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  • posted a message on [STA] Grapeshot— @MagicEsports preview
    The best Grapeshot art yet. Took them a while to get a good-looking one for such a powerful card.
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  • posted a message on [STA] Divine Gambit— Jorge Luengo preview
    Not gonna lie, this is premium trolling from WotC

    Who still pays for this... ?
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Creative-wise I like what we've seen of Strixhaven until now, apart from the plane being called Arcavios (because it pigeonholes the entire world into a gimmick - might've as well called the plane Strixhaven at that point). But it's par for the course so far. I tend to like the initial idea & setup but the details anf the actual story always turn out to either be disappointing or fail to hold my attention.

    I'm hoping for Kasmina to be a nuanced villain (if she is one).
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  • posted a message on [STX] Kasmina, Enigma Sage— Sean Plott preview
    Lots of "black = bad" conjecture in this thread. Black is about self-interest. As long as Kasmina is not motivated by increasing her own power, wealth etc. then she's not black, as far as Magic color philosophy is concerned - even if she brainwashes people, who or has a cabal. The main guild associated with brainwashing on Ravnica was (and by some still is) Selesnya, not Dimir. If Kasmina's motivation is to protect the universe (the fricking whole universe) from a threat, then she's actually closer to white than black.

    I think she's blue-green here because this is an enemy-colored set. But if we assume that the threat is Phyrexia, which has always been characterized as a corruption and mockery of nature and the natural order, then green still makes sense.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from asmallcat »
    Well that's not really the same because people could simply choose not to play the game. It's more like GameFreak releasing a DLC with sonic and mario and even people who didn't like it had to fight them in PvP.
    Yeah, that's what I meant (not the story mode but the PvP online battle part of mainline Pokemon).

    Quote from GeneH »
    As an investor, Hasbro has shifted heavily into the Magic and other former TSR properities as a focus of money production as they are tremendously profitable. As companies are regularly expected to beat estimates and grow their business, this is only to be expected, especially when you have the market dominant position that will allow you to pursue these strategies. So I don't like it, but I know what it is happening.
    From a pure business standpoint I can see it as well. As someone else already said, I doubt that these products are going to draw in many new long-term players. Most are going to buy one time, maybe play a few games (if it's a precon), and then go on with their lives. But if they release enough crossover products, these "waves" of one-time purchases and short-term attention are probably going to be profitable enough. The other audience are invested Magic players that also like the respective franchises; and those are the kind of players that basically buy anything as long as it comes in Magic card form. Stores, investors and scalpers are obviously going to buy UB because of the exclusivity, so it's going to go well on this front as well.

    Quote from Cranky »
    You know members of WotC staff received death threats over TWD? I expect they've already gotten a few more over UB, and that says a lot about the mentality of people who are upset about it.
    Lumping together all sorts of people now, huh? I for one have never sent anyone a death threat, and I doubt anyone else posting in this thread did. But I think it's time to let this go. You're clearly set on baiting for answers, Wizards will clearly print (and continue printing) UB, and apparently the "non-crossover crowd" isn't significant enough to not be thrown under the bus. Brands evolve and stuff, yadda yadda but if being nothing more than a game system is what Magic is evolving into I'm fine with not being invested in it anymore.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    These "it doen't affect you in any way" comments are really slimy. You don't get to say what affects me and how. If I don't like a new addition to a game, that has a negative effect on my enjoyment of the game. And "privileged", wow. That's a new one. Didn't know we were talking about big social issues or human rights here.* But well ... according to some people, as long as it makes even one person happy, disliking a company's decision somehow makes you a douche.

    *I'm now waiting for a reply to this comment explaining to me how disliking a new addition to a niche nerd hobby and racism are essentially the same.

    The situation with UB and Legacy/Commander is like if GameFreak making a Pokemon spinoff game where you can meet Mario and Sonic characters, and a code obtained in that game made you able to use Yoshi as your Pokemon and Shadow the Hedgehog as your trainer model in the mainline game. Would some people like it? Sure. Would it sell? Maybe. It's still not hard to see why some would prefer mainline Pokemon to remain its own self-contained universe, without weird "not canon but still there" crossover stuff thrown in.

    I'd also like to add that the scenario people are painting where someone plays a game of Commander halfways through and then throws a tantrum because someone plays an UB card is very strawmanny. Only a very small minority of people actually wants to ruin people's fun that way. That's why many who object to some part of this wish there was a better solution. But apparently, in 2021, if you don't like franchise soup Commander then Magic is simply not for you anymore.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    So...I'm done, at least for now.


    Simply put: This game is not for me.
    Same for me. I know it sounds overly dramatic and I know that "nobody cares", but it's the conclusion that I've arrived at after mulling things over.

    The "slippery slope" is called a fallacy, but in the recent year or so, we legitimately saw one happen. First we had silver-bordered cards, then Godzilla skins, then Secret Lair TWD, and now whole commander sets are getting the TWD treatment ... personally, I stopped being comfortable with these choices at the point the Godzilla skins got made, but they cleverly moved the line inch by inch, people gobbled up the products, and here we are. And it's clear that they're not going to stop here, as long as it makes them big cash.

    As someome who's mostly interested in Commander and occasionally Limited, this development is a pretty big hit. I haven't played Commander in quite a while, but that was not because of the cards, but because of the "finding a playgroup" hurdle. With UB being a thing, I'll not only have to find a playgroup, but specifically a playgroup that doesn't use UB cards, and I don't like being made to go that extra step. That being said, I still have no intention of playing against people who use Bilbo Baggins or Scooby Doo as their Commanders, so the only option that's left is to quit.

    I feel a bit saddened that I'm being pushed into this direction and that Wizards stance towards people who don't like the UB stuff seems to be "well just leave then lol." They think they can get away with not listening to people like me ... and in fact, they probably can. After all, these are all well-measured business decisions that were made after hours of careful market research. But I'm not going to do them the favor of still engaging with their product in any meaningful way after this. I'm still going to look at the art for the game because I've always liked the illustrations, but that's going to be my line. I wish I could do something more than not buying stuff, but well.

    Quote from ThyLordQ »
    Like...I understand the frustration with the modern story, even if I don't fully agree with it. I just think the idea of "The story didn't used to have Planeswalkers as critical to the story" is maybe a bit misguided.
    I can only speak for myself, but for me it was never really the individual characters or the details of the lore that mattered. It was all the other creative efforts that went into creating the planes: Worldbuilding, art direction, illustration, using flavor text and art to paint a picture over hundreds of cards, using Magic rules and concepts as limitations to fuel creativity ... those kind of things. All these things created the illusion that I was dealing with a somehow internally consistent universe, even if that universe featured wildly different worlds. To me it's precisely this illusion that's shattered when my opponent casts MegaMan from the command zone and then equips the One Ring to it.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    If the cards turn out to be badass and amazing, people might change their mind quite quickly.
    If the cards are just garbage, nobody will care.
    So MLP and TWD were "terrible" because you don't like those franchises, but Warhammer is OK because you're a fan?
    Not a shred of integrity to be seen here, just pure opportunistic behaviour.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    It's kind of funny how people on the internet are always super quick to criticise capitalism, but also start defending it the moment a company makes a capitalist move that happens to align with their own interests. Suddenly, if you're against a decision, you're gatekeeping, not letting people have fun, yadda yadda. I stand by my position that filling every franchise with crossover stuff just because it makes money (under the mantle of of "it makes people happy") is not a good thing from a creative standpoint.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Wow they really did it huh

    Well I'm already off Magic at this point and just looking at the spoilers, but I think this pretty much dropped the chances of me picking up physical (or digital) cards again close to to 0%
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  • posted a message on Lorwyn Hobgoblins
    Aside from the three cards with "Hobgoblin" in their name, the only other card referencing them is Rugged Prairie, as far as I know. The aurora transformed most of the goblins into RG wood dwellers, more feral versions of Lorwyn's original hedonistic RB goblins. The hobs seem like an offshoot that went the opposite way: Instead of becoming beast-like, they developed a more ordered kind of community. Hearthfire Hobgoblin implies that they are very territorial. I imagine them to be more or less neutral as long as they're left alone, but very quick to anger. Even a small offense can lead to a huge and very mean backlash. These two things combined could lead to longer periods of relative piece interrupted by short-lived, but huge-scale outbursts of violence that Rise of the Hobgoblins seems to reference.
    Quote from Reach229 »
    The card itself I can’t decide on. I wanted it to be Tokens commander for Boros in an EDH Cube, so took the ETB from Rise of the Hobgoblins added a combat buff and gave it 3 cmc. Any suggestions are very welcome though as the card has not tested well! Grin
    If one-time token creation is too weak, how about a continuous effect? Boros doesn't have much access to ramp outside of artifacts, so you could do an effect that adresses this problem through token creation (while playing into the territorial/aggressive aspect):

    "At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, if that player controls more lands than you, create a 1/1 red and white Goblin Soldier creature token."

    An even stronger version (would probably require at least CMC4):

    "At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, if that player controls more lands than you, create X 1/1 red and white Goblin Soldier creature tokens, where X is the difference."

    Plays well with Goblin Trenches! Maybe you could make saccing a land part of the combat effect to increase self-synergy.
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Yeah, concept-wise Quandrix is easily the best faction. It's an interesting creative space for the GU color pair that nicely blends blue's meta magic with green's connection to nature (without overextending into environmental and biologic aspects) - "understanding and researching the very fundamentals of the world". The name and the logo are cool as well. Math has always been my #01 weak point though so I probably wouldn't fit there, haha. I guess I'm more of a Lorehold.

    Lorehold, Silverquill and Witherbloom do seem weird as names for dragons ... especially Lorehold. Maybe some of them are going to be named something like "XYZ, the Silver-Quilled?"
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  • posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    Quote from Flisch »
    As for the colleges, I feel liek Quandrix is the only one that works well. Fractals and math make sense as a "subject" (since that is what they appear to be going for). Lorehold also works somewhat but an archeology based organisation that's bound to one lcoation is really awkward. Prismari doesn't jive well for me in a Magic setting (what use is there for performance art? Unless the plane of Strixhaven is Ravnica-like). Silverquill appears to be closer to a "clique"-based grouping than a subject based one, similar to the houses in Harry Potter? And Witherbloom is literally just Golgari, lol.

    Also, Lorehold has the only good motto. What the hell is "Express yourself with the elements." supposed to be. That's an awful motto that means literally nothing.
    You sound like one of those people who think universities shouldn't teach art because it has "no value in the real world." :p

    I think Prismari works fine, there's no reason for a branch of a school to fill a super pressing societal need. And I reckon that when you're doing "art" with fireballs and blasts of ice, you can still hold yourself pretty well in a fight. I do agree on the motto though, it sucks.

    Out of the five colleges, Silverquill seems like it fits its colors the least to me. I'd put literature in WR, together with history and archeology (story/rhyming structure + writer's/poet's passion). BW would be a better fit for social sciences, economics and maybe even a bit of philosphy. But I bet they avoided at least the econ connection because it would've made the college too similar to the Orzhov. As you pointed out though, Witherbloom is almost literally Golgari, so... I feel like the focus for BG is always too much on zombies, "dead bodies" and reanimation. I'd like to see a Gx science faction that focuses more on flora (and fungi) and a less "in your face" interpretation of the cycle of life and death thing, but oh well.
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  • posted a message on February 15, 2021 Banned and Restricted Announcement
    Quote from Kryptnyt »

    Ugh just ban Oko in Commander.

    Oko is giving you trouble in Commander? Not Thassa's Oracle and friends?
    Thassa's Oracle gets a pass because it has "Thassa" in its name, duh. /s
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Superdrop Smitten
    Every now and then I think about getting deeper into Magic again, actually getting cards for the decklists I've made, playing regularly and stuff. But then I remember that this is how they do things now and am like "yeeeah ... nope"
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