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  • posted a message on Orzhov Enchant deck
    here are some potential cards.

    kor spiritdancer, this one is expensive but very powerful, if you add it consider adding pacifism, prison term or faith's fetters as removal

    for protection from removal:
    mother of runes, very powerful card, useful in any white creature deck you will ever build in the future
    or swiftfoot boots

    predator's gambit is a better unholy strength

    for defense:
    ghostly prison
    sphere of safety
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  • posted a message on Blue/Green Flash/Instant themed deck feedback
    I have a similiar deck except with some counterspells to maximize flash creatures(I wanted to make a deck to play exclude), as well as different creatures(but that is mostly preferance). For me, one of the most important cards you could add are birds of paradise or noble hierarch. You could ditch the charm for these creatures.

    It's interesting you have a play group that frowns upon counterspells but will enjoy never being able to attack when arboria is out. What about beast within or primal command to get rid of your own arboria. They at least have some versatility.
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  • posted a message on [OGW] Goblin Darkdwellers (Buy-A-Box Promo)
    Quote from Truth »
    So guys some perspective: imagine you play Snapcaster Mage to flashback Kolaghan's Command. You spend a total of 2RUB. Then imagine you flashback K-Command with this. You pay 3RR total. This card essentially has 3 modes:
    • 2RR 4/4 Menace, give a CMC1 spell Flashback
    • 1RR 4/4 Menace, give a CMC2 spell Flashback
    • RR 4/4 Menace, give a CMC3 spell Flashback
    You give up Snappy's instant speed, but get a much better body (evasive!), get to do shenanigans with split cards and get to ignore colors completly, letting you flashback a Thoughtseize with only red mana available. This card is insanely good and will see widespread Modern play after some time. It's essentially a Midrange Snapcaster Mage, and once you realize Snapcaster NEVER actually costs 1U unless it's a body only, you start to realize how great this card is.

    I'm not sure how you can believe this card compares to snapcaster in power level. The advantages of this card has over snapcaster are so insignificant compared to what you are giving up. Are you planning on playing thoughtseize without black mana in your deck? not having to pay multiple colors is nice but not terribly significant. Losing flash and versitility of converted mana cost is much more of a detriment to anything this guy brings. Also, you can play snapcaster for his casting cost turn two to flashback phyrexian mana spells like gitaxian probe.

    Overall I like this card, but dont consider him comparable to snapcaster.

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  • posted a message on Green Creature Removal
    Quote from jeremylin »
    slightly off topic but if you worded mondu's card like this, would it be blue?

    Possibly Not Black Creature Destruction 1UU
    Return target creature to the top of it's owner's library, then each player may put the top card of their library in the graveyard.

    This is interesting. To make it more interesting you could make it a clash decides where the card goes

    edit: similiar to whirlpool whelm
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  • posted a message on Green Creature Removal
    Quote from TurboJustice »
    When it comes to judging whether something is within a color's boundaries - or a 'bend' of their boundaries - or a flat-out break - we look to what the card actually accomplishes and does, and compare it to the color's established weaknesses. If the sum of the card's parts add up to a product that defies the weaknesses of the card's color, then it's a color-pie break.

    Venomous Predator is not green, and Monoblue Murder likewise not blue, for this reason. Individually, Ambush Viper and Prey Upon are certainly green. But in conjunction, you produce a card that is its own singular near-guaranteed removal spell, without relying on another creature. Green's card draw and 'removal' (fighting) rely on the creatures you already control to do the work. (This is what Polukranos uses to get by - you have to have 'already controlled' it for the Monstrosity fight to work. Sneaky, I know.) A 'sudden answer' isn't good enough for green - it has to have been present. (Flash creatures only work as 'removal' if the creature was entering combat and inherently being put at risk, negating much of the problematic nature of a 'sudden answer'.)

    This post and the one giving the blue murder spell are totally missing the fact that venomous predator is not nearly as effective as murder at killing creatures because it is fizzled by a removal spell. This fact makes the card ring of green. One of the major weaknesses of cards like prey upon is that if your creature is killed, the result is a two for one. Obviously, attaching the deathtouch creature to the prey upon spell makes the card significantly stronger, but if you are looking for a murder effect, it is not as strong an option.
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  • posted a message on Need help making black casual deck
    The first thing you can do is replace the unholy strength with Predator's Gambit, though a runechanter's pike is probably a better replacement for at least one or two of the enchantments. On the same note, funeral charm is probably better than horrifying revelation. Other than that the weakest card in the deck is nettling imp. I see the combo with royal assassin but it seems too fragile and inconsistent to need multiple 1/1's to survive. If your committed to the combo maybe try adding in lightning greaves to protect and speed up the combo. Plus it's sweet with hypnotic specter. check out victim of night for removal. Sign in blood or night's whisper for card draw.
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  • posted a message on Venser, the Sojourner ultimate with kira, great glass spinner
    that good to know. thanks
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  • posted a message on Venser, the Sojourner ultimate with kira, great glass spinner
    I had a Venser, the Sojourner emblem on the battlefield and my opponent had a kira, great glass-spinner. Does the emblem trigger kira or is kira ignored?
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  • posted a message on Top 10 Cards
    Dig Through Time[/card]: Fact or Fiction-like card selection at Fact or Fiction-like prices (most of the time). Sure, you never get 3 cards, and you don't self-mill, but you dig deeper, and you get the 2 best cards!

    This seems closer to ancestral memories
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  • posted a message on B/G control
    Would dark ritual work in this deck?
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  • posted a message on What I love about M15 (as a collector)
    I agree that it's nice to have some value among the rares. I would be happier with no mythic rarity for sure.

    The last booster box i bought was innistrad and I got no value. no planeswalkers, no snapcasters, no Olivia Valdaren. At this point I had already stopped buying booster packs and since then I have given up on booster boxes. Outside of drafting I just can't see why I would want to buy packs, it usually just leads to frustration and loss of money. mythic rarity and box mapping seem to have contributed to increased variance in booster boxes, and in turn my frustration.

    Quote from Stoogeslap »

    There are still amazing cards printed at rare that fly high above some of the mythics, like Stoneforge Mystic or Boros Reckoner, while there are mythics that feel like a let down, such as the overly-hyped Skaab Ruinator.

    For me, having mythics that feel like a letdown leads to more variance. In my poor innistrad booster box i got all worthless mythics. in sets where most of the money is in the mythics, the duds seem worse. you only get a small number of mythics in your booster box. If you only get 4 or 5 mythics per box its easy to strike out. I would rather all the mythics be powerful or none be powerful(all the value in rares).
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Jace, the Living Guildpact
    Quote from Faust2391 »

    On a different arguement, I have an honest question for any of you LIMITED players. How do you value this card?
    Take a 40 card deck.
    -7 cards for the opening draw = 33 cards left in the deck.
    Go to turn four (lets pretend there is no possible way in the deck to ramp). We're down to 29 cards on turn four with enough land.
    To get to his ult, I believe it's minus seven. So go there. You're now down three draws and 3 mills. You're now at 23 cards in the deck. But this is a moot point because your graveyard is back.
    But let's say he took some damage (poor jace). 2 damage, this time. A Goblin piker got in. He's still at 4! Which means, if this jace takes ANY damage in limited, you're going to have to send yourself below 20 cards to just HOPE for a second -3 or an ult. Is this worth it?

    Am I missing something? Why do you care if you go below 20 cards?
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  • posted a message on U/R Delver Aggro help
    ground rift works with nivmagus elemental
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  • posted a message on Is tipping optional or mandatory in the US?
    Quote from Highroller

    That's because your friends are jerks.

    As is the original poster who inferred that their faith was a cause for their actions.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Legacy Huge Gainers
    Quote from onewheelwizzard
    I have a feeling Sanctums are going to be had to move for the people who bought in. I grabbed a playset for 40 bucks 6 months ago on eBay (probably the only time I have spent that kind of money purely on a tip from this forum) and nobody's wanted them since then. With the recent spike I feel basically locked into them, they just went from "difficult" to "impossible" as far as using them as a trade resource in my area and I have a feeling that I'll either buckle and get a Moat so I can actually, you know, use them, or buylist them out as 40% of retail because they're not putting up results and major dealers are too savvy to give me more.

    There's always the chance that they actually do start winning Legacy events but I am not holding my breath.

    what's wrong with putting them back on ebay for profit?
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