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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from elpokitolama »

    - Savor the Moment: quite the hard card to break, but combining it with another extra turn spell (ex: miracl'd Mastery, or Savor-Snap-Savor) in a single turn breaks its drawback and sometimes all you need is just one more turn... (be careful, TiTi doesn't untap too during the first extra turn)

    Stuff I need to figure out before saturday morning, French time:
    - Is Narset, Parter of Veils better than Jace, the Mindsculptor in my gameplan?
    - Is Narset's reversal worth it over Remand?
    - The hell should I do from here with my sideboard?

    wilderness reclamation should help with savor the moment. Still let’s you untap EOT to start your extra turn with a fresh manabase.

    I agree with the others on narset vs Jace. Bouncing a guy and setting up miracles is good. My biggest thing, Jace gets lands, and for me, missing land drops usually spell disaster. I also feel light on draw spells. But your build running narset and wilderness reclamation May be better.

    Remand vs growth spiral, remand can buy a turn by keeping something off the field I don’t want on it Until I can cryptic, or go off and win. An extra land on the field can be huge though.

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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Hey all. Redid my mono blue list and took it to the SCG open Louisville. My first open. Went 2-2-2, not quite how I envisioned it, but lots of fun and good experience. Got to exhaustion amulet titan twice during game one after they pact for a titan, and have it gigadrowsed. UW control has changed, and i wasn’t quite ready for it. Lots planeswalkers.

    The list I took to the open

    I didn’t like narset in this build, she was a last second change. Another card that didn’t affect the board. Since I have swapped the 2 out for a GE Kefnet and a tempest djinn Main deck. I’m very interested in brewing more with her, I have some ideas.

    Sad to see the site go... promised myself I wouldn’t cry...the good luck day site that keeps taking over this site has been very frustrating, I figured something was up.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 20/05/2019)
    I agree with the rest of you. Ban Choke!
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Simic turns list looks sweet timewalkin, can’t wait to watch the video.
    Haven’t got to play much lately, been busy, and do a lot of prerelease activities. Not sure I’m digging the Azorius turns, I’m thinking about going back to mono U. I want to try some chalice of the void and new kefnet in the side. I might try UR turns. @timewalkin why did you use different fetches for UR turns list? Funny is I only have 2 tarns so mine will look just like that

    J-Wielder turns sounds zesty, I like it! Keep me posted on how that comes along.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    @JPo thanks. Act of authority isn’t bad because problem doesn’t return if it gets blown up. detention sphere sounded good, but any deck running choke will probably have abrupt decay or assassins trophy. WW casting cost might be a little high for me. I’m probably to low on white sources as is.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Found the card of my dreams,porphyry nodes, and the card of my nightmares,choke, over the weekend. Been at the lgs a lot over the weekend. Lost to GDS a lot. Why couldn’t it stay dead? Beat spirits for the first time.

    This is where we sit now, and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve added more white sources main, and tweaked the sideboard. The porphyry nodes have been great. Debating going up to 4. Feels like the answer I’ve been looking for with humans, spirits, goblins. Well, goblins is still rough, but I feel like I have a chance. Getting choked out twice on t3 today hurt my soul. Might need to find a good way to handle thought. Is there something that exiles artifacts and enchantments in UW?

    @TimeWalkin thanks for the advice on the lands. I enjoyed reading your report, and your insight on Sideboarding helped me a lot.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    New Teferi seems really cool. Not sure if I will give him a slot though. Match ups I would want him in I already feel favored in, and don’t think he’s better then what I currently have. Worth checking out. The new Ral, storm conduit in a UR build looks really interesting imo. Might be a reason for me to try UR turns!

    Went 2-2 Wednesday night at the LGS. Mono R Phoenix got me round 1. Lost to amulet titan r4. Had some interesting interactions with hive mind and turns. Learned I got to take turns first. Also when PTW awakens, he gets to awaken also. Beat grixis control, and an artifact prison style deck. New sideboard didn’t get a huge test drive, and bad beats against a couple tough match ups. Chocking this one up as 1 of those nights.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Congrats Daniel, awesome finish. Excited for the report.

    Decided to finally try a color splash for my deck. 3 fetches, 2 shocks, and a basic plains. New SB, few old favs. What do you guys think?
    2 Snapcaster Mage
    2 Search for Azcanta
    4 Dictate of Kruphix
    3 Flooded Strand
    2 Hallowed Fountain
    1 Inkmoth Nexus
    15 Island
    1 Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
    1 Plains
    3 Gigadrowse
    4 Remand
    2 Cryptic Command
    4 Serum Visions
    3 Exhaustion
    4 Time Warp
    3 Part the Waterveil
    4 Temporal Mastery
    2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor

    Sideboard (15)
    3 Path to Exile
    2 Rest in Peace
    2 Spreading Seas
    2 Engineered Explosives
    2 Grafdigger's Cage
    2 Dragon's Claw
    2 Spellskite
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    @JPo 1st opponent did a lot of gigadrowse while I had a hand full of them. and dictate right after I drew one and planned on flashing it in eot. Didn’t think he would name it. Ouch. He also ran off 3 freebooters in game 2 that disrailed my early plans while he beat my face. 2nd opponent said he was new to modern, from vintage. Had no idea what my deck had, so named tw and temporal since that’s all he really saw. Thalia and gaddock were big problems in that game. Cryptic and Jace bounces helped, but it was a rough one
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    @TheRematcher I’m a big search for azcanta fan, maybe try a couple of those? Synergy with reclamation is amazing. Deck sounds very interesting. Simic charm might be a card to check out as a means of interaction in a UG build.

    5-2 record at the SCG IQ. 10th place out of 75. Lost to humans twice. Beat BW tokens, Mono R Phoenix, BG, Burn, and had a no show in the last round that I assume forgot to tell someone he dropped. Very happy with my performance. Sad I just missed out on top 8. I think I’m going to try a white splash for sideboard answers to problem match ups. Maybe only add 3 fetches and 3 shocks main, take out 2 radiant fountains and 4 islands. Bring hate out of the sideboard. Terminus, timely, path, rip, stony, EE probably?
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  • posted a message on [WAR] War of the Spark facts by Greg Weisman
    My bet(maybe just hope) to beat Bolas...Sarkhan. Turns into a dragon and destroys Bolas, saving the day. Yay, and the peasants rejoice.

    Dark horse- Garruk. Not much bigger game to hunt then Bolas. And the peasants rejoice.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    @Timewalkin, Tempest Djiin you say... intriguing. I may need to play around with that card. Baral out of the side also sounds spicy. Thanks for all your advice and encouraging words, much appreciated. This Is my current idea for hardened scales at the moment, out 4x remand 2x snap. In 2x pithing needle, 2x ratchet bomb, and 2x spellskite. Needles to name overseer, ravager, or ballista. Skite has a decent butt to block early, and can keep the ravager from putting counters somewhere else, maybe absorb a few ballista pings.

    Wasn’t able to play much last week. Did a Sunday event, only 5 people. Finished 2-1. Beat Bant nexus 2-0. Beat BG deck 2-1. Swore I was going to lose that one, somehow survived an onslaught of thoughtseize and IoK to finally awaken an inkmoth for a poisonous death. Don’t know if I could’ve survived long enough to beat him with a normal land. He was smart enough to keep me away from dictates. Game 3 was not as much hand destruction, but i survived a surgical on time warp, then snap flashed back on PTW. after Bob, thoughtseize and his mana base did enough damage to him, with a few clutch gigadrowse and exhaustion my snap beat him down. Game 3... my buddy decided to build 8 Whack. Has me pulling my hair out. Lost 1-2 and almost had it. I actually won game 1, my hand curved out perfect, and he didn’t have the hella explosive start. Game 2 I mana flooded hard. G3 dictate flashed in before turn 4, 3 lands on board, cryptic, warp, PTW, in hand, and whiff on the 4th land. Oy, goblins.

    Gotta rant for a second on stupid tie breakers. 5 people, someone had a bye every round. Tie breakers decided the 8 whack deck that defeated me, 2-1, with a bye for 1 win was good enough to take first??? I actually beat 2 opponents, and this bumped his points because he beat me and I had 2 actual wins. WTF?! Salty AF.

    Taking my list to an SCG IQ this weekend! I’m excited, it’s my first go at something bigger then FNM. I’m looking to take a lot of turns
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    FNM at the lgs. 29 players. 4-1 for 3rd place with mono U Turns.

    Round 1 1-2 Hardened scales affinity.

    Closer then I expected. G1 I couldn’t find answers, and worker, scales, worker, Ravager, ballista did me in. G2 answers flowed and I won. Learned that if you cryptic command to tap team and bounce creature, and they sac targeted creature, tap portion fizzles as well. Good to know. G3 was really close, and I felt like I was ready to pull it out. I got a few turns going with a ratchet bomb on 2, ready to blow up his board of 2 Ravagers, overseer, hardened scales, and mox. Ran out of gas, he sacs everything to the ravagers, takes me to 5. I cryptic bounce his ravAgers, and drew turds until th ravager came back and killed me.

    R2 2-0 RU prowess deck

    I saw some swiftspears and a RU flying, haste, prowess wizard with electrolyze, opt and forked bolts. Other then that gigadrowse and exhaustion kept him from playing much before going off.

    R3 2-1 Green devotion, tooth and nail
    G1 He played a couple enchantments in a land, cast a spell, cryptic command, counter, bounce enchanted land. He tried to beat me down with BTE. G2 think I never got a dictate this game, he eventually got enough on board to tooth and nail me. G3 was like G1.

    R4 mono B devotion

    G1 he played a couple gifted aetherborn, I played some gigadrowse and exhaustion, take some turns. G2 he was stuck on 1 lands for a few turns, and he watched me take a bunch.

    R5 UW control

    G1 and 2 were pretty much the same. I put search for azcanta down t2, followed by some draw go for a few turns. I gigadrowse his lands during his end step when I’m ready to go off. He was playing on his phone the whole time, salty he didn’t get to play magic. Bro, you are playing straight control, how are you going to say anything?

    Deck was great. Still trying to get reps and see as many match ups as I can, shape my sideboard. Maybe it’s time to finally get mtgo, for the experience.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns

    Quote from JetterBetter »
    @Rasselas, Got the list from a guy that top 8 an open sometime recently, don’t rememeber the name. thought it looked awesome, and I had most of the cards already. Switched howling mine for search for azcanta. Sideboard is all my own concoction, with the help of these forums and my own experience.
    Your list looks sweet! I feel like 4 colorless sources is a little on the high side for a deck that has Gigadrowse and Cryptic. Personally I'd swap out Inkmoth for a basic Island (unless your meta has tons of Soul Sisters or infinite life) because I think the advantage you get from one extra copy of Gigadrowse is often more helpful than the advantage you get from having an Infect land available. How are Spreading Seas and Devastation Tide out of the sideboard? Those are the cards that strike me as not commonly played, and I'm curious if they're working well for you.

    It is a rare occasion where I flood with my colorless lands. It has happened though. I’ve won more games through my utility lands then lost from not having blue sources. Sometimes the turns run out, shorter clock, flying and ability to ignore life gain shenanigans on inkmoth is sometimes just needed. 4 colorless sources feel perfect. No gq, I can’t afford to sac my own land. FoR seems slow. Spreading seas is cheaper and draws a card. It’s worked well for me when used. Haven’t used it a ton. Devastation tide I haven’t been able to use much. It bought me a turn against dredge one game, and loaded their hand for a conflag the next. I was dead that game anyways. It’s a tough match. Looking to answers for decks that load the board fast like spirits, humans, hardened scales, green devotion, etc. when they outpace my gigadrowse it feels like a decent option.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    @ZCOWAN, “the perfect blend of control, and all the nonsense modern should entail”, love it, hahaha

    @JPoJohsnon, congrats on the 3-0. Looks pretty solid.

    @Timewalkin, checking out the Ub turns video now. Looks pretty sweet.

    Not enough people showed up today for a modern event to fire :0(. Going to try FNM, the lgs usually has a good turn out. Spent some time trying to find trades for amulet titan im building, picked up a new emrakul for tron sideboard, and leyline of the void for GDS SB on trades.

    Came across a sweet synergy between azcanta and JTMS... with no way to shuffle my library, I sometimes finding myself flooding lands, or other cards I don’t need, when brianstorming with Jace and it gets annoying. Search can let me yard 1 to help filter through, and sunken ruin can plow through the top 2, and check the next 2 for something needed.
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