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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on 5CH Instill Energy - Hands Posted
    2 | 1 X 3 3 0 | 5

    1. 1-4. I always Revoker naming Mangara. On the play I play Dynamo+Revoker. You're forced to play Karakas and represent mana tithe for Ugin, which I run into T2. T2 you play mangara, T3 I digger Ugin back and hold dynamo up. T3 you blow up revoker with pridemage, but you need to use an untap to both play+sac pridemage and hold up karakas. So Mangara either exiles one of my things and recurs, in which case I recur revoker with the other mana source and force the draw, or it eats two things without going back to hand and we draw. On the draw I'm too slow and you get to Mangara nonsense me out.
    2. X
    3. 3-3. On the play I T1 revoker, which you have to counter, and digger. Next turn I digger+replay revoker and eventually get the Ugin out. On the draw you play out mangara, counter my Revoker, blow up my land and win with the goblin. (Also Chancellor of the Forge+Foil+Island is a nice general 5CH shell.)
    4. 3-3. On the play I revoker you out of the game, on the draw you play two threats Ugin can't deal with (memnarch is unfortunately colorless, whomp whomp). Archetype is a great idea btw.
    5. 0-6. Revoker stops me cold, while confluence deals with my own revoker.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Instill Energy - Hands Posted
    Wait my deck isn't legal lol, Karn strips hand on turn 2. Either disqualify me or replace with Ugin (or another worse payoff).

    Also, out of curiosity, did anyone else consider submitting Suppression Field for this round?

    I did in fact spot it (while looking for a colorless variant I could have sworn existed).
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  • posted a message on 5CH Raging Storm; Mogg wins! (520 points)
    Quote from nerdyjoe »

    3) 6-0 Path Salvagers, Disenchant Memnarch, gut shot one of the 5/1s. On my first turn, memnarch isn't active yet, so my elemental gets to get in.

    I don't need to tap my island, so I end my turn with Island+two Black Lotus in play and threaten a steal. You can disenchant in response to memnarch's first ability, but I get around that by just by blocking the elemental (stealing in response if you try to disenchant) and achieving the same effect.

    Hmm, I'm really only using this Island to enable that one-of steal. I think an instant mana producer that could do other things would just be better (Morselhoarder? Crystalline Crawler?).
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  • posted a message on Perfect Hand Draft: Round 4 : Extra Pick
    I believe he doesn't. Super Bloom makes six additional lands, so he plays his 9CMC Dino on T3 with 3 normal land drops. Meanwhile, I get 8 mana on T3 and get to drop Angrath with counterspell representation.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Raging Storm; Mogg wins! (520 points)
    3 | 6 6 X 0 3 3 | 16

    1. 6-0, Steal your stuff.
    2. 6-0, steal your stuff.
    3. X
    4. 0-6, countered.
    5. 3-3. On the play I throw out both things, you gut shot my first elemental. T1 you path+disenchant my creatures, I steal your first elemental in response. Our elementals then race, but I get the first attack and win. On the draw you hold lotus and path whatever I try to play first.
    6. 3-3, on the play I steal your workshop in response to revoker/needle then outrace/outblock. On the draw I get revoker'd.

    Not my most creative week, though I thought the round would be permanent-heavy again and it made sense.
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  • posted a message on Perfect Hand Draft: Round 4 : Extra Pick
    1 | X 0 6 3 6 6 6 | 26

    1. X
    2. 0-6, can't beat dread sanctuary.
    3. 6-0. Hey this was my shell! On the play I throw down Angrath before you can interact. On the draw I cast Angarth T2 with Shatter backup. If we trade counters Angarth forces you to discard your dino and you lose, if you don't I counter the dino. (Neither of us can counter each other's Super Bloom since it makes a copy, in which case we hold up Void Shatter mana and eventually slowroll our win-con).
    4. 3-3. On the play I get down Angrath and make you discard your stuff, on the draw you take summer bloom and combo off before I can represent Void Shatter.
    5. 6-0. I hold up Void Shatter for Derevi.
    6. 6-0. On the play I hold up Void Shatter for your Pack Rat. On the draw, if you play out Pack Rat T1 I steal+sac with Angarth, otherwise I hold up Void Shatter again.
    7. 6-0 I hold up Void Shatter for Derevi.

    I'm super bummed about my P1 choice in hindsight, because god DAMN this deck would have been absurd with a P1 Vraska. She goldfish kills on turn 3 with super bloom, she destroys resolved permanents, she makes bodies that can block things (like Dread Sanctuary) and "evade" spot removal on the PW. And Summer Bloom isn't a one time ramp, I cast the other planeswalker on turn 2! As far as I can tell, Super Bloom/Angrath/Vraska goes 3-3 against Brago'd Brutality+Combo and 6-0s basically everything else.

    What'd you all double pick? I went with Summer Bloom+Double Stroke and crossed my fingers for two good fatties/planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Raging Storm; Mogg wins! (520 points)
    Time Vault takes infinite turns too early; even one land is enough to cast it on Turn 1 and go off on Turn 2.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Creature Favoritism; Mogg wins! (567 points)
    2| 3 X 1 6 | 9

    1. 3-3. On the play I steal your cavern in response to whatever you cast and out-muscle you, on the draw revoker names lotus.
    2. X.
    3. 1-4. Agreed.
    4. 6-0 Your turn 1/first play doesn't interact and I swipe everything.

    Ok I was NOT expecting that many revokers and torpor effects, were you all expecting devoted druid combos or something?
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  • posted a message on 5CH Self-Destruction; Mogg and nerdyjoe win! (467 points)
    3 | 6 6 X 0 3 0 6 | 20

    1. 6-0, nothing stops me.
    2. 6-0, your deck has no inherent disruption, so I always win the T3 race if/when it becomes legal.
    3. X
    4. 0-6, we race to T3, and I can't caverns kill through the disruption. per Mogg's analysis.
    5. 3-3, we race to T3, and I can't caverns kill through disruption.
    6. 0-6, you dick!
    7. 6-0. You can either commandeer or Daze+Foil. I play Swarm on turn 2, playing both of my lands regularly. If you do nothing I win, if you commandeer it I win, if you Daze+Foil I pay for the daze then Swarm eats the Foil and I win.
    Cave turned out less useful than expected. I was using it as a mirror breaker against T3 race decks, but those decks managed to pack early disruption while getting to T3. I definitely should have used Tarnished Citadel over City of Brass, but I don't think it mattered in any matchup.

    Sphere of Resistance shuts down Illusions, and Crypt plus Tomb puts me to zero faster than he can tick up Chasm's upkeep.

    Crypt never damages you, right? "2.4 An effect that would produce a random result produces the result that least benefits the owner of the source of that effect instead." So Citadel would have been relevant, damn it!
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  • posted a message on 2CH DLR Retrace; Reyemile wins! (433 points)
    I'm pretty sure 2:4 is 2-2. Once I draw my land for turn, I'm immediately casting ebony charm or unsubstantiate, depending on his council name, before he can hand attack me. Council never gets to attack me if it names charm and loses the race against charm if it names unsub, so he names charm over and over and we're stuck.

    I'm somewhat confident 2:5 is 0-6, but it's been a massive headache trying to show it because both of us can do weird things with playing out lands vs holding them or whatever, and both of us need to protect graveyards and blah. I think he can make it to turn 19 safely, play 15 lands and hold 4 lands, then cast mardu charm 5 times and kill me with 10 soldiers before I can bounce them all... but I'm not sure.

    My apologies, my deck turned out to be much harder to grade (and significantly worse) than I thought it'd be, and I didn't have the time this week to figure this out.
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  • posted a message on 5CH Self-Destruction; Mogg and nerdyjoe win! (467 points)
    Sorry folks, that would be me (deck was both illegal and didn't work).
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  • posted a message on 2CH DLR Retrace; Reyemile wins! (433 points)
    Quote from nerdyjoe »

    2) ManyCookies :: No Fun Allowed Ebony Charm / Unsubstantiate
    6-0 Eveenntually, I burn through your drawn cards, since each cast of Unsubstantiate is -1 card for you, but not for me. Casting ebony charm speed this up (so you don't burn through 20 points of life before I get through your drawn cards). Once council is down, it names unsubstantiate, and we race. I haven't computed this race, so I'm just guessing I win. 2 points a turn vs 1 point a turn (one draw a turn) seems to be in my favor.

    Ebony Charm drains (lose 1 gain 1), and so races at 2 life points a turn. If we end up in an Arbiter naming unsubstantiate position and it starts at 21 to 19 (as it should if I'm casting Charm T1), I'll win that race.
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  • posted a message on 2CH DLR Retrace; Reyemile wins! (433 points)
    I see we're all on the No Fun Allowed plan, gooooood.

    2| 6 X 6 2? ? ? 4 | ?

    1. 6-0. Chant is irrelevant here. We both race with a 2 point swing per charm cast/attack. I drop 3 lands, draining and bouncing once without a land drop, then use my remaining land drops for retrace. If Prelate names 2, we start the race with myself at 22 and you at 18, which I win handily. If Prelate names 1, I bounce Prelate for free once, then sandbag two lands and do a bounce+drain turn every other turn. You get to attack once per cycle, I drain once per cycle. But I start our cycle at 22 (two drains before you attack); we're in the same "race" situation, just dragged out over the course of two turns.
    2. X
    3. 6-0, yeah my life total grows too quickly for you to set up an OTK before turn 20.
    4. 2-2? If Council names Unsubstantiate, I race in the same manner I race #1. If it names Ebony Charm... Esper Charm can eventually start disrupting sandbag attempts (play 6 lands+sandbag two lands), and I don't think I can graveyard attack the Esper Charm without losing a crucial turn in the race. So I'm stuck bouncing the council with each land drop.
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. 4-1. If I'm going for the win, I'm racing against your land drops until you can one shot me with pierce+needle drops (you can't play Needle drop until the turn you kill me, otherwise I charm it and offset the curse damage with the drain). You first damage me when I'm at 22/21 life on the play/draw respectively, so I need to kill you before you play 21/20 lands. I can do that on the play but not the draw, so instead I chain bounce the Curse and force the draw.
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  • posted a message on 4CH Mana Bazaar 3; Mogg wins! (475 points)
    I submitted Overgrown Estate over Overgrown Tomb for the record (and checked the submission to confirm), just a typo from PHM.

    2| 6 X 0 6 0? | 12

    1. 6-0, I buyback Capsize the Leyline of Punishment (chanting if you're on the play), then play Estate next turn and Capsize lock you.
    2. X
    3. 0-6 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Ah Leyline of Punishment stops me pretty hard.
    4. 6-0. Guildmage is probably a much better wincon (with a useful 4th card). On my play my dino drops before you can do anything, on the draw I On the draw I make 4 lands (2 Islands, 1 Plains, 1 Swamp) and Chant in response to Estate, then un-buyback'd Capsize the estate when it resolves. On my turn I make the Forest, play Estate (you can capsize it in response to the first sac, making me pay for my sixth land), capsize 3 of your lands and play dino. chant on upkeep, jesus I overthought that.
    5. 0-6? I think you have this, but I might be able to do something cute, not sure.

    I looked into some Lich Mirror decks, but that's more difficult when you're creating a bunch of permanents to shuffle into your library. I did a gatherer search for an upgraded Zuran Orb, found Overgrown Estate and went from there. Carnage Tyrant was a haphazard choice of wincon, nerdy's choice of guildmage is way better.
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  • posted a message on 3CH LR Only Colored Permanents; Magus of the Aesthetic wins! (400 points)
    So you can't sacrifice enchantments to Braids (black can't kill enchantments), so Magus picks up some points:

    2 | 3 X 6 4 6 | 18

    1. 3-3, same.
    2. X
    3. 6-0, same.
    4. 4-1, on the play Braids outspeeds, on the draw Mogg is stuck on two lands and so plays ruined halo for the draw.
    5. 6-0, on the play Braids strands Myth Realized. On the draw nerdy can cast Vessel, but that only pumps Myth to a 1/1 and still loses to braids.
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