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  • posted a message on The Wall Game
    Barrier of Concentration W
    Creature - Solider Wall (U)
    Barrier of Concentration gets -1/-1 for each tapped permanent you control.
    The only victory a two handed shield can obtain is time.

    Next: Something created by Teyo, the Shieldmage.
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Tsume 5WG
    Legendary Creature - Wolf Cleric (M)
    When Tsume enters the battlefield, create two 3/3 white Wolf Cleric creature tokens.
    Tap X untapped creatures you control: Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost X or less and put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. Activate this ability only once each turn.

    IIW: Cards good in an Astral Slide deck.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR One Word Names - Hands Posted!
    That's correct. I lucked out pretty hard here, wasn't thinking about capsize at all but picked perfect counters for entirely different reasons.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR CMC Countdown - Hands Posted!
    Quote from Anachronity »

    Well, I don't know of any simple substitutions, so I'll just need to withdraw.

    You kind of lucked out, Snapback would be an okay substitution in this particular format. Or Disrupting Shoal if we want to penalize, but eh.

    2 | ? X 2 6 0 |

    1. Complicated, what I think I end up doing is hard-casting my spells down the line; if you bounce either my fatties as spells I get to try again with Euruka, and then...stuff happens.
    2. X
    3. 2-2 Complicated:

    If you tomb turn 5: I cast God-Pharoh which gets forced, then I Euruka out Ashen Rider which shoots down the demon and wins before your 3/5 can kill me on turn 12 (play on turn 10, two swings to deal 5 damage). You can hold the tomb activation for Ashen Rider (and sac in response), but in that case I just do nothing until you either sac the Tomb or hardcast Torrent Elemental, in which case FoW is offline and I get to Euruka out nonsense. So we draw.

    4. 6-0. Commandeer isn't quite a "counter" here, horray for symmetrical effects!
    5. 0-6. Dead well before I can do anything.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Snakes on a Plane - Hands Posted!
    2 | 0 X 6 2 | 8

    1. 0-6. Props for reading the meta perfectly. Never // Return answers both my planeswalker and Mult, your 6/6 beats my 2/1. I can be cute and return Mult to my hand in response to the Return, but then I die to Hydra well before T8.
    2. X. This was a surprisingly interesting "obvious" meta. Everyone recognized Liliana and Dack were absurd, but had different solutions in an attempt to counter.
    3. 6-0. I can always drop Liliana to answer Hydra, then my discarded cards win. What was the Dispel trying to answer, a counterspell flex?
    4. 2-2. Wait are the PW deck cards legal here? I can always drop Liliana to threaten the Naga, but Ensnaring Bridge stops me cold.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR No Rules - Hands Posted!
    4 | 6 6 6 X 6 3 0 6 6 | 38

    1. 6-0. screw u maniac!
    2. 6-0. I force the barren glory.
    3. 6-0. I counter Gideon whenever that drops, my assassin kills/races your fairy.
    4. X. I built around two Maniac decks, the glass cannon Lotus version (Calvin's) and Maniac+Force+X. FoW deals with the former, for the latter the FoWs trade and the Assassin deals with the maniac on T3 (before its unassisted T4 win)
    5. 6-0. I cast Assassin, we trade Forces, Assassin kills your Meddling Mage.
    6. 3-3. On the play I cast Assassin, counter w/e and pretty easily outpace with my two dudes. On the draw you cabal therapy twice (first one eats FoW), and your 2/2+Forge wins pretty easily against my 3/5.
    7. 0-6. You sandbag to turn 4 to protect the Fastbond, assassin doesn't do enough damage to make fastbond's downside matter.
    8. 6-0. Hey this is my deck! We cast our one drops, FoWs trade, my one drop cleanly kills your one drop on turn 3 (you can't pump the backside until T4) and stops your elemental from doing anything.
    9. 6-0. Force BI, assassin stops bloodline keeper.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Ruby Red - Hands Posted!
    3 | 0 0 X 6 2 6 6 3 | 22

    1. 0-6. You downtick+bolt the Hateflayer (chumping with dragonlord on my play)
    2. 0-6. You double burn my threat before it kills you.
    3. X. I wavered between a few ramp targets at 7-8 mana (8 with Seething Song), but ended on Hateflayer because it could wear down bigger opponents like multiple Dragonlords, it could hit haste creatures by holding the untap, it killed really fast if uncontested.
    4. 6-0. Hateflayer kills both special goblins as they drop, leaving you with 4 1/1s that don't race the hateflayer activation going to dome.
    5. 2-2. I can't attack fearing ghostfire+block damage, you can't attack fearing a 10 point crackback.
    6. 6-0. I kill you T7 if you protect-block with Keeper, and I kill Trumpteer when it drops or when it's triggered abilitiy is on the stack, so you'd to create 3 goblins turn 9 to blow up the board... which isn't fast enough.
    7. 6-0. Hateflayer picks off everything.
    8. 3-3. On my play I drop Hateflayer and get it tapped before you can twin me, on the draw you defiance me out.
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  • posted a message on 1CH LR - Hands Posted!
    Oh my, a good turnout on a double entry round.

    4a | |

    1a. 0-6
    1b. 0-6
    2a. 0-6
    2b. 0-6
    3a. 6-0
    3b. 4-1. Putrid Leech kills turn 7, but would lose life 4 times to do so, and can't delay lest Bolas flips->kills->reanimate. With 8 life loss, Bolas also kills on turn 7. On the play I win, on the draw I can't race and so have to offer the trade.

    4a. X
    4b. X

    5a. 0-6
    5b. 0-6

    6a. 0-6
    6b. 6-0, Vraska gets discarded

    7a. 0-6
    7b. 6-0

    8a. 6-0. Even if you discard, I still get the first swing in the 4 damage race.
    8b. 6-0

    4b | |

    1a. 6-0. I sit back until I have 36 lands and one shot you. (This goes for any singular black/white creature)
    1b. 6-0. I goldfish kill on turn 8, Mesa does not kill nearly that quickly.

    2a. 0-6.
    2b. 6-0. See 1a.

    3a. 3-3. On the play I kill Turn 11 and you kill turn 12, on the draw you shut down the Stillmoon faster and win.
    3b. 6-0, see 1a.

    4a. X
    4b. X

    5a. 0-6
    5b. 0-6

    6a. 6-0, see 1b.
    6b. 3-3. On the play I ignore Vraska and kill you T8 before she can ult. On the draw I thow an attack at Vraska for 5, which puts her back three turns, then swing at you well before you can kill me. Whoops wrong Vraska. We both goldfish on T8 and can't interact, so player who goes first wins.

    7a. 0-6
    7b. 2-2. The 2/Xs stare at each other angrily.

    8a. 6-0, I way outrace this with flying.
    8b. 6-0

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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Angels Hands Posted!
    4 | 2 0 0 X 0 3* | 4

    1. 2-2. Ah clever, you can return Dire Hour to your hand. Agreed.
    2. 0-6. Both of these Voice of All stopgap+Magister wrath decks stop me.
    3. 0-6. Same.
    4. Damn. I had considered Angel of Dire Hour but missed Magister, which hits a turn earlier and spoils my fun.
    5. 0-6. You throw enough stuff in front of me to go to 4 before you drop Magister. This releases the Shalai under the Sanctions, but then you just chump with Magister and embalm Sanctions next turn.
    6. 3-3. I think you get me on my draw:

    T4: You drop Comdemnation, I swing for 3. (17)
    T5: I drop Lyra and swing with Resplendent+Shalai, but you exert exile the Shalai and I only do 4 lifelink, not enough to make another token. (13)
    T6: You Emeria Angel and make a bird, I attack with Lyra+Pumped Resplendent Angel. You chump the 6 power Resplendent and take 5, I make an Angel token. (8)
    T7: You exert exile Lyra and make a bird. I attack with 5 power Resplendent+4 power angel, you chump Resplendent and take 4, I make another Angel token. (4)
    T8: You cast Angel of Despair (a turn late) and destroy my Resplendent, then make a bird. Now I only have two 4/4 angel tokens, you have a 5/5 and a chump producer and easily win from there.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Angels Hands Posted!
    Could Upheaval pretty damn well too; first player has a maassive advantage in they they get to do something mean first.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR One With Nothing - Hands Posted!

    1. 0-6. You purge my threat and easily beat my 1/1 with Dread.
    2. X
    3. 0-6. You murder me pretty quick.
    4. 0-6, DRS eats my non 1/1 threats.

    God damn you guys teched around Grave Purge/Purify well.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Helm of the Host - Hands Posted!
    4 | 6 0 0 X 3 0| 8

    1. 6-0. Very clever. You win if you hit turn 7 without playing anything or turn 8 if you play siren early (and it dies). Meanwhile I kill turn 6 (5->15 damage from demons T5->6), or turn 7 if you run out sirens and delay me a turn. So I either kill you T6 or T7 before you can go off on T7 or T8.
    2. 0-6. jerk.
    3. 0-6. BSZ is a bit too slow even on the play.
    4. X
    5. 3-3. Mayors grow a bit too fast for BSZ. Actually the token mayors don't transform. On the play I pretty easily clear your board on T4, on the draw I die.
    6. 0-6. Yeah this is way too fast for BSZ.

    BSZ was a mistake here. I was expecting more Path+Threat decks and counterpicked Wipe+Ob Nixilis (which wins unless the threat clone deals 5 or more damage). BSZ was to deal with double threat decks, except the double threat decks are very obviously faster than BSZ lol.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Dragons - Hands Posted!
    3) ManyCookies :: Tasty Kobolds
    Preyseizer Dragon / Prossh, Skyraider of Kher / Ruthless Deathfang

    3 | 0 0 X 0 0 0 3 0 | 3

    1. 0-6. On the draw I die horribly. On the play you can only do 19 damage to me on turn 5 (1 T3, 8 T4, 10 T5) if you all in, or do 9 damage and instead drop Skittles T5. In which case I Prossh turn 6, then either block your two ground creatures with fodder or block one the Skittles clones, then drop Deathfang and make you sac all three of your creatures. Actually you just make your two changelings copies of Prossh and kill me that way.
    2. 0-6. Clever. I only get to drop one dragon, and die to your two.
    3. X
    4. 0-6. See #1.
    5. 0-6. See #1.
    6. 0-6. See #1.
    7. 3-3. On the play I drop Prossh on T6, tanking an 8 power colossus hit. My kobolds chump colossus for 3 turns,in the meanwhile you're forced to steal Prossh with Silimgar. At which point I go T7 Deathfang -> T8 Preyseizer, sacrifice the remaining 3 kobolds+Deathfang and blow up your board. On the draw I take two colossus hits and can't take the extra Silimgar hits.
    8. 0-6. You hold Icefall Regent and wait for me to drop Prossh. You silimgar the Prossh then you either Regent if I try to make a huge dragon or Spawn of Thraxes the Deathfang.
    Oof. mirror entity OP pls nerf
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR - Hands Posted
    2 | 6 X 0 0 6 0| 12

    1. 6-0. I hold up reality shift and get ya.
    2. X.
    3. 0-6. I can't cast torrent elemental directly lest I run into arcane denial. So I wait for you to cast hammer with arcane denial backup to counter the commandeer, which you do on turn 8 so you can immediately recur+hammer next turn. So you always start our 3 damage-a-turn race and I lose.
    4. 0-6. You do nothing until turn 5 and run out vessel -> Liliana. If I commandeer vessel, Liliana hits the field, downticks to put Wanderer safely in the graveyard, and waits for torrent elemental to come down. If I don't commandeer vessel, you immediately crack it and make me exile Torrent Elemental+Commandeer, play Liliana next turn and either downtick when Elemental shows up or uptick to get rid of the Reality Shift, then finally drop wanderer and kill me.
    5. 6-0. I don't care about PtE. I hold up Reality Shift for the toad at all times, discarding commandeer to KKcommand if you cast that, then eventually beat down with Elemental.
    6. 0-6. You play scourge, which I can't "kill" with reality shift, and then you cast Necrotic Sliver as a 6 mana vindicate and kill my torrent elemental whenever that drops.
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  • posted a message on 2CH LR Lore - Superbajt and NTheo Win! (480 Points)
    3 | 6* 6 X 0 0? 0 | 12

    1. 6-0. Err my hand is Abrupt Decay//Dark Salvation, not Gravecrawler//Dark. Your first and second lynx each see 3 land drops and do 12 damage to me, I answer both with my initial abrupt decays, then match the remainding lynxes with my removal while building a board with salvation.
    2. 6-0. I kill every Looter without ever losing tempo. Without looters you goldfish turn 16, and I eventually make zombies faster than you can generate bolts.
    3. I put in a fair amount of effort looking for an infinite, couldn't get one with just two cards though.
    4. 0-6. This goldfishes turn 6, I am nowhere near fast enough.
    5. 0-6? Fairly sure, but not 100% sure, you win this.
    6. 0-6. Agreed.
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