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  • posted a message on What to do when you found the thief that stole your cards?
    Quote from HollowClyde »
    Ill update this thread when something happens.

    I will make somebody call him tomorrow and just tell him they got something they need to give him (money or something) and then just show up and take it from there. i am going to confront him with the i proof, instead of getting mad at the police for not doing anything and then do something rash in anger. its not like anybody cares about him anyway and i think trash like him needs to be removed from the community, they pose a great danger to the community itself, as i have seen him ruin more then one player by simply getting them involved in his daily life.

    You can at least try to call the police. If you want to skip the police all together, you can even go straight for a lawyer.

    If you do something extra-legal, you're setting yourself up for a whole bunch of risk.
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  • posted a message on Combo vs. Synergy
    Even in more vaguely competitive circles, the word "combo" isn't so precisely used as the OP seems to think it is.

    People call Thopter foundry + sword of the meek a combo. It is indeed a brutal engine, but it does not win you the game on the spot.
    People call Sensie's divining top + counterbalance a combo, but that also doesn't win you the game.

    Reanimator is a combo deck that has "combos" that don't instantly win you the game in some matchups
    The same goes for Sneak 'n show
    The same goes for living end.

    Some people even call elvish visionary + wirewood symbiote a combo, and that doesn't even come close to winning you the game

    Yes, most people usually think of an instant win when they think of "combo", but it's not that tightly defined
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  • posted a message on So when was the last good set?
    If you're looking for constructed playability, then there hasn't been a set more playable than KTK since KTK. DTK might be close enough to meet the threshold of "good" though. The Eldrazi Modern deck did spring up out of the BFG block, but that had a lot to do with how the new cards synergized with eye of ugin and eldrazi temple, than the power of the new zendikar set itself.

    If you're looking for a good limited format, I've only drafted SOI once, but I think it's an incredibly deep draft format so far, although I worry that it might be a bit complex for new players.
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  • posted a message on Nahiri the Harbinger
    Quote from RedGauntlet »
    Her -8 is basically

    Search your library for target Blightsteel Colossus

    You should take note that here ability does not say "Search your library for an artifact creature card", it says "Search your library for an artifact or creature card"

    So, if you want a card that also usually wins the game, and doesn't die to path to exile, you can get Emrakul
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  • posted a message on Declaration in Stone
    in 4 or 5 years, long after this rotates from standard, I bet new players will know exactly what this card does.
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  • posted a message on Would you play an "unreserved" eternal format?
    I'd try it out, and see how it worked
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  • posted a message on What do you guys think of the 404'd Resrved list?
    Quote from Poecifer »
    It 404'd two days ago and as of today, Google doesn't even pull it up.

    I have a theory that is equally as valid as wizards revoking the reserved list. Here it goes:

    404 is a number that has 2 4s in it.

    Half-Life 4 Confirmed!!!
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  • posted a message on My son and I are new to Magic and curious about FNM at local store
    Quote from neilg71 »
    Went in to our local game store and bought my son (14) a couple of the starter decks of Oath of the Gatewatch. I found the people and employees to be very nice. One of them sat down with us for about an hour and taught us the basics. We've been playing at home now for about a week (He's actually pretty good at the game and keeps beating me) and now he is interested in going back to FNM at the store. My question is would he just get demolished showing up with the basic deck playing the people that come in? We are both obviously pretty new to the game and just playing with experienced people would make it more fun and resolve alot of questions we have when we play a well as learn the lingo, tips, strategy, etc.

    You should ask your store if they charge any money to play FNM. If they don't then there is no downside to going and getting some tournament experience, even if he does get demolished.

    As he learns the game, he can begin putting together more competitive decks. It's perfectly feasible to make a cheap deck that can win some games. It's not going to win enough to win the whole thing, but if he can he can still have fun when he's winning less than 50%, then you should go for it. In my first FNM, I brought this mono-red deck made out of 1 rize of the eldrazi draft deck and 1 M11 draft deck. I was playing cards like fire servant and lava axe. I beat someone playing turbolands in a match. I eventually evolved into a kiln fiend deck which was very fast and brutal, but was still less than $10 to buy the cards.
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  • posted a message on Should there be a Protection ruling rework?
    Another rules change I would like to see is Blood Moon removing supertypes and subtypes from lands. Right now, with Blood Moon, Dryad Arbor is a 1/1 Mountain Dryad, and Darksteel Citadel is an Artifact Land-Mountain. This is not intuitive. They should both just be Mountains, not creatures or artifacts. The latter actually comes up pretty often when playing vs. Affinity.

    Bloodmoon isn't intuitive to begin with. In no other place in magic does changing a subtype remove the abilities of the object. Making something a samurai doesn't cause it to lose flanking. Blightsteel doesn't lose infect if it becomes a squirrel. It's not even as if lands with the basic land subtypes can't have abilities, we saw this in lorwyn-shadowmoor block. But if you change a lands subtype, poof. It loses its abilities.
    Edit: Also, you're confusing types with super types.
    Artifact, land and creature are all types. Legendary and world are supertypes. Not changing the types is the only intuitive thing about blood moon. It turns them into mountains, a subtype. Altering anything else about the card is the silly bit.

    What's worse, is that urborg, tomb of yawgmoth has essentially the same wording as blood moon does, except for the "in addition to it's other types" part.

    The odd part is, that "in addition to it's other types" gives lands their other abilities back, even if they didn't actually have any other types to begin with. I.E. sunpetal grove
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  • posted a message on Questions on Wastes/Colorless
    Quote from Khanth »

    Every time someone called the colorless mana "waste mana" I was getting quite mad, but then a friend of mine named it a "rubble mana". Since then I never call it otherwise.

    do you call R fire mana, and U water mana?
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  • posted a message on Where is this Kiora version from?
    I like how the emblem doesn't specify "nontoken creature"
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  • posted a message on The Death of Elvish Mystic
    Were people saying this exact same thing in 2004 when llanowar elves didn't get printed in 8th edition?
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  • posted a message on WPN Crackdown?
    Quote from Truth »

    But here is the thing: who would report this? Unlike *****ty promo distributions, seeding rounds and other stuff, proxy tournaments aren't inherently bad or hurting players. Someone would have to be a real ******** to report this kind of thing.

    The store I went to use to hand out FNM promos even if we couldn't get the required 8 people to join in an FNM event. Apparently, someone reported that, and WotC told him to stop that
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers (1/4) - Oath of Gideon, Taplands
    The first thing that comes to mind that has synergy with oath of gideon is garruk wildspeaker

    Just imagine if you played a 1-drop turn 1 and then a 2-drop token maker turn 2(gather the townsfolk, raise the alarm). You'd have like 5 4/4 tokens if you overran.
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  • posted a message on Jori En, Ruin Diver
    Neat art, but the card seems pretty bad. Jori wants you to play exactly two spells every turn and that's really hard to do with any kind of consistency.

    If you trigger it's ability only once, it's a 2-for-1. It's a 3-for-1 if you trigger it's ability and your opponent has removal.

    And if you doubt that it's easy to trigger, consider a deck that runs a decent number of 1-mana spells such as lightning bolt, gitaxian probe, serum visions, delver of secrets, forked bolt, grim lavamancer, etc.

    There are only a handful of cards that can stop you from drawing your card if you resolve this, and have the capacity to cast another spell that turn., and those cards rarely show up on the competitive scene.

    This card looks like it has serious potential.
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