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  • posted a message on The Standard Price Discussion Thread
    lol Collective Defiance is $7. Time to cash out
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  • posted a message on The PucaTrade Thread
    Chickens are coming to roost. This screamed unsustainable from the start, or something that would benefit early adopters and leave later adopters holding the bag.
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  • posted a message on WotC consultant: ethnic sensitivities in Magic?!
    I think I'm more upset that they didn't have any minorities on the team to begin with. You wouldn't have to bring in a consultant if you already have a black female perspective as part of the group. White nerd is...a sheltered demographic.

    But the assault on white people continues! /s

    I've been joking about this for months...but the optics of Chandra, a white woman, saving Kaladesh, a "brown" plane, are hilariously bad. Just wondering how that will play out.
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  • posted a message on The Standard Price Discussion Thread
    Goodbye Emrakul! I won't be buying any of you this standard!

    $34 on tcgplayer. I don't think it'll hold - no one is playing 4x in their decks at the PT.

    Other cards to watch: Traverse the Ulvenwald, Elder Deep Fiend, Kozilek's Return, Liliana.
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  • posted a message on price difference between selfless spirit and spell queller
    Quote from nawillih »
    Probably just hype tbh - Spell Queller is tge more visible card right now so people can be persuaded to pay more for them.

    It's a 3 drop 2/3 flash FLYER that also happens to counter a spell with cost 4 or less. It is INSANELY pushed.

    Selfless Spirit is only $6 because of EDH and Standard demand at the moment. 4x have been showing up in UW spirit lists and EDH Saffi players are over the mooon.
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  • posted a message on What makes magic boring or interesting to you?
    Interesting - the game itself, watching card values as the hive mind tries to decide what is good and what isn't

    Not Interesting - the morons and mouth breathers who play this game. An average pool of Magic players will have more than it's fair share of these, compared to society at large. I've met a lot of cool people playing this game, but I've met several metric tons of people I never want to meet or see again, let alone spend an afternoon or weekend playing a game with them, prizes or no. I am also not a big fan of Wizards or Hasbro.
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  • posted a message on Foil FOW signed by Terese Nielsen?
    Signing is bad for value. You claim to be a collector - get it signed if you want to collect. If you're looking for the best return on your "investment", don't get it signed. Pretty simple.
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  • posted a message on The Standard Price Discussion Thread
    Liliana is bonkers. That is why she's going up. If the PT solidifies her standing, expect her to crack $50. There isn't much else to soak up box value in the set.
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  • posted a message on The Standard Price Discussion Thread
    Liliana is up to $25 tcglow - color me happy because I lost my mind and pre-ordered 4x at 19.99. I thought she was really good but then I remembered that standard cards aren't worth anything anymore. If the other cards in this set are as weak as I think they are, that will work out in Lili's favor.

    Spell Queller is also up to $10 low. I think this card is real.

    Ishkanah is up to $9.50. I was going to snag some @ $4, but this was after I bought my Lili's and I remembered that cards aren't worth anything in standard. I also think Delirium is iffy. Without delirium, the spider kind of sucks. We'll see. Edit: lol, less than 20 minutes later and the spider is up to $13 because someone came through and bought anything cheaper.
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  • posted a message on Power 9 are going down in value immensely. What is the reason?
    I would think that the instability of the Euro and Pound would actually prop up prices of things like Magic cards, gold, art, collectibles in general. While currency fluctuates, these goods remain stable in value. After all, a Black Lotus can be sold for USD.

    Increased supply from people who need money now, though...that could cause some devaluation, that plus the demand not being there in the european market.

    Quote from Ebonclaw »
    Not seeing this on TCG player. I check on Lotus rather frequently to see what's happening with my UL one. This is specific to the Euro market it would seem and I wonder if the devaluation of the Euro as a result of Brexit might have some bearing on the prices of luxury goods like Power.
    Here in the US, Lotus has been rising since the death of Christopher Rush, and is up about $1k over last year, at least for the UL version. My EX+ Lotus was obtained for $3200 value last year at GP Dallas. Chris signed the toploader for me. Frown About 1 year later, the cheapest LP copy on TCG player is a single one at $4250, and when that one is gone, the next closest LP is $4500, and if that one sells, then an LP Lotus on TCG player jumps to 5, then 6k. The price of UL Lotus seems to have leveled off in the last month, but when that $4250 Lotus is gone, I think we'll see another bump over here. Even despite Shkreli allegedly picking up 5 Lotuses (I presume they were Beta) it at the very least has not impacted the price of UL Lotus.

    The Euro Power market must be very different than the US TCGplayer market, I'm not seeing these trends, just the opposite in fact. Someone over in the UK might have more insight into this than me.

    Chinese counterfeits typically do not target Lotus anymore. This card receives a very high level of scrutiny to a very, very niche audience. It's far easier to sell legacy/modern/standard staples and modern/standard staples usually escape super close scrutiny. Of course, there are a small handful of fakes we've know about, but I don't think any significant new supply is being injected anywhere.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from MaximumC »
    Quote from Quacker »
    This is reaching a tipping point.

    Well, I mean, this has been the norm since at least 2012 or so. Perfect information, perfect card availability = VERY EASY for people to buyout cards and try to see what the maximum the market can possibly bear. This is a bad thing, but it's not new. What makes you think THIS is the tipping point?

    This may not be THE tipping point, but we're inexorably moving towards A tipping point.

    What bothers me are the flashing lights and the enticement to get into the speculation game or get left behind. The websites, the youtubers, etc. Once it becomes "the Truth" that reserve list staples will only rise and never fall...we'll start seeing more copycats - copycats who don't even play Magic. That's when you start seeing parallels to 90's Comic Books and Baseball Cards really start to take hold, when people who knew jack ***** were buying 40 copies of Spawn # 1 to stash away because some VHS tape they paid $19.99 for told them to. I wonder how many people bought EMA to stash for a few years...and then I wonder how many of them don't play Magic.

    So anyways, it's worrisome to start attracting people just because of the financial aspect and "guaranteed" returns...and people not realizing how Death and Taxes got it's name.

    I only worry about this because the bubble bursting may not just damage speculators and people trying to make money off of product printed in the last few years. It may take down shops and communities, lessening demand Magic to the point that new product may not be profitable. Who knows...I just know that I'm not buying any of these newly inflated cards.
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  • posted a message on The Standard Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from jshrwd »
    Go go gadget Relentless Dead

    Smacks of Drana when SOI was being spoiled.
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  • posted a message on The Legacy Price Discussion Thread
    This is reaching a tipping point. If new flow of players to Legacy was constricted before, this will ******* choke it out. I'm not sure about the Legacy scene in other places, but if you live in my state, you get to play Legacy maybe once a year - if you're willing to drive a few hours. I've already stopped paying attention to Legacy pricing, barring the cards I already have. I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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  • posted a message on The Modern Price Discussion Thread
    There's a strong buyout of Allosaurus Rider on MKM! Both the pre-release version and the normal one. The card has pretty much sextupled in price, from under 50 cents to over 3 Euros.

    My guess is the following (in Modern, of course):

    T1: Land, mana dork
    T2: Land, toss two green cards, play Allosaurus Rider, tap GGG, Eldritch Evolution, put into play any 9 CMC (or less) monstrosity from your deck.

    And then it eats a Path and you lose, or they remand and you lose, or...

    Another janky glass cannon deck in a Modern full of janky glass cannons. I'll wait and see, thanks.
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  • posted a message on Eternal Masters Cracks, Boxes, and Bragging Rights
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Well, as I explained earlier the set is built for legacy draft, but is priced out of range for most draft players and the EVA of the boxes turns it into a lottery just to break even. There really isn't much else to say about the set.

    Cards are currently rising in value. That's pretty important. You can't afford $30-$40 for a EMA draft? Oh well, people at my shop can.
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