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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 9-18
    Tajic is awesome. He makes RW aggro a thing. Turn 1 Dauntless Bodyguard, Turn 2 Boros Challenger or Swiftblade or Sunhome Stalwart, into Turn 3 Tajic is going to be nasty. Then back it up with Lightning Strikes, Gird for Battle, Risk Factor, etc...

    People right now like to push the agenda that standard is going to be a bunch of midrange decks, but I dunno. Tajic is pretty aggressive.
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  • posted a message on Opening a Store. Have distribution question.
    Hey there. I don't post a lot on here either but read quite a bit. Anywho, me and my friends opened up an LGS nearly a year ago, on Sept 1st. So, I know how you feel. We didn't have 'investors' but still had the same issue. It can be hard to get information. While there isn't a PDF catalog at least for Peachstate(which is what we use primarily), I can tell you that it varies with a lot of distributors as to how much you'll pay for booster boxes, for example. I've had the catalog price say, for example, 79.20, but then when we place the order our individual warehouse/sales rep will give us a better deal based on whatever he bases it on(probably relationship and/or amount purchased in the last quarter), and then he'd set the same booster box for us at like 76.

    Most of the distributors will give you 45% off of MSRP. Then it varies from there based on a lot of variables. Some give you 42% off MSRP, then some can give you 50% off MSRP if you're a big spender, etc. But the starting value on most things are 45% of MSRP in my experience. I hope this helps.
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  • posted a message on Hungry Hydra
    This card seems incredibly good against Goblin Chainwhirler.
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  • posted a message on Things that are Considered too Strong for Standard
    Yep. Still people spouting this concept of 'Oh god, you can't have LD, Counterspells, or Mass Discard or Combo or anything else being good' but it's okay to have busted creatures and pretty much nothing else. Control literally doesn't even exist now, and now it's just the 1 to 2 mana creature decks vs Courser of Kruphix and midrange decks. Yes, this is clearly an awesome standard environment. Lots of diversity with half the top 8 decks playing 4x Goblin Rabblemaster and/or Courser of Kruphix.

    The creatures in Magic now are so insane that they could probably reprint Mana Leak, Fact or Fiction, and/or Force of Will and it would still be fine, particularly when you can fill your deck with 30-34 creatures that are all insane and have absolutely no downside at all. You literally just play fatties until one of them sticks in Standard, and that's basically what 90% of games come down to.
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  • posted a message on Standard dying out?
    So the 'answer' to Sylvan Caryatid is a card that forces you to play two colors. That seems fair, considering the card you're hating out is a mono colored card, that has no restrictive casting cost(1 green), and is in like 90% of tournament decks right now. Seems legit.

    But no no no, Serum Visions and Mana Leak are 'too powerful' according to Wizards R&D.
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  • posted a message on Standard dying out?
    I will agree that Mono Black with or without Green is probably the best deck in Standard, or one of them, but I really think if you look at Standard as a whole, Courser/Caryatid/Polukranos or any combination of those are played more overall, and it's pretty unfun. Jund Monsters is a thing(playing green and black), Mono Green is a thing, Mono Green splashing Black, Black/Green Constellation, I've even seen a guy at my shop doing Red/Green with Courser/Caryatid/Polukranos splashing blue for Cyclonic Rift blowouts. It's just annoying. And again, it's bad enough that we have a 5/5 for 4 with 0 drawbacks and upside these days...that can be dealt with the small amount of removal we're given to deal with it, but the problem is Caryatid. You literally have 0 viable ways to deal with Caryatid. It's uninteractive and defines the entire format.

    Ban Sylvan Caryatid.
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  • posted a message on Standard dying out?
    I kind of agree with the spirit of this thread. The last two Fridays now have been my first experience in FNM since this time last year. I got 3rd place the first time, and got 1st last night. In my experience Standard matters very little on strategy and more on who goes first. Also, the Sylvan Caryatid/Courser of Kruphinx/Polukranos thing is reminding me of Affinity in how frequently it's played in my meta. I got a first round bye last night, and spent more of the round standing between tables and watching games. At one point, I was literally watching 2 matches, all 4 players were playing Sylvan Caryatid, Courser, and Polukranos. It's really irritating. I played 6 of my 7 matches last night not playing any of these cards, and literally playing against these cards 5 of the 6 matches I played. I'm playing Mono Red Devotion splashing black for Thoughtseize.

    Now, the problem as I've been chiming on for years now is that Wizards have actively attempted to make it so spells are way less powerful than creatures. The problem we're running into now is that green creatures are so far and away better than every other color that the other colors that do aggro (white/red/black) can't even really keep up. Nice Rakdos Cackler bro, here's my Caryatid. Nice Fleecemane Lion bro, here's my Courser of Kruphix.

    As unpopular of an opinion as this is going to be, I think the solution to current Standard is probably banning Sylvan Caryatid. That's the card that props up the green decks. You can at least Mizzium Mortars the Coursers. You literally as a person playing 2/1s and 2/2s can do nothing at all against Sylvan Caryatid. Truly one of the most boring and format warping uninteractive cards I've seen in awhile. Derp derp, any mana, 3 toughness and hexproof. Lets completely crush fast decks with a card that can't even be killed, derp derp.

    Green seriously is the most popular and powerful color in Magic, at least in my meta.
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  • posted a message on The most promising white card in this set is an Oblivion Ring reprint.
    Correct if I'm wrong, but the last card that spawned a "new" Modern archetype, is Shrieking Affliction from M14 (8 Rack), right? So by that measure, RTR wasn't that good either.

    Okay. You are wrong. Shrieking Affliction is from RTR and not M14.

    And to stay on topic, the problem with Magic is that there is still a power creep, but some people can't recognize it, mostly newer players who are used to it because it's all they've known. The creatures in Standard and Magic in general now are so absurdly powerful compared to what they used to be. It's not even close. Which is why I find it amusing how some people are like 'Oh my gosh they just can't have this powerful 1 or 2 mana removal'. Yeah, so it's okay for spells to suck these days, but it's completely fine to have 5/5s for 4 with no drawback and all upside, and 6/6 fliers for 4 with no drawback and all upside.

    So really, Theros block is still on par to continue the power creep as it has been for some time. The reason why theres no 'Modern staples' is because the removal in Modern is actually not garbage like it is in Standard. Also, combo decks are a thing in Modern, so creatures as a whole even being as powerful as they are in Modern(Bob, Tarmogoyf, etc) are still not as big of a power creep/threat in Modern because of entirely different contexts. However, when you take combo out of standard, and good removal, and continue printing bomb creatures, you will get a skewed power creep every time. I find it laughable anyone could say Theros block is weak just because it doesn't have 'Modern staples', seeing as that's an entirely different format with different contexts.

    For the TL;DR people: Lets compare Iwamori of the Open Fist to Polukranos, and tell me there isn't a power creep in Standard/Theros.

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  • posted a message on The most promising white card in this set is an Oblivion Ring reprint.
    I for one can't wait to see Tormented Thoughts in action. That card is sick in a Standard that runs multiple high power low cost creatures in black. Like Desecration Demon, Alms Beast, and Master of the Feast. If you think you arent going to get blown out at least once by discarding 5-6 cards on turn 4, you've got another thing coming. Just because a card isn't rare and super high on the power curve doesn't mean it sucks. I'd certainly reevaluate the way you look at cards if you think black is getting the shaft of late. Try playing Nekrataal in a format dominated by Ravager Affinity and tell me how much black sucks these days compared to when I first started playing. Lulz. This thread is funny.
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  • posted a message on Is Combo dead? What is the best combo right now?
    I haven't posted on Salvation in a long time, but I just wanted to say I recently built a Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo deck on MTGO, since it's super cheap to build(Most expensive cards being Lotus Bloom, Watery Grave, and Serum Visions).

    I feel like this deck has really flown under the radar. This combo is incredibly consistent. I have gotten multiple turn 4 kills with it, and even more turn 5-6. It backs things up by playing Duress and Mana Leak and the funny thing about the combo is that you can trigger it yourself(with Piranha Marsh or Thought Scour) or you can just wait for them to do something to kill themselves(like trying to kill the Guildmage, in response you activate and they trigger the combo with their own card), etc.

    Now, I've seen the argument before that this deck isn't good because 'the individual pieces suck'. I dunno. I think the strength of this deck is the fact that it can go get its pieces pretty quickly with the 8x Transmute cards I play(Muddle the Mixture and Dimir Infiltrator).

    I don't think combo is dead in Modern, people just don't bother trying anything new for the most part. Hell, I can remember infinite mana/damage combos from Kamigawa/Ravnica Standard that still exist in modern that I've never seen anyone try in Modern(Izzet Guildmage/Splicing Mechanic with Desperate Ritual and Glacial Ray)

    Anyways, just my 2 cents on combo in Modern.
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  • posted a message on Thragtusk infestation
    Quote from s1ckn3ss1990
    I quit playing B/R zombies because of Thragtusk, switched to a B/R control type. I don't mind playing match ups against it now. Slaughter games or Appetite for Brains are great answers to the card, or making them discard it with Rakdos Return, which is sort of rare due to people usually holding it back unless it's late game and you force them to play something else. If I know Thragtusk is in a deck, my first target with Slaughter games is usually Thragtusk.

    Well that's my point. The card is so busted that its made an entire deck/archetype disappear. The only people defending this card are the people who enjoy abusing it and winning easy games.
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  • posted a message on Burn deck, can it be viable?

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  • posted a message on Thragtusk infestation
    Quote from razefire
    Attack the decks that use Thragtusk from different angles. Use milling, since it doesnt attack life totals, start packing dissipates in your control decks, if your damage based, try and outrace it or use burn spells to do more damage than they gain life. Thragtusk only dominates because players allow him too. He's a good card, but lets be serious, decks can be built to have alternate strategies of lines of play that can out maneuver it. But, it does require practice, and reevaluating cards and choices.

    I understand this, but what it does essentially is destroy an entire archetype, that being aggro, or quick aggro decks. You have to take a quick aggro deck, like R/B Zombies for example, and make it a stupid midrange control deck. The card is so busted it completely destroys the viability of entire strategies and decks.

    There's something wrong there, don't you think? Or maybe we should just all play midrange fatty wars, which is apparently what Wizards wants us to do.
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  • posted a message on what would it take to make Mill viable in competetive standard?
    Quote from Evenoire
    You don't depend on alchemist to do mill. That is playing like a bad magic player. His ability does not require to attack. U just have him sit there and then mill thin as u normally would. That allows you to passively make creatures. The creatures just act to clog the board with tokens that u use as blockers. Then, if it is profitable for u to do so, u can attack.

    I understand the strategy but it's a horrible thing to try and base a deck around a 2 toughness creature when every deck plays answers to a 2 toughness creature. Pillar of Flame, Searing Spear, Dreadbore, Ultimate Price, Auger Spree, etc are all things that can be played to kill that thing deader than hell. And if your answer is to say, okay, I'm playing counterspells...are you really going to wait until turn 6 to have 6 mana to be able to Negate something after playing him? If thats the case, you'll probably already be dead to Thragtusk or Angel of Serenity.

    I'm just saying that you have to create a deck that plays a different game of Magic in order to make mill viable. You have to produce dead cards in your opponents deck, which is exactly what something like I described does. The look on peoples faces when they have a hand full of something like Ultimate Price or Essence Scatter is priceless.
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  • posted a message on Thragtusk infestation
    Quote from colesy4971
    The most creative thing I can do is just spectral flight a Geist of Saint Traft.

    Yeah, screw you Thragtusk and your 5 lifegain.

    Yep. My point exactly. Magic's current T2 answers to broken creatures is play a more broken creature. Not a good spell or anything. Just a more broken creature. What a joke.
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