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  • posted a message on Meta vs. Deck building, do results prevent other decks from rising?
    You should read your title and post out loud to yourself. Your question is difficult to parse.

    • In some parts of your post, it looks like you might be asking if established decks prevent rogue decks from becoming successful.
    • In other parts of your post, it looks like you're asking whether the meta itself just hates out the rogue decks.
    • In other parts of your post, the hypothetical rogue decks will "wreck a meta".
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  • posted a message on Confusion about these cards
    Quote from MjHellsing »
    I'm still not understanding something. I play Mind Stone and then I tap Mind Stone for its "Add 1 to your mana pool" is the card itself the extra mana or is just something I can use to pay a mana cost on something else for that turn. I thought that adding 1 to the mana pool meant adding more land.

    "add 1 to your mana pool" is essentially what lands do.

    about 15 years ago, basic lands all use to say something like Add G to your mana pool. If they still said that, we might not have this kind of confusion as often.
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  • posted a message on February FNM Promo - Clash of Wills
    Quote from Duke Daemon »
    Wooh a much worse version of Broken Ambitions, Condescend, logic knot, power sink and syncopate. Wow, just wow. What a lackluster fnm promo and I thought Anticipate was bad.

    I miss the good old days when we got good cards like Mulldrifter, lightning greaves or ghostly prison as promos for fnm.

    Why is that we got a Jace fnm promo art and not a Gideon one yet? Seriously, we got Nissa, but not Gideon who was supposed to be the face of BFZ. This is also the 2nd fnm promo art depicting jace. Come on, couldn't we get Tamiyo or someone? Heck a merfolk would do.

    I miss the good old days when we got good cards like path to exile and serum visions for fnm. That was so long ago though.
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  • posted a message on Cards to get a Graduate
    I'd try to get them something that they might actually want and use. It will probably be more memorable that way.
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  • posted a message on How many basic lands do you own?
    I have a stack of about 1000 in my closet, I have an additional 500 in some random box. about 150 in my cube, probably about 300 among my 60 card decks another 100 among my edh decks
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  • posted a message on I pulled a misprinted Gideon from BFZ!

    It looks like the printer was a bit low on blue ink that day. This is an incredibly common misprint. You've probably seen it before, and it just hasn't been as notable to you.

    Furthermore, BFZ specifically has a whole bunch of misprints with what looks to me almost like bleach stains. I've seen it numerous places.
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  • posted a message on Fetchlands, why so common in decks?
    Well, if it's standard you're talking about, fetchlands feed delve.

    And especially now that BFZ is in standard, they also trigger landfall twice.

    And because of the new BFZ lands, each fetchland can get you any one of up to 4 colors of mana
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  • posted a message on The first rare you ever pulled?
    The first rares I remember pulling came from a mirrodin tournament pack, and it included Living Hive and panoptic mirror

    If you want to count preconstructed sets, then I opened a tribal forcemage and a Elvish Soultiller even before that.
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  • posted a message on Will you play MtG if you can only obtain cards through boosters?
    As things currently stand, no.

    In order for me to play it, some combination of these three things will have to happen

    Boosters will be reduced in price
    Rarity will have to be flattened
    Old sets will have to continue being in print.


    Magic becomes a LCG.
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  • posted a message on So...Phyrexian Obliterator?
    He's a 5/5 trampler for 4, which already makes him worth running in a format like modern given that you're playing a creature-based deck that can usually produce BBBB

    The fact that he causes the opponent to sacrifice permanents is a good upside, but you should think of it as evasion rather than permanent destruction.

    With all that in mind it's definitely good enough for modern, and if a modern mono-black devotion or mono-black midrange becomes tier 1, he'll be in it.
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  • posted a message on magic cards you have 'seen' in real life
    Sorry to Necro a thread, but this is relevant

    Tonight, I'm hoping to see an actual Blood Moon
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  • posted a message on Worst Punts...
    This might not be such an obvious misplay that you're looking for, but here is a very famous one


    As for my own punts, I was playing elves in an SCG open, and in the same turn, both missed my craterhoof behemoth trigger, and also tried to cast regal force, when the force alone would have drawn all but 1 card of my deck, but then my opponent reminded me that I had 2 glimpse of nature triggers going.

    There was another time at Gen-Con, when me and a burn player were tied at 12 life, and I had ruric thar, the unbowed out. I played Green Sun's Zenith, and proceeded to lose to a grim lavamancer ability + fireblast.
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  • posted a message on Magic etiquette - was I being arrogant?
    Generally, you shouldn't announce your victory before you've won.

    I bet that some combo players get frustrated at me for not scooping to their combo, and playing dumb while they figure out how to do a proper shortcut.

    them: I play splinter twin
    me: Okay...
    them: eh? eh?
    me: I pass priority, Splinter Twin resolves.
    them(confused): Do I win?
    me: Nope, I'm still at 14 life
    them: I make a bunch of dudes and attack
    me: how do you make a bunch of dudes?
    them: (they actually explain the combo now)
    me: how many is a bunch? like 9?
    them: hundreds (since I'm not at hundreds of life, and they're not a hundreds of life, I let it pass)
    me: okay, what next?
    them: uhh... I attack?
    me: attack with what?
    them: the dudes
    me: what dudes? be more specific.
    them: all of them.

    There's a good reason I do this too. There are a number of answers to the splinter twin combo, and the details of how many they make, and how many they attack with matters a lot. This method might seem needlessly obtuse, but If I just straight out ask for the information I need, I'm also giving my opponent some information on what my answer might be.

    There are tons of other combos that can be interacted with at instant speed, so when people try to play the "I win" card like that, I rarely let them get away with it.


    A proper shortcut isn't hard to do anyway.
    it could have gone this way

    him: I cast splinter Twin
    me: Okay...
    him(proposing a shortcut): I tap deciever exarch to create a new exarch. I untap my nontoken exarch. I repeat this process 1 million times
    me: okay... or in responce to tapping deciever exarch the first time, I do X
    him: go to combat
    me: okay...
    him: attack you with all the tokens

    And then I either have an answer or die from lethal. Is that so hard?

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  • posted a message on What is with all the netdecking vs roguedecking hate?
    Look. Pros typically make the best decks. I'm sure most competitive amateurs would prefer to win tournaments with their own creations, given a chance, but realistically, if they're going to win, it's going to be piloting a netdeck.

    As much as I think that Netdecking is useful to success, I really don't like that reasoning.

    That explanation essentially comes from a place where you believe that you will never be a pro or as good as a pro.


    Generally speaking, if you actually want to be good at the game, you need to both give up your sense of uniqueness, and play a netdeck if it is truly the best deck.
    You also need to understand the game well enough to deviate from the netdeck if you think you've found a better way.

    It's fine to netdeck, but if your reason as to why it's the best deck is "a pro said so", then odds are you don't truly understand the deck in the first place.
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