For now I don't really have anything to cut for it.

    I think Rain of Revelation is an excellent card. You rarely want to cycle Hieroglyphic Illumination and the Rain is simply more value. It outclassed Foresee, which has been a mainstay for many cubes over years.

    Edit: Apropos Counterspells: Has anyone considered Disdainful Stroke as a decent counterspell? Most of the super impactful cards in cube all cost 4+ (e.g. Coalition Honor Guard, Guardian of the Guildpact, Mulldrifter, Capsize, Treasure Cruise, Gurmag Angler, Twisted Abomination, Pestilence, Fireball, Rolling Thunder, Blastoderm and Sprout Swarm).
    It sure is conditional, but so are all the other options for counterspells at common, like Essence Scatters or UX counters.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Theros Beyond Death Discussion
    There is also Silver Myr, which I think is a solid card to play in blue as it's one of the more mana hungry colors without much accelaration itself.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Well the cmc 2 fliers simply make for a nice creature curve in blue. It also feels cool to get value out of Warden of Evos Isle and Winged Words. Maybe we will one day get Favorable Winds, even though I highly doubt it.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Theros Beyond Death Discussion
    Quote from Humphrey01 »
    also very very few? like all instants?
    I was first looking at my blue instants. 9 (+Daze) of them are profiting of the Naiad of which 3 already are cmc 2. Possible color pairs for this card are black, which only has 3 instants (+ Snuff Out) that aren't either B or BB. Red has 9 of which 1 is Burst Lightning, which is often cast unkicked and 5 are cmc 2.
    Nightscape Familiar makes everything cheaper, creatures, sorceries, whatever. Also regen for 2 is not that bad. It allows you to completely ignore any creature without evasion. A mounstrous Nessian Asp gets countered by this. Maybe it's just my cube, but I personally really like Rakdos Control, and Grixis is also quite popular. It's simply better as a Capsize enabler. There is also Goblin Electromancer, which also effects sorceries, like Deep Analysis, Pyrotechnics, Fireball and Rolling Thunder, which all profit a lot more of cost reduction.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Theros Beyond Death Discussion
    I've filtered my cube and the Naiad effects very very few cards in my cube. If you want to have this effect Nightscape Familiar is way better.

    The Herd is definitely better.
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  • posted a message on Mono W Devotion Heliod Ballista Combo
    Quote from headminerve »
    Well, I would drop Scales actually, and the Selesnya manabase. Allied colours are so horrendous in the format, and here you want a green card to be cast on turn 1. You'll have inconsistencies just because of it.

    I would do:
    -4 Scales +4 Alseid of Life's Bounty,
    -4 Commune +4 Board the Weatherlight
    -4 extra copies of anything +2 Legion's Landing, +2 Shadowspear

    I'd run plains and Castle Ardenvale as the only utility land, but I understand Nykthos is tempting. Not 4 copies though. The issue with Nythos will be Linden, potentially Arcanist's Owl, which can't be cast on curve if one of your land is Nykthos (most of the time).

    I worked a bit on the archetype, it's not quite fast, so I don't think we can afford to break the curve with greedy slots.
    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

    I totally didn't think about Board the Weatherlight. Commune was the main reason for green.

    I was considering Legion's Landing before, but I decided, that I prefer Healer's Hawk. Alseid of Life's Bounty is definitely interesting, but I think 4 are too much.

    I think Gideon Blackblade might also be better for the job, than Shadowspear. I'm not really happy with it in the SB anyway.

    Nykthos is interesting, but I'm not sure this is the right deck for it.

    Arcanist's Owl is cool, but I don't really see a spot for it.

    I think I will go with this for now:
    I would like to squeeze in 1-3 Alseid of Life's Bounty, but I'm not sure what to cut. I've actually also thought about Ajani's Welcome, but it might be too bad.

    This change has also opened up some SB slots. I don't really feel like this deck needs much help against mono B or mono R aggro, but Devout Decree, Fiendslayer Paladin and Authority of the Consuls are definitely some interesting options.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Theros Beyond Death Discussion
    Arena Trickster: Just seems way worse than Spellgorger Weird and probably even Pyre Hound.
    Irreverent Revelers: If you want this kind of "narrow" SB cards in your cube go for it. I personally wouldn't run it in my MB simply as a Goblin Chariot. Apaprt from this I'm acutally down to 19 artifacts in my cube, of which 10 are signets.
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  • posted a message on Mono W Devotion Heliod Ballista Combo
    Since Heliod, Sun-Crowned was announced I have been trying to tinker up a deck that perfectly fits him and Walking Ballista. I had several different lists leading up to this, from a super combo focused approach (similar to LSV's) over UW with Teferi for protection, Bant and GW with a more traditional Hardened Scales Approach, but this list I'm the most statisfied with so far:
    The deck has 2 different winning strategies, which are equally aimed for. It's not a combo deck with a Midrange Plan B, nor a Lifegain Scales Deck with accidental combo finishes, booth strategies are Plan A.
    The easiest way to win is obviously playing either Scales, Anafenza or Daxos on turn 2, Heliod on turn 3 and than Ballista with 2 counters on turn 4 for 2 mana so you can immediatly give it lifelink and win the game.
    The rest of the deck tries get the most value out of Heliod, which is very strong on it's own. Linden, the Steadfast Queen is kind the centerpiece for this plan. She goes nuts with either a Pridemate, Heliod or the Archangel.

    Card Choices
    Heliod, Sun-Crowned/Walking Ballista: The Combo. (1. Give Lifelink with Heliod to a Ballista with at least 2 Counters. -> 2. Remove a Counter, to deal 1 damage to the opponent. -> 3. Due to the Lifegain, Heliod triggers and can put a Counter on Ballista -> Continue with Step 2. and 3. as often as you want.)
    Ajani's Pridemate/Ajani, Strength of the Pride: Your go to beaters for this deck. They become huge incredibly fast and provide a super fast answer, if left unanswered.
    Hardened Scales: This card does not only allow you to go off a turn early, but also synergizes with pretty much the whole deck. Apart from the Ballista, this card synergizes with Heliod, Pridemates, Anafenza, and the Archangel.
    Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit: This card is mostly there to push Ballista to 2 and it also works really well with Scales. It also provides 2 Devotion for Heliod.
    Daxos, Blessed by the Sun: This card enables a 2/2 Ballista with Heliod on the Field. It also enables lifegain triggers for Pridemates, Heliod and the Archangel. + it has 2 W Devotion for Heliod.
    Archangel of Thune: 5 mana is a lot, but this card really impacts the game very hard. It simply provides to Pridemate effect to every creature and goes completly nuts with Linden and/or Scales. Fun fact: You don't actually need Heliod for the combo finish. With this + a way to give lifelink to the Ballista (e.g. Gideon Blackblade from the SB) you can get the same effect as Heliod.
    Linden, the Steadfast Queen: A real key card for this deck's beatdown plan. It's the only card in Pioneer, that can generate this many lifegain triggers. It also provides 3 W Devotion, which nearly enables Heliod on it's own.
    Healer's Hawk: This is kind of a necessary evil. During testing I realised, that this deck does too little on turn 1, so I squeezed it in. It's totally fine, followed by a turn 2 pridemate and can actually grow to a decent threat itself with Heliod or the Archangel and allows Linden to have a quick impact on the board.
    Commune with the Gods: The other card I splash green for in the MB. This card is technically optional, but without it it's way harder to consistently hit your combo pieces, when you need it. It can not just grab the combo pieces, but also Hardened Scales and utility cards like Rest in Peace, when you board it in.

    The sideboard is quite experimental at this stage.
    Blessed Alliance: A very good removal against many decks. It kills everything even with Hexproof or Indestructible, no matter the size of the creature. The Lifegain option can also be put to good use in this deck.
    Dragonlord Dromoka: This is yet untested. I wanted to try this out, since I was struggling a bit against control decks, during testing.
    Gideon Blackblade: Also a new untested card, since I decided to cut Ajani, Steadfast, as it was too much of a winmore card. It's simply a solid beater, that diversivies the threats a bit, from the creature focus. It can also enable the combo in combination with the Archangel and a Ballista.
    Knight of Autumn: Simply a super versatile card, that offers answers to a lot of problems.
    Rest in Peace: Simply THE best graveyard hate there is. Scavenging Ooze would also be great in this deck, but RIP is simply better at the same job.
    Selfless Spirit: Wrath protection.

    Now I need YOUR help. What would you change?
    Does this deck needs to have removal in the MB?
    Is the green splash necessary?
    What are the most important SB cards for the current meta?
    Anything else?
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  • posted a message on Pauper Theros Beyond Death Discussion
    I'm overall kind of interested to see how good escape is. Many of the cards are reasonably well costed and adding "creature-flashback" to them is definitely very interesting. On the other hand you have to keep in mind, that it's not beneficial to run many of these in the same color, since it has the same problem as Delve in that you only have one graveyard and can only exile so many cards.

    Satyr's cunning: might be the worst card in the set.

    Omen of the Sea: This is definitely better than Think Twice. Scry 4 is better than drawing a card.

    Voracious Typhon: definitely better than Baloth Gorger, since you can play it on curve and than again later.

    Daybreak Chimera: Phantom Monster is a good baseline for a very playable card. 1 Devotion makes this totally fine and everything above that is pure upside. I think it's kind of compareable to Sultai Scavenger. You can't always play it on curve, but a cmc 3 is about the expected cost.

    Underworld Rage-Hound: This is kind of interesting mostly for the fact, that red doesn't have much in the way of using it's graveyard, while on the other hand burnspells can fill the grave rather quickly. It's kind of a nice mana sink for aggressive decks, similar to Goblin Heelcutter.

    Underworld Charger: this looks super solid for black aggressive strategies. I think I will try to fit this in.

    Funny Sidenote:
    Lampad of Death's Vigil is a strict upgrade over Gnawing Zombie, which had to be downgraded in rarity once. Really solid sac outlet.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Humphrey01 »
    i think you want the drafter to decide what they play. so if someone put an aura on a non-hexproof its his choice and both flights, as well as greens +3+3 ones are good enough for that.
    I can also put in bad cards, just in case someone wants to play them. Putting an aura on an unprotected creature in the context of most pauper cubes is a really bad idea in most cases. This is not the original Theros. I sure could have some auras without valueable targets, but they will simply end up not being drafted. Even though my cube is quite beginner friendly I usually draft with very experienced players (Gp grinders, some pt competitors) so no one there would draft these cards.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Quote from Humphrey01 »
    Primal Huntbeast+Spectral Flight
    imho is enough synergy to win the game. no need to go all in.
    Well with only a single Huntbeast and a single Spectral Flight in 360 cards it's pretty unlikely, that anyone will ever get them in a deck, and then that person still needs to draw booth in a reasonable amount of time.
    The question is how the ratio of hexproof to auras has to be. A drafter, who wants to go this route should access to booth type of cards consistently in order for the deck to do, what it's supposed to do. I don't like the idea of putting auras on non-protected creatures. I've ran Phantom Nomad amd Phantom Tiger as some interesting alternatives, because at least against green and red, being immune to damage is even better than hexproof.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    I just invested like 1 hour to make the changes I imagined (Link) and I'm quite happy with the result. I will definitely test this, when I get the chance to cube the next time.
    There are several reasons why I'm interested in making a huge change to my cube like this:
    1. I haven't had major changes to my cube for a while and I want to test something different. There were so few flex slots, that it's really hard to fit anything new in.
    2. I've already recived negative feedback on hexproof, because it simply limits interaction and I agree with that criticism, but defended it, with the argument, that the removal is just sooo efficient in pauper, that it's really punishing to get tempoed out due to spending too much mana on your creatures, compared to the cost of removal.
    If it turns out, that it isn't necessary to have hexproof in the cube in order for green to be viable I'm really happy.
    3. This has opened up an incredible amount of slots, I can use to experiment with different cards. E.g. I decided to use the free blue slots for a bunch of fliers, to make aggressive blue decks a thing again, since I really like it when all the colors have access to all the different archetypes, in the same way as I've dedicated some slots towards red and white control.
    I'm also tinkering with the idea of readding the Ghostly Flicker - Archaeomancer combo. Alternatively I can also just fill the slots with a bunch of goodstuff and counterspells, to make control more counter heavy again.

    Archetype support is a very tricky thing.
    When you don't dedicate enough spots towards it, the decks might not come together and people with only a half dedicated pool will feel bad, this will happen especially, when you don't draft the whole cube. When you comit too much into it, you might be forcing someone in that color to play the archetype, which is exactly not what I want, at least for my cube. My goal is to give drafters the tools to do whatever they want.

    In order to make Gx Stompy more viable I've actually added the Elves I wasn't playing before, because the most powerful green, the weakest color, can do, is to play a turn 1 elf into 3-4 drops on the following turns.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    There exists a total of 8 cmc 1 cards, that produce mana, which are:
    Arbor Elf
    Avacyn's Pilgrim
    Boreal Druid
    Elves of Deep Shadow
    Fyndhorn Elves
    Elvish Mystic
    and the auras
    Utopia Sprawl
    Wild Growth

    As stated before all of these are stronger than any other 1 drop you can play in green, even Boreal Druid. The only reason I'm not running Avacyn's Pilgrim and Elves of Deep Shadow is because they break the color wheel and I'm kind of fanatical perfectionist, so this would really bother me.

    I don't think you need to "force" any additional Onedrops into your cube, if you simply go by power level in a vacuum. I like neither Young Wolf nor Blisterpod. They are only really good if you pair them with Sacrifice Outlets.
    Jungle Lion and Mtenda Lion are Ok if you really want to push aggressive green decks, even though the latter is super random.
    Ghazbán Ogre and Wild Dogs are way too risky if you play against Red.

    The CMC 1 Deathtouchers are a nice way to deal with hexproof, but since it's mostly a green archetype having them in green doesn't help the rest of the draft table much.

    Btw. I'm currently thinking about possibly testing my cube without the aura/hexproof archetype. It takes up an incredible amount of slots and even though it's viable in form of power level it can also be very frustrating to play against. It's also kind of a parasitic archetype in the way, that all the auras aren't of much use to any other deck without a critical amount of hexproof creatures. This might leave green as the weakest color, but it might be worth a try and if it improves the draft experience it's worth it. I don't mind green being mostly a support color, like it is in the official sets from the latest years. After all there is a bunch of viable aggro/midrange creatures in green nowadays (e.g. Wicked Guardian), which might be viable, even without hexproof. Also there is a huge amount of solid ramp and fixing at common (e.g. the elves and Sakura-Tribe Elder). You only need the early game ramp and fixing since there still isn't much viable payoff for having huge amounts of mana. I will definitely make some changes and see how the cube could look without the Bogles archetype.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    For the sake of at least keeping up a little bit of conversation and for Cobble to not feel like he's takling to a brick wall, I decided to add at least a little bit of my recent thoughts:
    -First of all, even though the limited and common powerlevel in draft has risen significantly since War of the Sparks the "good" cards are all so archetype specific, many of them don't really seem to fit, at least not into my cube with it's existing archetypes.

    -From Theros, even thought the set seems to be full of borderline -> cubeable cards, I wasn't really sold on anything yet. The card I'm most interested in, is from the very early spoilers. It's Warbriar Blessing (Link). I think this might mostly be interesting for me personally, because I have a very deep enchtantment archetype in green. I'm currently even running Cartouche of Strength. This also might go pretty well with all the lower tier hexproof creatures in green, I added a while ago, when drafters complained, there wasn't enough hexproof to put the auras on, so I added Sacred Wolf and Conifer Strider. Giving one of these 2 additional points of thoughness + killing a creature seems like a solid deal. I'm not too high on fight spells over all, because I don't think green necessarily needs medicore removal, when they simply get access to way better options from secondary colors, but being an aura, as I stated, has a bunch of positive side effects in my cube.

    -I just realized, that not a single card from Eldraine actually made it into my cube, which is kind of unusual, because usually at least 1 card makes the cut, simply because WOTC seem to like printing at least a single common into the set, that is on a different level, than the average (e.g. Cloudkin Seer). After playing a lot of ELD and really liking the format, I still don't see much potential for most of the cards in the context of my cube. I also got excited for actually getting a bunch of new cards for my artifact cube, so I didn't really feel like I missed out on this set.
    I really like Rimrock Knight, but red 2s are stacked as hell and the "free" pump is way way worse in my cube with it's overabundance of cheap instant speed removal, to fizzle the whole card. It also has like this weird "bloodrush problem". You want to play it on turn 2, but in that case you won't have used the card to it's full potential and than it's just way worse than the competition.
    Wicked Guardian is amazing in ELD limited, but this format is defined by mostly having Toghness > Power, which definitly can't be said about my cube.
    Fierce Witchstalker is probably the card that mostly stands out from the rest and when it was spoiled, I may have overlooked it because of all the premium cmc 4 green creatures with at least 4 power and 4 toughness we got over the last years, but none of them actually have trample, which starts to become quite valueable with 4 power and above. Also the added Bonus of getting the food is something that really makes this better than just your average plain 4/4 for 4. I might have a look into my cube and try to find a spot to add this retroactively.
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