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  • posted a message on Spellslinger Starter Kit
    No 4-ofs and no overarching theme = no consistency, no consistency = poor gameplay, poor gameplay = losses.
    It's terrible that Wizards is telling new players, metaphorically "It's okay if you're a loser! As long as you play, that's all that matters!".
    Hyperbole much? These decks are built this way in order to:
    a) provide players with two about evenly matched decks out of the box
    b) encourage further deckbuilding (i.e. buying product) by way of intentionally making the decks suboptimal

    These are not supposed to serve as a gateway into Standard. They're essentially the old theme decks, except with a more general theme (colors) and in a 2-in-1 package so that it's easier to get a newbie friend to play with you.

    I find it hilarious how many people are acting like Wizards is doing terrible mistakes whenever a product not intended for them gets released.
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  • posted a message on [HTR] M'Odo, the Gnarled Oracle
    Yeah I'm happy this isn't a real card. Eminence is a bad ability and should never return.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica 3 - Guild Leaders, Guildmages & Other Cycles Speculation
    Where is everybody getting from that WotC is doing bad/needs to pump sales? I have seen multiple people claiming that recently. Is there actual data for that or are people just making stuff up?

    For the guildmage cycle: Maybe they'll do tap abilities this time around? That way they could keep the "one ability for each color" template while putting a slight spin on it.
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  • posted a message on Full Buy-a-Box information (early delivery, and BAB Promo)
    No koreandog, I think your post was way more on-topic than people making wild assumptions for why the designers are terrible at their jobs. Like you said, Maro mentiones the echo chamber problem all the time. Why would he not be aware that he's in one himself (if he was at all - I think people are exaggerating big time when it comes to this)? This specific problem doesn't have its roots in game design, it has its root in the business side of things. Like Kelly Digges said, "making great stuff that you will love is not the actual function of media corporations, even when they're made up mostly of amazing people who want to do exactly that". In the end a company like WotC will make decisions that may or may not be bad for the game they're producing as long as it means positive business for them. Obviously there might be long-term implications, but that's not what this is about and it's not like anyone can really tell what's going to happen. Is it a piece of tape-type solution going against the interests of a certain group of players? Probably. It might still be worth doing for them. Just think of Mythic rarity. That worked out for them too. Now everyone is used to it and while people might complain about upshifts to mythic, they rarely complain about mythic rarity itself anymore.

    The bottom line is, if you don't like what they're doing, in addition to voicing your complaints to them (directly, not just in some internet community), sinply don't buy their product. It's not that hard. For the most part, I've been watching Magic from the sidelines for the last 6 years or so.

    People got pissed off about the last BaB (Buy a Box) promo and Maro gave us a 'heard you loud and clear'. So then they release a BETTER promo the next set. Whuuuuut?
    Is it really so hard to understand that there might be other people the're also listening to?
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  • posted a message on Full Buy-a-Box information (early delivery, and BAB Promo)
    People really should read the thread on Twitter Kelly Digges (?) wrote a few days ago. WotC may not be the biggest company there is, but it's nevertheless a chimera of many different people working together, often with different goals. Trashing a single person like MaRo for not answering to the enfranchised community's each and every demand and labeling his approach to everything you don't like as "cherrypicking" is pretty shortsighted. If the outcry and damage to the game was really as big as people make it out to be, there would be no reason for them to continue. You can only test so much - in many cases you just have to try if something works. Movies flop all the time, but that can rarely be attributed to specific people simply being "terrible at their job", "not knowing what's good" and "changing things just for the sake of change".

    Edit: Here's the thread
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  • posted a message on Full Buy-a-Box information (early delivery, and BAB Promo)
    Quote from Greyimp »
    This is a crap tactic that players should NOT be supporting.
    They said 'heard you loud and clear' after everyone bitched about exclusive BoB promos and here we are... still pushing it out exclusive.
    They should be punished with fewer boxes purchased. Stand up for yourselves people. Even if you have the money don't.
    They're making so many bad decisions in so many places lately please don't reward them for this craptastic BoB crap.
    a) At the rate WotC is working in advance, we probably would still be getting them for the next 3-4 sets even if they had decided to stop doing them immediately after the Firesong and Sunspeaker feedback.
    b) Yes. Maro said that they heard the comminty loud and clear, but he also said that they got the opposite feedback from game stores (? I think) and other people in the community. Basically he played the "people who complain about this/want this and that are just a vocal minority" card, as he often does. And while he obviously does that in order to not be overly blunt ("it made us money, so we'll keep doing it"), there probably is some good deal of truth to it.

    I think we'll see this continue for a year or two at least. Nexus of Fate has proven to be a strong card, but it's not exactly format-warping (yet) anf it's just their second exclusive BaB promo, so they still have plenty of room for "excuses" to continue doing them (we'll pay attention in the future, something something play design etc). Nexus may be their first misstep with these, but they haven't messed up enough yet. Maybe a few people will stop buying boxes over this, but sadly I don't think the point is reached yet where they will seriously have to consider whether they want to continue them or not. Imo in order to do that you'd need a Saheeli/Felidar guardian tier incident.

    If we're unlucky, the new BaB promos will essentially become the new mythic rarity: An unpopular thing that nevertheless managed to establish itself long-term.
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  • posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion
    Quote from Goryo »
    "The laughter cracked as the woman's smile widened, curling back around her head, mouth splitting as if cut by a blade to expose her throat, lips peeling away to consume her head and then her shoulders and then she turned inside out in a grotesque distortion of birth."
    My thoughts when reading that passage: "I can imagine this as a page in an Ito Junji manga".
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  • posted a message on GRN Key Art W/ Vraska
    I'm surprised to see her depicted this way. I liked the "beautiful Medusa" approach in Ixalan (which yes, is an ancient artistic trope of depicting Medusa as beautiful, but cursed, rather than cursed to be ugly).

    this is jsut how mtg art is now, they make ugly characters so the people who play it can relate
    How is she ugly? Also you do realize that the other depiction Tiro talked about is from Ixalan, which falls under the same "modern era" of art direction, right? Sound like you're just blurting out cynical stuff you heard somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion
    Quote from KolbaneX »
    2. Kinda cool finding out that Ugin IS in fact the original Planeswalker

    And to think his whole character was pretty much born out of a single flavor text from Future Sight … talk about a career! Grin
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  • posted a message on AUGUST 2ND, 2018
    Zemoo, Gerrard's Mom

    Ironhorn Intimidator 3WR
    Creature - Minotaur Warrior (UC)
    When ~ enters the battlefield, until your next turn, creatures your opponents control can't attack or block alone.
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  • posted a message on Core 2019 General Discussion
    I have a summer cold atm and this time travel stuff is messing with my brain a bit. But yeah, Ugin can't die here. Sorin will arrive and awaken Ugin. I suppose Bolas not being able to kill Ugin here will have something to do with the hedrons or even Ugin's spirit somehow? Maybe he uses Baisha or Yasova as some sort of temporary vessel? If it is indeed the real Bolas, then it would be necessary for the story for him to have his mind wiped somehow at the end of this. Because why wouldn't he just come back later and try to kill him again or be surprised to find out Ugin still being alive?

    I would also really like to know when exactly Ugin became "the Spirit Dragon". His encounter with Bolas's army made it appear as if he had already acquired his ghostly form. It's strange that they haven't made that detail clear yet.
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  • posted a message on AUGUST 1ST, 2018
    Antianti, Zemoo

    Weaver of Minds 2UU
    Creature - Human Wizard (R)
    When Weaver of Minds enters the battlefield, choose left or right, then each player exiles the top four cards of their library.
    Each player may look at and cast cards exiled with Weaver of Minds owned by the nearest opponent in the chosen direction. They may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to cast them.
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  • posted a message on C18 Commander Blurb
    Quote from saneatali »
    Brudiclad still seems like a Phyrexian to me, not a New Phyrexian, but a Phyrexian from a possible future where they won the Invasion.
    Then he wouldn't make Myr tokens. I think he's supposed to be from Mirrodin-turned-Phyrexia, but in a timeline where the newly formed Phyrexia didn't split into the five factions.

    I love your signature image. You even linked to my Ask Grin Seems like WOTC has been misinterpreting Kamigawa requests this whole time. I hope we can clear that up. Seems like a unanimous and resounding yes to me, which is great.
    Well, your ask had simply generated the most buzz on that day, so it was the most opportune choice. Obviously I won't be able to reach many people with a measly signature, but let's hope some more comments trickle in over time to show Maro how the "old fans" think about a return. The more input, the better.

    Also, while it can be quite annoying when you talk about your favourite topics all the time, your tenacity when it comes to the things your care about is something I can appreciate. Bringing a whole (formerly unpopular) plane back into Standard is obviously much more difficult than bringing back a single character (who was popular anyway) in a supplemental set, but let's do the best we can. Cool
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  • posted a message on "I Don't Like You" game.
    Firework Shot 2R
    Converge - ~ deals 2 damage plus X additional damage to target creature or player, where X is the number of colors spent to cast ~.
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  • posted a message on The "I Like You" game
    Gear-Grind Darter 4
    Artifact Creature - Construct
    Whenever another artifact you control becomes tapped, ~ gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
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