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    posted a message on [MID] The rest of the cards
    They managed to make not even one interesting card with Disturb, I'm impressed.
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    posted a message on [MID] Wake to Slaughter— PLAYlive Nation preview
    "Album cover"-esque art on this one for sure. I love it.
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    posted a message on [MID] MTG Twitter -- Ominous Roost
    I have to say, I really like the "star rain" effect around the moon they came up with for this set.
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    posted a message on Announcement of a Amouncement of the line up for 2022
    Pretty rude of them to just announce an announcement like that. They should've announced that they were going to announce the announcement, just to keep everyone in the loop.
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    posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    Quote from Grixh »
    Quote from soramaro »
    Some of these cards read and feel like they're from a different game entirely.

    This makes more sense to me than the demands for paper and magic to be identical at any cost. If they do a lot of this, it seems like it would change the nature of historic from the place where old standard cards go to some kind alternate universe digital Magic. In paper, Pioneer is where old standard cards go, but they've postponed work on bringing Pioneer to Arena, so it seems quite possible Arena won't really have an "old standard cards" format for a while.
    It's pretty apparent how this decision changes the characteristics of the Historic format, and the reason is quite simple: Injecting new stuff in an already existing format garners the interest of more players, which results in more money made.

    Now you don't have to tell me that it's the goal of every company to make money, thank you very much. I can very much see how crossover sets and Secret Lairs, digital-only cards etc. are good from a financial standpoint.

    What has been really turning me off when it comes to these developments lately is how they try to sugar-coat and lampshade everything by with rhetoric á la "Magic has survived until now, so it will continue to do so" and "it brings new players to the game." I know they have no other choice, but I still hate it.

    In an universe where Wizards hadn't made any Un-Sets until 2021, they would without a doubt make the cards black border and dump them in some established format to boost sales. Until a few years ago their boundaries were clearer, and the game as a whole had more consistency as a result. Basic stuff like "no dice-rolling in black-bordered Magic" and so on. Now they basically do whatever makes them money and handwave concerns with "it'll be fine", "it's not for you then" and "innovation."
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    posted a message on Digital only cards revealed
    Some of these cards read and feel like they're from a different game entirely.

    I don't like what Wizards is doing. Instead of reviving the Deckmaster brand and making different games with different purposes (OR maintaining one consistent game), they just use the Magic base game for everything, slap on some extra stuff and increase the number of exceptions and "exclusives" - just like with the recent crossover products.

    They probably call this innovation, or diversifying the game, or opening it up to new players or any one of these good-sounding things, but to me it just looks like lazy game design and lax brand management.
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    posted a message on [AFC] Some commander cards maybe? Mostlikely LEAK
    "Matchless Old Person, Klaus" haha

    Im at Work right now so I can't post proper translations. Just quick summaries:

    BR beholder - Whenever you attack an opponent, goad a creature that player controls. Whenever one of your opponents attacks another one of your opponents, both you and that player draw a card and lose one life

    GR Dragon (Klaus) - Flying, haste. Whenever you attack, add X mana I'm any combination of colors. X is the total power of all attacking creatures. You can only use it to cast spells. It doesn't empty from the mana pool until eot.

    WUB horror (Naiherua) - When etb, you may tap up to one untapped creature you control for each of your opponents. For each creature tapped this way, gain control of a creature that player controls with equal or less power for as long as you control "WUB horror".
    Whenever you attack with a creature you control but don't own, you gain 2 life and that creatures owner loses 2 life.

    GWU Giant (Count of the Frost Giants, Storward) - Ward 3. Other creatures you control have Ward 3. When "GWU Giant" etb or attacks, choose one or both: Target creature has base p/t 7/7 until eot; or target creature has base p/t 1/1 until eot.
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    posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Quote from 5colors »
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    I'm tired of PWs being the catalysts and answers to all crisis on every plane. God, how I missed Kamigawa storyline.
    Agreed on all counts.

    You mean the story that put into motion due to rifts caused by planeswalkers and the whole thing ended up not meaning anything to the wider magic lore beside being backstory/set up for Bolas?
    Honestly, whether a story ends up meaning anything to the wider lore isn't all that important as long as it's is well-crafted and enjoyable.
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    posted a message on Wizards statement on Crux of fate
    Typical art elitist attitude that uses singular, local problems as an excuse to go into vague laments about how "people nowadays" just don't understand the value of art anymore.
    These "debates" usually go nowhere, as any attempt to point out the value in newer MtG art is met with a blanket "no, it's all bad and you should feel bad for liking it; I'm right because I'm one of the few who still has taste" so I don't really think there's any use in continuing this thread of discussion...


    Upon looking through the cards Jason Felix has illustrated, I noticed that his style is strangely all over the place though. Maybe it's bias because of this case, but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that he "fudged" his stuff in one way or the other before.
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    posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    These "it doen't affect you in any way" comments are really slimy. You don't get to say what affects me and how. If I don't like a new addition to a game, that has a negative effect on my enjoyment of the game. And "privileged", wow. That's a new one. Didn't know we were talking about big social issues or human rights here.* But well ... according to some people, as long as it makes even one person happy, disliking a company's decision somehow makes you a douche.

    *I'm now waiting for a reply to this comment explaining to me how disliking a new addition to a niche nerd hobby and racism are essentially the same.

    The situation with UB and Legacy/Commander is like if GameFreak making a Pokemon spinoff game where you can meet Mario and Sonic characters, and a code obtained in that game made you able to use Yoshi as your Pokemon and Shadow the Hedgehog as your trainer model in the mainline game. Would some people like it? Sure. Would it sell? Maybe. It's still not hard to see why some would prefer mainline Pokemon to remain its own self-contained universe, without weird "not canon but still there" crossover stuff thrown in.

    I'd also like to add that the scenario people are painting where someone plays a game of Commander halfways through and then throws a tantrum because someone plays an UB card is very strawmanny. Only a very small minority of people actually wants to ruin people's fun that way. That's why many who object to some part of this wish there was a better solution. But apparently, in 2021, if you don't like franchise soup Commander then Magic is simply not for you anymore.
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