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  • posted a message on Eurovision Mafia sign-ups (2/12)
    Also, when joining/replacing/spectating, mention if you are familiar with Eurovision and if you are, what's your favourite performance! :p
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  • posted a message on Eurovision Mafia sign-ups (2/12)
    Game hosted by: Bur
    Game reviewed by: Prophylaxis & Axelrod

    It's already that time of the year, when Europe forgets rest of the world exists and stays glued to television for the next few weeks, anxiously waiting to see how their own country fares in the musical competition of all times: Eurovision! Promoting peace and hating your neighbouring country for having better singers than you already since 1956, Eurovision has made its way to the hearts of Europians (and some non-Europians too). Now, it's time for you to join the fray and show the others what you got! Bring on the catchiest of music, moves with no comparison and props most magnificent and make your way though this show!

    Your time is now!

    Welcome to the Eurovision Mafia. This is a low-complexity Mini game designed for 12 players.
    This game contains no game-altering rules, neutrals or bastardness.
    This game will contain tons of flavour and aggressive deadlines.

    Welcome to the game, Prophylaxis! Your role is the following:

    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/aMgW54HBOS0&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/aMgW54HBOS0&quot; width="425" height="350" movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/aMgW54HBOS0&quot; wmode="transparent"/>

    Alignment: Town
    Role: Vanilla
    Song: Love Love Peace Peace
    Performed by: Måns Zelmerlöw & Petra Mede
    Country: Sweden

    "Love peace peace love
    Make it unforgettable
    You will be the best
    And win the Eurovision Song Contest"

    Ah, Sweden. The geniuses of Eurovision, so to say. You are truly known for your success in Eurovision. You have already won this competition 6 times in its over 60 years of existance, just behind Ireland with 7 wins! Even when making half-time shows and parodies, you truly know how to make it unforgettable for years to come! Sadly enough for you, others seem to have gotten jealous of your talent and decided to dispose you before the race even started...

    You have no abilities

    You win when all the hostile performances have been dropped out of the competition

    /bringing on the show (in)

    /back-up dancers (replace)

    /sitting on home sofa (spectators)
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  • posted a message on Mafia Hosting Sign-Ups & Hosting Rules
    I'd like to submit to the queue Eurovision Mafia, Mini for 12 players. Reviewed by Prophylaxis and Axelrod.
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  • posted a message on A Game of Thrones Mafia - Game Over - A Dream of Spring
    Can we have list of night actions?

    Also, this looked like a fun game and fun set-up, despite few small details. Smile
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  • posted a message on MTGS going away and the future of our Mafia Community
    Considering that I play much less games nowadays than I used to, I don't really have strong opinions one way or another. I'll probably move along wherever we go, though MU kinda appeals to me with their fine and shiny systems.

    If we move to MU, did we have a way to archive our games from here somehow?
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    List of night actions:

    Last bodyguards Grapefruit
    KA kills Last
    Vezok blocks tom
    Mind kills Last
    LnGr checks tom
    Rodemy protects DV

    KA kills LnGr
    Vezok blocks osie
    LnGr checks Kami
    LnGr shoots Tubba
    Rodemy protects LnGr
    Vaimes swaps Sir Chris and Tubba

    Vezok blocks Killjoy
    Vaimes redirects Kami to tom
    LnGr checks Sir Chris
    Rodemy kills Grape

    Vezok blocks tom
    LnGr checks RE
    LnGr kills Vezok
    Rodemy protects Highroller

    Rodemy kills RE

    Highroller shoots Kami
    Rodemy kills Highroller

    Also, I need to bring to everyone's attention at the beginning of D3, we had to consider forcibly replacing RE due to an humane error. Wisp had meant to PM to me couple of comments about N2 actions to which I replied something along the line of "N2 was really spicy, with all these actions" but accidentally posted that to a wrong chat that RE was also part of. We deleted the messages as we realised that, but RE had already seen those. We asked her what she had seen and talked with her and came to conclusion that the original messages had been vague enough that she could continue in this game, but we asked her to play as normal and wait till post-game until that would be brought up, which is why I'm writing this message here.

    So, I'd like to apologise to everyone (especially RE) for this incident and hope something like this won't happen ever again, even if it didn't have any meaningful impact in this game.
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Game Over - A Family in Ruins

    With two more deaths, people started panicking! Obviously, you were all going to be next, right? That's when you realised, that the grandson of Enrico was still looking rather sleepy! Certainly, he was sleepy since he had stayed up and killed the other two, right? Before he actually wakes up, you better get rid of him you all think, and shoot him without giving it a second thought!

    Sir Chris has been lynched! They were:

    Gian (Town)

    You’ve spent most of your life without having to lift a finger. As the firstborn grandson to Enrico, you always knew that if you wanted something, it was yours. As you’ve grown into young adulthood, this has made you somewhat insulated to the real world, and the troubles that can and have manifested from the death of your grandfather have been quite the shock on you.

    You’re being restricted, you’ve not been able to go out with you friends, your father Alfonzo even told you to shut up a few nights ago, and you weren’t even asking that much, just to take the car out for some joy riding to blow off some steam.

    And the worst part is that because of the possible “danger” (whatever, old people die all the right?) you’re being forced to wear a Kevlar vest at all times. What a buzzkill.

    Safety Measures (passive): The first kill attempted against you will fail.

    You win when all threats to the town have been dealt with.

    Now, the traitors and most certainly disposed of and you can rest assured and focus on splitting the inheritance between the remaining two of you.
    "Hey, so do you think we can split the inh--" starts the sharp-looking woman, but never finished her sentence as a scalpel is rammed into her chest with all of the might of the other person.

    Killjoy has been endgamed! They were:

    Manuela (Town)

    You've always had it easy when it came to reading people. Ever since you were young, you could always instinctively tell whether or not someone was lying to you or tried to hide something from you. Friends and family alike learned quickly that it was useless to try to hide things from you. Perhaps it were these things that lead you to pursuit the career choice that seemed bit weird to your family back then: lawyer.

    However, your skill soon turned out to a huge boon for you, as it allowed skillfully to rip down your opponents defenses and make them lose their face in the court room. You could always dig up some mud on your opponents and even when they had a point, you could sling mud and taint their reputation so badly that in the end, it didn't even matter that they were right you and you were wrong.

    Even after you lent your services to this family, they soon learned to respect (and fear) you and your skills. You could always tell if someone was hiding something from you and if you wanted, you could dig up what exactly was that thing that they tried to hide away from you. Most of the time you didn't bother, as you quite quickly learned that everyone in this family had some secrets they didn't want to be exposed to the public or to the rest of the family. And be keeping your mouth shut, you earned friends (or maybe it was better to say that you didn't actively earn enemies) and you had much easier time asking people in this family for small favours, since no one wanted you to go ahead and blabber about the things they wanted to remain secrets.

    Still, having been working for this family for someone time, you have gotten to know all the people here quite well. While you know that most of the people here have all kinds of secrets that makes reading them much harder than most people you meet, you also know that there are people that you can read like a book and can't hide anything from you. Maybe you should focus on those people first and then go from there, as you try to discern whose secret is "wanting to murder everyone in this house" and whose is something less deadly for you like "hidden stash of antique wines".

    You have the following ability:

    Le Familiarità (passive): At the beginning of a game, you will be told the identity and alignment of another player in this game.

    You win when all threats to the town have been dealt with.

    "Whew. That was quite stressful, but now you can rest in peace, my dear brother" whispered the only person alive. With everyone related to Enrico dead, you know your revenge is finally done. You have paid it all back tenfold and with interests!

    Rodemy has survived! They were:

    Rafaele (Mafia)

    "You are my most trusted and valuable aide". You can't even count how many times you were told those words by the late head of the family. You've faithfully tended his and others wounds, done the check-ups and otherwise guaranteed that everyone in this family stays in good shape. Still, the pretty words won't help you pay your bills and make a living. It would've been nice if this "most trusted and valuable aide" crap had also shown up on your salary, considering that working as a person physician to mafia family meant that you were always under constant danger. You never knew when a hitman from competing mafia family might show up and decide to get rid of you.

    You've dedicated your life to this family and still, it feels like they are taking you and your services for granted. You've been around longer than most of the people here, only rivaled by now-dead Enrico and his widowed wife Oriana. It wouldn't kill them to give you an inch of respect and maybe even listen to you and your opinions at times, but no, apparently too much asked from this family.

    You had already pondered about quitting working for this family and moving some other place, far away from this family, when couple of weeks ago, Enrico ordered a fellow doctor of you to be killed, only since he had helped a rivaling mafia family in the past. No matter how you asked and pleaded, no one listened to you and your fellow doctor was killed. What they did not know (apart from Enrico, who you told about this), that doctor was your youngest brother.

    That was the last straw that turned this all into personal for you. At this point, you want nothing more than to see this whole family along with its mansion to be wiped from face of the Earth. Maybe they will finally start to appreciate you a bit in their last moments when they no longer have nor your services at their disposal...

    You have the following abilities:

    Difendere: Target a player. Tonight, you will use protect that player from all killing abilities.

    You win when mafia has gained control of the game.

    Even though the taste of victory is sweet, there's no time to be lost. Certainly, someone will notice sooner or later that the mansion has been quite quiet lately and you don't have time to hide the bodies, so you better make sure you are faraway from here (with all the money) before that happens. Luckily, you don't need to share it with anyone anymore. It's all yours. You earned it.

    Death in the Family Mafia has ended in Mafia Win! Thank you for everyone participating in this game!
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Day 7 Final Votecount

    La gatta frettolosa ha fatto i gattini ciechi.
    (The hasty cat gave birth to blind kittens.)

    Sir Chris (2): Rodemy, Killjoy

    Not Voting (1): Sir Chris

    Thats a lynch, End of Game scene coming soon!
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Day 7 - The Last Stand

    You can't sleep. You are not certain how much of it is because of the stress and anxiousness of the past few days and how much due to last evening's attempt to cook dinner by the remaining you (maybe killing the head maid wasn't that good of an idea). Still, you try to calm yourself and catch some sleep. You can go on without a proper dinner for a day or two, but you need some sleep.

    You are uncertain when you actually drifted to sleep, but you wake up much later than usually. With only handful of people remaining, there isn't much ruckus in the morning. You make your way to the lobby where the others had gathered (with some snacks and fruits much to your delight). Even with you present, it seems like there are still two more people missing. You all wait a bit longer, but soon atmosphere gets too heavy and one of you heads out of the room towards the rooms of the missing people. Everyone else followed the suit, and it soon becomes apparent why there were two missing people.

    You find both Enrico's brother Nicolas dead in his room, full of bullets. Next to him, on the floor you find dead Cecilio, holding an empty gun in his hand...

    KamikazeArchon has been found dead! They were:

    Nicolas (Town)

    “Nico! Oh Nico, always so serious, why don’t you sit down, have a drink with us to remember your brother’s life.” Ah family, always the same, “Nico,” or “uncle” or whatever else you were to them. You’d think they’d leave this issue alone by now, everyone knows you don’t drink; you find in your line of work it gets in the way. Of course they may say you’re not working, after all, your brother was the one writing your checks, proverbially anyway. And giving you names. But of course you’re working, you haven’t stopped working in decades; how could you? Once you started fixing for your older brother, you made a lot of enemies.

    It doesn’t bother you though, you liked the killing even. You were always good at it. You’ve spent much less time actually killing as you’ve gotten older, and more time avoiding getting killed. Age is catching up to you, even as the younger brother, you’re greying. And yet, just like Enrico ahead of you, you’ll probably die long before you really retire. You have no false hope about it, you’ll probably not die of old age either, as you suspect happened to your brother. But for now, you’ll keep working, because if you’re going to go, someone is going to work for it.

    Oh you’ll play this little game; part of a great family, with all its history and legacy; but not your legacy. You respected your brother, and you benefitted greatly from his endeavors, but he’s dead. And you’re not here to pay respects, you’ve seen and caused too much death for that; you’re here to find out what really happened to him, and if necessary, repay in kind.

    You have the following abilities:

    Fixer (2-shot): Each night you may target a player and teach them how to swim...with the fishes. (You kill them)

    You win when all threats to the town have been dealt with.

    Highroller has been found dead! They were:

    Cecilio (Town)

    Your fiancée Beatrice has a really nice family. That was your first thought when she introduced her family to you some time after you had begun dating. You still remember how you had been really anxious to meet them, but that soon had melted away when you met them in person. Sure, the whole family seemed bit eccentric with their huge collection of guns (both ancient and brand-new ones), torture devices and other things that might've seemed bit weird to someone else, but not you!

    Your late grandfather had also been a historian and had amassed a huge collection of similar objects back when he was alive! That's why you knew right from the start that Beatrice's father was also a huge fan of history and collector. He seemed really exhilarated when you had told him that your late grandfather had also been in the same business as he was in right now and showed him your knowledge about all kinds of guns. It surprised even you how quickly he had accepted you as a part of his family.

    While Beatrice's brothers had been mostly working on their family business (And you still had no clear idea what exactly that is, as every time you asked them, they just jokingly answered "mafia business" every time) and Beatrice and her mother had been in charge of running the mansion, you had taken upon yourself to help the family with their finances. You did have a degree in accounting and it would've been really shameful if you couldn't help your fiancée's family at all, especially now that you had been accepted into their family.

    Still, the sudden death of Beatrice's father had somehow caused a huge change in the atmosphere. Everyone seemed much more tense now. Everyone, even your beloved Beatrice, seemed much more secretive and less talkative now. You decided in your mind that you should talk to her about this whole matter when the night comes and it's just you two in your own private room. Maybe that'll help her to relax and put her mind to ease for now...

    You have the following ability:

    Private Quarters (passive): You can chat freely here with your fiancée Beatrice during nights:

    You have another ability that will unlock after Beatrice dies.

    Vendetta (1-shot): You may target and kill a player at night.

    You win when all threats to the town have been dealt with.

    With only 3 of you alive, you all know that this is it. It's kill or be killed. The last day has arrived.

    It's now Day 7. With 3 alive, it’s 2 to lynch. Deadline is on May 5th
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    Night 6 - Your Services Are No Longer Required

    With most of the residents dead, the remaining few all seemed to be very anxious. The deaths had certainly taken their toll on everyone, and at this point, people just wanted to be over with all this. There was no more discussion or arguing. At this point, people were willing to kill just anyone slightly suspicious as long as it was someone else than them.

    And considering that the previous traitor had been the old butler of the house, it was only natural that they other elder employee of this house came under some heavy suspicion. If a butler was one of the traitors, then why couldn't the head maid also be part of the traitors?

    The day had barely even started when one of you just darted at the gun, and without even any attempt at discretion, aimed it at the head maid's forehead and pulled the trigger once more:

    tomsloger has been lynched! They were:

    Consuelo (Town)

    If Oriana is the steadfast pillar of the Family, you are the mason that maintains that pillar. The two of you met when you were both just girls, growing up together, falling in love side-by-side, serving each other as damigelle d'onore. And when your husband, Vicente, turned out to be as quick with his fists as he was in wit and seduction, Oriana had whispered in Enrico's ear...and you no longer had to worry about Vicente. In the aftermath of that horrible time, Oriana took you into her own home, the only place you've since felt safe, and gave you purpose and a livelihood as her maid and attendant.

    Over the years, you've demonstrated both your worth and devotion, learning the little peccadilloes of everyone under this roof, finding carrots and sticks to be used as appropriate, and ensuring that only concerns of significance are even voiced in Oriana's presence. This allows her to run her household without being bothered by the little trifles of life, of which, unfortunately, there are many.

    Your husband was a pig, but Oriana's husband, despite being a killer, was a man of honor who respected his wife. In this desperate hour, you know your duty: to stand by the woman you've called friend for all your life and do whatever you can to ease her suffering. At least, you think she is suffering. As soon as Oriana was told that Enrico was dead, she shut down and shut everyone--including you--out. You'll continue to be at her beck and call regardless, but her actions, indeed, the actions of everyone in this house, have you wondering if even half of what you thought you knew is actually true.

    You have no abilities besides your vote.

    You win when all threats to the town have been dealt with.

    Looking at the yet another dead body in your feet, then at the remaining other people, you were once again reminded of the cold truth of your predicament. It wasn't still over. There was still going to be more deaths, and with only handful of people alive, your own chances of survival were getting smaller and smaller with every death...

    It's now Night 6. Day 7 will start in ~24 hours.
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Vote Count 6.1

    Hai voluto la bicicletta? E adesso pedala!
    (You wanted the bike? Now you’ve got to ride it!)

    tomsloger (2): Highroller, KamikazeArchon
    KamikazeArchon (1): tomsloger

    Not Voting (3): Rodemy, Sir Chris, Killjoy

    V/LA: KamikazeArchon (April 26th-28th, May 3rd-5th)

    With 6 alive, it’s 4 to lynch. Deadline is on May 6th.
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Night 5 - The Butler Did It

    With the death of yet another blood relative of Enrico, the attention started turning towards the employees of the house. Since it seemed like that only the blood relatives were being targeted, it certainly made sense that there would be at least one traitor amongst the non-blood relatives, right?

    After thinking about this situation from that perspective, your attention was caught by the old maggiodomo who has been working in this house for ages. Despite all the commotion, he seemed rather calm and had stayed on the background no matter what took to place. Enrico's wife was killed? Polishing up the silverware. Enrico's sons were all shot? Watering the plants.

    And if that all wasn't enough proof that there was something wrong with him, it was how he had been insisting on the term "maggiodomo" instead of the good ol' "butler". He hated being called a butler and would snap at anyone if he was called as such. Besides, wasn't it always so that they butler was the murderer in all the mystery novels?

    With these thoughts, one of you sneaked up behind old Giovanni, pointed the gun towards his occiput and pulled the trigger.

    LnGrrrR has been lynched! They were:

    Giovanni (Mafia)

    Working as a maggiordomo for this family has made sure that your days are never filled with boring monotone. When you wake up in the morning, you never know whether your day will be spent polishing the silverware, calling the undertaker to fetch the bodies of former associates or something between those two.

    You have seen so much different things happen in this household that you are no longer surprised by anything that could happen. Even the death of the Enrico and the rise of the usurpers didn't surprise you the slightest. You pondered for a moment what you should do in this situation, and decided that the best course of action would be to ally yourself with the soon-to-be new masters of this house.

    You want to keep your job here and your loyalty lies with those who offer you the best deal. Keeping your life and getting paid sounds rather appealing to you. You just need to keep your head cool and assist your new masters as they get rid of all the obstacles before their goal. Luckily, they have you on their side, who knows this house like the back of your own hand and knows everything that's going on this house. That will certainly hasten this transfer of power to your masters and make it less risky to be discovered as an ally of the "traitors" as they call you.

    They'll soon see that you were much wiser than them and decided to ally the right people...

    You have the following abilities:

    L'Occhio che Tutto Vede: Target a player. You will focus your attention on them, discovering what kind of abilities and skills they possess that might be a threat to your plans.

    You win when mafia has gained control of the game.

    Looking at the third dead traitor, you were starting to feel rather optimistic. You needed to persevere a bit longer, and this whole nightmare will end, for better or worse...

    It's now Night 5. Day 6 will start in ~24 hours.
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    Vote Count 5.4

    Una cena senza vino e come un giorno senza sole.
    (A meal without wine is a day without sunshine.)

    LnGrrrR (3): KamikazeArchon, Sir Chris, RE1031
    KamikazeArchon (1): Highroller
    Rodemy (1): LnGrrrR
    Highroller (1): Rodemy

    Not Voting (2): tomsloger, Killjoy

    V/LA: KamikazeArchon (April 26th-28th, May 3rd-5th)

    With 8 alive, it’s 5 to lynch. Deadline is on April 25th 10 PM GMT (~12h from this post!).
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Vote Count 5.3

    Quando finisce la partita il re ed il pedone finiscono nella stessa scatola.
    (When you finish the game, the king and pawn end up in the same box.)

    LnGrrrR (2): KamikazeArchon, Sir Chris
    tomsloger (1): Rodemy
    KamikazeArchon (1): Highroller
    Rodemy (1): LnGrrrR

    Not Voting (3): RE1031, tomsloger, Killjoy

    V/LA: KamikazeArchon (April 26th-28th, May 3rd-5th)

    With 8 alive, it’s 5 to lynch. Deadline is on April 25th 10 PM GMT (~37h from this post!).
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  • posted a message on Death in the Family - Game Over - A Family in Ruins
    Vote Count 5.1

    La famiglia è la patria del cuore.
    (Family is where the heart is.)

    LnGrrrR (2): KamikazeArchon, Sir Chris
    tomsloger (1): Rodemy
    KamikazeArchon (1): Highroller

    Not Voting (4): RE1031, tomsloger, Killjoy, LnGrrrR

    V/LA: KamikazeArchon (April 19th-21st, April 26th-28th, May 3rd-5th)

    With 8 alive, it’s 5 to lynch. Deadline is on April 25th.
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