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  • posted a message on [MID] "Dawnhart Wardens"— Mr. Panda previews
    Yeah, that payoff seems a bit weak. Its probably +1/+0 to encourage attacking, just like the Decayed tokens, but you should get a bit more for assembling three creatures with different powers. It's Green-White, throw random lifegain on there or something.
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  • posted a message on [MID] FleshTaker — Zopilote García
    Just Human, no secondary type, would've made it creepier.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Croaking counterpart — JdoubleR2
    I love the idea of a weird witch or monster with frog-themed magic (turning people into frogs, making frog copies of people, etc.) so flavor-wise, this card is a home run for me. It feels like it falls right between Innistrad and Eldraine, as far as the overall "aesthetic" goes.

    If the artwork leaned a bit more towards the realistic side, it would fit right into the rest of the set, but the slightly comical look makes it stand out a bit. Honestly I have no problem with that, as I feel modern Magic sets are often way too stringent when it comes to art direction.

    Edit: The flavor text is hilarious as well!
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  • posted a message on [MID] Seize the Storm— @wizards_magic Instagram preview
    Kickass art! Looking forward to the token as well. My only gripe is that the human figure looks a bit too big.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad 3 story and lore- Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Wait a minute, where have I seen this before?
    Yeeeeah ... I think I'm fine with the cliff notes and fast-forwarding through the story articles for this one.

    Idk, it seems like the story doesn't have high enough readership to sell novels at a profit, so I wish they would just take the opportunity and experiment a bit. Go crazy, try something completely different. They could still have some generic conflict going on in the background to put on the cards. The typical McGuffin hunt or "defeat the evil guy!" plot has been done to death, and it's especially noticeable when those repeat every few months.
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  • posted a message on [MID] MTG Twitter -- Ominous Roost
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from soramaro »
    I have to say, I really like the "star rain" effect around the moon they came up with for this set.

    From the stream they confirmed that the wonky day/night cycle, the spike-y frost and the "star rain" is all effects of Emrakul now in the moon.
    You know what? I'm quick to complain about anything MtG these days, but that is pretty cool. This is the kind of stuff that I want to see upon returning to a plane, not "yeaah the previous set happened, but please forget about it, we have this new thing for you now." References to the past don't have to be the focus, but it's so much better when they're clearly there.
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  • posted a message on [MID] MTG facebook -- Village watch/Village Reavers
    "The protector of the town was the monster all along" is a cool trope, but at some point you'd think people would notice ... especially in a world where werewolves are as common as lions in Africa.
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  • posted a message on [MID] MTG Twitter -- Ominous Roost
    I have to say, I really like the "star rain" effect around the moon they came up with for this set.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Prepare for the Midnight Hunt— Debut Show previews
    Do something, draw a card ... bravo WotC, you outdid yourselves again. I'm in awe at your commander design choices...

    Snarkiness aside, I really like the art on the middle version of Arlinn. Can't wait for the full-res version of it to show up on mtgpics. The art for the "slowlands" is nice as well.

    As far as mechanics go, I like that they're experimenting with abilities that have tradeoffs like decayed. There has been way too big of a focus on "only upside" mechanics in the last few years.
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  • posted a message on [MID] Pestilent Wolf, Snarling Wolf, and Howl of the Hunt— Wargamer previews
    Quote from dzonny »
    But for real, it's interesting that "thank the angels" remained in vernacular after intensive purging from above.
    I know that it's too early to complain, but it's stuff like this that really makes it feel like the two first Innistrad blocks didn't really happen and the world has just been reset to be gothic horror theme park again.
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  • posted a message on Universes Beyond Officially Discontinued for MTG?
    The title of this thread should be changed, it always gives me a few milliseconds of false hope when I open the rumor mill.
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  • posted a message on Secret lair leaks — old border walkers, Johnannes voss, math is for blockers, kamigawa ink, and Thomas M. Baxa
    The art and flavor text for that Johannes Voss secret lair has some serious deviantArt ca. 2007 vibes. Haikus don't have titles. Maybe should've gone with 5 cards and done a Tanka instead? Also, no matter how you look at it, that is not a carpet of flowers...

    The Thomas M. Baxa one is neat. Apparently the guy has a thing for glowing chests.

    I like all the clean, circular shapes in the arts for the "Math is for Blockers" SL. Thragtusk, Brazen Borrower are my favourites. Meandering Towershell though, oof ... they're really trolling customers with that one.
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  • posted a message on Magic Showcase 2021
    I feel about this just like I've felt about everything in Magic in the past year. I'm going to follow the release of these products and their spoiler seasons, but won't spend money on any of them.

    The third-party IP products are disappointing. I already knew this was going to happen, but it really seems like they are doubling down in it. I could live with reprint-only products like the Fortnite (blech) Secret Lair, but tying whole supplemental products and expansions to outside IPs just sucks, no matter how much the things they choose fit the Magic aesthetic.

    I'm most interested in Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and New Capenna, from a pure world design perspective. They both look like actual creative challenges that could be potential trainwrecks/flops if not handled carefully. I started playing MtG with Kamigawa and really love the creative of plane, so I'm looking forward to being either impressed of incredibly put off by their new vision for it. I don't mind a GitS-type feel, I just hope they blend the fantasy and sci-fi elements well and don't go further than Kaladesh-level technology. The promotional art is ... eh?

    All the other products are boring safe bets, so they're whatever to me. People are going to get wet for Dominaria and the Brothers War for sure .
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  • posted a message on Magic: The Gathering's Secret Lair: Purrfection
    Quote from soramaro »
    I don't get what the connection between the card choices, the cats, and the art style is supposed to be here.

    Seems all cards have at least one thing in common. Being playable (at least in casual envinroments) in commander.

    Chain Lightning can be used as a political Lightning Bolt

    Generous Gift it's a staple for monowhite decks.

    Heirloom Blade a classical draw engine for tribal decks

    Kodama's Reeach very common staple played basically in every green deck.

    Yeaaah ... I get that (although Heirloom Blade is clearly the odd one out here), but that doesn't explain the cat theme or the classic Japanese art style.

    Like, I would get it if this was Artist Series: Ayako Ishiguro. They leave a lot of stuff up to the artist for those, so in that case I would just go "hm, she probably likes cats and blended that with her style." But that's not the case here - this was concepted as Secret Lair: Purrfection for some mystery reason, and for another mystery reason they chose to make it all Japanese-style. I'm OK with all of these individual things, but I just don't see how they're supposed to make a coherent product.

    Maybe it really is just like Morphling said: They know that people are going to shell out for these, so they just threw some darts for the rest of the concept. The concept doesn't really matter as long as the product looks special, is what I'm getting sensing here.
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