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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    PS I don't know if Worship is good - they'll gain so much life that the game will reach a point where whoever draws their key removal will win, except they'll need 1-2 of it max and we'll need (potentially) much more.
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    Hi inanimateblob!

    Bogles is probably heavily unfavourable for us G1 unless we're able to combo before their lifegain comes online. You might get lucky and race them with Geist and Surrak T3 I suppose.

    I suppose you can tailor your SB accordingly. Engineered Explosives is good, Magus of the Moon can catch them off guard, I *think* Cataclysmic Gearhulk is good, and Knight of Autumn taking out key Auras can buy some time!

    I have a Bogles regular at my LGS, maybe I'll play him tomorrow and find out!!
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    Hey n0bunga!

    Craggro Toolbox - that's clever - I like it! Smile

    Your MB list is very similar to mine (I'll post mine later still making final tweaks!)

    I think Surrak, the Hunt Caller is generally better than Shaman of the Great Hunt but I would be very interested to hear how the Shaman performs for you! Maybe future lists will run a 1-1 split Smile

    BBE did good work for me last time - at the moment I'm debating about whether I want 3 or 4 copies. It could also be that BBE is just a trap in this deck as its Cascade hits can be mediocre and it will often bottom combo pieces.

    Or maybe the whole deck is a trap! Only time will tell Smile

    On your SB, I don't think you need the fourth Knight of Autumn. Also, what are the Voices for? I've considered including some of them in the MB as Geists 5-6, as our Two-drop slot is a little thin, they play well with Evolution and are a mild annoyance to control Smile
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    If anyone has success with tweaking the stock list I'd love to hear about it.

    I don't know if it counts as "success", but I played x4 Bloodbraid Elf in the MB to a 4-0 FNM haha

    Going to tweak the deck further for this week's FNM. Will try to post my updated list later today, would love feedback. Then I'll do a write up of the FNM sometime this weekend Smile

    I used to play Mardu as well, and love Phoenix. Have been thinking of giving UR Phoenix Reveler Thing in the Ice a test run.
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    but honestly that situation is mostly a win-more

    Yeah I agree! I mean with the perfect start you can get it out T4 if you do the 'ol T3 sac Geist to Evo for Surrak line but that'll be very rare.

    Speaking of Surrak, been chatting with a Temur Kiki-Evo player on Reddit, who uses Shaman of the Great Hunt instead of Surrak. I don't think it's better than Surrak in our list as it's not as good at the beatdown plan due to the initial 2-toughness (and we're generally not in the business of drawing extra cards as it interferes with our combo!) but thought I'd share with you guys anyways Smile

    My meta changes a lot so knowing my luck I'll take out the Caverns and then face control multiple times haha :-(
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Also, how often do you find yourself casting Ghalta? I've been rocking x4 Wurm.
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    Hey FoodChainGoblins!

    The only thing I notice so far is that I'm pretty sure that I want 4 Knight of Autumn. I own only 2, so I only took out the 2 Reclamation Sages, but I am going to buy the other 2 before I play the deck again.

    I played x4 in my SB, and while it was great (esp. vs burn), for my next FNM I'm thinking of going x1 MB and x2 SB - there are so many cards I want to fit into my SB, it's hard to justify a 4th copy!

    Another thing is that after sideboard, it occasionally makes it a bit tougher to get to just having Cragganwick Cremator and a fattie to discard because you can draw late game non-creatures that are hard to play (Shattering Spree against Tron when they have no targets in play).

    Good point and something I'll definitely bear in mind when it comes to reconstructing my SB Smile Ideally I'd want my SB made entirely of tutor-able silver bullet creatures, but I don't think it's optimal at the moment and with most of the best targets being White it would require a revision of the manabase.

    There's a little bit of friction between the non-creatures and Nullhide Ferox, which I'm not quite ready to give up on yet (but has been getting worse and hasn't been super good yet).

    Is there any match up where it is good? I got rid of it straight away. Aside from the corner case of LoTV activation -> Fauna Shaman for Ferox in response, there isn't a lot of upside. It gets chump blocked for days, and the decks interested in killing it just have to pay an extra 2 for the privilege!

    I've been thinking of replacing the x2 MB Cavern of Souls with the 4th Copperline Gorge and maybe a 2nd Temple Garden. There's not a lot of control going around my meta at the moment so I think I'm just hampering myself on mana for no reason haha.

    And even if there was lots of UWx control going around, it doesn't seem that great against them anyway? It's only really 100% protection against Logic Knot, e.g. They can always use the bounce mode of Cryptic to make our Cremator triggers 50-50s! Flashing in Clique in response to trigger is also pretty good (likewise with Nimble Obstructionist).

    What does your experience against the UWx control match up tell you? I imagine it's pretty bad even with the MB Caverns...
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    Hi the nobodys,

    Props for trying it out! Shame it wasn't a roaring success but sounds like we learned things from the experiment Smile

    the combo is much less consistent than I would have liked

    Yeah, I think we have to accept it's not terribly consistent, especially if you also try to focus on an aggro game.

    I imagine there is a way to feed the Death Shadow + Cremator combo into a super linear Grixis combo shell (with x4 Street Wraith, x4 Mishra's Bauble and Serum Visions, etc.), as well as some sort of R/B Midrange shell (with Blood Moon, LoTV, Faithless Looting and Collective Brutality among others, using the combo as the deck's finisher, similar to all those different R/B Moon lists that were running around before Mardu Pyro was born), but whether it's worth feeding into is another matter - e.g. why not just play Grixis Shadow?

    Faithless looting and bloodghast were clearly the weakest links, as those cards did not have enough synergy with the rest of the deck. Shadow was sweet as I got to cast it fairly often. I missed having a Surrak to be sure.

    Maybe the Bloodghasts could have been swapped for x3 Fauna Shaman and x1 Surrak?

    I had several turns with a cremator in hand and was waiting to get lucky and topdeck a shadow for lethal.

    *Sniff sniff* Needs more Mausoleum Secrets! Haha Smile

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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Also I find the deck quite easy to pilot (relatively speaking) and the games tend to be over quite quickly, which are two great attributes to have in a deck when playing in the more serious tournaments Smile
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    Wow, well done FoodChainGoblins!! Smile

    Great write up Smile I think luck is definitely a part of it but hey! Variance is built into the fabric of this game Smile

    Is there anything you would change now that you've got a bit more mileage with the "stock" list?

    One of the great things about the deck is that there's always a chance, no matter how badly things are going, that you just "get them" with the combo.

    It reminds me of Twin in this (and ONLY this) regard. I found people tried to "play around" the combo too much, typically by making their mana worse in the early stages of the game, which helps our aggro plan. I think they're wrong to play around it, as keeping ones life total above 16 is ridiculously hard in Modern.

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    Hi the nobodys!

    I've been toying with making one that splashes black for Death's Shadow instead of the wurms and dinosaurs.

    Funnily enough I had the same thought a few days ago! Smile

    I like the concept of your list! Thoughts I have (by no means are any of these 100% good ideas, they're just what came to mind as I grappled with your list!):

    • I think you have to work in x4 Bolts in the MB somehow - not only are they a form of interaction, they can help you get your opponent under 13 life. Something like EOT Bolt face + Mausoleum Secrets for Shadow, untap Cremator GG
    • I LOVE the Lotleth Troll idea! An elegant solution to the too many cards in hand problem (although Noose Constrictor can discard any card - would it be too much to include both in the list? Probably). Feel it should be a x4 of instead of Bloodghast.
    • x4 Faithless Looting would be my preference, but appreciate space is tight.
    • I'd love to try to fit in x1 Surrak, as the combo between him, Geist and Evolution is so good. But probably too fanciful.
    • You can also grab Assassin's Trophy with Mausoleum Secrets!
    • Magus feels like a meta-call really - I'm on the verge of cutting him entirely from my 75.
    • You could potentially try going heavy black by cutting the Steel Leaf Champions for Geralf's Messengers (helps you get opponent under 13 life). But this might be too much a stretch on the manabase (I imagine you'll only get a Cremator onto the battlefield via Evolution in this hypothetical list!).

    I would love to hear how you get on with this list in real matches, it looks really cool and I'm sure there's more space in which to tweak and innovate! Smile
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Cragganwick Toolbox. (there's gotta be a better name, lol)

    I like RG Cremator personally!

    The deck likes to dump it's hand to set up Cragganwick kills, but having clues to rebuild is always very important.

    I've been liking Bloodbraid Elf for this function instead - it doesn't clog up the hand like Tracker does (as it's card advantage is immediately cast), it helps us rebuild more quickly (if less substantially) and is initially more aggressive. But I can fully understand preferring Tracker - Braids is one of my favourite Modern creatures!

    Braids does have the downside of making the combo marginally less consistent from time to time, as it'll bottom all combo cards it sees from the Cascade trigger. I've been liking it so far but x4 MB is probably excessive.

    The only problem I potentially see with the list, but maybe I am just being paranoid, is double White mana for the SB Linvala, Keeper of Silence. I actually didn't side it in against Zoo because I was scared to not get double White, despite the card owning Noble Hierarch and Knight of the Reliquary, while being an evasive flier. That is no way to play a card. If I am scared that I can't cast it, I shouldn't PLAY it in the SB.

    I guess the hope is to just not draw it and then Evolution a Geist into it!

    Burn seemed unwinnable, so I gave up on testing. Elves also was incredibly hard to beat.

    I beat burn pretty easily at my one FNM with the deck - x4 SB Knight of Autumn really helps, especially if you can tutor multiple copies!

    I think good SB cards are the answer to Elves. I admit we are unfavoured pre-board but post-board there should be ways around it.

    Cards I've been thinking about

    SB Cataclysmic Gearhulk

    This looks interesting against any sort of swarm deck (like Elves) or stuff with a lot of Enchantments (Bogles), Artifacts (Affinity) or Planeswalkers.

    SB Trinisphere

    Ponza plays this from time to time in its SB, and we're a similar deck to it in some ways. We play a lot of CMC 3+ cards so it should have a minimal effect on us.

    Any thoughts? Smile

    PS Loving the mat! I do like the Tireless Tracker art Smile I'm one of those savages who doesn't play with a playmat, so no image to reciprocate from my end...
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Fair enough - my meta is very light on those sort of decks at the moment so Slagstorm is the better fit.

    How many Knight of Autumn are you running? My one match against Burn so far was easy peasy thanks to x4 KoA in the SB haha.

    Granted it's a bit excessive; I'm thinking of having x1 MB and x2 SB for my next FNM.
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    Unlucky Soot :-(

    An early Linvala sounds sweet against Elves! I imagine Steel Leaf Champion can be a... Champ in this matchup, provided you can keep their Elves below 3-power

    I'm thinking to re-introduce Linvala into my SB for this matchup, thought about Goblin Chainwhirler for a bit but decided against as too situational and low impact - a 3-damage sweeper is just better.

    If your meta is not heavy on creature recursion from the graveyard then I think Slagstorm is better than Anger of the Gods - It won't exile our 2/1 Geists and it can always go to the dome.

    Engineered Explosives also does good work against Elves' early development - I'm looking to fit x2 in my SB as I also have Bogles in my meta, and it's another out to the type of Artifact Prison cards you faced in the 3rd Match.

    I imagine Steel Leaf Champion shines against Mardu if you can stick one and not have it eat a Terminate/Dreadbore due to in-built token evasion, but if they're running MB/SB Blood Moon it becomes way worse. As an ex Mardu player I'd be really scared of a SB Stormbreath Dragon - Terminate/Dreadbore is one of the few outs to it MB.
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  • posted a message on Cragganwick Cremator Tool Box
    I finish 3-1, so 10-2 so far with the deck. This is better than I've done with almost every Modern deck and definitely any Modern deck that hasn't had cards banned from it, lol. Wink

    Wow, well done FoodChainGoblins! Smile

    How was Tireless Tracker for you? Looks like it put in some good work. I've never been a fan so would appreciate your thoughts Smile

    What did you like / want to change about your list - is it the "stock" Archgaze list btw?
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