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  • posted a message on Time limits and hour long matches
    Yes that seems to be it. thanks
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  • posted a message on Time limits and hour long matches
    Hi, I'm playing a mocs and the way I see it since there's only 25 minutes for each player and a maximum of 6 minutes sideboarding the maximum amount of time a match can take is 56 mintues, yet some matches are going well over an hour. How can that be? Thanks in advance.
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  • posted a message on Using Elusive Tormentor's Ability twice
    Oh, I missed the rules update. Thanks!
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  • posted a message on Using Elusive Tormentor's Ability twice
    Elusive Tormentor Murder

    Say I have an Elusive Tormentor and you cast Murder targeting it. I activate Tormentor's ability. In Response you cast murder targeting it. Then I once again activate Elusive Tormentor's Ability.

    Now the stack is

    So what happens is that Tormentor becomes an 0/1 hexproof and the first murder fizzles, but does Tormentor then transform back into a 4/4 and die to the second murder?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • posted a message on Can't figure out MOCS schedule, Help!
    thank you very much!
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  • posted a message on Can't figure out MOCS schedule, Help!
    Hi There.

    I just got my 15th qp for season 3 and I'm told that this should allow me to play in some mocs preleminary, but I just can't figure out when that is. This link: http://magic.wizards.com/en/MTGO/content/magic-online-championship-series states when season 1 and 2 preleminaries took place but seems to forget about season 3?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] The Gate
    Can I ask if people have tested Ophiomancer and if so what their conclusions were?
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  • posted a message on [General] Green or White Splash
    No, it won an SCG open, not an invitational.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Mono-Black-Control
    I’ve been having good results with my Mono Black midrange deck in modern recently, including going 5-0 yesterday. It’s basically a port from my rather poor legacy gate deck.

    Yesterday, I beat two storm (one Finkel, one Shrout) decks, one UWR splinter twin deck, one 4-colour gifts deck and one Scapeshift deck. Other decks in my meta include Living End, GW hatebears, RUG Twin, UB Faeries, UWR Control, Affinity, Infect, Boogles, Dredgevine, Pod, small Naya Zoo and Goryo’s Vengeance. Burn, tron and rock (junk, Jund, A-jund-e, BG, etc.) decks are noticeably absent.

    I don’t remember the details of the tournament well so I won’t make a report, but I do have some thoughts on the deck in general:

    The Good:
    1. Spell Lands (4 Tectonic Edge, 2 Bojuka Bog, 3 Mutavult)
    Tectonic Edge Is almost as good in modern as Wasteland is in legacy. You don’t get byes the way wasteland gives you but Tectonic Edge is so brutal against Scapeshift and UWx Control decks that would otherwise be bad mathcups without it. I wouldn’t play the deck without this card and it is the main reason why I don’t like the devotion based builds.
    Bojuka Bog has been brilliant for me. I feel that because of the amount of discard and removal the deck plays graveyard decks (Living end, gift, Pod, Storm, Vengeance, Dredgevine) are the deck’s biggest problem. Bojuka Bog has been instrumental in my victories against storm in particular. I’ve also been able to trade a gatekeeper for a goyf because of a post combat bog.
    Mutavault is in my opinion a necessary evil. If it produced Black mana I’d be praising it to high heaven, but I have been screwed by it. That said the threats in this deck are so few and slow that I feel it is necessary in order to apply pressure. It is also really nice as a way to apply a little pressure against an opponent sitting on counterspells and forcing him to act.
    2. The Discard (4 Lilliana, 4 Thoughtseize, 4 Inquisition 1 Wrench Mind)
    I love the discard because it gives me game against all decks. It can be used aggressively to take answers to your threats or defensively to take threats or combo pieces. The Information Thoughtseize/ Inquisition provide is invaluable, and turn one discard turn two Bob/BB is one of the better openings in the format.
    Lilliana is an immense beating against control, Boogles and Scapeshift and post board is brilliant against storm and Gifts if you drew grave hate.
    I only have one Wrench mind but I’m not certain I would play more if I had them. Against graveyard decks letting you opponent discard is often ineffectual or downright counterproductive.
    3. The Evil Duo (4 Bob, 3 BB)
    These cards make the deck and are your primary game plan in my opinion. With these cards out every turn that goes by increases your odds of winning and decreases the opponents. Bob is more powerful than BB (draw a card>Make a 1/1) but less reliable and much more fragile. This duo has a large effect on the rest of the card choices in the deck. It makes Bloodghast unplayable and nighthawk rather good. It makes Sword of Light and Shadow considerably better than Sword of Fire and Ice or Feast and Famine and it makes Batterskull a better finisher than Abyssal Persecutor, Obliterator or Tombstalker. Dismember is unplayable. Both cards have performed admirably for me especially because there’s so much combo and control in my meta, so my life total is less relevant.
    The Bad:
    1. Suicide (4 Bob,3 Bitterblossom,4 Thoughtseize,3 Verdant Catacombs)
    Every once in a while this deck will kill itself. I’ve learned to live with it, and I don’t have a good solution. I will rarely play out a second Bob or BB if I have one on board, and I will often not play one at all if I’m below six to eight life depending upon the matchup and boardstate. Often you can try and hold the Bob/BB until you draw lifegain. Killing your own Bob is often a legitimate play, and your decks inability to kill your own BB is a real weakness.
    I have one crucible of Worlds in my board so I thought that playing some Verdant Catacombs could be a good Idea. That said the one life really isn’t free. I think I will cut one, maybe two.
    The Phyrexian Arena in the board probably shouldn’t be there.
    2. Mana (4 Tectonic Edge, 3 Mutavault)
    This decks mana base is actually surprisingly poor: we only play 17 black sources compare to 19 black sources in Duke’s BG deck or 16 in Willy Edel’s Jund. I haven’t actually been mana screwed yet but I sure have mulliganed a lot because of a lack of black mana. Urborg helps a lot but in my experience it always comes in pairs.
    3. Lack of Pressure
    This deck really needs Goyf. I don’t have the budget for the card and it would exacerbate problem numbers 1 and 2. That said killing a combo deck with suntail hawks and goblin pikers is a losing proposition, which is why despite the amount of discard I have storm is still unfavorable game one.
    4. Spot Removal (1 Smother, 2 Go for the Throat, 1 Hero’s Downfall two bile blights in the board)
    In a format with Manlands and splinter twin you need instant speed interaction. There’s a bevy of black instant speed removal spells each with their pros and cons.
    Go for the Throat
    Pros: Ignores Spellskite, hits the vast majority of the meta, has an easy casting cost.
    Cons: does nothing against Affinity, dosen’t hit inkmoth nexus.

    Pros: Ignores welding jar and kills lotleth troll, has targets in almost all decks.
    Cons: Doesn’t hit Living End, dosen’t hit restoration angel, Kiki Jikki, Obliterator, Thundermaw, Olivia, Huntmaster, Zealous Conscripts, Griselbrand, Necrotic Ooze.

    Grasp of Darkness:
    Pros: Has targets in all decks, can be used as a trick.
    Cons: Dosen’t hit Goyf, thundermaw, Obliterator, Knight. Double Black

    Pros: Has targets in almost all decks, other than vengeance and this deck.
    Cons: Dosen’t Kill Necrotic Ooze, dark confidant or other black creatures.

    Victim of Night:
    Pros: Hits more or less everything.
    Cons: Double Black

    Hero’s Downfall:
    Pros: Hits everything, Hits Planeswalkers.
    Cons: Costs three, double black.

    Pros: Is very good when good.
    Cons: Is very Narrow.
    Bile Blight:
    Pros: good against tokens in a deck with 8 sac effects, can be card advantage. Can be a trick.
    Cons, doesn’t hit Goyf, Colonnade, Batterskull, thundermaw, Obliterator, Knight.

    Sudden Death:
    Pros: ignores counterspells, arcbound and Spellskite.
    Cons: Is slow. Dosen’t hit Goyf, thundermaw, Obliterator, Knight. Double Black.

    When I made the deck I was most scared of Twin and Zoo so I chose the card that ignored spellskite, hit everything in Zoo and was easy to cast. Smother and Hero’s downfall were a bit of a hedge.

    Regards, PKG.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Torment's Herald (Metagame.it)
    Quote from chaosof99

    I'm fine with this card. It's kind of small for a Demon though.

    It's just a herald, it makes sense that it isn't big.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Brimaz, King of Oreskos
    Quote from Aether7
    Swings for 4 on turn 4 but your opponent is likely to block your little cat or even better have an Ultimate Price, Doom Blade or Hero's Downfall.

    This card doesn't put white weenie over mono black devotion.

    It's fun but it's not broken.

    At least Loxodon Smiter is Thoughtseize proof and he swings for 4 on turn 4 too. He isn't making any impact right now as it is.

    The problem is that Mono black is going to be playing shrivels and blights so Brimaz may prove tough to kill.
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  • posted a message on [Single Card Discussion] Pain Seer!
    Quote from bgibs_dd
    All I see inspiration causing... Is a whole lot of people sideboarding claustrophobia

    I honestly don't think that the inspiration cards are good enough without having somekind of Tap/untaping mekanism alongside them, like Ral Zarek, which would make claustrophobia a lot worse
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] I'm New to MTGO and Need Some Help!
    Quote from the_cardfather
    They are in your collection. It will say something like "Season 1 QP" Usually the icon is a round disk. If you're using a list view filter by set and go to objects with no set.

    Is that the same place where i have new player tickets and phantom points? Because they are not there.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] I'm New to MTGO and Need Some Help!
    How can i see how many QPs i have?
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] A Little Tidbit
    Quote from RichardHaro
    Dark Seer 3B
    When Dark Seer enters the battlefield, scry 2, then reveal the top 2 cards of your library, lose life equal to their converted mana cost, then put those cards into your hand.

    This card is broken in half.
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