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  • posted a message on Burn
    Does everyone play 4 fireblasts?
    I run a pretty standard build,
    16 bolts
    4 guide
    4 swiftspear
    4 eidolon
    4 fireblast
    3 searing blood
    3 vortex
    3 price of progress
    19 mountains

    Ive been finding that i get the fireblast too early or too often a lot of the time lately. Im considering going down to 3 and going up to 20 mountains.

    Obviously im worried about not seeing the fireblast when i need it if i take one out.

    Even if i were to stay at 19 lands, im considering dropping a fireblast to add a fourth pop. I dont really want to see either before the 3rd or 4th turn, but its less resource intensive to play multiple pop then it is to play multiple fireblasts. Especially with only 19 mountains.

    Any thoughts?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    After actually keeping track of my games the past week or so, it seems like im winning around 50 percent. I guess its just easier to remember the loses.

    Obviously im still trying to up my win percentage. has anyone had any luck with adding planes walkers to their decks? the ones im specifically looking at are Chandra, Torch of Defiance andKoth of the Hammer

    heres the deck im running.

    the decks i seem to have the most consistent trouble with are storm (tendrils of agony and empty the warrens), Show and Tell, and some lifegain things. im wary of taking things out of my side because its only my side that currently saves me against a bunch of decks.

    thanks for your advice
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Storm decks are some of the hardest decks for me to beat online. Especially the ones that use tendrils of agony. The discard they pack is just crazy. So often im getting thoughtsiezed or duressed on turn 1, hymn to tourach on turn 2.
    ...cabal therapy they always name eidolon, whether theyve seen my hand or not....
    Then, if im not randomly discarding my mountains, they get sinkholed...
    And, dont forget you really only have 1 to 3 turns before they usually go off...

    Even with 4 eidolons in the main and 3 pillars in the side, i feel like i got lucky if i win a match against a storm deck.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    But how many of a particular card do you have in the side? If i dont get a crypt or an eidolon by the second turn, im dead. In some games, i need it in my opening hand or i loose before i even get 2 turns. Having 1 or 2 in the deck and getting in in my first 9 or 10 cards is impossible to count on.

    Even with 4 of a save card in the deck, i mostly loose.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Apparently i have no idea how to work a side board. Can someone explain it to me?
    I see people have sideboards with 1 or 2 of a particular card in it.
    So lets say you play the 1st game and loose. You realize you have a card in your sideboard that wouldve saved you...so you sideboard ONE in. then what?
    How do you get that card in your hand to play with any kind of consistency?
    I know when i keep a 1 land opening hand, it could be 6 or more turns until i see another mountain. And theres 20 in the deck. (1 out of every 3 cards)
    If you have 1 of a card, 1 out of every 60 cards.
    2....1 out of every 30 cards...
    How is that helpful?
    I basically loose instantly to that jitte artifact that lets you gain 4 life per turn. So i sideboard in 4 smashes....i still almost never have it when i need it. So i sideboard in 4 searing bloods to try and kill the creature with the jitte. Even though theres 8 cards in my deck now to stop me from loosing to that card, i still usually dont have them when i need them and that card kills me.

    How does sideboarding in 1 or 2 of an answer help in any way unless you get super lucky? Is there some rule i dont know about that lets you get your sideboard cards?

    I didnt know that you coukd scrye if you mulliganed....so maybe theres other things i dont know...

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  • posted a message on Burn
    I really, really, really want to beat a TES deck with my burn deck.
    Sometimes i get lucky and steal a game, but I dont think ive won a 2 of 3 match against one yet.

    Any suggestions besides pyrostatic pillar?

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  • posted a message on Burn
    id like to see peoples lists as well. heres mine

    my sideboard:
    4 Tormod's Crypt
    4 Searing Blood
    4 smash to smithereens
    3 sulfuric vortex

    i play as aggressively as i can, because frankly, the deck isnt the fastest in the early game, or the most powerful in the late game. even if im sure a spell is going to get countered, ill play it anyway, because i need to get the counterspell out of their hand. if ive got 3 mana on the table, ill often fireblast early. i try not to fireblast myself down to 0 lands before the last turn of the game, but if it looks like im going to loose a land or the fb card, ill use it whenever.

    i dont sideboard in very often, because i think that my main deck is the fastest version of my deck. if i find myself facing a deck that theres just no way to beat without different cards, like a reanimation deck, ill take out the 4 swiftspears for the crypts or whatever i feel i need. on the rare occasions that i do sideboard something in, its because i NEED the card or im likely to loose before the 4th turn. in these cases i want to give myself the best chance of getting my save card, so i always sideboard in 4 cards. (ok 3 vortexes. does anyone know why they picked 15 as a side? wouldnt some multiple of 4 make more sense?) the cards arent a secret, anyone playing a reanimation deck knows about our crypt and that theyll be facing it in games 2 and 3. they usually have a way to deal with it. often getting 1 crypt in my hand doesnt mean im going to get to use it.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Id like to weigh in on the splash comment...please keep in mind that all of my observations are based on online games in the tournament practice section.

    Price is such a devastating card for me, almost all the land i see is non basic. I cant imagine going a different way right now.

    That being said, more then a few people ive come across are playing a red blue deck that i think could be considered a burn deck.
    I havent seen the actual deck lists, but it seems like theyre just burn spells, counter spells, 4 delver of secrets and 4 thing in the ice. Those creatures are really brutal when almost every other card in the deck helps them transform.
    If i were going to add a second color, thats how id go. Its everything you love about playing a burn deck, comboed up with everything you hate about playing against a control deck.
    Have you ever had your fireblast get force of willed, and then have the guy fireblast you right back? Lol... Its a tough way to loose...
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  • posted a message on Burn
    hows it going?
    i got into online magic a week or 2 ago....so ive played like 1000 games of magic recently. mostly with my burn deck, but goblins are fun and not that expensive too. A couple of things....

    -first, now that i can play 25 hours a day, i can crack out on magic like i havent in years, so i havent slept in days. if i get too rambley, someone turn off my mic.

    -the competition is so much more intense then any ive ever seen at any card store ive been to. its really interesting to see some of the card combos, i wind up saying "i have no idea whats happening" a lot. (can someone explain what the hell TES is? i mean.. DAMN thats fast. they turn over cards for like 5 minutes on their first or second turn... then i loose....lol) The burn deck does surprisingly well, even though im sure im not playing it as well as it could be played.

    -so many people play some kind of land destruction or something like... each spell you cast costs an extra 1... or all spells that cost less then 3 cost 3...19 lands just werent cutting it for me. far too often im dying for mana. 20 works much better for me. Even then i still wind up playing entire games with only 1 land on the table at a time...sinkhole, hymn to tourach some freak thing that makes me sacrifice half a dozen permanents per turn, tons of reasons. its nice to report that i still sometimes win with only the 1 land out.

    -1 land opening hands are not to be kept. ever. if i mulligan to 6 and still only have 1 land, maybe ill keep it depending on what else is in my hand, but im probably going to loose the game if i start with 1 land in my hand.

    -Theres a ton of lifegain running around, but Sulfuric Vortex is really too slow, unless you KNOW theyre playing some kind of deck where you need the vortex. 3 mana is sometimes so hard to get, and by the time i get it, the vortex sometimes costs 4 from Daze or something else....i keep 3 in the sb, because some matches i need it, but its been too slow for me otherwise. ive considered skullcrack but i havent tried it. against the decks that beat me with lifegain, spending 2 to stop one turn of gain seems meanigless

    -i find that social distortion song " i was wrong" running through my mind a lot as i play, because i was wrong about a lot of things i thought about my burn deck. id like to update some of the things ive said here.

    vexing devil and magma jet. clearly not strong enough to be included in the deck. a few days in the "tournament practice" section of MTGO will easily explain that to anyone.

    price of progress. mvp of the deck. at least online. i dont know if its different on paper, but almost everyone i play against online has most of their lands as non basic. i dont know if its because some cards are MUCH cheaper online then on paper (how does $17.00 sound for an Underground Sea?) but really... this card KILLS it for me.

    Eidolon of the Great Revel. wow was i wrong about this. the deck cant possibly compete consistently without it. ( as a point of reference, for mtgo, you can get all 5 moxes and the lotus for about $120 total. 4 eidolons cost about $100. !!!!) i think that what no one pointed out (or i missed entirely) is how infrequently this card sees play. let me explain... in the many many many games ive played this week, i think eidolon hit the table MAYBE 20 times. and of those 20, he lasted long enough to deal damage to me once or twice and only dealt more then 2 damage to my opponent a handful of times. the best thing about him is the protection he offers to my other cards. in practice, for me, this card seems to read "your opponent discards their best defense spell". my fireblasts dont getthoughtseized, my goblin guides dont get bolted, my flame rifts dont get force of willed, my price of progress doesnt get named when people are removing cards from my hand or library... on and on and on....people will do anything they can to keep it off the table.

    flame rift is still an awesome card to me... even with the 4 eidolons in the deck... eidolon has yet to stay in play long enough to make me take 6 from a flame rift, and if he does stay around that long, i either dont need to play the rift, or the 4 to my opponent will end the game.

    i feel like im playing the exact sullivan list that someone posted here a while back, maybe with a different sb. i dont like just playing with someone elses deck without tweaking it at least a little to make it mine, but its really the most effective list ive found so far.

    and now a quick question... do we have any land destruction? someone did this thing with glacial chasm and crucible of worlds that was just amazing... is molten rain our best option?

    thanks for all your advice
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Is there a general rule concerning when to mulligan in terms of land count?

    4 i always mulligan
    2 or 3 i keep
    1 is really a question for me.

    The mana curve is so low, it seems like it should work out. But ive been playing a bunch of magic online this week, and keeping the one land hands often doesnt work out.
    I play with 19 mountains as my only lands.

    Thanks for your advice
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  • posted a message on Burn
    I hear what youre saying about its inefficiency, but in practice, is it really?
    I agree with you that its useless for turn 3 wins, but what could i replace it with? In order for a card to be relevant for a t3 win i think it has to do 1 of 2 things:
    - 4 damage for R R or less by turn 3. (flame rift, fireblast and the 'maybes' goblin guide, vexing devil, price of progress)
    - 3 damage for R. Our 4 main bolts....
    If there are other cards that can fill these roles, or if im missing a way to win on t3, someone please let me know.

    For a win on turn 4, magma jet is just as good as any of the cards i mentioned above, isnt it?

    If the game goes into turn 5 and beyond, i find the ability to choose my draw a little to be very helpful.

    Thanks for your thoughts
    If there are other viable turn 3 win scenarios, id really like to hear them

    Oh....this slot is where eidolon is supposed to go, isnt it?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Thank you all for your time and advice .....im still working on the eidolon thing, i dont know if ill ever really get it but oh well...on to other things.

    magma jet
    Some people here have said they like it, but mostly it seems like people think its a weak burn card. I like it and heres why:
    When i was playing more....obsessively, "7 bolts to win the game" was a thing in burn decks. Is that still a thing?
    Without some kind of mana acceleration, (does burn have viable mana acceleration?) youll need 4 turns to play 7 'bolts', right?
    In my own (admittedly very limited) play testing, i havent come across a situation where magma jet didnt work just fine as one of my 7 'bolts'. Meaning that i still needed 4 turns and 7 spells to count to 20.
    In recent days, its helped me draw a land on my 3rd turn, and not draw a land on my fourth turn.

    In the "7 bolts" theory it seems to me to perform as well as any other 'bolt' with the added bonus of giving me 2 options for what card i want to draw next.
    Its 2 mana instead of 1, but considering i need 4 turns anyway, that extra mana is there on one of my turns weather i use it or not.

    What downside am i missing?
    Thanks for your thoughts.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Thanks for all your advice. Its going to take me a while to really digest it. It seems like the idea is to play him as early as possible, then just kind of lay back and wait to see what my opponent does. If he gets removed then i carry on burning my opponent like an old school burn deck. If he doesnt get removed i use him to attack and use my burn spells mostly to kill my opponents creatures so eidolon can get through.

    Is that more or less correct?

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Ok....i confess...i have no idea how to play eidolon in this deck. Really. Ive been playing magic since 1994 and i just dont get it.
    So i play this card in my second turn? Then what? Every spell i cast for the rest of the game costs me 2 life? I play lightning bolt to do 3 damage to you and 2 damage to me?
    Do i wait till later in the game to cast it?
    Do i cast it then do nothing until i have lethal damage in my hand?

    I get it, im wrong. Everyone who has ever played magic sees how awesome this card is in a burn deck but me.

    Can someone tell me how to play this card?
    As in:
    When do i want to cast it in a ideal situation?
    What am i trying to do before i cast it?
    What am i trying to do after i cast it?
    What 4 cards should i cut to fit it in?

    Im really looking forward to your answers.
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Thanks for your quick reply.
    I have a bunch of fetches..ive just never tried them in this deck. Ive thought about it but so often when i win its like my fourth turn and ive got like 3 or 4 life left...if i did go with fetches i think id have to loose flame rift.

    Speaking of flame rift....i dont play NEARLY as much as i used to. If i played more i might have moved on from flame rift too, but i still love flame rifting and then sacing those same 2 mountains for fireblast. Its almost half your life for 2 mountains. And once you do it to someone they seem to remember that you do that. People seem to play differently when they know with only 2 lands you can easily do 8 damage.

    I know vexing devil has been hotly debated on this forum in the past, i dont want to revisit that. But here are my quick thoughts.
    As you say when people take the damage (and sometimes they do) its great. 4 damage for R makes it the best straight burn spell available doesnt it?
    When people let it stay on the board (and sometimes they do) its a 4/3 for R. I dont know all the magic cards anymore, but in my experience thats a pretty big body for a pretty low casting cost.
    And sure, when people let it stay, and they have the removal, (and sometimes that happens) he gets removed. Such is life, sometimes your opponent has the answer to your threat. But any removal that can take care of the devil can also take care of eidoln or GoBlinGUidE or grim lavamancer or any of the other creatures i might play instead of the devil, correct?

    I also love magma jet. Its especially useful with the land consistency issues im having

    And as for blood/ blaze.... I feel like im running the right amount of land, but i dont consistently have them in my hand. Im sticking with blood for now. If i go with fetches, i might switch.

    Do you think im wrong to mulligan hands with 1 land? Like i said, the curve on the deck is very low. But i hate sitting there with 1 land waiting to pull the second for 2 or 3 turns.

    Thanks again
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