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  • posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    I think the watch list for Monday is felidar guardian, smuggler's copter, teferi, time raveler, treasure cruise, dig through time, and oko, thief of crowns. If anything other than something on this list is banned I would be surprised.
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  • posted a message on Pioneer Tread?
    Lol, guess not. Ded forum is ded
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  • posted a message on Pioneer Tread?
    Is there any plan for moderators to add a pioneer section like we have for other officially sanctioned formats? I know there isn't as much discussion on this forum as there used to be but I'm sure we could get some good brewing going.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/08/2019)
    The ole dead guy ale list is the first place I will be jamming SFM. I think it makes the deck a lot better.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Where do we see arclight phoenix bottoming out? I don't necessarily need them now, but I think it is only a matter of time before they are back in a competitive deck and I'd like to have a set for my modern collection. I assume they go down when they rotate but that is still awhile, and if they find a home in modern before then, this may be as cheap as they get?
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    No problem! The list I linked would be straight garbage now as a ton has come out since then, but wanted to at least give you some result. I don't want to clog up this thread but hopefully I'll see you over at the dead guy thread. I'm sure I will be posting a new list in the next few days.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Pyromancer
    Modern has had a deadguy ale list for years. I've played it with some moderate success and I always felt it was one of those decks that is better than the % would lead you to believe. Unbanning of SFM was something I'm absolutely ecstatic for.

    Here is the primer

    Also this list is very old and budget as hell, but at least shows the idea has some merit. It was the only large tournament I ever played with the deck, 120+ person PTQ while pod and twin were still around and I still managed top 8.
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Congrats everyone! Personally I think that the deadguy ale list is a better fit for SFM than death and taxes is since you'll have to move away from the taxes aspect, but I am sure we will see it tried here as well.

    For my money, the SFM package is:
    4x SFM
    1x batterskull
    1x SoFaI
    1x SoLaS
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 08/07/2019)
    If diversity exists because of one card, is that really diversity? We know that they actually consider older formats when printing cards now so I would expect another option sooner than later. It was arguably better than ancestral recall in some decks and if you can even begin to make that comparison then it is a problem.
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  • posted a message on BW Midrange/ "Deadguy Ale"
    And we're back, baby!!! Been waiting for SFM unban for years now.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 08/07/2019)
    Hallelujah!!!! Long overdue unban on SFM but I will absolutely take it. Had my swords and SFMs just sitting there waiting. Sad to see looting go, but I do think it is a bit too good at what it does so I can't say I am completely surprised.
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  • posted a message on Grixis Death's Shadow
    I've loved lavamancer from the side vs small creature and tax decks but I haven't played in awhile so I am not as familiar with the current meta.
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  • posted a message on Full Gallery is up
    is manamorphose in the set?
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from idSurge »
    I'm not kidding when I say you'll never convince me, that attacking/blocking is Interaction. Feel free to post up more examples, but it wont change anything.

    Its not even an 'agree to disagree', I dont care. Creature combat is not what I call interactive magic. Its the mundane, boring, 'we are playing limited now' version of Magic, and I wont ever agree with you on this. Smile

    Boring and not interacting don't have anything to do with each other. This is one instance where your bias is clouding your judgement. You are free to think however you like but I certainly would not bring it up here because it dilutes the good points you do make. It's so ridiculously clear that attacking and blocking is a form of interaction that any statement you claim to make to the contrary is just your personal preference coming through in your words.

    I'm more interested in describing "fair". It is an interesting concept because I believe we all have an idea of what we mean when we say it, but it is an extremely difficult thing to define as we have seen here. If we can't even agree on what a theoretical "fair" or "unfair" deck means (and I don't mean examples of decks but rather criteria that separates them) then we have no hope of applying the label to actual decks that lie somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.
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  • posted a message on August 20th, 2018 Banned and Restricted Announcement (No Changes)
    I got unbanned from the site today! Big change for me. Wink Grin

    I'd be okay with a SFM unban for sure. Maybe next go around.

    I wouldn't expect any unbans until whatever next summers supplemental set is.
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