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  • posted a message on Christine Sprankle and Harassment in the MTG Community
    Jeremy released a video last night basically saying that he only harassed her once in a video six months ago, concedes that it was mean spirited, then says that everyone involved lied about his involvement and wrong doing, specifically naming them up front. He then spends the rest of a 13 minute video talking about the threats he got. He’s been on Twitter asking people to “bring receipts”.

    The thumbnail for the video says “YOU LOSE”.

    Per Reddit, the main video in question has been taken down.

    It’s obvious to me that he simply just doesn’t care.

    I totally stand by The Professor here—there needs to be accountability.
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Obsessed Disicple
    Creature- Human Cleric (U)

    t, Pay 1 life: Add B to your mana pool.
    Insanity: Then, if this is beyond the third time you've activated this Obsessed Disciple, sacrifice it. Add BB to your mana pool.
    "If I keep doing it, something different will eventually happen!"

    IIW: Insanity (if this is beyond the third time you've ~, bonus effect)
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  • posted a message on Club Flamingo ☆ Exclusively for Custom Card Connoisseurs and Great People
    Chum Bucket 3

    Whenever a creature you control dies, put a bait counter on Chum Bucket.
    5, t, remove all bait counters from Chum Bucket: Create X 1/1 black Pirhana tokens where X is the number of counters removed this way.
    It's feeding time!

    IIW: Sweep cards
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  • posted a message on Zombie Stompy/Control
    If you are going to go on the Stompy plan, why not play things like the Sol lands and Chalice to really cement the idea? Black has always struggled with this kind of deck anyways, and multiple versions with different tribal focuses (most recently Demon Stompy) haven't really been successful outside of small local tournaments.

    If you can make it work I'm listening.

    Props for going all out with something like
    8 Sol Lands
    4 Cavern
    8 Black sources

    4 Chalice of the Void
    3 Your favorite lock piece (3Sphere, even Nether avoid)

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  • posted a message on Commander Game
    Dromoka, Nature's Roar5GRW
    Legendary Creature-Elder Dragon

    Formidable-RRGGGWW: Untap all dragons you control. After this phase, there is an additional combat phase. Activate this ability if creatures you control have a total power of 8 or more.
    As her thunderous bellow rang throughout Tarkir, the entirety of the plane answered back.

    NEXT: Wedge Alara Legendaries

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  • posted a message on Exquisite Archangel Mana Source Spoiler
    Quote from Xover »
    its a strictly worse Reno Jackson for all my hearthstone afficinados

    We're gonna be rich!

    For the sake of arguement, consider HS Magic lite. Reno is probably the best comparison. It's a one time reset that could let you win the game in the correct conditions.

    Of course this will not let you win against infect since Platinum Angel is better than this in that situation. Alt win cons like Lab Man and the like are inherently bad decks and are really a non issue. Sure your EDH shenanigans/kitchen table may see moments of hilarity, but there are strictly better cards for dealing with those minor trip ups in competitive play. Mill is such a gotcha finge deck that you shouldn't really worry about it.

    If you're a turbo fog player (or maybe even control) this is your late Christmas present. This card will make all kinds of Turbo Fog brews happen and some interest will spike this card up, but I don't think this is a great card for competitive. Funny, but nothing insane.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Fleetwheel Cruiser
    What I like about Fleetwheel over Slash Panther is the casting cost. Sometime the 2 life matters. The stats are the same as Golem, and it can kill Jace quicker. I think it's a substanical upgrade over Panther.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 10/26 Ludevic, Kyanios and Tiro and more
    I have never played a Group Hugs deck before, but the Kings certainly make me want to play Group Hug. This is honestly the first commander that I'm genuinely excited to build around.
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  • posted a message on The Beer Thread!
    Pumpkin season is here guys.

    I have heard lots of things about Elysian Night Owl and all of them amazing. I will have to try.

    Right now, it's DuClaw's amazingly named Sweet Baby Jesus! Peanut Butter and Chocolate Porter. It sounds odd, but it honest to god tastes like a dark chocolate Reese's cup. With some nice coffee notes at the end too. Really funky and worth a shot if you wanna try something different.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] ~ Aluren
    So some MTGO user has been tearing up events with this really interesting version of Aluren. Sam Pardee featured it recently on ChannelFireball's YouTube channel. He went 2-2 beating Belcher and BGRu Zombarment while loosing against UR Delver and punting an entire match against Miracles. There are LOTS of interesting things going on with this deck.

    The deck forgoes Imperial Recruiter for more blue creatures--the full set of Cavern Harpy, Baleful Strix, and 3 Parasitic Strix. It also plays Dimir Infiltrator to search out various cards for combo turn like Harpy as well as Abrupt Decay. The increase in blue cards and blue mana base allows for Ponder and Force of Will to be played comfortably. The deck feels like Shardless BUG Lite and there were games were he drew a hand of lands, Ponder, Shardless, Baleful, and Force.

    For those wondering: Under Aluren, Cavern Harpy and Baleful Strix is basically a really roundabout Yawgmoth's Bargain. Just pay life and draw cards, you can even cascade into cantrips until you draw into a Parasitic Strix and phasing trigger them out as usual.

    Without Recruiter your sideboard turns more into an actual sideboard instead of random Recruiter targets. Many of the choices, Hydroblast and Zuran Orb, are for the Burn matchup, as Sam stated that Burn is everywhere on MTGO. But the big glaring inclusion in the sideboard is Glissa the Traitor. I believe he casted it once against his game 2 against Zombarment, where it was met with a speedy Deathmark of all cards. I believe Glissa is there for the Cabal Theraopy aggro decks, as being able to 3/3 first strike deathtouch their board seems great and the artifact recursion allows you to recoup your Shardless Agents, Tormod's Crypts, and both varieties of Strixes.

    This version is really interesting and there are some great interactions going on here. I think the matches where he lost aren't a good showing of what the deck can do in a longer game, as there were many mistakes made in Match 4 against Miracles. But in all, it's wild.
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  • posted a message on Metalwork Colossus Decks
    Yes I saw that too. I think a major flaw that the deck has in this early iteration is the lack of board control by means of wipes and early presence. Control decks like this haven't figured out a way to stop aggro and right now spot removal is pretty lack luster. Emma was very much doomed from the start, as any long term engine deck's worst matchup is relentless aggro like Vehicles.

    hoffmkr, have you read Emma's article regarding the construction and play style of the deck? Metalwork is more of an enabler for this deck rather than a clock. Yes, on a tapped out board with Deep Fiend and one cleared out it represents a 2 turn clock, but if they have all kinds of stuff to chump it or you are unfavorable board presence Colossus is best crewing Skysoverign or emerging Deep Fiend for full value. Once you really grind them out, then you can start bashing. I think one version ran a Key to the City in the main and, IIRC, one in the side for card selection and for evasion for not only Colossus but our end game like Deep Fiend.
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  • posted a message on Metalwork Colossus Decks
    First I want to say that I love this deck. I think it has great potential to be a very interesting build, but time will have to hone it and improve on it more as the new format develops.

    Smuggler's Copter is probably the worst card in Emma's version. Unlike the vehicle decks we have very little ways to crew it and really capitalize on the creature. It would mostly just sit there are be an artifact for Colossus to reduce it's cost. I'm definitely sold on Metalspinner's replacing it. Spatial contortion is probably not enough removal and I think if this deck wants to survival right now it's going to need more removal. I considered Grixis for Radiant Flames, but the problem with sweepers now is that they can't hit Vehicles, so any top decked knucklehead will immediately crew a 3/3 flyer and they are suddenly back in the race.

    I personally feel that with multiple Santcum of Ugin and a full grip of Colossus (and the deck's paradigm to get him out as fast as possible) 2 Elder-Deep Fiends is too little. I would personally like 3. You can keep the chain going this way.

    Perhaps the next step is to take a page from the Temurge book and turn the deck into a more grindy midrange deck with recurring threats and graveyard interaction. Maybe some green for Grapple to go full on Temurge with recurring your artifacts, Colossi, and Deep Fiends.
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  • posted a message on Control in Kaladesh Standard
    Refurbish seems like the return of Solar Flare for Gearhulks. Even though it costs tons of mana, Ever After is still a card.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 9/15
    That wrath is pretty spiffy
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  • posted a message on UW Gearhulk Control
    I'm convinced that the Gearhulks will be the second coming of the Titans. They all seem like "fixed" versions of them in some way.

    The obvious good ones are white and black, IMO. Red seems hilarious and the legacy player in me wants to Sneak Attack it into play for sure.

    Why not cut the difference and play Esper? He have access to Baan as well as Oath to Liliana, which will probably be a very important card going forward. What this deck really needs is a turn 4 sweeper.

    The other option is Jeskai. We have Radiant Flames still, and playing 3 colors seems like the best to wipe the board with Converge. We then have White Gearhulk to clear up in the later turns as well as Baan to hold down and buy time. Hell, if you really wanted to get spicy play Nahiri to go GET YOU THE GEARHULKS.
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