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  • posted a message on Notions others hve that bug you?
    I hate it when the People who use to play 4 jace and 4 stoneforge mystic in their caw-blade deck, and today play 4 snapcaster mage, 4 restoration angel, and some number of cavern of souls in their delver deck tell me that they can't get into legacy because It's too expensive.
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  • posted a message on What are my odds
    Given a deck size D, a card count of C, the odds that you draw your card in the first n draws is

    1 - Πi=0 -> n-1( (D-i-C)/(D-i) )
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  • posted a message on Stores giving perks to regular customers
    Quote from Glimyrpost
    My store is selling FTV at MSRP to regulars, and in some cases cheaper, but at $50 to outsiders.

    My store may attempt to get like 10 holiday boxes and sell them at just above wholesale, as in in the <15$ range, hopefully 12. Meaning I can get my 8 for under $100, which would be amazing. But that is because I preordered those 8.

    My store does other stuff too, they sold COM products at a loss for a day, I think $12.50 a deck, and cool stuff like that.

    When Getting products at MSRP is considered to be a perk....
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  • posted a message on Stuffy Doll + Pariah's Shield
    then stuffy doll gets protection from green, therefore takes no damage from dreampod druid, and deals no damage to player B I don't believe that pariah's shield changes the source of the damage.
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  • posted a message on I think I may have done wrong...
    At a recent FNM, I was playing an opponent in the semifinals. I told my opponent, who was playing Delver with white-backed sleeves, that I could tell the difference between his regular cards and his DFC (ie Delver) based upon the yellowish white mana circle peering through. He denied that I could. this is a good player, not a newb. So, when game 3 came around, I pile-shuffled his deck so that the Delvers were on the bottom. I wanted to point out to him, when he pondered and went to shuffle, that the Delvers were indeed on the bottom because he was using sleeves that allowed for differentiation as opposed to using checklist cards. However, he never shuffled that game before I won. the question is, was I wrong to do what I did? I am seeking answers both morally and game-wise legally.

    I think When Taking the Rules Advisor test I came across a question with a similar situation(except in this case the opponent's deck actually wasn't sufficiently randomized, and the guy essentially pile shuffled all the lands to the bottom.

    What ended up being the correct answer was that the guy who pile shuffled all the lands away would be disqualified for cheating.

    Now, you were in an FNM, so it's probably not a very big deal in this case, but in a more competitive environment, the appropriate action would probably be to call a judge.
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  • posted a message on RTR confidant
    Apparently, (this was before my time) people would trade black lotus for lord of the pit. Wouldn't you love to have been one of those guys?
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  • posted a message on [[DD]] Izzet vs Golgari
    Quote from hypercast
    He'll be good in B/G mid-range aggro control--Rock--with creatures at every mana curve beginning from 1 (mana dork) up to 5 (Thragtusk). Pressure early on while sculpting your hand, let them waste removal, or if they stay, Jarad will drop in as a 2/2 with stuff to fling with. They deal with him, you'll have another copy waiting in the wings or if you have too much land in hand, bring him back next turn after floating mana.

    He'll definitely need discard support to pull off the plan, else he'll just keep on dying early and you'll waste lands recycling him.

    Glad i'm not the only one who sees him as a fling on a stick.
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  • posted a message on RTR confidant
    I think that it's wrong to assume that just because Dark Confidant is good in modern and legacy that he will be broken in standard.

    Most decks that run him in legacy and modern don't have very many large or medium drops, and they can also close the game early

    Don't get me wrong, I can totally seem him being great in some UB delver deck, but I don't think that he's going to dominate the format if he actually does get printed.
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  • posted a message on [M13] MTV Geek News Preview: Worldfire
    cast oblivion ring on Magmatic Force, and then play this, and then enjoy everyone else's turn to the fullest.
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  • posted a message on [M13] Worldfire
    Oblivion Ring The Cheese Stands Alone, then cast Worlfire. GG
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Primal Surge (via @Dailymtg)
    Quote from Krin
    Here's my attempt at MEGA magicalchristmasland with this card

    Run a deck with non non-permanents besides a single copy of Primal Surge

    ramp into it with creature-based, enchantment-based ramp etc

    play it, put the remainder of your ENTIRE DECK onto the battlefield.

    Now, in that deck you are running soul of the harvest and laboratory maniac.

    Sooo... once primal surge finishes resolving, you are left with an empty library, Soul of the harvest triggers (a ton of times, but that doesnt matter), you attempt to draw with no cards in library, and win with laboratory maniac.

    Whoever pulls this off is awarded 5-6 internets.

    just put labratory maniac, this, and soul harvest in elfball, do the staff of domination combo, and you have your case easy. not even worth 1 internets
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Primal Surge (via @Dailymtg)
    As much as I've been defending this card, I will say that It's restrictive to the point that it might never see tournament play. I'll also say that this is as much of a Johnny card considering how much it encourages you to build around it.
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Primal Surge (via @Dailymtg)
    Quote from History
    Similar in feel to other all-in big mana spells, I played Warp World when it was last in Standard, and I played Genesis Wave last year, and Belcher in Vintage. They all can blow the game open, and they all can fizzle horribly. My immediate impression is that this one seems more prone to fizzling than the others. Even if you build 'optimally' for Standard with 3 or 4 of these as your only non-permanent cards, you can still hit one of your duplicates fairly soon in the process and basically adding a couple mana dorks to the board for 10 mana. For older formats with more library manipulation, tutoring, card draw, and simply better creatures it could be slightly better but still the same problem.

    The other thing I don't like about it compared to Warp World is that it does nothing to the opponent's board. A big advantage of WW was that you could go from 8 to 15 permanents while your opponent went from 5 to 2 and be totally crippled even if you didn't have a total blowout. Here, you're not hindering your opponent while ramping, probably, and when you do finally cast it, you still might not be in a position to win.

    But I think it could bear further examination. Dumping 10+ cards on the board is always fun. With the new Beastmana Ascension card plus the usual Birds/Elves it could get there pretty fast.

    If you build your deck right this card can win you the game every single time it resolves. You only need to run 1 and you have permanents such as runescarred demon and others who can tutor something like this up. When you flip your library over, you can have any number of win conditions on the board. when you put 30 creatures and a concordant crossroads into play, there's little your opponent can do about it.
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Primal Surge (via @Dailymtg)
    Quote from MiFraDeLa88
    There is definitely a "may" in the card text that will prevent you from loosing the game regardless of weather or not you have any other non permanents in your deck.

    Also, when you pass your turn after resolving this card, you've built your deck wrong.
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  • posted a message on [AVR] Primal Surge (via @Dailymtg)
    If i open one, I'm going to force it in elfball until I win with it once
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