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  • posted a message on `~MTG Logo Sig Shop~`
    Wtf is this?:
    Welcome! now i know what you might be thinking. "Why did he open a shop just to make pointless logo remakes." Well i think they are quite usefull. I make them in transparent PNG files so you can apply them to anything! Put it on a youtube background, put it in your signature like mine (See me sig for example), or apply it to your own artwork for fun Smile Best thing is that I do the work. I have fun making them, nothing more.

    O..m...g how can i get one?:
    All you have to do is tell me what size you want and what you want the text to say Smile Give me any custom banner sized number and ill fill it with the logo. The sample and the one in my signature is 450x65. It can be either horizontal or on its side/90 degrees (Not horizontal words going down vertical)

    What's the catch?:
    No catch, all i want is credit in the signature no matter how small. Of course this is optional depending on how nice you feel.

    Here is the sample:

    So there you go. Leave a request below and i will get to it as soon as i can.
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  • posted a message on Which AVR Intro deck?
    Your opinions could be helpful to me.

    Im trying to decide which AVR Intro deck to get. My choices are between G/W and R/W.

    Im running a mono red deck right now but i want to branch out because i love white cards Smile Im still an aggressive player no doubt so i would adjust each deck to have some sort of aggro theme.

    My second question is which would be the better deal? anyone know which cards AVR will be major on.... probably obviously white but you never know Smile
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